The Real Thing or the Good Stuff
by Barry Carter

David Hudson probably did not do any testing of the white powder of gold on live subjects. Virtually all of the biological effects that he reported were on the naturally occurring mix of ORMUS elements from his mine. These elements were extracted from rock, concentrated and "annealed" to the white powder form at first; till he realized that the white powder of gold and iridium would not dissolve in stomach acid.

At that point he started promoting the "chloride form" of the ORMUS element mix. You can see an image of this ORMUS product at:

Most of the reported benefits were based on this product.

I have used this product and I am sure that most of the other products suppliers listed in the ORMUS FAQ have products which are comparable if not superior.

David Hudson did not make the product that he provided. It was made by various other chemists. These other chemists made a small amount of the white powder of gold which the "original ORME consumer" tried. You can read about his experiences with this at:

It is generally believed that ORMUS gold is less effective for healing than ORMUS rhodium and iridium.

When using an ORMUS product it is not always beneficial to use the most powerful available. Part of the healing process involves something called the "healing crisis". This is often an unpleasant condition wherein many of the symptoms of a past illness will re-manifest for a period of time. Sometimes these symptoms might be more unpleasant than the original illness because they are concentrated in a short period of time. You can find some helpful methods to mitigate the severity of some of the healing crisis effects at:

To avoid the harshest of the healing crisis effects, I believe that it is generally best to use a combination of moderate dosages of existing products in combination with liver cleansing and nutritional support.

If you wish to get the "real thing" for spiritual advancement you might want to consider the problems that this can cause as described at:

There are not many people who have had the opportunity to try the fully "annealed" and "charged" white powder of gold made according to Hudson's patent method. One of these people was the "original ORME consumer" who described the effects of the "charged" gold thus:

The emotional shock of it would be enough to kill most people. Look, even if you took someone 3/4 brain-dead and started pumping it down them, in a certain amount of time you would probably start to effect them on an emotional level.

In concentrated forms, I don't think it's for everyone. I don't think many people, in terms of percentages of the population are going to be compelled to deal with this in the way someone who has spent years working on a spiritual path would be.

This material is real, but if someone expects to eat it and suddenly fly through the chimney: they're in for a real surprise.

It changed everything in a way that hasn't made my life very nice. If you were to talk with some people, they would say it's made me impossible to be around...there's no way in the world to lie. It's not fun. Most people are not going to like it. It's not light-hearted. It's not easy. Unless you have someone that you can deal with that has a point of reference for it, you're going to be very alone. These materials and how they've been dealt with historically have a rich, beautiful tradition built around them. Only now do I understand why.

I know this gentleman and I can say categorically that going through the 40 day fast while eating Hudson's materials and continuing with their ingestion for another couple of years did not allow him to "ascend" or anything like it.

This gentleman's experiences are not unique.

I have a friend who made the "charged" white powder of gold using Hudson's process.
First I will give you some background about this gentleman. He is a very mature and spiritually aware person. He is also a respected scientist in his field. He has always been kind and respectful in all of the interactions I have had with him.

I first got acquainted with him in mid 1999 and have worked with him in person.

In the year 2000 he spent several months duplicating Hudson's process and getting the resulting m-gold product annealed. When he had the annealed white powder of gold he tasted about six micrograms of it and within a few hours was almost totally incapacitated.

Judging from his experiences after ingesting a few micrograms of this powder I would bet that its widespread availability would be sufficient to shut down ORMUS for the next few centuries. I doubt that any sane person would produce the fully charged white powder of gold for anyone else.

After ingesting the ORMUS gold one time he was unable to live normally for over a year because he would manifest everything he would think of. Soon after ingesting it his behavior got so strange that his wife told him that she was going to take him to the hospital but he was able to convince her that they would not know what to do to treat complications arising from the ingestion of white powder of gold.

He said that his mind would call up anything that he thought of. He could generally control this during the day but it became a real problem at night. If he thought of having an accident while driving a car would show up out of the blue and almost hit him. He had to learn to keep from thinking of what he did not want in order to avoid manifesting it. This rapid manifestation of his fears became so intrusive that he had to spend every waking minute with his mind on things that took all of his attention. He avoided contact with people and performed mathematical calculations in order to keep his thoughts from going astray. In order to sleep he took sleeping pills to keep from thinking.

This condition persisted with the same intensity for about six months and with less intensity for another six months.
He said he realized that ALL of his beliefs were only beliefs and none of them were true in any fundamental way. He said that our beliefs are the foundations of physical reality and that without them things can get very shaky. This happened several years ago but every time I talk with him about it he is noticably upset as the memories are very disturbing to him still.

While I don't think that this experience did this gentleman any profound karmic harm I also don't think that it brought him much closer to unexcelled complete awakening either. He is finally able to work with others on a normal basis and he is finally able to talk a bit about his experience.

If this sort of thing happened to lots of people it might attract the kind of attention the ORMUS movement does not need right now.
Anyone who would make this for someone else or who would help someone else to make this would be legally liable for the harm that he or she caused and would probably be sued by the survivors of the person who ingested the substance.

Many people who wish to take the "real thing" have said that they wish to do so in order to transcend the physical world. In other words they would be doing it to escape what they don't like. This kind of attention to what he did not want is exactly the thing that brought about the manifestation of those very things for my friend.

Another gentleman had a similar experience with the ORMUS gold in Dead Sea precipitate. In his story on this he wrote:

I had read that one should consume about a teaspoon per day.  But, I reasoned that if a teaspoon wasn't too much for a 90 pound woman, that I, a 265 pound man could probably tolerate more.  So, I started with a tablespoon.  I'd dip my measuring spoon in the mason jar and pull out 1 tablespoon and mix that with 8 ounces of water and stir to dissipate the curds.  Then I'd drink it. 
This time, I was pleased to note that, after only 3 days or so, I was beginning to 'hear' a high pitched note all the time.  And, if I plugged up my ear holes with my fingers - the note was just as loud as before.  I believed that this was an indication of the definite result that I had been seeking.  After about a week of this, the sound had become louder and constant, and I felt a little discombobulated.  So, I cut back to just a teaspoon instead of the tablespoon I had been consuming.  But, that didn't slow down the progress of the loudness of the sound.  It got louder and louder.  It became difficult to be at work because I felt as if a part of me wasn't quite 'there'.  Also, I began to have problems coming up with the names of things.  That is to say, in conversation I would have a concept that I wanted to relate.  The concept would come up - but the noun for that concept wouldn't.  I found myself constantly reaching for names that just seemed to have been wiped out.  So - I stopped taking the ORMUS.  Altogether, I had been consuming it for 2 weeks to the day.  But, the experience that I have been describing continued to get stronger (and louder).  Two weeks later, in the first week of September, I got fired from my job.  I've never really been sure why, but I don't think it was ORMUS related.  The combination of my new condition and the general discombobulation of being fired left me mostly too tongue-tied to do anything but try to get it over with quickly.

He summed up his experience thus:

I think that I might have thought of this as a spiritual experience at one time.  But really, this is just a different way of framing the question - it's not an answer.  It's a reminder to me that my reality is only a shadow or reflection of 'the reality'.  But - it doesn't resolve anything.  There are other, subtler, changes that are harder to define.
So - was it all worth it?  I don't know exactly how to answer that. I lost most of two years of my life and all my life savings. I developed a disease.  I've changed in ways that I did not intend to and could not have even comprehended at the start.  Although I didn't feel fear for all of that time - I was depressed for a part of it.  If I knew what was going to happen - would I do it again?  No.  Definitely not.  It was too hard.  There were few points along the way that I was happy to be where I was.  It wasn't fun at all.

I had similar, though not as strong, experiences when I first started using ORMUS. Early on, when I would make ORMUS gold or use Dead Sea salt precipitate, I noticed that it really put me "in the moment". I always would cut back on my use because I could see that being so much in the moment might make it difficult to do the things that I needed to do to live. I was concerned that I would forget to pay the bills or do my work.