Distill ORMUS From Urine

The extraction of ORMEs from urine maybe the ultimate work in finding the individualistic "STONE" and also in testing an individual's biological store of these elements before and after use.

Lab Pic

Above is a picture of apparatus that one may obtain for less than $1000 USDs.

Note that one needs to keep the distillate very cool to cold with this particular extraction.  The set up shown has a jacketed distillation adapter in which very cold water is circulated.  Also note that I am using a two-stage Gast vacuum pump, which pulls 28" hg.

If you have a pump that pulls more than 28" adjust to 28" as 28" just happens to be perfect for this extraction, any more and you will in all likelihood loose it.  Very slowly increase the heat to 15% on your controller if you're using electric heat.  Fire would be preferred, a pilot light should about do it.

If there is ORMEs present there will be large bubbles to swell up sometimes filling the entire flask before rupturing, this is your personal ORMEs with the memory and refinement that your body has already performed.

The product will be tasteless and oily without the toxins that one would obtain through urine therapy and can be used to take one to a ever higher plane.  I am sure for plenty of you have a lot of ideas to add to this.