Pure Nothing

by Barry Carter and Don Nance

Created on June 25, 2009

Updated on Febuary 6, 2011



In several of his lectures, David Hudson claimed that the white powder of various elements would assay as "pure nothing". I first heard this phrase in a recording of David Hudson’s 1994 Virginia Beach lecture where he said:


“Finally after three years we were able to get rid of all of the silica, all of the iron and all of the aluminum, and I was told by a Ph.D. at Cornell University that I had pure nothing, except I could weigh it and I could hold in my hands and could perform chemistries with it. So with absolutely pure nothing I had x-ray diffraction, x-ray fluorescence, atomic absorption, emission spectroscopy and even neutron activation. Pure nothing!”


You can easily make your own "pure nothing" from gold, using a method that I invented. In December of 2005, Don Nance made some white precipitate of gold using the Peroxide Method which I discovered and first described at:




This method is simple enough that I first did it on my back porch using chemicals I purchased at the hardware store and food co-op. The first indicator that this process is converting the metal into the ORMUS state is the green color of the gold chloride as you can see in this picture that I took when I was developing this method in 1997:




Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the white precipitate that I made from gold, however, Don Nance did take pictures of white gold precipitates from various methods that you can see at:




In the picture above, the white gold precipitate in the bottle on the right was made using the Peroxide Method.


Don also wrote up a more comprehensive version of the Peroxide Method back in June of 2002:




Using this method, Don made some white powder gold in December of 2005. Then he redissolved it in hydrochloric acid and sent it to Acme Analytical Laboratories in Vancouver, BC for assay. He also included samples of the Red Devil Lye and Smart Brand food grade HCl that he used in the process of making the white gold powder. Acme did the assays and sent them to Don on January 10, 2006 as you can see at:




Don makes and sells the white gold powder (as a wet precipitate) under the name "Golden Tear" so the assay on this substance is named GT1205. The lye assay is named RDL and the HCl assay is named SMARTFG.


I have put these three assays into a spread sheet where you can compare the elements that show up in the assays with the unassayable ORMUS gold:




Notice that only 2.74 parts per billion of gold shows up in this precipitate which was made almost entirely from 99.99% pure gold metal. The only other components were lye, HCl and hydrogen peroxide with whatever contaminants were in these components.


Also notice that, if you exclude the sodium and chlorine from the assay, only 979.25 parts per billion of other elements show up.


This means that this assay shows the white gold precipitate to be 99.9999% pure nothing, with only 0.0001 percent of the total assay showing up as something that is identifiable.