Trap water diary
Part 4 - Fourth Month

January 1
9:15 a.m. I woke up this morning feeling tired and with a blister just slightly above the right side of my lip. But this time there is no real pain in it, and here I already made the comment a while back that I thought the vasculitis would be no more. There have been quite a few things happen since then that should have made a flare up happen and yet it did not, so that in itself is a GREAT improvement.

11:15 p.m. So far so good, the blister still has no pain in it and acts as if it is not going to do much of anything, but we'll see. The glands under my chin are slightly swollen and a little tender feeling, this is still not as bad as the flare-ups that I have had before. I am applying the m-state from what went through the trap four times and it's mixed with the olive oil.


January 2
7:45 a.m. This morning I feel as if I could just stay in bed and rest, not really sleepy just feel worn out and a little feverish; but I have no fever. So far this is not as bad as times before and this is really good!! I do feel depressed, but my hubby does too. We feel that it is a combination of holiday letdown, the nasty flu we had and his vacation didn't go all that well. We do admit that when we have been looking forward to some time together like this and it doesn't work out good, it is a bit discouraging. But on the brighter side, we are together, we both got back on our feet quicker than normal, it would not have happened as quickly without the m-state water.

5:00 p.m. The little blister broke and is draining, this a normal phase, but it normally does not do it this quickly, usually it lasts anywhere from weeks to two or three months. I feel that the stronger m-state in the olive oil is really helping due to the fact that this blister is draining this quickly.

11:15 p.m. The swelling under my chin is down and pain is gone, again, this is happening really quickly. My eyes and forehead ache. I think I'll join my hubby and just go to bed.


January 3
6:16 a.m. The swelling in that blister above my lip is gone; all that is left is what looks to be dried skin. So far this has not bled any and I feel that it is not going to turn into a nasty sore as it did before. My hubby finally got a dentist appointment and is off to see him now, this morning he found that the tooth he is having problems with is loose. We are both wondering if possibly a new tooth will take the old oneís place is why it is loose this morning? We need to make some more of the stronger m-state water by running it back through the trap a couple more times. Yesterday we drank the usual water from the two-stage trap that had not been run back through it again. Itís not that we feel that the two-stage trap water isn't working for us, it is. We feel that it will take a little longer now to feel it's effects, we have gotten used to it, were with the stronger water we feel it working. Not that we are in a hurry for things to happen, whatever they may be, we just don't want them to take several years.


January 6
8:00 a.m. My hubby and I both have been waking up and feeling pretty good. The little sore on my lip that flared up is gone, it came and went so quickly that it made my head spin, thanks to m-state getting rid of it.

Since I took a lot of photos of our m-state water that had been put back through the second stage trap making it 4 times though, I have been in constant awe as to what I have seen. There was one specific loop that showed up on the right side of the photo that looked as if it could have been some lint that had gotten into the jar. Yet as we looked the jar over with magnifiers and with strong jewelers loops, we could not see any foreign debris.

When the jar of water sat with the sun shinning through it, you could see only a very slight golden color to it. But when I looked at the photos I took we could hardly believe our eyes, how beautiful, golden flecks or flakes and the life that seemed to be going on inside the water.

We had a glass of our tap water, which has gone m-state on us, sitting out covered with aluminum foil. We noticed that there was some m-state powder floating on top. I scooped out the powder and put it into a small container and under the microscope it went. I spent about three days taking photos and looking over the little sample under the scope. I became spellbound at the discoveries and sights I was seeing in the water and to think this was not the strongest m-state water the powder came from!!

The first thing we saw was a shape that resembled the helix like loop in the jar of 4x trap water that was so golden, there are all kinds of things that showed up. For the lack of knowing, I am calling some of the smaller formations sticks, for that is what they looked like.

Some are red, blue to blue black, solid black and clear as if they are either hallow or possible both. Then there are loops and chains that twist around each other but they keep their distance from each other and do not totally touch; every thing seems to keep its own distance and spacing. Some of the things which showed up, seemingly from nowhere, in the water (as if they were manifesting right before our eyes) refused to show up at 200X under the microscope, but when I lowered it to 60X, then they would come to view. Some of the strands look just like DNA, many of them appeared to look like very tiny crystals that had joined and were still joining to larger crystals and growing, perhaps they are of the same or similar frequencies? After I let the little sample container totally dry I began to see even more things.

The sample also contained what looked like millions of beautifully different shaped clear crystals, some appeared to be faceted, some round and smooth, others looked to be round and came to a point like a pyramid. Some of the darker crystals that looked like charcoal in the water were rounded on one edge and reminded me of a fan on the other. Some had areas that seemed to glow as if it contained an energy field of some type within the dark crystal.

When I shined my red laser light on the water or at something specific it seemed to react to the light; it would give off or let go of a small crystal piece that would go floating up and away. After I stopped shinning the red laser light on the crystals in the water, some seemed to slightly hold the glow of red from the light before it faded. Yet some of the crystals already have a pinkish to reddish tint off to one side of them. I am really wondering now if what appears to look like small, refined bubbles in the m-state water are really many tiny crystals that shine and reflect or maybe some of them are? I want to try and put some of the refined bubbles from the m-state water under the microscope to see what they look like. There are sooooooo many things that I want to and intend to look at so I can compare what I find, my head is still reeling over the sights I have seen in the water, I'm still in awe!!

3:00 p.m. I almost forgot about this, as the liquid in my container dried it became thicker, then it dawned on me that this was more oil than water that was left. I tipped the container, tapped it, flipped it with my fingers and I could not make it run across the container to the other side. I even turned it up side down and it literally stayed put!! After the little container finished drying out, the white powder stuck to the plastic and had to be scrapped off in order to be removed; it really hung on!! Anyway, I placed it on a sheet of red paper and laid it on our glass coffee table and placed a rare earth magnet under the glass and my hubby began swirling the magnet around under the glass.

At first it seemed as if nothing was happening, then all of a sudden a dark piece of the powder started moving, then another dark piece moved along with the first one. These two pieces stayed at about 3 inches from one another, but they both moved in the same direction. After about 5 minutes of this, one of the pieces stopped responding, so my hubby turned the magnet over and it started moving again. About 10 minutes later, a larger clump of the white m-state material literally took a flying leap 1/2 way across the 8 1/2 by 11 inch paper; it just stayed in one spot and didn't react again!! Mean while there was another tiny piece that was flat like a pancake and about the size of the head of a straight pin that kept flipping over. Finally it decided to move a short distance, I'd say about 1/2 inch, after that all it would do is stay in one spot and slightly lift up almost on its edge and lay back down  The photos can be found here:

Since there were clumps of m-state material, I decided to try and powder them with the end of a plastic paintbrush. No way did these chunks want to become powder; they would break in half into smaller chunks!! After we were done with the magnets I took my finger and tried to gather up what little of the powder was left and only managed to retrieve a few grains, the rest seemed to absorb into my fingers. Within about a minute I began to feel hot and started to sweat, then my energy level picked up but was not anything like feeling hyper, I just felt good. After I finished the 16-ounce glass of trap water that we put back through the sink trap 2 more times I began to get sleepy. Since it was around 3 a.m. and my hubby already went to bed, I caved in too.


January 7
10:30 a.m. We woke up feeling GREAT this morning, even after being up so late.

10:30 p.m. Today was spent looking over another type of experiment. I had crushed up some charcoal, added about the same amount of baking soda, poked my finger and added 4 drops of blood and put it in a little sample dish. I placed it under the microscope and then with an eyedropper I carefully added m-state water that had been though our second stage sink trap four times. My hubby and I sat and watch the little sample dish under the scope set at 60X for quite awhile, about 15 minutes we thought we were seeing something happening but werenít really sure.

The sample of blood in the dish did a lot of moving and what sort of looked like bubbling yet we really couldn't tell what was really going on. It wasn't until 1 1/2 hours later that we finally saw what looked like a long thread starting to build under the 200X of the scope. I took several photos of it and then located the end of the strand and made a time-lapse film. You could see the strand grow. It was an AWESOME sight!!

When we were done looking at the sample dish I put the cover on it and left it. I forgot to cover it with aluminum foil like I did with the first experiment with the m-state water that was 4x through the sink trap. When I pulled the lid off the little dish, I noticed quite a bit of what looked like white powder on the inside of the lid, so under the scope it went. Man did I ever get a surprise!! There are all kinds of what look like toroid rings on the inside of that lid and are they ever BEAUTIFUL!!

The inside of the lid is quite a bit more interesting than the blood sample right now. I noticed that some of the rings are out of focus and I could not bring them into view. So I flipped the lid over only to find that the rings came into focus, I feel that this has to mean that the rings were tunneling through the plastic lid and some didn't make it. They might finish going through, won't know until I leave it and check it again later on; some of the incomplete rings appear to be continuing to build. There is one partially formed ring formation that REALLY caught my interest. It literally is all crystal and has an odd shape, I can also see a smaller crystal strand connecting some of it as well.

Now I feel that this is really interesting, when I turned the lid to the container under the scope while on 200X, I found several blood splatters, one quite large!! The only way blood can be splattered upon the inside of the lid is if there was some good activity going on inside the closed container that has plenty of air space left between the lid and the liquid!! I noticed that the large spot of blood has an extra shinny spot on it, so I kept bringing the tray closer to the lens. As the spot went out of focus a clear crystal strand came into focus that runs through the blood spot!! I also found this on a smaller blood spot as well, when I use the top lighting it did help to make it stand out even better.

Something else besides the spots of blood that are on the lid too, a couple of tiny pieces of charcoal and what looks like a black growth that looks like a stick that is not charcoal and a long strand that literally goes up to and on top of the side of the edge of the lid!!

Whatever these strands are I think they will grow and escape to anywhere they can to be free, and/or possibly to go back to where they originated even in their new form.

When I am done with this sample, I want to do this again only next time cover it in aluminum foil to see if the white powdery crystals do not collect on the lid.

Something else that I am curious about is, the first sample of 4x through the sink trap m-state water mixed with charcoal and baking powder. It appeared that not much was happening while there was a lot of water in the little container but as the water began to evaporate a lot of things begin to happen.

What looked like two flat but lumpy crystal chips, started growing and forming new crystal pieces with very distinct shapes straight up with long spin like crystals off to the sides. I wanted to keep them growing so I very carefully added more water, but what little disturbance one drop caused shattered them. Then to my dismay when I picked the sample dish up I dropped it!! Time to do over!! <G>

I did take a plastic pint jar with plastic lid and dropped in close to equal amounts of crushed charcoal plus some whole pieces then I filled the jar 1/2 full with 4x m-state water, wrapped it in aluminum foil, covered it with news paper and placed it in a large metal can. I am going to let this just sit for a while to see if it will do any thing at all. This is all so fascinating and awesome.


January 9
8:00 a.m. Woke up and Iím champing at the bit to get back to the m-state and microscope. I did use it to take new photos of the tooth that has the new growth around the peg in the tooth that was broken.  My gums behind my teeth where there are none are still burning off and on and swollen. Something is going on because some of my lower teeth are closer together, enough so that I can no longer get dental floss between them and have to use a bridge threaded near the gum line.

2:15 a.m. I am still in awe over all the things that I am seeing m-state do, there have been more things going on up inside the cap of the container that contains the blood, charcoal, soda and 4x m-state water. There is one blood splatter that is in a shape that reminds me of a bat, it has something that looks like a crystal rod that started to grow across the top of it. When it dried out really good I put just one drop of 4x m-state water on it and made an AVI of what happened at:

It moved across the inside of the plastic lid and what looked like two air bubbles with soda in them rose upward quickly. One bubble broke and nothing happened, the band or ring that was around the second bubble squeezed it slightly as it grew tighter putting pressure on the bubble. When it became slightly elliptical shaped just before it popped, the ring that was around it was left and growing what looked like a small red crystal like stick inside the ring or band to the left. It still showed growth at the ring that's on the right and a crystal shape up to the top left also grew a little more.

Since the m-state water has dried you can still see the shape of the blood splatter but now it is in more of a crystalline form. I'm going to add one more drop of water to that area in the cap to see what else may happen.

The toroid rings, what is left of them, are now crystal looking; very beautiful, some are like star bursts. I plan on putting a drop of water on those also. I tried to place a drop of water on another area inside the cap but missed my mark. The phone rang, so I just placed the cap back onto the container. When I returned, that one little drop of 4x m-state water was enough to give off condensation and made what looked like smaller water bubbles in several areas. When I place the cap back under the microscope, as it began to dry out and with the light, the small bubbles helped to create what looks like a crystalline mountain range!! This is a VERY AWESOME sight, what little blood is mixed with it gives a pinkish glow to it. As soon as my hubby and I saw what looked like crystalline shards start popping from what seemed like out of no where, I made an AVI of this also and it can be seen at: . My hubby says that it's probably the sampling rate of the microscope that gives the appearance of these shards look as if they are coming from out of the air. We also feel that the magnetic field of the scope helps to make them jump around. Things grow so quickly and pile upon each other while some grow and then jump up back and away from sight leaving a slight ghost trail for a short second; quite the vanishing act at:

There is so much that happens all at once and it's exciting as well as breathtaking!! The little container that holds the blood sample is just not doing anything at all except for trying to dry out; so I keep putting just enough 4x m-state water in it to keep it from totally drying out. There are also long red strands and crystal strands that grow across the inside of the lid and what look like black sticks that loop around and grow back down. They creep down the side of the lid going up and over and show signs of definite growth out into air. By this evening there are many things inside that lid that can be seen better when the lid if flipped over and viewed from the top instead of the inside!! I would definitely say it is tunneling through the plastic lid!! Tomorrow I am planning on putting a drop of the 4x m-state water on certain areas and keep it up to see if they will continue to grow out the top or build more of what look like crystal mountains.


January 10
9:10 a.m. This morning when I placed the lid from the little container that I have been working with, the first thing I looked at was what I call the crystal mountain range. The inside of the container is totally dry, when I place the cap under the scope there were a few more crystal sticks or shards that popped onto the area making it slightly higher yet. I think that this could be due to the scopeís magnetic field; because once the pieces landed they did not continue to show signs of growth. This, I would think, would also be superconductivity. While I was looking at the crystal mountain range area, two pieces of something flew up and stuck to the lens on the scope.

3:13 p.m. I just finished looking over another area that I have been calling the bat. It has produced a circular strand off of what is left of the dried out shape where both ends have crept up and over the lip of the inside of the lid and have also produced a crystalline strand or branch that goes out into the air. I tracked the strand from one end to the other making short AVI`s to show the focus changes that are needed to see them really well. Farther down the strand from the right side is another crystalline strand that has appeared from just inside the bat shape that goes almost undetected, but the fogged or slightly shadowed appearance is the give away. The bat shape is dry and cracking apart. I am going to add one drop of water once more to see if it will rejoin to itself. After this I think it's time do a similar experiment but slightly different.

12:55 a.m. This experiment has taken a slight twist!! First I placed the cap to the container that has the soda, charcoal, blood and 4x m-state water in it under the scope.

Then put one drop of water in the crystal mountain range and watched how it began to dissolve. As soon as it began to dry, it began to quickly rebuild, but not to the depth as before and then it stopped. The outside perimeter still has its brownish looking crystals due to the blood they contain, while the immediate inside area is rounded off and smooth looking.

Next I placed a drop of 4x m-state water right on the bat shaped blood splatter. As the water spread it made an outer ring and took some of the dried blood with it. So far it hasn't rebuilt or rejoined the areas which were broken from drying out. But what it has done is to create new strands from the outer area where the blood stained water stops. I can see on each side of this area where the new strands go up and over the edge of the lid and beyond, this is quite a sight to see. These strands seem to be quite durable, for I have taken the lid from the container on and off many times and they never seem to break or become disturbed.

Thinking that I was done with the sample in the container, I flushed it out with hot water and dried it.

Now, here is what I feel is possibly a real twist!! I have been seeing a small clot that has been just sitting on the edge of the lid and didn't think much of it; it has been there for 2 or 3 days now doing nothing. Late this evening and apparently from adding a few drops of water off and on, the little clot changed shape to look like a human heart. It has a red strand coming out of it that looks very much like an artery that is slightly twisted. Out of that there is a crystalline strand running from inside of the red one and stops what looks to be in mid-air. There is another red strand that runs up. over the top of the clot and appears to go beyond over the rim of the cap. Another crystal strand is forming that runs along the rim of the lid to the right.

Where the red strands stops and the crystal strand can be seen is where it branches off to the left with another crystal strand that runs to the clot. A fourth crystalline strand appears to run from under the clot, out and over the rim of the lid and beyond. I took several photos of this while tracing where each strand goes and used both top and bottom lighting. Then I made an AVI (can be seen at: ) while moving the lid around to trace the strands, that was not an easy thing to do. The lid is really slick and loves to go where it wants to, the slightest jar or movement will send it into oblivion!!

We can see that the crystal strand, which comes from the red strand, has other particles inside or throughout it. Time and time again my hubby and I have seen this, only with movement, as if it is pulsating. I have to admit that I was a bit disappointed that it was not doing this, maybe it will later when it grows more, providing I can keep it preserved long enough. I took a JPG photo of the clot and was looking at it later on and discovered that it appears to either be dividing inside or it has 3 to 4 other roundish shaped crystals inside. Either way, there is definitely something happening.

As I was looking the area over for the last time I noticed that the heart shaped clot started changing to have a more crystalline look and began to start to turn brown. I placed the lid on a piece of aluminum foil with 2 drops of 4x m-state water in the center of the cap and covered it with more foil; in hopes to help preserve it to see what else may happen. I can hardly wait until tomorrow morning to check it out again.


January 11
8:00 a.m. This morning my hubby told me that I talked in my sleep just about all night long. I told him that he kept jumping and jerking just about all night long. Now, here is what's funny about this. As I drifted off to sleep, I kept seeing 3 flashes of light that were actually very small crystals. They came up from who knows where and when a certain ways up in the air, they would split in three directions and zoom off to be no longer seen. My hubby said that the reason he probably kept jerking and jumping was, he was seeing 3 flashes of light that were actually crystals and was chasing them!!!! Then he tells me this morning that I apparently was receiving instructions about something, I said things like; Yes - I know - I will do it, I understand. As of right now, I don't have a clue as to what I was dreaming or doing; itís mystery to me!!

11:05 p.m. Today when I looked at the shape that looks like a heart, it is very crystalline and on the left lower side there is a section missing. As I adjusted the focus there were what looked like three small round crystal pieces that looked as if they were suspended in air. By the looks of them, they looked as if they would fit in the missing shape of the heart. I looked the lid over really well and many of the crystal strands and shards are breaking up into smaller pieces.

The area that I have been calling the crystal mountain range gave me a real thrill to see today. On one of the outside edges of one of the stacks of crystals that have a little dried blood in it was actually glowing blue, it was the most beautiful sight!! At first when I moved my body that was 19 inches from the microscope, the blue pulsed slightly, I wasn't sure I was affecting it at first. When I got my hands near it, it pulsated strongly. I turned the lid to another area and ran my hands by the scope time and time again to make sure I was not interfering with any light source. Then I went back to the glowing blue area and moved my body some more, after a few minutes the pulsing started to weaken, then I started passing my hands by the scope keeping them at least 1 inch away from the microscope, time and time again the blue pulsed to a dark color.  The blue pulsing can be seen at:  This evening I poked my finger again and again put 4 drops of blood in the sample container with 4x m-state water, put the lid on it and wrapped it up in foil.


January 12
1:30 p.m. I woke up feeling fine this morning, nothing more seems to be happening. The areas where it feels as if new teeth are trying to come in are still puffy but not bothering me for now.

I took a look at some baking soda under the microscope at 200X, there are all kinds of crystal shapes and sizes. But, in spite of the shapes, none have the faceted crystal shapes as like what was seen with adding 4x m-state water to the soda and charcoal.

I looked at the soda mixed with crushed charcoal that has been sitting in the little container wrapped in aluminum foil that I did my first experiment in and since has been just air dried, not rinsed or washed out. The soda has changed shape. I think since I have kept it wrapped in the aluminum foil that the foil has held onto the m-state. The only place for it to go is back to the container and the soda has absorbed it or at least some of it.

The new blood sample mixed with 4x m-state two-stage trap water didn't do much of any thing in the container except to grow more crystalline structures. That is until I added a tiny bit of soda and a bit of crushed charcoal, again everything took place in the lid of the container. The heart shaped crystal that literally had lost color, began to regain blue coloring with a couple of red spots that showed up while under the microscope. It literally grew two crystal branches from each side and they joined as one, and then grew another branch from where they joined. As I was watching this, from somewhere a blue speck of color appeared making the area glow. Inside the heart crystal grew what looks like veins, those also filled with blue color, the whole thing looked as if it was pulsing.

The crystal mountain range area on the inside of the lid began to rebuild and with blue, slight reddish coloring and black, but so far it has not responded as spectacularly as what was seen the first time. I wrapped the container in aluminum foil and set it aside for the night.


January 13
2:30 a.m. Today was hectic but a good one and I am still drinking a gallon of m-state water per day. Today the areas where it feels like new teeth trying to come burned and stung off and on.


January 14
3:30 a.m. Today was a really good day. I have had many wonderful improvements these past few months. Such as being able to just get up out of a chair and walk across the room without my hip joints hanging up, no matter how long or short of a time I sit down. I no longer have to take short little steps until I get the mobility back to start walking well. I am sitting and standing straighter, my spine no longer aches or feels painful and I have not been bothered with the grip either. I have more mobility in my shoulders, the arthritic knots have also stopped so that I can now crochet and knit again. The headaches I used to get have now stopped and I can run up our hills without being out of breath like I used to get, even when I just walked up them.

I sleep any where from 5 to 7 hours now and have more energy. The sores that I constantly had in my ears have stopped, even the last little flare up that I had came and went so fast that it didn't amount to much of anything. The cold weather does not bother me as it has in the past and it has been a lot colder this year. I have far less wrinkles around my lips and the backs of my hands.

Things are really changing for the good for my hubby too. His jaw on the right side has stopped popping and locking up, he also has more mobility in his shoulders and he can even wash his own back now!! <G> His elbows are no longer hurting him, the pain is gone; he can even do 20 pushups now. He says that he stops at 20 because he's lazy and has no drill instructor yelling at him, but I can change that!! <G>

It was 10 degrees above zero a few nights ago and my hubby was outside working on the van trying to get it to run. The cold weather does not bother him like it used to either, he can even shovel snow down our 150-foot long driveway without becoming tired or winded. And we have had near record snowfalls this year too. We both have to stop and think about the things that do not bother us any more, many of the changes are very subtle and creep in on us. We can honestly say that m-state water has REALLY helped to improve our lives.


January 15
9:30 a.m.  We slept real soundly last night and woke up feeling good this morning; Iím raring to go. I have lots to do today.

I have thought of more of the good things that have happened since I've been drinking the m-state trap water. The spider veining on my cheeks and across my nose are mostly gone now, the crowís feet at the corners of my eyes were not real prominent, but they do not show at all now. I can lay down straight back from a sitting position without pain in my back. My breasts have had some uplifting and firming, which is always nice. The backs of my hands have fewer wrinkles. Sex is definitely better; orgasms are stronger. The scar from when I had my gall bladder out is no longer welted, but is flatter and smoother.

I have noticed that when I read something I am reading it faster. Even when reading out loud I do not loose my place or stammer any more.

When I receive an insult or remember something that might have happened through the day it does not upset me like it used to any more. Even when told that I was "old" by a family member it didn't get to me; I just chuckled and thought if you only knew. <BG> I used to get so upset that I literally would loose a good nights sleep over it and would be telling that person off in my head, even during the night while "trying" to fall asleep. It used to take me anywhere from two days to a week to get it out of my system, not any more though!!

I also speak up more for myself now; I used to just be silent and not say anything. So I would say that my self-esteem and confidence has greatly improved. I feel now that I am beginning to get my life in better order and that it has a better purpose, is more meaningful.


9:15 a.m.  Nothing new, the areas where it really feels like new teeth coming in are still burning and stinging off and on. My gums, where there are no teeth, are swollen and still have that mushiness. Things are still A-1 OK!!


January 27
8:15 p.m. I have been giving a little more thought on how the m-state water has been helping me since I have started drinking it. My shoulders and the back of my neck were hurting me almost all the time, I always seemed to have a knot on the right side of the back of my neck as if it was out all the time. Now, I don't have that problem anymore at all. What is really great is that my shoulders do not hurt and the joints don't lock up on me either.

My energy level is 100% better, as well. Many times I used to find myself wanting something from the basement and I wouldn't go get it; I just did not want to go down those basement steps. I felt too tired, my hip joints hurt and ached, and I thought of myself as being too lazy. Since I have been drinking the m-state water, those basement steps or any set of steps are nothing to go up and down any more.

When I was younger I always loved to go for long walks or hikes, I walked and hiked as the crow flies. Before starting the m-state I had stopped doing this. Now I can walk over the roughest terrain with no problem and without my hip joints killing me for as long as I want. Even plowing my way on foot through the deep snow that we have had this year (in some areas it has literally been 3 feet or so deep, particularly due to the drifting),  has not bothered me.


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