Sharon Rose’s Story
by Sharon Rose

From: "Sharon Rose" <>
Date: Thu, 08 Mar 2001 09:36:40 -0800


Wow! Wow, ORMUS! Wow, ORMUS is! Wow, ORMUS is terrific!

I can’t even describe how I feel, which is highly unusual for me. I can generally put words to my experiences. I feel so different, yet somehow familiar. It’s like taking my best day and magnifying it 10, 25, 50 times. And in some ways I feel unchanged, only parts of me are extended forward into my experience. I feel spiritually tingly. Alive.

Ela said I could write to you. My first and only exposure to this was about 5 years ago while in Reno. After giving a workshop there, I was invited to present my material on 'voice frequencies and energy patterns of the body' to a group (who’s name I’ve forgotten). The group consisted primarily of highly intellectual men with scientists and physicists among the mix. They introduced me to the concepts of white powder gold, and M-state, and the ‘spin’, but it made less sense to me then than it does now, and I still haven’t a clue what it is. The only clue I had about the importance of this discovery was their enthused interest.

But experiencing it is the only way to begin to know it. And still, I am struggling to describe my experience. The nearest I can come up with is that it ignites the spark of life. At 46, I feel far different than I did at 16, 20 and even 30. Doing ‘the right things’ like eating well, taking the top supplements, doing yoga, etc., doesn’t get me anywhere near the top of the mountain anymore. It lifts me a few feet and that is all. This M-state material catapults me to places I vaguely remember as being part of my heritage. I can’t recall if these distant memories come from my childhood, or are more deeply embedded within my being. But it’s REAL and I never want to be without it.

I want to share it with EVERYONE. I have an alcoholic sister, a drug addicted adult son, a college age daughter struggling with hormonal issues, and friends across the U.S., each of which I would love to share this gift with. But is it for everyone? Are there caveats, precautions, conditions? What do I need to know before inviting others to experience this stuff? How can I help connect people with this gift?

I am a sensitive. Yesterday I took my first 2 drops of the material. Then this morning I took 2 more (although I was torn between taking the material first and an herbal supplement that needs to be consumed on an empty stomach). Twenty minutes after taking the material I puzzled about how soon I could take my Noni juice, when the energy of the material spoke to me and said it welcomed the other substance. It gave me the impression that it would work synergistically with it. I heard its voice as well as felt it’s energy tone. Wow! With a total of only FOUR drops inside me, I felt an incredible presence within.

I welcome communication from others about the ORMUS material. Please feel free to forward my name, email address and phone number. I am anxious to extend the gift of the material to my family and close friends. Would you tell me how I can do that?

I can’t tell you how grateful I am for you bringing this forward and opening the channels. I look forward to meeting you someday soon. Let me know how I can help you in your mission (and this is NOT an empty offer)!
I hold you in my prayers,

Sharon Rose

From: "Sharon Rose" <>
Subject: entry from a newcomer
Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2001 09:39:27 -0800

Dear Barry,

Thanks for talking with me yesterday. As you suggested, I am writing about my experiences with the M-state to share with others on the forum. As a newcomer to this, I haven’t been able to read fast enough to keep up with my experiences, and consequently have felt like I’ve been on some sort of inner-space carnival ride. Initially, I had asked my friend to get me some the material based on an intuitive hunch, even though I was unable to attend your gathering in Washington last month.

The thing that grabbed me the most was the consciousness I felt after taking it. On day two (after my second dose of 2 drops on an empty stomach) I pondered about how long to wait before taking a nutritional supplement that wants to be taken on an empty stomach too. This is when the consciousness in the material spoke to me, saying, “I welcome the other substance”. The feeling I got was that it would work synergistically with my supplement.

I was not as surprised to hear this communication as many people may have been, given that I have over 13 years experience with interspecies communication. I worked closely with animals for most of that time, many of whom were my initial teachers. At the core of communication is the ability to listen from a centered place. After learning to consciously do this, I also learned how to extend this communication to all living matter including plants, insects and even internal parasites. Later, I learned how to use it as a sensing tool to feel the vitality level of supplements, food, and even to pick out a good bottle of wine! It has some very practical uses.

So, I wasn’t that surprised to hear a communication from the M-state, but the quality was different from anything I’ve ever experienced. I refer to these as ‘feeling-tones’ (coined by Seth). There was a poignancy that is new to me. I tried to find words to describe this quality but could only come up with a visual looking like the rainbow effect motor oil has when it mixes with water. Using this analogy, other communications would look like watercolors.

On the second communication, a couple of days later, I heard the voice much more clearly. It happened on Sunday when I had some time to research and read about ORMUS. Beginning with the scientific explanation, I had only read a couple of paragraphs when I came across the term ‘microclusters’. I felt the ORMUS Consciousness leap with recognition. This caused me to tune into It and It said, “I can take you places”, and at the same time I saw a path within a tunnel. This was before I read about the tunneling properties. I was alarmed by the fact that I’ve never experienced a communication at this level. It’s one thing for a horse to tell me they miss a herd member, or a plant to tell me it’s dieing of thirst, but to be made an offer by a ‘substance’ really tweaked my limits.

I immediately asked about Its motivation, to which It replied “I am the way…” (into other dimensions), was the implication.

I began having serious concerns. After all, I grew up with all those Star Trek episodes… and this was certainly uncharted territory for me. It took me another 24 hours to come to some personal resolve. The one thing I can count on in my life is that there are no coincidences and that every event is connected. I know when things happen ‘out there’ that I don’t understand that I have to go ‘in here’ to find the significance. I began by analyzing my fears.

I’m aware that I’m at a crossroad in my life, for which I’ve been ‘waiting for some sign’ before proceeding. I can either take a demanding job and pay off my debts within the next year or return to the financial uncertainty of being self employed. What I learned when I examined my situation, and the fear that it triggered in me, was that I've been waiting for some extrinsic force to direct me since I'm torn between what I perceive as passion vs. duty. I realized that it's time for ME to take a leap of faith; to create my own inroads; to program my own destiny. This is why I've been sitting on the fence for 2 months without any guidance. This Consciousness triggered a fear response in me by showing me a pathway into the unknown, should I choose to explore it. I definitely felt 'choice' was the key issue.

I believe the M-state is consciousness and that it helps us to be more conscious of those things that are on the forefront of our inner life. It is the essence that comes before matter. I theorize that whatever state we are in will be accentuated in the presence of the M-state.

With the help of a deeply spiritual friend, I hope to explore more of the metaphysical implications of the M-state and will post from time to time whenever anything noteworthy comes up.

On another note, I have a voice frequency analyzer that I use to assess the energy of the human body and mind. For anyone familiar with Sharry Edwards work, this is similar technology. Unfortunately, my machine is off getting repaired, but I anxiously await its return to see how my voice/energy has changed and I will forward any useful findings. Also, I'll be forwarding the frequencies of some of the metals, if anyone can use this information.

I've been giving the material to my animals (2 dogs, 2 cats & a cockatiel). All but one cat seems to like it. My bird demonstrates the most enthusiasm by peeping and jumping around his cage when he sees me feeding the other animals. The old dog has a tumor on his side the size of his head! I'll let you know if this changes.


A mutual explorer, Sharon Rose

From: "Sharon Rose" <>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2001 07:27:53 -0800

Hi Barry,

I had another interesting experience yesterday. I went to a noon meeting of the Healing Arts Professionals of Tacoma, a really great collage of people. I took a few drops of ORMUS to my friend and drank the rinsing from my carrying container. That's all it took. The first part of the meeting is supposed to be the brown bag/social hour, though I didn't take anything to eat. The woman next to me was drinking some sort of nutritious (I use the word loosely) shake when I felt the energy of the ORMUS spin out and pull in nutrition from her drink. It extracted it and brought it into me! I didn't eat at all yesterday until 5 pm.

Later, I thought about the time I did a weekend Tyong (Chi) Gong seminar. The 'Master' was surrounded by people with various stories. One woman supposedly hadn't eaten for 20 months. She WAS pretty thin. After my experience yesterday, I guess this might be how people can do that...

I had a dream soon after starting with ORMUS. I saw time compressed and watched myself move here and there, doing this and that. The picture slowed every time I ate and I saw myself eating lots of produce and over time I lost the 15 or so pounds I've been wanting to shed. I've felt differently about my weight since that dream and I sense that it will go....

With love,


From: "Sharon Rose" <>
Subject: Eighth Month Perspective
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 12:52:29 -0800

Dear Barry,

It's been 8 months since I was first introduced to ORMUS, and in that time I have had several contacts from people who have read my stories. I'd like you to add this letter to that link because I find myself saying the same things over again to each person I talk with. Most people want to know what kind of 'stuff' I've taken so they can have the same kind of experiences that I have written about. Well, I'm not sure it works exactly that way, though I won't say that categorically.

I would speculate that I am 90% different than I was back then, meaning that the ways I define myself have fundamentally changed. This change has to do with the limitations I perceive about myself, though not about the internal "I am". I am still the little child who explored thoughts of different dimensions, who discovered the Hall of Knowledge at 8 years old, who left her body frequently to communicate with loving beings on the other side of the veil, and who talked with God on a regular basis. The thrust of my life is still the same. It's just that my perceived limitations are far different.

In these past 8 months I have had communications from the essence of ORMUS. I have felt the ORMUS within me reach out and absorb nutrients from food-stuff that never entered my mouth. I have slightly levitated on several occasions. I have caused an object to move 10" without touching it. My ability to leave my body and examine other dimensions or source-out where negative energy is coming from, is so accurate that I feel complete confidence about these (and many other) abilities. Yet, where do the effects of ORMUS end and the effects of my own consciousness begin?

In the very first writing to you, dated March 8th, 2001, I was ecstatic about discovering ORMUS and looked forward to introducing it to my loved ones. My ecstatic-ness has subdued over the months as I have witnessed many people (who have had various ORMUS materials) and their personal experiences. Without exception, every one of these people has had some sort of healing crisis (emotional, psychological or physical). I was no exception. I hit a wall of fear as large as anything I had ever experienced, which led me to wonder if ORMUS had something demonic about it. That thought in itself was my first clue that this wall of fear was about me, because I don't believe in demons. Ever since my Baptist childhood I have declared that, "demons don't exist". Can you see the fallacy of my statement? It's the use of a 'negative' to define a belief. My unexamined belief actually upheld the existence of demons and this belief defined my fear-based experience.

What I learned early in my ORMUS adventures is that all the same rules I had come to accept as being guidelines to living (primarily that my thoughts and expectations create my experiences), still applied, but they applied much, much faster. If it took 3 months of me having some negative emotion scuttle about the fringes of my mind before I experienced its physical expression in my life, then it might take only a week for that manifestation to take place with ORMUS. I had to stay on my toes and learn to recognize these experiences for what they were, namely the warning signs that my steering was off course.

Where my friends got lost, I believe, is that they hadn't yet come to understand that their thoughts and beliefs were responsible for ALL the experiences in their life. Some of them had physical healing crisis, some had emotional or psychological healing crisis. Most stopped taking their ORMUS material once their crisis began. Somehow they equated the crisis with the ORMUS without taking the next logical step of asking: IF ORMUS is somehow responsible for this 'negative' event, AND I trust that the material is SAFE and BENEFICIAL, then can these experiences ultimately be beneficial to me also? Only a few people came to ask these pivotal questions and continued with ORMUS, although I saw how everyone's lives improved within a matter of a few weeks to months as they addressed the details of their particular crisis and were forced to make necessary beneficial changes in their attitudes.

It is my belief that ORMUS is not for everyone - or not yet, anyway. People who decide to experiment with ORMUS material must be prepared to do their personal work even more diligently than before. The dangers for not doing so are as real as life. If ORMUS makes the human experience speed up (from thought to manifestation) then we may conceivably find ourselves making poor decisions because we are unprepared to face the fears that haunt us. A seemingly minor indiscretion of opting to make the end justify the means can conceivably become a pattern that defines all experiences. We can more quickly be seduced by the heightened powers that seem to follow the ORMUS experience without evolving naturally into them.

I firmly believe that wherever our personal dysfunction resides, we cannot achieve our fondest desires without passing through and beyond these limitations. The force in all of our lives takes us in a common direction to examining our perceived limitations. Refusing to look at these issues creates a split within us, and the distance of that void can become so large that a perception of 'good' & 'evil' may exist. ORMUS hastens whatever path we are on.

My advise to anyone who wants the ORMUS energy to assist them in their quest of experiencing and knowing themselves, is to learn everything they can about themselves. Examine all the nooks and crannies in your mind and heart. If you can't see how tall the trees are in your internal forest, learn to examine the shadows they cast in your life. There are road signs all about us, and the best of these road signs can be found in our weaknesses and fears. Open yourself to the pain you have shut out, for that is the most limiting force in your life. If ORMUS creates one side of the mountain of experience and you create the other, no matter what kind of ORMUS material you use, the summit of your experience will be only as high as you have created for yourself.

I recall my overwhelming feelings upon retiring for bed after the first day I had taken ORMUS material. I knew then how profound was the gift I had been given and I humbly prayed, "Why me"? The answer came back that, "You asked for it".

I'd like to end this letter with a little story that came to me in the dream state soon after beginning with ORMUS.

While traveling further through the forest than ever before, the young Indian man heard the rush from the river ahead. He faithfully carried the back half of the unusual canoe as the Shaman carried the front portion while leading their way. The Shaman specially made this canoe for the boy's journey into manhood. It was unlike any canoe the boy had ever seen before. The body of the canoe was typical for a one-man canoe, but there were three arms that stretched out on each side of the canoe. They arched high like shoulders shrugging, and then dropped back down like scarecrow arms. The end of each set of arms attached to a plank that ran the length of the canoe on either side. It was easy to see that the planks would ride high near the waters surface once the boat was launched. The boy speculated that these planks must've been added for additional stability and he wondered what unusual conditions the Shaman expected for his journey into manhood.

The boy and the Shaman placed the canoe into the water at the rivers edge. The boy was pleased to see how stable the boat was and assumed his assessment for the planks was accurate. Before departing, the Shaman pointed to the mountain and told the boy that the object of his quest was at its top, and he must reach it by dawn.

Armed with a fierce determination, the boy picked up the oars and stroked rhythmically upriver for hours before beginning to tire. He noticed that the only way he could hold his position against the strong force of the current was to keep up a strong, stable stroke of the oars. When he lessened this commitment his canoe was easily swept down river. By nightfall he was certain he had drifted below his starting point. Tired, discouraged and disheartened the boy slumped down in his canoe and eventually fell asleep.

Just before dawn he awoke to a noise of roaring, rushing water that he slowly identified as an approaching waterfall. Reaching for his oars he fought with all his might, but the current was too strong and soon he was heading over the edge. Down he went, 10, 20, 30 yards, when suddenly the planks on each side of the boat caught the mighty updraft created in the wake of the falls. The canoe began to soar above the level of the falls as the planks acted like wings. The little boat was lifted high into the air, and loosely followed the contours of the landscape while traveling all the way to the top of the mountain -- from which could be seen a glorious new day dawning.

Yours very truly,

Sharon Rose