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("Flight" - V chapter from the book "MY WORLD" by Viktor S. Grebennikov )

The introductory comment by Juri N. Cherednichenko (Laboratory of biophysics Scientific Research Institute of General Pathology and Human Ecology SB Russian Ac. Med. Sci. Novosibirsk-city)

Viktor S. Grebennikov is the scientist - naturalist, professional entomologist, gifted painter  and,   on the whole,  comprehensively  well-educated  specialist  with a wide spectrum of interests. For  many people and scientists  in Russia he is well-known as discoverer of cavity structural effect (CSE).   But is far from being all are acquainted with  his other opening, also borrowed from among concealed  secrets of alive Nature. In 1988 he found out antigravitational effects of chitinous  covers some insects species. But the most astonishing   attendant  phenomenon associated with antigravity was a phenomenon overall   either partial invisibility  or deformed visual perception of the material object which was located  in a zone of compensated gravitation. Based  on this opening and by using bionics  principles, the author designed  and builded   antigravitational platform, and also, practically, developed principles manned flight with the speed up to 25 km/min. Since 1991-92 years the device was used by the author as a means of fast movement.
   It's well known wide spectrum of the natural  phenomenology biogravitational effects, apparently,  appropriate not only some species of insects. For example, it's numerous experimentally controlled cases of the material objects weight decrease under directed human psychokinetic influence, yogi's levitation in the states of deep transcendental Maharishi's meditation, mediums levitation or even disappearance  in some rare spiritualistic communication sessions etc.

   But would be by a mistake to think, that similar opportunities granted  only to naturally  gifted people. On my belief it's general biological law which insufficiently  investigated. As is known, in somnambulistic  (sleep-walking) condition, weight of the man is considerably reduced. So, somnambulist, which have body weight up to 80 - 90 kg in normal, during the night travels can pass over  thin wooden bar; to tread upon the man,  laying in neighbour bed, which haven't  feeling physical pressure (except for a fright). Some clinical cases of genuine epilepsy  during small attack (pti mal)  someone have result in short-term convertible personality transformation (which sometimes in the people named as possessed by evil spirit), when slender girl, exhausted by illness, or 10 years old  boy get physical ability like trained athlete. Now this psychophysiological   phenomenon was named  multiple personality, since it considerably differs from classical variants epileptic syndrome. Such clinical cases are well known and are wide described in literature. However, the phenomena accompanying man's or material objects weight changing not always take a place in pathological conditions. The healthy people in conditions of acute emotional stress, connected with threat to life or dominant motivation of urgency  achievement any vital purpose, are capable involuntarily to overcome obstacles, insuperable in a usual condition; to lift huge weights etc. Usually it try to explain by extreme mobilization muscular forces, though the exact calculation will not be correlated  to the similar assumptions. Apparently, the biogravitational mechanisms are especially advanced in the sportsmen (high jumpers,  weight-lifters, sprinters and  long-distance runners). The productivity of their sports achievement in many respects (if not basically) is determined by psychological training, but not so much depend on physical status. If the correct scientific research problem of the human weight anomalies in various psychophysiological states was put and the equipment of dynamic monitoring of weight was created, we have received the quite objective information on this unusual phenomenon. The phenomena, short-term increase of weight of biological objects (including the men), which  have been not connected with mass carry are known also.

    The V.Grebennikov's book  is written in highly artistic style and was illustrated by author himself. It content is peculiar "dactylogram" of spiritual wealth system, ecological ideology and author's entomological autobiography.   Certainly, by many readers the book will be perceived, no more than   popular   general conclusion  of 60-year's experience of specialist in the field of insects's world secrets, embellished by elements of a science fiction. But this is deep mistake. Being well familiar with V.Grebennikov and his  works not by hearsay   (and we live no more than in 10 kms from each other), I can tell, that I did not see  more scientific diligent and truthful researcher and talented, qualified experimenter.
Unfortunately V.Grebennikov and his pioneer works are well-known advantageously in so-called Russian scientific "underground" environment.  But, the opening of such scale, on my deep belief, should not be buried in the manuscripts, only because a scientific pragmatism not for a while yet is at authority. So be it  that this popular scientific book will be for this so called "scientists" "science fiction". At everyone his faith, but just one trouble if his faith is blind. But having eyes - will see.



("Flight" - V chapter from book V.S. Grebennikova "MY WORLD")

The Entrance commentary YU.N. CHerednichenko, st.n.s. laboratory biophysicists THREAD to General pathology and ecologies of the person WITH RAMN
titul1.jpg (12644 bytes)
Viktor Stepanovich Grebennikov - a scientist-, professional entomologist, artist and simply all-round developed person with broad spectrum interest. Many he known as effect structures (EPS). But far from all introduce;make familiar with with his(its) other opening, also unoriginal from number of the secret secrets of the alive Nature. As far back as 1988 him were discovered effects cover some insect. But the most impressive accompanying phenomenon given phenomenas - a phenomenon full or partial   or distorted perceptions of the material object, residing in zone compensate . On base of this opening, with use principle, author has constructed and has built the , as well as has practically developed the principles by half-a. at the speed of before 25 km/mines. Since 1991-92 device was used by author as facility of the quick movement.

Biogravitacionnye effects - a broad spectrum of the natural phenomenas, on the whole visibility, characteristic not only some type insect. From given known events of reduction of the weight or full material object during directed free nut-physical influence of the person (), yoga, practising transcendental meditation on Maharishi. The Known events medium during seance. But was mistake to think that like possibility only gifted by nature people. On my belief - it is not enough studied . As is well known, in conditions (the sleepwalking), weight of the person vastly falls. So weight before 80 - 90 kgs during their own night journey can pass on fine , approach on liing in nearby berth of the person, not causing him physically unpleasant sensations (except scare). Some are a clinical events epilepsies during small (the ) fit often bring about short reversible transformation of the personalities (in folk named ), when , exhausted by disease girl or 10 year boys gain the physical possibilities of the drilled athlete. Presently, this psychological phenomenon has got the name or plural personality since he vastly differs from classical variant epileptic Such clinical events well known and is described. However, phenomenons, being accompanied change the weight of the person or material object far from always exist the organism in condition of the pathological operating.   The Sound people in conditions of the sharp psychological stress, connected with threat of the lifes or dominant motivation of the emergency achievement, some vitally important purpose, capable overcome resistless in usual condition of the obstacle, raise enormous gravity and etc. Usually this tries to explain the extreme mobilization of muscular power though exact calculations do not with similar suggestions. Probably, mechanisms particularly develop beside athlete (the jumper in height, wrestler, runner). Rezulitativnosti their atheletic achievements in multim (unless basically) is defined not as much degree as by psychological preparation. If correct scientific problem of the study anomaly weight of the person was put(deliver)ed in different conditions and is created equipment of the dynamic monitoring the weight, we have got wholly objective information on this unusual phenomena. The Known also phenomenas, short increase the mass biological object, including person, not in accordance with .

The Book V.S. Grebennikova is written in stiletto and is illustrated by author itself.  She is an " of" system of spiritual valuables, ecological worldoutlook and entomological autobiography of the author. Certainly, many reader book will is perceived, no more than generalization 60-year experience of the observations of the specialist in the field of secret of the world insect, an element of the science fiction. But this deep error. Being well familiar with Viktorom Stepanovichem and his(its) work not on (yes and live we no more than in 10 km friend from friend), I can say that did not see more scientifically neighborly, honored researcher and talented scientist - .

The Known Grebennikov, also, and enough broadly, in t.n. scientific (i.e. in that part of the leading Russian scientific thought, which is in every way pursued in official circle). So, for instance, in Novosibirskrm branch WITH WOUNDS is created committee on fight with pseudoscience, victim which become many talented scientists our Akademgorodka. Such a situation and in Rosselihozakademii. The worker a revenge scientific employee or managing laboratory ( on scientific degree and ranks) possible, enough easy. It is Enough to publish in some scientific collection or material to conferences article, for instance, about importance mechanism beside insect.

But, openings of such scale, on my strong beliefs, must not be buried in manuscript only therefore that pragmatism in science while beside the authorities. Let this scientifically popular book will be for them "science fiction". Beside each its faith. But having eye - will yes see. After all both in evolutions of the alive nature and in nature of the human cognition - and there is scolded breaking the old presentations, overtaking theoretical forecasts. The Fanatic faith and unites our present academic science with pagan religion. But harmonic (in the sense of P. Florenskogo) development not possible without destruction old stereotype on base of the deep cognition to wisdoms and experience preceding generations.



The Chapter V. FLIGHT


1s.jpg (16013 bytes)The Calm steepe evening. Copper-red disk sun already concerned distant horizon. Be it Home chosen late detained here I with their own deals and to VWVappear in the dreams, good, water remained in flask and there is countermosquito Deta, which here much needs: on steep coast brackish lake great ensemble these boring .

The Deal occurs in steppe, in Kamyshlovskoy valley remainder of the former powerful influx Irtysha, changed because of of the steppes and wood in deep and broad ravine
with chain here is such salty lake. Windless is not moved even blade of grass. On evening lake flash the duck of the small flock, hear snipe. The High firmament of the pearl colour was overturned on diing down steepe world. As well here,
on wide open space!
Nestle by most breakaway, on grassy lawn: spread out the raincoat, bonanza rucksack under head; before that what lie, collect several dry small cake, pack them in small circle beside, light and romantic, unforgettable scent this blue haze slowly is spread out on falling asleep steppe. Pack on its ingenuous bed, with enjoyment extend tired per diem legs, anticipating else one (but this falls out me ) remarkable steepe night. The Blue hazes quietly carries away me in Country of the Fairy tales, and dream approaches quickly: I that small- small, with ant, that enormous, as all sky, and here is presently must fall asleep; but why today these appearing " change" amounts of my body what that unusual, uzh very strong; here is to he were added something new: sensation of the fall - is woke;waked from beneath me instant have taken away this high coast,
and I fall in unbeknownst and terrible abyss!
Suddenly some , and I open the eye, but do not disappear - on pearl-silvery evening sky, on herb. Appeared the sharp metallic aftertaste in - is woke;waked I have enclosed in language contacts strong battery. Zashumelo in ; distinctly heard double blows own heart.

What uzh here dream!

I and try to drive away these unpleasant sensations, but nothing do not leave, only in eye from broad and changed and narrow clear not that sparks, not that chains, and disturb to look around. And here I have recalled: very similar sensations I have felt several years in Lesochke back, as follows in Zakoldovannoy Grove (so author names the place on territory entomological in Omskoy area). Happened to, get up in resemble(go) On coast: everywhere here such? Here is here, in metre from breakaway evident influence "what-that", in steppe on groups of ten of the metre this -"something" wholly clear disappears. Becomes ; one, in steppe, beside Zakoldovannogo Lake be going to and a little farther thence. But curiosity this time takes the top; that this even so such? Can, this from scent of lake water and pond scums! Come down downwards, under breakaway, beside water, on big wad of the clay. Thick scent rotted through remainder of the algaes envelops me in as if. Sit five minutes, ten nothing unpleasant . somewhere about pack to sleep, but here adown much cheese. Zabirayusi on top of the breakaway former history! Spins the head, once again "galvanic" in , and is woke;waked is changed my weight that light I unbelievably, that, on the contrary, -heavy; in eye once again varicoloured ... Unbelievably: was this really place, some bad anomaly did not grow here, upstairs, here is this thick herb, and does not that the most large bees, mink which literally variegated steep clayey breakaway but I after all

otkos.jpg (14682 bytes)settled down on place to sleep just on their underground "", in depths which, certainly, great ensemble of the moves, cameras, maggot, pupas, alive and sound. So in that once I nothing have not understood, not , with heavy head, early year in the morning does not yet the sun -was given aside tract, on to leave in Isilikuli.

   In that summer I visitted on Zakoldovannoy Lake else four times, in miscellaneous time and in differ weather. By the end of summer of the bee my here in incredible amount, delivering in minks from somewhere brightly- floral one word, felt great. What will not say on me: in metre from breakaway on their jack clear complex of the most unpleasant sensations, metre in five - without such... And again perplexity: well why exactly here

feel great plants, and these bees, here but great ensemble so breakaway variegated their mink, as nonmeasure porous cheese, but places nearly as sponge? Solving came much years later, when in Kamyshlovskoy valley to perished: ploughed field has approached to most breakaway which because of this , and now there not only neither minks, nor blades of grass, but also enormous most heinous scramble.

   Beside I remained only old clay wad .debris that jack with

5s.jpg (4695 bytes)much numerical closets-cell. The Cells were disposed side by side and reminded the small thimble, or, sooner with is sailled narrowing ; I already knew, chto. bees these pertain to type Galikt on count;calculate;list light on oblong . On my worker table, caught instrument, ant, grasshopper, with reagent and by other things,
was found broad vessel, pervaded these a wad of the clay. Took something take, and I procarried hand on these

5s1.jpg (20544 bytes) the debris. And happened the prodigy: on them I have unexpectedly felt the heat... Has Touched the colobes by hand cool, on them evident sensation of the heat; in addition came up for finger some unbeknownst me earlier push, twitches, "". But when I the tureen with jack on edge of the table and has biased on her person, has felt same that on Lake: is woke;waked head is done light and big-big, body is ruined somewhere downwards, in eye - an of the flash, in - a taste
of the battery, light sickness...
   I have placed overhand cartoon sensations same. The Lid from saucepan is woke;waked her(it) and no, and this something pierce the barrier through. Follow immediately to study the phenomenon. But that I could do the building without what that nor was a physical instrument? Research the helped me employees many institute our VASHNIL - a borough (in Novosibirsk). But, alas, instruments did not respond to them not in the least: neither the most exact thermometers, nor recorders of the ultrasound, neither electrometres, nor . Have Conducted the most exact chemical analysis of this clay -nothing especial. Kept quiet and radiometre... But then hands, usual human hands and not only my! clear felt on that heat, that as it were cool , that , that teaks that more thick, like dessert made of fruit, ambience; beside one hand became heavy, beside other is woke;waked something nudged her(it) upwards; beside some were speechless
   the finger, reduced the muscles of the forearm, spun;span the head, amply stood out the saliva. Cognate image behaved bunch paper tube,

5s2.jpg (5673 bytes)complitly occupied bee-. The utter row laminated fitted In each subway from scrap sheet, closed round too from sheet ; inwardly silk oval cocoons with maggot and pupa. I offered to people, nothing not being aware of my discovery, keep the palm or person on , and all in detail minuted. The Results these unusual experiment you may find in my article About physico-biological characteristic pchel-opyliteley,published in the one third number Siberian herald of the agricultural science for 1984. Is it In that place brought and formula of the opening short physical explanation this amazing phenomena. Repulsing from bee jack, I have done several

groups of ten artificial honeycomb
from plastic arts, papers, metal, tree, and turned out to be that reason all these unaccustomed sensations no not biofield, but amounts, the form, amount, cavities, formed any hard body. And as before organism this felt, but instruments kept quiet. The having Named discovery by effect structures EPS, I hard continued and varied the experiences, and Nature continued to reveal me their own secret secrets one for another... Turned out to be that in zone of the action EPS is noticeably oppressed development soil bacteria, yeast and other fungus, germination wheats, is changed behaviour microscopic rolling


6s.jpg (23290 bytes)

the algaes , appears the phosphorescence a maggot bees-, but adult bees in this field behave much , and work on pollination of the plants finish on fortnight earlier. Turned out to be that EPS nothing is not shielded,

6s1.jpg (22937 bytes)


like , acting on alive VWXbe drafty wall, thick metal, other barriers. Turned out to be that if move the cellular subject on new place, that person will feel EPS not immediately, but through several seconds or minutes, in former place remains trace, or, as I his(its) has jokingly named, phantom, appreciable hand through groups of ten of the minutes, but that and after months. Turned out to be that field EPS decreases from honeycomb not evenly, but surrounds their whole system unencountered, but sometimes much clearly appreciable shell. Turned out to be that animals (the white mouse) and people, in zone of the action even strong EPS, in a certain time get accustomed to him, are adapted. Otherwise and be can not: us after all all over surround multiple greater and small cavities, lattices, hutches alive and dead of the plants (yes and our own hutches), any , polyfoam, , rooms themselves, corridors, common-rooms, roofings, space between detail board, instrument, machines, between tree, furniture, buildings. Turned out to be that pole or ray EPS acts
on alive then, when he is made for countersolar side, as well as downwards, to the centre of the Ground.
  Turned out to be that in strong field EPS sometimes begin noticeably to tell lies watch, and mechanical, and electronic except between is it here used and Time. Turned out to be that all this manifestation of the Waves to Matters, always rolling, always changing, always existing, and that for opening of these waves physicist Lui de Broyli as far back as 20-h year has got the Nobel prize, and that in electronic microscope are used these waves. Turned out to be... yes much what turned out to be, but this us in physicist of the hard body, quantum mechanical engineer, physicist of the elementary particles that is to say far aside from the main of the heroes of our narrative nasekomyh....But after all me to manage- to
  do the for objective registration EPS, fine ing on vicinity jack.

7s1.jpg (13281 bytes)Here is they on drawing: hermetic containers, in which on is bent straws and burnt branches drawing ; on day little water to exclude the electrostatics, disturbing experience at air. Direct on upper end of the indicator old hornet's nest, bee honeycomb, bunch ear indicator slowly leaves on groups of ten of the degree... VWVbehave oddly Here no: energy twinkling electron both tel will create in space system total waves, wave this energy, capable to produce the work on these subject even VWXbe drafty barriers, like steel capsule (on photographies). It is Difficult to present that VWXbe drafty her(its) armour is charged penetrate the waves teeny light aspen , which is seen on picture, and indicator inwardly this heavy deaf capsule runs away from long ago unoccupued aspen jack occasionly on floor of the turn but this so. Distrusting ask to visit the Museum under Novosibirsk, where you see all this
their own eye.
   In that place, in Muzee, cost(stand)s always acting cellural ; each, on this chair under case, in which are found several frames with empty, but half-measured honeycomb of the honeybee (on dry spell), nearly will most certainly feel something through several minutes (that exactly, write me, shall is thanked), but here is beside who heads through scanned minute is forgiven with pain, anyway, for several hours. My are successfully used in miscellaneous small piece of coal
   country secret from its discovery I did not do.

8s.jpg (8128 bytes)8s1.jpg (10495 bytes)The Radiation by clearly perceptible hand if her(its) palm upwards to carry from below to case with honeycomb, which can be cardboard, plywood, but still better from gestures, with tightly sealled . Such here is one more gift... In the beginning I reasoned so: with honeybee people have a deal of a millennium, and nobody was not ed on anything unpleasant, except, certainly, events, when bees feel sorry. Has Kept the frame with dry spell on head works! Stopped on kit from poles of the frames. Here is and the whole history this in the total-that ingenuous opening. Quite otherwise acts the old hornet's nest though amount and form his(its) cell very close to bee. But here and all the difference in the world: material , unlike waxy honeycomb, more friable and microporous this paper (apropos, paper first wasps, rather then people: scrape the old wood filament and mix with tacky saliva), walls much fine bee, location and amount honeycomb too other, yes else and external shell, from paper too, in several layers, at intervals between them. To I entered the reports on very disadvantage influence several aspens jack, built on lofts. Yes and in general majority device and object, possessing powerfully expressed EPS, at the first minute or watch on people act far from benefical; the honeycomb of the honeybee one of the little of the exceptions, But when in year in our to apartment of the vein to bumblebees, I not once observed such. Other young having stolen through long tube from hive to in small hinged window pane and for the first time abandonning house, not much in good faith remembered the site flying and afterwards long wandered beside windows not only our, but also nearby, look like our, building. But at night, charter and by hand on unimportant its visual memory, sat on brick wall of the building against hive and tried between brick be broken stright. Whence, there was know the insect that exactly here, in four metres from flying aside and metre below, for thick mass wall his(its) native jack? Then I got lost in guesswork, now know, what is wrong; not truth, amazing discovery? But shall now recall the City Pompilov in Nursery when these wasps- returned not only in given point to terrain, but also in quite other point, where was carried lump of the ground with mink: there certainly worked the wave lighthouse, created by cavity jack.

9s.jpg (6083 bytes)And else one secret has opened me in that years friends-insect, connected with flower of the plants. Turned out to be that except colour, scent, nectar flower to attract their own , have like wave lighthouse, more powerful and too nothing not overlayed. Has Found I his(its) drawing burnt , water her opposite large flower tulip, lily, , mallows, pumpkins: else afar was felt as it were braking this detector. Soon I found flower in dark room nearly faultless with distances in one-two

the metre but provided that his(its) did not displace, since false purpose remained on old place some time already familiar us remaining phantom. I no not , and this is got literally beside each after a certain drill; instead of coal decimetre debris wanted of the besom or short , blunting side which must look at flower. Beside other simply palm, or language, or even all person will feel going from flower heat, chill, . What have shown the multiple experiences more sensitive to flowering Wave to Matters children and teenager. As to underground bees, that knowledge about EPS him vitally necessary, first, therefor, at digging of the new gallery does not in jack to corider, but else afar him(it). Otherwise the whole , crossing mink, collapses. Secondly, it is impossible allow that root of the plants but they, as we know, capable to break the building not progrows in galleries and cells. And, not reaching several centimetres before , root stop the growing or withdrew aside, feelling vicinity bee jack.

10s.jpg (12782 bytes)10s1.jpg (8842 bytes) This was graphically confirmed in my multiple experience on germination wheats in strong field EPS in contrast with checking grain, developed under the same temperature, moisture, luminosity: on picture and drawing are seen and ruin rootlet in initial lot, and sharp deflection them aside, opposite my artificial honeycomb. It Was Got that between herb and bee there, on Lake, was is yore comprised this alliance one of the example to high ecological practicability whole Putting; and in that place, in this point of the globe, other example pitiless, ignorant relations of the people to Nature... Pchelograda now no and in mention, and each springtime thick flows fertile in past chernozem flow down, between vile of the heaps, downwards, to lifeless steeply-salty puddle, former in by else past circuit lake, on which were carried countless become snipe and weft, on water brightly-white point loomed the swan, on broad wing flew the predators-ospreys. beside breakaway, bee mink, stood from cocurrent of a thousands untiring wing , which have opened me first door in Unbeknownst. Probably, has tired I reader all these their own honeycomb - a structure - a lattice... For description all my experience was needed separate book so only here is that: in field EPS beside I repeatedly gave the malfunction a microcalculator BZ-18A, worked at battery: that outrageously told lies, that in general did not fire his(its) indicator panel on few hours. Influenced I on it hornet's nests, complemented EPS from two my palms; separately these structures on COMPUTER did not affect.

  Zamechu that cysts of the hands with their pit of the phalanxes, joint, ligament, tendon, container, intensive EPS able for vapour(pair) of the metre is required repulse straw or coal indicator my , described above. This is got literally beside all. So I am firmly run away that no no, but more exactly, all people ... But that that can such here is image, on distance, move the subjects on table, hold them on weight midair or to palm much more, than is accepted to consider. Their show on television set as certain prodigy; try and wait the letters from you! Such old-time public : person sits on chair, but four his(its) form up on his(its) darkness lattice from horizontal palms with mildly placed finger, first right-hand mans, above left; between palm gap centimetre on two; through ten-fifteen seconds all four, on command, quickly enter built together qualifying and middle finger under knees and under mouses sitting, and on command energetically throw up him(it) upwards; time between stripping lattices and must not exceed two seconds, and very important simultaneity action. In ingenious events uncle flies up to to ceiling nigh only, but thrown up confirm that he was light as bit of fluff... As so, will ask the strict reader, after all all this disagrees the law of the nature, and Grebennikov proannounces the mystic? Nothing like, no mystics, simply we, people, little else are aware of the Universe, which, what see, not always will acknowledge our, , rules, installation, orders... And has shaded me somehow thought: uzh much similar the results my experience with jack on messages of the people, visitted from not far away... THE UFO. Recall and match: temporary conclusion from building electronic instrument; focuses since hour that is to say since time; springy barrier; the temporary reduction of the weight subject; the feeling of the reduction of the weight of the person; colour rolling pictures in eye; galvanic taste in ... On all this you, certainly, read in newspaper and magazine article nearly all this possible see and feel on itself in our Muzee. Arrive! It Was Got that I on threshold else one of the secrets? Exactly so. And once again me events, but more exactly my friends-insect. And will once again go the sleepless nights, failures, doubts, gaining lacking material, breakages, even damages... But consult not with whom: unless worse...

But to say you, reader: that, beside who more-less orderly work the eye, head, hands hands must be an , skilful! and joy Creative activity not even terminated by success, believe me, where above and brighter, than reception of the diploma, medals, author's certificate.


Judge about this on fragment from my worker diary book, certainly, processed for this books and so powerfully simplified and shortened; the photo and drawings will help you in perception and estimation napisannogo....The Sultry year day. The Distances drown in bluish-lilac mirage; on fields and hepatica gigantic dome sky with frozen under him splendid cloud. They as it were rest upon enormous transparent glass, and therefore all bottoms beside them justified, flat, but higher parts cloud so blinding sunlit that at look at they happen to to squint. I am cure metre in three-ah on the ground, for landmark distant lake light extended spot in misty mirage. The Blue prickly whimsical outlines slowly leave back; between them field: here is that, bluish-green, this oats; the rectangles with some unusual, is crushed-the most small twinkling buckwheat; straight under me field, verdure which on colour closer whole to artistic paint cobalt green average; the wheat green oceans that on the right more thick, what the artists speak, tone, and remind the paint under name oxide of chromium. The Enormous varicoloured palette sails and sails back.... Between flap and hepatica the lanes. They come running to road, but that, in turn, is pulled there, to autoroute, so far invisible thence because of haze, but I know that if fly the a lake, that she is shown: even-even light strip without the end and beginning, on which move the motor vehicles teeny bolls, leisurely on light tape. On solar picturesque the flat shade cumulous cloud, that that it is necessary me -blue where them locked hepatica, but on floor blue miscellaneous tone. Presently I just in shade such ; enlarge the velocity me this much easy do and fly from shade. Little bend over onward and feel, as from there, from below, from on sun of the ground and plants, pulls the warm taut wind, not lateral, as on the ground, but unaccustomed image blowing from below upwards. I physically feel the thick thick formation, powerfully smell(blowing in) flowering buckwheat, certainly, this streem is charged will raise even large bird if that will reveal still their own wing, eagle, crane or stork. But I keep midair not ascendant flows, I have no wing; in flight I rest leg in flat square-wave

13s.jpg (10455 bytes)the , a little more lids of the chair with rack and two , for which I hold and by means of which control;steer;rule;pilot;navigate;manage;govern;drive device. The Fantasy? Yes what say... One word interrupted manuscript of this book two years lay without moving since generous and ancient Nature, again through my friends-insect, has suddenly taken and gave me else SOMETHING, having done this, as always, graceful and unostentatious, but then quickly and persuasively. And integer two long years Discovery did not release me from itself though mastering her(it), how do I seemed, went rapidly. But this always so: when deal interesting, new, time flies nigh only double quicker. The Light spot steepe lake already noticeably approached, , and for him freeway with already clear distinguished thence, with heights, boll of the motor vehicles. The Speedway this goes the kilometer in eight from railway, parallel her, and yonder if well stare, possible see the full tilts to contact network and brighten embankment of the railway linen. The Time to turn the degree on twenty to the left. I from below am not seen, and not only because of distance: even under very low flight I most quite do not reject the shade. But even so, as I after has heard, people once in a while something see on this place of the firmament: or light ball or disk, or resemblance vertical or scythe cloudy with sharp edge, moving, upon their certificate, somehow not on cloudy. Someone observed flat opaque square hectare-sized can, this was illusory increased my device? Greater part people nothing do not see, and I while this complacent little what. More so that until has installed, from what depends visibility-. And so confess that studiously avoid in this condition to meet the people, for what far-far fly around the city and village, but roads yes cross on top speed, only having made sure that on them nobody no.

211.jpg (37453 bytes)

In these excursion, for reader certainly fantastic, but for me became already nearly accustomed, I entrust only him expressed on these page friends-insect, and the first practical application of this my last Discovery was, yes and presently remains, entomological examine their own fondest small piece of coal, them overhand, find new, an unknown else me, Country Insect, needing for guard and saving. Alas, nature has immediately put(deliver)ed me their own hard restrictions, as in our passenger plane: look-that see, but take pictures it is impossible. So and here unless worse: was not closed shutter, but taken with itself films one cassette in device, the other in pocket turned out to be complitly and hard . Were Not got on height and sketch to terrain: nearly all time both hands occupied, only one possible for two-three seconds to free. So with this remained nearly as before: draw on memories well if this manages to do right after landings; although I and artist, but visual memory beside me, confess, unimportant... The Flight this quite does not look that we feel in VWVappear in the dreams exactly with such VWVappear in the dreams I at one time began this book. And this not so pleasure, as work, time very difficult and insecure: happens to not to steam, but stand; always occupied hands; in several centimetres from you border, separating this space from that, external, border , but very insidious; all this while that it is enough plain, and my creation remote reminds realy that... the hospital scales. But after all this beginning! Apropos, except beside me occasionly much powerfully watch, and, possible, calendar: coming down, shall say, on introduce glade, I caught her(it), truth once in a while, little not corresponding to season, with deflection approximately before week in that or other side, but be checked here was not on that. So move manages not only in space, but like! and at time. Confirm last with one-hundred-percent warranty can not, except, realy, that that in flight particularly at the beginning initially powerfully tell lies the watch: alternately that , that lags behind, but by the end of excursions turn out to be going exactly second at second. That is why I during such journey to avoid the people: if is it here used, together with , and Time, that will suddenly occur the breach unbeknownst to me investigstion-causal relationships, and someone from us damage? The Misgivings these beside me here is from what: taken there insect from test tubes, box and other receptacle... disappear, most, without leaving a trace; once test tube in pocket in small splinter, some other time in glass was got oval hole with brown, as it were edge you see her(it) on picture;

14s.jpg (4396 bytes) repeatedly I felt VWXbe drafty fabrics of the pocket resemblance short not that , not that electroblow probably, at moment disappearances of captive. And only has once found in test tube taken by me insect, but this was not adult -new horseman with white ringlet on moustache, but him(it)... the pupa that is to say preceding stage. She was live: will touch is stirred by paunch. To great my distress, in week she perished and . Is it For the best flown

write without quote! at year clear days. In rainy weather this is powerfully labored, and why-that quite is not got in winter. But not therefore that coldly, I could accordingly improve its device or do another, but winter flights to me, entomologist, simply do not need.

    Either as why I came to this discovery? Summer 1988, examinring closely in microscope covers insect, their tendrils the most fine on structure wing, open-work with bright flowing wing and other Patents of the Nature, I ed uncommonly rhythmic microstructure one of rather large of the details. This was exceedingly ranked, is woke;waked on some complex automaton on special drawing and calculation, composition. On my glance, this neither obviously did not be needed nor for toughness of this detail, nor for her(its) embellishment. Nothing such, even remote reminding this unaccustomed amazing micropattern, I did not observe neither beside the other insect, nor in rest nature, nor in technology or art; that's why that he three-dementional multivariate, repeat him(it) on flat drawing or photo to me hitherto not to manage. Why insect such? More so structure this bottom nearly always beside it is hidden from the other eye, except in flight, when her(its) nobody and does not . I : at all this wave lighthouse, possessing my effect structures? In that verily lucky summer insect this type was plenty of, and I caughted their evening on light; neither before, nor after I did not observe not only such their masses, but also single person.

Has Placed on table this small plate to consider once again her(its) strange- cells under strong increase. Admired the next masterpiece of the Nature-jeweller, and nearly without of the purposes has placed was on it tweezers other exactly such plate with these cell on one of her(its) sides.

But not right here was: detailed got free from tweezers, vapour(pair) seconds midair on that that on table of the microscope, little were turned clockwise, has gone down on air! to the right, was turned counterclockwise, swung, and only then quickly and sharply fell on table.

That I have outlived in that wink reader can only present... Adding in itself, I have ed several panels by delay; this was given not without labour, and that only when I have taken them vertically. It Was Got such laminated . Has Placed him(it) on table. On it could not fall even such relatively heavy subject, as big office button: something as it were beat off her(it) upwards, but then aside. I have attached the button overhand to block and here began so incongruous, incredible belongings (in particular, on some instants button is polished disappeared from type!) that I have understood: no this not lighthouse, but quite -quite Another.

And again beside I have seized the spirit, and again from emotion all subjects around I have ed as in mist; but I although by a narrow margin, has even so taken itself in hands, and hour through two smogs to continue the work...

Here is from this event, strictly, all and began. The A great deal, of course, else it is necessary , check, feel. I, certainly, shall tell the reader and about fineness of work of my device, and about principle of his(its) motion, distances, height, velocity, about equipping and on all but this will already be in the following my book.

...More Unchancy, extremely risky flight I have made in night with 17 for March 18 1990, not season and having been lazy to ride off in terrain. But night I already well knew the most risky time of the day for this work. The Failures began else before : block-panels of the right part of carryinging platform that to follow immediately to avoid, but I this has not done. Rose straight with streets our VASHNIL-borough, rashly supposing that in hour to nights all sleep and me nobody does not see. The Ascent began like orderly, but through several seconds, when building with rare luminous window have left downwards and I was a metre in one hundred on the land, has felt itself ill, as before swoon. Be it Here lowered, but I this has not done, and in vain, since some powerful power has as it were wrested beside me motion control and gravity and has relentlessly dragged aside city.

Vlekomyy this unexpected, not amenable control power, I second circle of the dwelling zone of the borough (they are located two enormous on kilometer in diameter circle, inwardly which , including our), has flown over the snow-clad noniro.k. a field, catty-corner freeway NOVOSIBIRSKAKADEMGORODOK, North-CHemskoy ... On I approached and approached quickly darkenning Novosibirsk, and here is already nearly beside several bouquet factory pipes, many from which, well litter, slowly and smoked: worked the night-shift... It is Necessary was something urgently undertake. With the most great labour having possessed situation, I was able with sin fifty-fifty to do the emergency a block-panels. Horizontal motion became be slowed, but here I once again became bad that in flight absolutely inadmissible. Only with the fourth times to manage to redeem horizontal motion and on Zatu- factory Kirovskim region of the city. The Sinister pipes continued silent and steeply smoke quite close under me. Rested several minutes if possible name the rest strange on illuminated by fence of some plant, near by which immediately began the uptowns, and with relief having made sure that irritating power disappeared, I back, but not aside our VASHNIL-borough, but , to Tolmachevu tangle the trace on that event if who I have noticed. And approximately midway hereto aeroport, on some dark night fields, where obviously was not nor showers, has steeply turned home... The following day, naturally, I could not rise with beds. The News, messages on television and in newspaper, were for me more then alarm. The Headline UFO on Zatulinkoy, Once again stranger? obviously spoke of that that my flight . But as! One perceived phenomenon as luminous balls or disks moreover many why-that saw not one ball, but... two! Will Against the will say: beside awe of the eye great. Other confirmed that flew present plate with porthole and ray... Do Not exclude and that that some saw nowhere near not my nearly emergency evolutions, but something another, not having relations to him. More so that March 1990-go was exceedingly productive on UFO and in Siberia, and under Nalichikom, and, particularly, in Belgium, where in the night March 31, what reported the newspaper Truth, engineer Topsail Aliferlan, having grasped video camera and on roof of the building, two-minute film about flight one of enormous extraterrestrial triangle - an , which, on authoritative conclusion belgian scientist nothing else than material objects moreover with such possibility, which until to create no civilization. So uzh and no, gentlemen belgian scientist? As to me, that rs to expect that platforms-filters (or, as I their call shorter block-panels) these device in nature were comparatively small, triangular form, and is operated beside us on the Land, but on more solid and serious base, than my nearly by half wooden device. I immediately wanted to do the his(its) exactly triangular she much and reliable, but from this forms in favour of tetragonal therefore that her(its) more simply pack, and, built, she reminds , or diplomat, which possible so as not to appears and the most slightest suspicions. I, of course, has chosen ...

To event in Belgium and under Nalichikom I not at all participial. More so that use its discovery, as can you are shown, before foolishness irrational whole only for visit their own ... But them, my brainchild, as I consider, where more important, than any technical discoveries, beside me for present-day day eleven: eight in Omskoy area, one in Voronezhskoy, two in Novosibirsk; there was them here, under Novosibirsk, six, created, , rescued, hand my and my families, but do not love here this deal neither beside us in (as before on chemistry), nor in nature guard society, nor in Committee on guard of the nature, which, as I nor asked, did not want to help in saving destroyed cruel or near-by people these small and .

And I continue their own way under noonday dignified-splendid cloud there, on west, and leave, leave back rectangles by varicoloured flap, hepaticas whimsical outline, and blue shade from these cloud too run away back under me.

The Velocity of the flight rather great but does not whistle in my wind: power protection of the platform with block-panel sliced from space disbanded up invisible pole or ray, cutting off attraction of the platform to the Land, but not me and not air that inwardly this pole on her; all this, as I think, at flight as it were draws apart the space, but behind I once again close him(it), slams. Exactly in this, probably, reason device with rider, but more exactly hard on, or partly distorted to visibility, as I had recently on novosibirsk Zatulinkoy.

But protection from attraction controlled though and incomplete: onward head, and are already felt as it were from head wind, clear smell(blowing in) that , that buckwheat, that meadow siberian rubbed.

Isilikuli with of the elevator beside railway I leave far on the left and go gradually on reduction on autoroute, properly having made sure that presently I nongo and for drivers, and for passenger, and for working in field: from me and platforms no on the land shade (however, once in a while shade unexpectedly appears); here is on edge of a forest of the prickly three boys collect the berries fall before flight, slow;delay velocity, shall near by them. Orderly, no reactions became to be, neither me, nor shade is seen. Well and, certainly, not audible: under such principle of the motion in drawn apart space device will not publish even the most slightest sound, since even friction about air here practically does not occur. The Way my was a debt not more forty minutes from Novosibirsk. Have Tired the hands, which will not tear away from regulator, have tired the legs and trunk happens to to stand nigh only on rack quietly on this small , to vertical row which I clinging... the belt. But quicker to move I although and can, but fear: my technology, made half-grown old, so far too tiny and sleazy.

Once again upwards and once again straight; and were here is shown familiar landmarks: crossroad of the roads, passenger on the right on freeway; else heels kilometer and, finally-that, orange columns of the railing Zakaznika, which was performed it is necessary after all to think! twenty years. How many times I rescued this first its brainchild from adversities and bureaucrat, from plane with (was and such!), from fire, from many other villainy. And Country Insect this live, prospers!

Falling and brake, but this is done jalousie-filter that under board of the platform, I see already splendid , distinguish the light hats their raceme, look like open-work balls, certainly, insect, and incredible joy covers the shower, completely removing weariness: but after all rescue I this bit of the Ground, let small, seeds hectare less and integer twenty years here do not go, do not mown, do not herd the live-stock, and soil layer rose the places before fourteen centimetres, and appeared not only long ago extinct in these edge types insect, but also such vanished in region of the herb, as feather grasses rare type, purple, large flower which on morning is smell(blowed in) by chocolate, and many other plants. Steep - scent so smell(blows in) only here is this, Middle Glade that for railing immediately, infuses in me new portion of the joys from liing ahead meeting with the World Insect. Here is they, their is well seen even with of the height on umbrella and open-work ball of the angelicas and : small circle sit dark-orange butterflies-checkerboards, heavy large is bent downwards white and racemes , on Glade, already up to me, fly the redhead and blue dragonflies, is crushed on sun their own broad wing with small beautiful network . Else quiet, else slow and suddenly adown as it were darkenning unexpected flash: appeared- my shade, before that , and presently slowly slithers on herb and bush. But this already not terribly: around nor showers, but on speedway that in metre three-ah on north from Zakaznika, machines while no. It Possible be peacefully lowered to the ground. Stebli the most high rubbed already about my pedistal platform with .

214.jpg (9056 bytes)But before that what put(deliver) her(it) here is on this tubercle, I, engulfed by blast to joys, motion handle once again draw apart the jalousie of the panels and steeply, candle, go vertically upwards. Is it Quickly compressed, as it were cringes, picture adown: prickly Zakaznika, all his(its) edges of a forest and railing, all surrounding Zakaznik hepaticas and field; the horizon begins as it were with all sides such enormous , openning railway that passes in two kilometers on the left, but then sowed;sown: on the right, for speedway, twinkles the light slate roof Rosslavka, else central homestead of the state farm Timber, already looking like small city; to the left from railway farms of the Komsomol branch of the state farm Timber, surrounded broad ring of straw and dry trampled down manure; the west, where leaves the fluent arc of the railway (not flood plain, what is wrong pathway this straight line as dart) small and white cube neat departure YUnino that in poles kilometer from Zakaznika, but for YUnino boundless elbowrooms Kazakhstan, drowned in blue sultry haze. And here is she already whole under me Isilikuliya, country to my adolescence, quite not such, as on card and plan with their inscription, conditional indications and other, but boundless, living, variegated dark whimsial island hepatica, cloudy shades, light clear spot lake, and enormous disk of the Ground with all this why-that seems all more and reason this long ago already me familiar illusion I as well as has not found. Rise all above, and rare white cumulous cloud leave downwards, and the sky already not such, as from below, but dark-blue, nearly blue, visible between cloud prickly and field were already covered blue haze, and all harder and harder their discern. Eh, as badly that can not take with itself although
once its loved grandson Andryushu: him four years, and carrier platform liberally has raised us both, but little that

...Ouch that I do: after all there, adown, on Glade, I rejected the shade signifies, me can see the people, and not units, as in that trouble of the memories march night, but a thousand, after all presently-that day; the uneven hour, again in the manner of disk, square, or, else worse in person... Yes else, on sin, ahead of plane, similars, cargo, so far soundless races nearly toward me, quickly in amount, and I already see the cool briliance , pulsation unnatural-red flasher. Quickly downwards! Sharply , turn Sun shines in already, but catty-corner adown, on gigantic proturberant wall blinding white cumulous , must be my shade; but shade no, only multicolored bright bright ring, familiar all pilot slid on cloud, overtaking me, downwards. Passed from heart: no shade signifies, nobody did not see neither me, nor copy in the manner of triangle, square or trivial plates... Meliknula thought (but it is necessary to say that, in spite of frantic technical and physical inconvenience, in falling flight why-that much better and quicker works the imagination): after all can happen that from five of the people not one I have done such a discovery, and flying machines, founded on this principle, long ago do and feel and created on factory KB, and
like my.
   But beside all shielding platforms one and ditto characteristic: sometimes they become to be visible for the other people in very different look; are transformed and pilots their see in suit, that - green, that flat, as from paperboard (Voronezsh, 1989), that else what. So here is, much can happen that this no not -UFO-, but temporarily visual-deformed certainly, only for outside watchers wholly terrestrial pilots and constructors such , bring their own brainchild before reliable condition... The Advices one,, studying insect, on this phenomena and will become to make-feel (apropos, I am run away that avoiding insect this opening not to do): fly at year fine days only; avoid to work in thunderstorm, rain; be not withdrewed high and far; with point of the landing not to take nor with itself; all nodes to do greatly strong; when test and work to avoid vicinity any LEP, village (more so city), transport, concourses of the people for this distant-pre-distant deaf timber glade for the best, from human a little farther, otherwise in radius several groups of ten of the metre can occur and often occurs! that have named : unexplained displacement home subject, unhooking, or, on the contrary, home electrical engineers and electronics enabling, even inflammation. The Explanations this I have not, but it is likely that all this effects malfunction move of time, piece, in the total-that, exceedingly insidious and fine. Nor one detail, particle, even the most teeny must not be , is ed during flight or in place of the landing. We shall Recall Dalinegorskiy phenomenon January 29 1986, similars, tragic for , when has wrested and swept on enormous territory whole device, but from filter were discovered only miserable scrap , not amenable so and must be! intelligent chemical analysis. Remember, I wrote about that that insect, taken there and returned by me here in test tube, disappeared, but in test tube if she , was formed hole? Turned out to be that these holes much look like in glass, which nor with that nor with unexpectedly appear in vein and back rooms, sometimes queue from row hole on window not how much rooms and floors; outside has a diameter 35 millimeters, inside buildings enlarges the cone and, depending on thicknesses glass, has on output b15 millimeter. Some on or are painted brown just as this was in the event of transportation of my horseman in test tube. It is likely that this type holes in glass is caused not unencountered of the type of the teeny fireballs, as I earlier expected, as follows particle and speck of dust, carelessly ed when test or flight device like my. The Picture of the holes in glass, brought on these page, documentary and are made by me in scientific centre VASHNIL-borough under Novosibirsk. Can their show each wanting; appeared they at period with 1975 on 1990, but with my experience and flight nor one of them is not bound, except, realy,
   the last.

A Part of descriptions UFO I in this is run away pertains to platform, block-panel, other large detail device, on purpose or accidentally thrown away for limits of the active field constructor and manufacturer; these debris capable under carry other much troubles, but at the best generate the series incredible tale, and the most absurd messages in newspaper and journal, in accompaniment scientific commentaries quite often...

Why I presently do not reveal the essence of its discovery? First, therefore that for proof it is necessary to have time and power. Neither that, nor other I have no. Know on bitter experience pushings my previous discovery, including the most obvious phenomena effect structures, in realities which, certainly, already made sure to readers. But here is than ended my perennial trouble about scientific confession EPS: On given application for opening the most further correspondence with you inadvisable. The Cue-who from Vershiteley Sudeb Sciences I know personally and certain: get I to such on acceptance that, however, now practically unbelievably, its , rack, shall turn the and on his(its) eye to ceiling master of the cabinet does not , but that and will order to expose the magician a halitosis. Soon come on change him, , you, young !

The Second reason my more objective. Only beside one type siberian insect I have found these structures. Do Not name even troop, to which pertains this insect: similars, it on galley proof , and former flash to number was, possible, local and one of last. So here is if I shall indicate the sort and type where warranties that that understanding in biologies unfair people, chiselers, all sorts of business man is not thrown on peg, ravine, small meadow to fish out, be can, the last copies this VWVbehave oddly Natures, for what do not stop nor before than even though will take groups of ten peg, hundreds of the glades uzh too tempting mining? Else! Only no, unfair people: let for you all, told in this chapter and exhibit, will remain the science fiction, but itself you Nature of the riddle this will not reveal as it is spoken, much it is necessary porridges to eat; wrest secret oppressively will not leave, and guarantee that several million type insect, so far on planet. Place at least on hour on morphological study of each type and now the degree to probability of the meeting with Nobychnym; but I shall sincerely want you diligences and long-prelong life, even without output, at worker day, for checking three million type you will need... a thousand of years to lifes under washed vision and memories, and I shall remain you only to envy. Hope, I shall caught and will forgive one, should like to immediately get acquainted with Discovery for interest simply and without mercenary intent: can I presently enter otherwise for the sake of savings of the Alive Nature? More so that see: like like already and others, but too do not hurry to show up with their own discovery in cabinet bureaucrat, preferring be carried in night that in the manner of strange disk then in image triangle and square, iridescent twinkling on surprise passer-by...

...Quickly falling, more exactly, ruining downwards, landmark, , no who not far away; the metre in forty from the land sharply , and without person of the hindrances to land where usually: on teeny half-ke in Bolishom Wood Zakaznika you her(its) will find on scheme-card, well but afterwards if there you visit, and on most terrain. And do not judge me that branch of some aspens there is as it were cut or VWVbeat off lightning: strictly vertical and boarding are much labored, and initial path by most cocked, particularly under , when platform why-that refers aside, opposite Sun, but sometimes conversely...

The Weakened nut-lamb on rack of control, abbreviate her(it), as antenna beside portable receiver, pull out from platform, which pack on joint fifty-fifty. Now this looks nearly as box for paints, realy that a little . The Bonanza in rucksack, small size of meal yes cue-what instrument for repair of the railing and between , low of the wild rose steal on Middle Glade. Else before output from wood, as good portent, I meet the family burning-red fly agaric, on timber bedding by broad arc, or, as her(its) named in folk earlier, ring. Why ? And in general: why this the most beautiful mushroom siberian wood it is necessary to break, boot, trample? I not once asked the : why they this does? But his(its) it is impossible there is! was an answer. But after all uneatable else and sod, clay, gnarl, , stone... Lay in wood instead of fly agaric, shall say, piece of the brick nobody b did not become their here boot; boot the uneatable mushrooms, leaves that they alive, boot only then to kill! So this? The Nonwife beside people in general in shelters such boot the mushroom, bug, nail on or bird, , bison? And not from there boorishness, sadism, pogroms, wars? So did not want believe this, but I itself on place of the extraterrestrial being: shall here is in the same way to the Land to people, see, as they boot the mushrooms, give the insect, shoot in birds, friend in friend immediately unwind its and back; the following visit here make;commit, certainly, not earlier than in five hundred terrestrial years... But as it were reader has entered on place of the extraterrestrial being? Well that although this here is my household fly agaric in side from trouble eye and cruel legs each summer pleases me by person by life, their own -red humid hat with large whitish . But here is and Glade. I step on carried on this small part of the planet as always, with heart; this from eternal anguish on native, but distant from Novosibirsk to Nature; and from misgiving that some master will take her(it) and proplow; and from joy that she is hitherto nonshouted oh, , ... And even count nothing do not signify that beside me for back in rucksack, disguised under , lies, built double, but signifies neutralized, with small- block-filter, but between them, also folding, rack with regulator of the field and band him I become attached to rack. Well, possible, got free with this discovery of the years on fifty onward what difference? Don't care, the people will possess and this, and many other secret to Matters, Space, Gravitacii, Time. But no supercivilization nor on what from planets of the Supergalaxy will not reconstruct here is this Glade with her(its) complex, frail, quivering Life, with her(its) , meadowsweet and feather grass, with her(its) orange-motley checkerboard, unhurried - indescribable- solemn colouration: on -blue background with flowing pattern from crimson-red heel... Where else, in what small piece of coal Vselennoy, find like here is this mauve-blue campanula, in translucent mysterious depths which make its amorous dance two flies-, ing transparent, in graceful monochrome strip, wing? And on what else planet on palm straight, onward, will nearly manual butterfly- to lick its spiral some fats, , cheese much uzh love they salty! But no, so simply resemble(go) on hand, revealling and closing their own satin-gray with turquoise reflection , on lower side which the most fine ornament on colour from round -peephole?

...Not so long ago we, people, have begun to fly: on air ball first, on plane then; today powerful rockets already carry away us to the other heavenly bodies... But tomorrow? But tomorrow we flight to the other star at the speed of light nearly, however even nearby galaxy nebula Andromedy will else be beyond reach. But Mankind provided that it will deserve the rank Reasonable! will solve many riddles of the Universe, and this border. Then will become nearly instant , close any worlds from small piece of coal Vselennoy, removed from the Land on trillions of the light years. All this will, all this deal of the Reason, Sciences, Technology. But not more. Only here is this Half-ki can not remain if I but more until on who not bag to save her(it) for near and distant descendant, with her(its) checkerboard, and , with her(its) and , with her(its) campanula, and meadowsweet.

So for Mankind in this moment cozy corner, or homemade that in rucksack, device, developping zenithal pulling not much centner less, but horizontal velocity from power kilometer at minute? This I to you address, reader. Only well-well think, previously than give clever and serious answer.

On these picture. Such a this in the general-that, ingenuous piece in worker and collected type. Flexible inwardly helmsmen of the handle will send motion from left handle on jalousie. Shifting and drawing apart these , make the ascent or landing.

223.jpg (12006 bytes)Once upon a time under quick lowering, in mode of the free fall, left ... has flown down, and be me in the best world, but I not only was not split, but not even has felt the blow, only darkness: has done in ploughed field well that not on road! rather deep pit, first vertical, but then withdrewing in countersolar side. Thereof prodigy-pit I not without labour and itself, and its device, certainly, pretty victim; but most of all has delivered pit: he had a no mouldboard! It Happened to to show much to his(its) in a hurry disguise visible with roads, he has caused much senses, but that and, what good, has directed on perpetrator some not in measure zealous hunter. Cognate bore holes without mouldboard too and too going at heart

223.jpg (29304 bytes)

223.jpg (48622 bytes)


October 24 1989 were formed unexpectedly on floor Hvorostyanskogo region Kuybyshevskoy area about this has in detail told Komsomol truth December 6 same year; so, leaves, I not . And, much similars, invent the bicycle... But that, higher part of my device and faithfully : ruling for horizontally-onward motion that is reached by total slopping of both groups nadkryliev-jalousie, through too. Develop the velocity more than 25 kilometers at minute I do not dare, preferring fly once in ten medlennee....Do Not know, convinced I you, reader that like in very fast time will be available practically all, but here is Living Nature if her(its) urgently shall not rescue and without which mankind not to live will not be available nobody for her(its) full absence?

But remain before reader full I do not want. And grant researcher other Patent of the Nature, too connected with Motion and Gravitaciey, physicists confirm: creation impossible. IN OTHER WORDS, device, completely insulated from surrounding ambiences, will not fly and will not go: neither car without medicine to be taken externally travell about, nor plane with screw and motor, nor rocket with shut . The Exception forms only baron Myunhgauzen, at one time itself for hairs from marsh...

The Deal was in 1981 under Novosibirsk, when we studied lucernes her(its) and vermins. Going on field, I quick moving the net as it were mowned lucerne, then contents of the net insect, sheet, flowerses, shaved off by hoop, has crossed in get dark box, to which has leaned;leanted the glass bank-stain. Such a cruel way of the study of the aspectual composition insect on floor, other not alas, this was my work, for which I garnered wages in Institute of the husbandry and of the agriculture. Only wanted to slam the lid of the stain and throw there with airwaves as on light has darted out... the light cotip.

He was oval, on type rather thick, opaque. Not otherwise someone from captive accidentally his(its) has popped in stain: can not after all cocoon itself to jump! But cotip, refusing my doubts, has jumped once again; knocked about glass wall, fell on bottom... It Happened to to donate the catch frightened insect with evident joy ed to will. But I insulated the strange cocoon and has hidden in separate test tube. The Buildings have considered him(it) in binocular microscope nothing especial, cocoon as cocoon; lengthwise millimeter three, in width millimeter with small. On walls his(its) were strong as that and be must. The Cocoon energetically jumped then, when his(its) illuminated or warmed up? sun; in shade he quieted down. The Jump his(its) reached thirty millimeters lengthwise and that else more splendid fifty millimeters in height! Insofar I could catch, cocoon flew nearly not hanging around, is sailled; however, here needs speed . Certainly, mechanical motion cocoon reported the maggot or pupa insect. But as this occurred, see was impossible.

...Zabegaya onward, shall say that from cocoon left the horseman a family , pertaining to to type Batiplektes , useful that that maggots his(its) on vermin of the lucerne boll weevil-.

Flying cocoon relied on finally to fall into chilly coverture in earth rift; in net my he has pleased, probably, during its strange journey, at moment of the jump as follows. All this powerfully brushed off on unexplained jump home subject, already not once described in seal. I lay the cocoon on glass and attentively looked from below: can, maggot before jump somehow embroils his(its) bottom, but afterwards sharply releases? Nothing like no dents, but cocoon is corrected and jumped, as I his(its) nor rolled; there was else more remarkable that with horizontal and slippery flow he took off not vertically, but is bent! I the paths: lengthwise they formed before 35, in height nearly 50 millimeters that is to say cocoon flew up to on height, in thirty once exceeding his(its) thickness! Deprive this flying capsule full tilts that she did not lie nor on than? But as? But so: place her(it) on layer of the friable cotton wool! It Is Said is made. Finely scrap was got with misty edge. Carefully bonanza cocoon on , expose;pit on sun, anxiously wait: after all blow if he is inflicted by inhabitant of the cocoon on lower his(its) wall, forcing her(its) bounce off full tilts, now will not operate: is redeemed the most fine being springy of the pat, and, on idea, cocoon nearly does not . But no: suddenly my cotip comes off with place and rapidly flies from not moved , either as as one should upwards and . Zameryayu broad jump fourty two millimeters that is to say rate. The Insect, probably, made its dash or blow not on lower, but on higher part of the cocoon, anyway did there something such that brought the capsule in motion. If speak honestly, that this presently I in emotion; then, in eighty first, nothing unholy in jump of my captive I have not ripened, since not at all knew that , according to physicist, does not can be and be can not. But that hundred-two these , good, they turned out to be not infrequent, and researched all thorouhly. Well but now little: wanted, say, fly off with the Ground in general. Beside adult, winged, this b was not got because of ceiling: atmosphere our overhand rare, not for ; other deal maggot in cocoon. Has Raised she its capsule in jump on their own five centimetres, in upper point has her(its) else such image, and else, and else, and if cocoon was safely bear in mind spare of the air for breathing of the pilot that has disturbed leaving the device for limits of atmosphere and the further boundless velocities? But nothing! Here is in than beckonning, incredible value , declared, alas, unrealistic fantasy. Yes and not physicist it is difficult itself to present: that such there does the teeny maggot if her(its) receptacle takes off on five-antimetre height? Such simply can not be and however it jumps...

The Physicists speak: this outside the sciences, since disagrees the law of the nature. Zakavyka in that that Batiplektes this does not know... Did Not know forbid physicist and experienced, visible biologists, honestly written on 26-y page of the academic finder European partial insect USSR (that III, a part 3): Cocoon jumps as a result cutting the moving the maggot inwardly cocoon. One word, acting and checked! swatch reliable and give the reader so plants horseman this type, invent, , masters and in good way! But hurry! The Vermin of the lucerne - is declared the most broad chemical warfare, which Wise Mankind can- to win. But not to mistaken in the price: with deleting the bug Fitonomus from fauna of our planet is polished disappears the horseman Batiplektes he only on this type boll weevil and without them in general not occupant. But offers on biological method of the fight with vermin by siberian flap with use such here is horseman and the other leaders of the domestic agriculture and Rosselihozakademii is polished reject. I am beaten with this already twenty years, but success as beside Don Kihota, attacking mills...

But possible understand and Power Prekeeping: not to stop high-priced chemical plants! And that him, Agrariyam, for deal before some , for the sake of which it is impossible water the lucerne by poison? Hurry, biologists, engineers, physicists! Ibo if will win the Chemistry, from people and this Secret, and, certainly, aiming circuit in accordance with her other Secrets. But people themselves, without insect, this does not invent. We Ask to believe me, entomologist with 60-year field stazhem....At the end of my first book Million riddle, in Novosibirsk in 1968, there is drawing, which I once again: person flies on Akademgorodkom by means of device, which base form huge wing. I then dreamed-indulged in fantasy: here is such device ! The Daydream, oddly to say, s, and exactly through friendship with insect, but not blind by copying of the most observable nodes and details same wing, causing now beside me smile, but deep study of the alive Nature. But without friends beside me nothing be not got and most certainly is not got beside others. Beregite this world and amazing World Insect, endless and unique Secrets of the Universe! Beregite! Much all about this ask.


The Artificial honeycomb. The Group of ten one and a half shop plates from papier-mache for thirty chicken each link or stick so that salients of the plates abutted against the friend in friend, rather then entered the adjacent plates in deepenning.

230.gif (11742 bytes)Will Get large cells like laminated honeycomb certain paper os uncommonly large amounts. The Whole kit (his(its) possible conclude in any slip cover or case) bolt still so that lower his(its) cot was found in one-two decimetres on darkness sitting on chair of the person; the exposure 1015 minutes. Unnatural, unaccustomed change the form space, formed such kit, possible catch and simply palm. Put the experiences on germination plants, development microorganism and insect with checking party organism relatively, developing in exactly such condition, but not under macrohoneycomb, but at least in two metres from them. Repeat each vapour(pair) an experience several times.

Iron honeycomb. Such image feel the influence of the usual economic graters, built pile downwards: graters with small hole adown, with large at the top.
The Paper EPS effect structures. 6 sheets writing

230.jpg (24413 bytes)the papers rarefy along in two and pack the on 10 retake and 20 planes each. Sozhmite so that they were square, and their friend on friend with tumbling each in horizontal plane on 30 comparatively clockwise. Stick from paper, better dark ( did not reflect the heat), cone-shaped laminated flower with several groups of ten petal, half-she their fluff. Test the : palm on the part of corolla of the flower and under subhung ; place them on head sitting, noting appeared sensations and general state.

The Polyfoam. We got accustomed that this excellent even on a certain distance reflects heat of the hand. But refashion his(its) black paper, paperboard, tin plate sensation will remain former. This work quarterdeck multiple cavities of the polyfoam, radiating EPS. Porolon. The Known that person, accostomed to sleep, say, on straw mattress, the first night on mattress sleeps never mind, but that and does not sleep completely: typical manifestation EPS. Hereinafter
organism is adapted ( will get accustomed) to new loge for it...
Mushroom EPS. One hunts to drooped I reported: in winter in wood he rows of the hand under . We shall Recall: lower horizontal part of fruit body of this mushroom, on tree, is penetrated by enormous amount small -honeycomb, through which summer are poured disputes. The Hunts to drooped
felt not heat, but typical EPS.
Moving honeycomb. Vytochiti wooden and on drill in his(its) side

230.gif (2456 bytes)several end-to-end cavities by diameter with pencil or a little broader. Their EPS vastly increases at rotation that easy perceptible palm. Probably, cavities herewith as it were multiply in space numerically.
Floral EPS. The Unnatural position even such, seamingly, usual and pleasing object, as alive flower, too capable to change his(its) characteristic. The Bouquet from several groups of ten colour (the tulips, narcissuses, lilies, campanulas) place upwards leg on head sitting. For exception of the
influence scent and t. p. conclude the bouquet in bag from film or papers. About influence write me. On . One of my , geographer on professions, after influence on it one of my lattices have said: exactly such sensation felt much years back, passing wood past area, right before by
borax in head, in , in , in all tele became somehow on especial unpleasant, exactly so, as under lattice. Became to be, sharply broken form space normal of structure wood some time radiated the waves in unpleasant for person parameter.

Before rain. Nadenite on tap adjutage and become deserted get cold water. Slowly carry the palm to bunch flying drop from the side: big part of people feels herewith heat. On most deal this EPS, escalated motion new and new element laminated lattice, flying of water and gap between them. Potrenirovavshisi on kitchen or in , catch more strong EPS beside fountains and waterfall. Even then, when atmospheric pressure and does not think to fall, blanket distant creates the powerful field EPS, acting on many kilometers. We shall Recall, what pulls to sleep before rain even in locked premises: EPS after all nothing is
not shielded

Book EPS. Tolstuyu, better get old, (to was somewhat less

233.gif (3016 bytes) the of the pages) book put the butt end on edge of the table, advisable so that rootlet her(its) peered into that side, where in given hour is found Sun, deep in the night, for instance, this will be a north. Priotkroyte book and as far as possible evenly fluff the pages. Through several minutes (EPS appears not immediately, in the same way as not immediately disappears) catch the palm, language, opposite opened slightly pages one of mentionned in chapter of the sensations. Tail this, , will possible caught on distance and two-three metres. Not difficult make sure that book EPS too is not
shielded ask anyone to become between book and palm.

Big cone with artificial cellural stuffing and three

233.gif (7084 bytes)the magnet on butt end. The Oriented friend on friend with provision for positions Sun, two such cone one for Isilikulem, another under Novosibirsk under morning on April 23 1991 were strewn and (second unrolled and is pressed in in wall underground in wood, but magnets and completely somewhere ). In the same minute in one of the apartments Omsk has occurred aiming series too the most incomprehensible (the newspaper Evening Omsk for April 26, transfers and moscow TV). Because of this coincidences same newspaper on August 5 1991 has named the device that on picture, Grebennikova. However, one of the of standing electronic waves between both structure
could be formed just there, on Irtyshskoy .
Average cone. The Groups of ten plastic economic crater tightly to insert the friend in friend and consolidate on any stand nose aside Sun. The Flare of the last crater
stick the or blue fabrics to instinctively not tuned in on fervour.
Small cone. Two-three unimproved tight twist, rubber or thread and press in beside medium to was got flare, beside which not difficult catch the radiations by hand, in countersolar position particularly. Svoeobrazno action such microcone, attached by flare to .

Eternal engine . Family such from I coated its

233.gif (4960 bytes)the instrument like described above, with too tilted, but straw indicator (the counterweight colobe of the plasticine) on web. Slowly coming out of zone of the action of one flare, straw fell into power field other, the third and so on... Most successfully and continuously this experience goes in , , not shaken premises, from wire, pipes, sources of the heat, chill, bright light. VWVbehave oddly Here too no: matter in its undeterminable motion eternal.

Solar ethereal- device. This name gave

234.gif (9543 bytes) professor Otto Korshelit, found EPS more than 100 years back and produced device with his(its) using for medical, agrarian and technical integer. The Rhythmic cavities were created in them copper chain. The Device was situated so that rear side peered into side... The Sun! Verily new this well forgotten old: described by him sensations in accuracy comply with independently got by me, but about work Korshelita I have heard most recently from book M. is Paid New way of the treatment, that III, SAINT PETERSBURG, 1886, p. 1751 1753, where happens to and this here is drawing of the device.

Sitovyy EPS . Olden days in row of terrain to headaches and consequences of the concussion of the brain quieted... usual flour , him(it) on head by sick net upwards, or he itself kept the rim a strainer in teeth, but net before person. The Material of importance has not. The Device better works then, when are turned by person in that side, where Sun (in astronomical midnight on north). This EPS feel and
sound people.
EPS and planets. The Planets of our system are located on determined distances from Sun, expressed by rule Ticiusa-Baud: to number 3, 6, 12, 36 and t. d. (the geometric progression) is added on 4, but results are divided on 10. The Reason to this regularities is not found. Pustuyuschee place in this row between orbit Mars and Jupiter occupied asteroid (possible, this part not formed planets or splinter of the former planet Phaeton). The Kemerovo physicist V. YU. Executed considers that regularity this is conditioned EPS, agitated Sun: material for planets was grouped just in -maximum his(its) power field.
EPS in . The Waves to Matters, besides far from indifferent for person, radiate the pile of the pipes, some caves, underground caves, kronas tree; has importance and the form of the premiseses rounding, , with dome. The Material sewer, furniture, boards instrument too sources EPS
determined parameter.
MIKRO-EPS. The Effect can reveal itself in cosmic not only and home scale, but also in the microworld, in material, which molecules have a cavities of the certain forms. For instance, mothball. I filled him liter bank, hermetically her(its) occluded and hung up to ceiling. The People felt under her palm safe system clot of power field (more so if container fitted on darkness). Actuated coal too structure. Take on 23 tablets of such coal in finger, as on drawing, and during several

 minutes displace mildly hands by swing, breeding, rapprochement. About result write me.

Tefilin. From benefical for person EPS I have revealled while that

235.gif (15414 bytes) four: bee honeycomb; lattice from cyst of the hands (about her in the following chapter); the strainer; the phylactery, or, otherwise, . What is it? The Old-time device: tightly sutured from skin cube, attached to to platform with two bands. Inwardly cube four strips of vellum bleached soft of the skin with dictums from holy book of the Talmud, tight in the manner of cylindrical . The Device became attached to be praying to so that axis roll were perpendicular and if this morning, the other end looked at orient. The Texts, turned out to be, dug do not play only material, the form and amounts. Made from the other material,
like device causes the unpleasant sensations; renders the benefical physiological influence: except the forms and other, here tells and microstructure of the material.
The Truncheon Tota. Beside ancient That god of the sciences, wizardry,
terrestrial children
236.gif (22097 bytes)the dead. The Device of the truncheon: two-, copper wire curly on the end in the manner of flat spiral by diameter 10 refer to in 34 whorls; closer to in the manner of transverse three-dementional spiral in 2 whorls by diameter 5 refer to Wire are inserted in from thick tree by length 16 refer to, square in section base 4 refer to, beside the end 1,5 refer to; the whole truncheon with profilaments 41 refer to Narrow end have 13 deep of the type . The Truncheon works, truth, , without even, but wire is fit any, but not fine, but still better coverring thick insulation her(its) intensifies the effect. If take the truncheon, as on drawing, that coming out of the centre of the big spiral total radiations, perpendicular her(its) planes, well appreciable with both sides by other
hand or other person. Either as for what used ancient this , me to hear not to manage.

The Pyramid. On canon Heopsa. Make the pyramid from thick friable wrapping paper in 34 layers: square base 2020 refer to, rising rib on 19 refer to Stick only on rib, than , so much the better, but narrow strip. Hole cut In medium of one of the lateral verges in 5b refer to Vzyav in finger end sticks of drawing coal length with decimetre, or length of the besom, or simply

236.gif (8166 bytes) , will enter indicator this in hole so that other his(its) end was several below mediums . Disturb indicator space inwardly , pull out the indicator from it, once again get up, disturb the air and so once thirty; soon catch the active zone clot in that part of the pyramid, where beside was found camera-burial vault. The Other active zone, on top of the pyramid, too is well caught by indicator
if his(its) end to conduct on top. After several drills clot and torchlight well perceptible simply finger, carried in , and palm,
236.gif (6634 bytes) moved on her. The Effect of the pyramids, generated for many ages different terrible and mysterious histories, one of the manifestations EPS. The Framework of the pyramid. Much characteristic of the pyramid such amounts, but without verges-planes, but in the manner of framework only, stuck from eight even strong smooths . Here EPS cobreaking with her(its) complex capillary construction and effect to whole cavities device. The Pyramids possible to do and the other amounts, scales up length retake. Keep the on head of the comrade of the minutes five downwards base, then downwards top. Call on the long experiences with insect (the family of the bumblebees, developing caterpillar and t. p.), room plants,
perishable product placing objects in pyramid, on and under her (without fall with control experiments without influence). And make sure that ancient were a cue in than rule;govern...
Telekinez. So name noncontact displacement light subject, which can produce ostensibly specifically gifted people: move on distance matchbox on table, hold midair tennis ball, cigarette... Smeyu to confirm that possesses each. The Straw framework of the pyramid, right before described, hang up for top to ceiling on fine artificial ( did not grow dump) to thread, but still better on long kapron filament, from stocking thread. Hang up the in such place of the room, where least convection

no moving the air. Through several hours, when will cease to revolve and completely quiets down, quietly, not to create ,

236.gif (6634 bytes)with distances of the metre in two, direct on her(its) left side pipe, formed from two palms, as on drawing. Through several minutes (do not lose !), feelling pressure this energy ray EPS, will begin to turn round clockwise. Stop this motion, the radiation on shift to the right side of the framework: he stops and begin to revolve to the left. Do the experiences to length miscellaneous, through miscellaneous gap time and on different distances. And make sure that no not prodigy, but the whole only one of the manifestations of the Waves to Matters, and available not elected, but each. After all palm with phalanx finger too structure, clearly repulsing indicator straw- of instrument,
described in chapter.
Using him and framework of the pyramid, you may develop the drill their own telekinetic abilities and vastly their intensify.

Cereal EPS . Nosegay from thirty-forty ripe ear of the wheat, with better

237.gif (5350 bytes)the short , bolt inwardly half-oho of the cone from papers as on drawing. The Radiations, appreciable and hand, repulse the straw indicator of the same instrument VWXbe drafty any screens even more clearly, than some honeycomb. Here work the multiple wedge-shaped sinuses between scales, directed to axis of the ear
The Hayfield with miracle . In adolescence I shown such: in the morning, on hayfield, length right before cut with short placed on linen of the scythe to external her(its) rib ; other such length prescribed on scythe also, to , but on distance, was nudged by hand to
237.gif (16762 bytes)the first; the centimetre in eight that came to motion, jerk running away from the second length that in hand, along slot. The Experience was got not always; the whole right after big array of the herb in this place, and did not get lost nor seconds; possible, some elements or condition of the experience I . Here worked, as I presently think, the following factors: sharp change the total field EPS on cocked, deformed meadow (we shall recall the event with ); lattice from finger of the hand of the operator-one who mows grass, characteristic most , and, possible, orientation to matutinal Sun. The Electrostatics
is excluded: all around in this hour wet...
Identified flying objects . Very long ago, on Caucasus, in deaf mountain hamlet, I wondered that for people stroll in the night around on mountain with wood, and all with burning cigarette, and all wave the hand, and of their cigarettes for second escape for their trunk... Turned out to be: local bugs-glowworms, under name Lyuciola , on summer so blink their own flash-light. in summery on UFO (yes and in letter of my readers) there is such messages: darkenning flying plate in binoculars turned out to be or of the birds, or compact give birth the insect; I itself in Siberia saw not only poles from insect, but even balls diameter of the metre three-four: in one event this was some fliers, in such round swarm, in the other event from sort Mirmika, made high on birch spherical marriage meeting. Afar nonleading person could take this swarm for enormous round .

About effect structures is in more detail told in my book Secrets of the world insect, Novosibirsk, 1990; in Siberian herald of the agricultural science, 3 for 1984; in journal Beekeeping, 12 for 1984. The Physical nature EPS is in detail stated in book: Neperiodicheskie phenomenas in surrounding ambience. A Part III, Tomsk, 1988 Whole about EPS beside me is published around three groups of ten of the miscellaneous article.

About , what agreed, in following