ORMUS Lecture and Workshop Outline
by Barry Carter

Lecture Outline

ORMUS - What is it? - The Matrix of Consciousness:
In my introductory lecture I typically give an overview of ancient alchemical reference to the ORMUS substances and their effects, then explain how these substances might work to generate these effects. I also show some movies and slides which illustrate the effects. This includes the magnetic levitation movie and the movie of Tut the cat's new tail.

I also encourage folks to describe their ORMUS experiences in the middle of the introductory lecture and give a brief description of a few of the methods for extracting ORMUS.

Workshop Outlines - First Day

Jim's Story - And the story of my original encounter with ORMUS:
I start the Saturday workshop with the story of how I first learned about these materials while working with Jim. This includes audio recordings of Jim describing parts of his experience. It also includes a video of some of our work together. This presentation takes a couple of hours and takes us to lunch time.

Wet Method Demo:
After lunch I usually demonstrate the Wet Method on some sea water or Dead Sea salt. I try to do this early so that the precipitate will have time to settle before the end of the workshop.

Sea ORMUS - Uses for Wet Method Precipitate:
After the Wet Method demo I show pictures and a movie of plants that have been grown with ORMUS. This segment includes a review of the Wet Method, descriptions of some of the benefits of ORMUS for plants including photo comparisons of ORMUS plants to ordinary plants
and a movie of the giant walnuts on the Essene's tree.

Patterns of Motion - The Physics of ORMUS:
In this portion of the workshop I discuss the observations that Jim and I made and propose a theory to explain them. I discuss the nature of water and how thought might influence the actual structure of water. I also talk about how this may be the key to our connection with everything else.

This presentation includes a video on the effects of sound resonance on sand patterns, a video of a levitating frog and a sound recording of Jim describing one of his experiences with ORMUS levitation. I cover the effects of levitation, strange electrical discharges, Josephson tunnelling (teleportation) and other phenomena and place them into a context that makes them easy to understand.

Toward the end of the day we often have an open discussion of the day's material. If there are others who wish to make small presentations about related techniques or technologies I like to give them the floor for a bit to discuss how their information contributes to ORMUS knowledge. Also toward the end of the day I often do the first wash on the Wet Method precipitate from earlier.

Workshop - Second Day

Twin Serpents - Twin Coils in the Pyramid and Talmud:
On Sunday I generally start the day with this description of the double helix in ancient and modern times. In this slide show I show evidence for pyramid levitation and other anti-gravity phenomena as well as various electrical phenomena associated with ORMUS, the pyramids and the Ark of the Covenant. I show a video of a similar ORMUS related shocking experience and describe how the shocking water was developed. I also discuss how ORMUS relates to the body's magnetic field. Following this slide show we often have a period of discussion and a break for lunch.

Making the Tiny Trap - Building a Magnetic Vortex Trap to Extract ORMUS:
After lunch I have a slide show and demonstration about how to make a magnetic trap.

Ozone ORMUS - How we think it works:
This is an explanation about how ozone might work to convert metal to ORMUS. This theory is based on concepts from Occult Chemistry and includes lots of pictures and a short animated video at the end.

Conical Shewbread - ORMUS in Ancient Egypt and Israel:
Toward the end of the day I give a slide show on ORMUS in ancient Egypt and Israel. In this presentation I discuss some of the best evidence for ORMUS in ancient times.

In the last hour or so of the workshop I like to have everyone get into a circle and discuss strategies for working together to make ORMUS more available and useful to ourselves and others.