Shower Trap
by Dawn

Hello!  Did you see this trap?
I was looking for the easiest project too.  I ended up with a version of this one, connected to a garden hose.  I found all the parts needed very easily and the only tools used were a sharp knife to cut the hose and a screwdriver to tighten the hose clamps.  There are 8 cow magnets and I duct-taped the trap to a step-in fence post to hold it upright in the yard.

Shower Trap
This trap was intended to use while watering the yard with the well.  I use a 1 liter water bottle for collection and it is attached with a hose that is stuffed with nylon rope.  I make sure all the air is gone from the bottle and the hose with the rope in it.   It seems to take between 2 and 4 hours to get some really good trap water.  If we have used the well for several days it seems to deplete and take longer.  If the well hasn't been used for a few days it works more quickly.  
I wanted to use it while running the sprinkler.  It turns out that the water going that fast doesn't work as well.  I get better results running the water very slowly.  So, instead of using it as a sprinkler I use it as a soaker.
One time I ran it overnight, before we started using the well to water the yard much, and it was amazing!  The trap water in the collection bottle was extremely heavy looking and when swirled in the glass it didn't want to spin at all.  It also fell down the side of the glass instantly, unlike the regular water.  It felt slippery in your mouth.  This one time, it was strong enough that I actually diluted it to drink it.  
I tried runnig it overnight last week again and didn't get the same results.  It still had very noticable character changes and was good trap water but not as dramatic.  It think might be because we are running the well so much right now.  I wonder if it is that or the hot weather. . .
Facinating fun playing with this stuff!
Having a good time,