E-mailed to Star Babies on January 19, 2003

Dear Rochelle,

You have my permission to use this message as you wish.

Dear Friends,

I have also been using some of the Star Babies products. They were a Christmas present that I started using on Christmas day with a bath in the Crystal Pyramid water. I have been taking these baths with great frequency (for me) since that time. I bathe in the pyramid water every two or three days. I have also been sleeping with the Crystal Pyramid at the foot of my bed under the mattress for the last couple weeks.

I have to back up here and give a brief health history. I have been vegetarian since 1970 eating neither meat nor eggs but using fermented milk products like cheese and yogurt. I think my care in diet has lead to generally good health with no serious chronic or major infectious disease as an adult in my 53 years of life.

In the late seventies I injured my back by landing on my tailbone in a front flip on the front yard. This stretched the myelin sheath of my spinal cord and it would periodically get bunched up causing intense back pain for a week or so about once or twice a year. This happened more frequently as I got older.

When I started using a computer regularly in the late eighties I would also get carpal tunnel pain in my right wrist. I would also occasionally get tennis elbow on one of my elbows (I have forgotten which one) from hammering or other repetitive wood working motions.

I started taking ORMUS materials in August of 1997 and have been taking them regularly since then. At first, while I knew they were good for me, I did not really notice much of a health benefit. After taking them for about three years I noticed that all of the pains that I have described had pretty much ceased. They have not come back since.

As a child I had to wear special shoes because of flat feet. This has been another reoccurring problem throughout my life. My feet have always hurt after I have been on them for eight or ten hours. This got dramatically worse in the mid eighties when I was doing forest activist work and spending a lot of time walking timber sales. Eventually it got to the point where I could not be on my feet for more than a few minutes without pain.

While the ORMUS seemed to help this condition, the improvement was not as dramatic or thorough as the improvement of my other aches and pains. I used to think that since this condition is of much longer standing that it might take me much longer to move through it.

Since I have started using the Crystal Cupcake in my drinking water and the Crystal Pyramid under my feet at night and in my bath every few days I have not had much foot pain at all. My feet feel more and more *comfortable* every day. This is a condition that I cannot remember ever happening before in my life.

Before I started taking baths in the Crystal Pyramid water I also took pictures of my flat feet and measured my height so that I would have some objective evidence of any changes in these areas. I found that I have gotten about 1/8 inch shorter than when I stopped growing in my youth. Any shrinkage in my height may already have been reversed by my use of the ORMUS materials though I have no way of telling this.

My feet are visibly less flat but I am waiting till this effect is a bit more evident before posting before and after pictures of my feet.

Here is what I think is happening. The Crystal Pyramid and the Crystal Cupcakes seem to make water wetter and more able to pass through cellular tissue. This wetter water seems to make the toxins in the body more soluble and the baths seem to help the body to eliminate these toxins by pulling them out of the body into the bath water till the level of toxins in the bath water reaches an equilibrium with the level of toxins in the water in the body. Of course this will only reduce the toxins in the body to a certain extent with each bath. This is why it is necessary to take many baths in this water.

The evidence that I have for this effect in my own experience is that with the first few baths the water got very grey but it has gradually become clearer at the end of subsequent baths.

I first heard about the Laminar Crystal products of Jim Carter three or four years ago from a friend who told me about a miner in Nevada that had a "mattress" that would rejuvenate and energize you if you slept on it for fifteen minutes or so. My friend told me about this "mattress" because we shared an interest in ORMUS and he though that the mineral material in this mattress might be ORMUS. Subsequently, he got a sample of this material and was able to identify it as a very rich source of the ORMUS elements.

The second time I heard of these materials was in the spring of 2001. Another friend had an opportunity to use the Star Chamber and reported incredible healing responses. At this point I put Dr. Bob Stillwell in touch with Jim Carter through this other friend and Twilight grew out of their collaboration.

This other friend told me a story of how a very sick woman took a dip in the Star Chamber and after she got out the water was so full of the toxins from her body that it smelled like ammonia (urine). He said that this woman felt much better after this experience.

If the Laminar Crystals surrounding the Star Chamber and the Crystal Pyramid really do restructure water, as these stories would suggest, then my guess is that this restructuring comes about as a result of a resonant phenomena rather than a chemical reaction. I would surmise that the ORMUS in the crystals resonates with the ORMUS in the water and restructures it to make the water better able to dissolve and carry away the toxins of the body.

Since my feet are the lowest points on my body, I would expect that toxic metals might accumulate there. There is evidence that things like the Kinotakara pads can pull these toxic metals from the feet. I think that the baths in the Crystal Pyramid water must be doing much the same thing.

Sleeping with the Crystal Pyramid under my feet and drinking the Crystal Cupcake water would be instrumental in getting these toxins back into solution by restructuring the water in my feet. These toxins might pass out of my body over time by normal elimination but this could take years and I might have healing crisis pains as they were in my blood stream during this process of elimination. The baths seem to short-circuit this process by helping to move these toxins directly out of my body through my skin.

I have also noticed an interesting phenomena with my cat Simba. Since my partner Lyna moved in with her cat Cleo, Simba has refused to sleep on the bed at night. Cleo would hiss and carry on till he would leave even if I brought him in and put him on the bed first. A few nights ago I went in to go to bed and found Simba sleeping on the portion of the mattress which is directly over the Crystal Pyramid at the foot of the bed. When Cleo came in she immediately proceeded to tell him to leave in her usual tone of voice and he basically ignored her, sleeping the rest of the night on that same spot. The next night Simba was also sleeping on this spot when I went in to bed.

I am quite pleased with what has been happening with Rochelle's products. My feet are feeling so much better for the first time in decades. This really is a great improvement in my quality of life as they used to hurt so bad at the end of the day that I could hardly think.

With kindest regards,

Barry Carter
Web Pages:
Forest - http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/bmnfa/index.htm
ORMUS - http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/whatisit.htm

E-mailed to Star Babies on January 29, 2003 at 1:24 p.m.

Dear Friends,

Previously I mentioned my height. Just before I started using the Crystal Pyramid I measured my height at 5' 9 5/8". Today I measured my height at 5' 10". My partner Lyna recently had her height measured by a doctor at 5' 1 1/2". When we measured her today she was 5' 2" tall. She has been taking one or two baths per day in the Crystal Pyramid water and drinking the Crystal Cupcake water as have I but she has only been doing this since January 18th.

I spoke with a neurosurgeon colleague this afternoon and he said that a half-inch increase in height is practically impossible according to conventional medical knowledge. He suggested that the re-hydration of the "bags" between the vertebrae might be responsible for this change of height.

Following is a reprint of a testimonial E-mailed to Star Babies on January 03, 2003 at 11:40 p.m.

Dear Rochelle,

I E-mailed you a very long e-mail and it did not get sent as I liked in my sent folder. So I will E-mail it again.

We have been on the pyramid for a month or 5 weeks and we have been drinking Cosmic Marble water for 5 days and have taken baths and drank the water and I've got to tell you it is one terrific experience, Euphoric, and just since the Cosmics, it is plain dynamite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have DIABETES, and it has gotten much easier to control and I can hardly wait until I am healed. Also, I was in an accident in August, 1999, I was thrown 40 feet and I landed on my arms and head. I had a concussion, and scattered wrist and hand, and broken shoulder blade of my other hand and I was non-functional for about a year and a half. I had much residual, on the effects of the accident. My wrists did not have full rotation or function or strength. I realized the other night while soaking in the marbles and pyramid euphoric bath that I no longer have difficulty, or pain on my shoulders and wrists. and that the arthritis, i have had in my knees and the cramps I used to get during the night in my legs have disappeared. Thank you Rochelle, God has a reason why you meet the people you meet and why they come into to your life when they do. Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also my son Eddie has had a real bout with Tourette's and ADD and severe head injuries as a child and since he has been doing this there is a miraculous, reversal of behavior and ticks have almost totally disappeared and his attention has improved tremendously !!!!!!!!!!!! It is such a Uforic and dynamite experience that you can hardly realize how or what is happening cause you are in such awe just experiencing this dynamically uforic, and dynamite experience. You do not realize how it is enhancing your life.

My memory improvement is tremendous and I feel I am definitely getting better and younger. Each hour and day. What a valuable experience and I thank God for Rochelle, having come into our path of life. Bless you so much with only the best experience. We are trying to note the changes we are experiencing and enjoying life so much more. Oh yes!

Rochelle you can use all of the info I and Eddie mail you for publication to let the world know how great this is and how tremendous and impact it is on us.

Love ya Carmie and Eddie

E-mailed to Star Babies on January 8, 2003 at 11:58 a.m.

Happy New Year to you and may only the best come to you. Yes that is the letter but I had to re-write it cause the other one got lost in the system.

I took a pyramid and marbles and cupcake bath but left the water for 4 or 5 or 6 hours and then got in the water ... what a dynamite experience. I was going to call you but Eddie said it was much too late,

I kind of sort of daydreamed or went into a uforic or meditative or super experience like I was not really just there it was such a moving experience and I felt like I was in another world were I did not want to come back cause of the peace and oh, I mean to tell you it has been extremely good. Also I had a vision of my vein with all white stuff and silver sparkles and red blood running through my body and like the white bad cells were being thrown out of my body and good silver and red blood what only to stay. OR it was sugar from my blood also leaving and only good remaining. This is my feeling or interpretation my blood sugar was 138 also which is very good.

We are experiencing only good from the marbles and yes I did put 3 cosmic marbles in the water to make and I put it in the refrigerator. All is well.

We will only go into water after we either let it stay for a minimum of 4 to 6 hours. Cause it is heavenly and much more euphoric or Dynamite of only good heavenly experience. Talk with you more!!

Love t-ya Carmie & Eddie

Eddie felt a dramatic difference in the water when it sits for a long time its dynamite. Sincerely, Carmie & Eddie

January 24, 2003, Friday at 8:30 a.m.

Dear Rochelle,

I wish to express my gratitude to you for your crystal creations.

First thing when I get up in the morning, I have a soak in my tub with my pyramid, cupcake and ceramics. This energizes me for the day. (You know I am a Tour Bus Driver and therefore, must lift a great deal of heavy baggage.) I put on my medallion, see that my pocket pal is there and off I go.

A few weeks ago when loading luggage, a passenger pushed his trunk sized suitcase at me, which pushed me up against the side of the bus, then said, “WOW, that’s almost as big as you are”. I said “yes, sir, it is”. (Now you know I am a 65 year old, five foot, 110 pound gal) so you can only imagine what an incident like this could do to me. Thank goodness for the crystal power I had on me.

At the end of the day, I was sore, painful and aching. I couldn’t wait to get home. It was another bath in my charged water, then off to bed with my neck wrap on, on my royal sleeper and pillow, wondering if I could work the next day. I fell quickly to sleep. Next morning, believe it or not, the power of the crystal had empowered me and done its magic work. I could go on, about the power of your creations! Oh, one more thing I want you to know, the dogs and I fight for my pillow.

Everyone should have these things in their homes. It would, besides giving energy, save lots of dollars.

Please feel free to use or share this letter with others.

I am gratefully, loving yours,

R. J.

E-mailed to Star Babies Prefered LLC on February 17, 2003 at 2:22 p.m.

Dearest Rochelle,

I have a new thing that ought to "tickle your funny bone".  Such wonderful things since I got the Cosmic Marbles three days ago.  First half of them went into my water container.  The other three have I ever, given a work-out.  Yesterday I took my first bath with the extra energy of the simmered water with the three marbles   After the bath, I decided to take a leaf out of the lady s book and put one in each bra cup (being I've been told that my living bra died because I had nothing to feed it) and decided to give it a try.  The other one, I put into my pocket along with my pocket pal.  That was yesterday, and then last night I ordered the WORLD from you. WOW !   What symbolism.  This morning in a bath with my extra charged water and marbles, while luxuriating in my bath, enjoying the silky, soft, smoothness of it, I was playing with the marbles, rolling them around in my hands, feeling their silkiness, and then I wondered how they'd taste.  Reasoning that babies always put things in their mouth so they can get a real idea/sense of it, (I am a complete denture wearer and my gums and mouth are quite tender a lot of the time), I popped one in my mouth and mauled it around in my mouth, you know like you'd do with a jawbreaker. It tasted silky, very comfortable, no taste really, satisfied, I took it out and  SURPRISE ! My mouth felt better.  I thought, how neat, I'll bet Rochelle will get a real kick out of this.  I see we need to experiment with these creations.  Seems like, " the sky s, the limit".  I was thinking how the Indians were taught to suck on a pebble to overcome thirst, imagine using one of these cosmic marbles, you'd get a charge out of it too.  My mind is just going nuts?/bananas?  No-- marbles over these marbles.  Well, I've gone marbles over my marble.  Needn't worry about me loosing my marbles and that s for sure.  Share this with others, as it may give them some impetus to experiment.  Also, the more we share with each other, the more fun we'll have.        

Well today, it's "The World" tomorrow it's,  "The Universe". 

Why not!

With love & gratitude

Ruth Jessop

E-mailed to Star Babies on January 30, 2003 at 9:00p.m.

I have been reading the many different, wonderful posts that Param, Barry, Lyna, Carmie & Eddie, R. J., and Skylord have put up about their experiences with the Laminar Crystal Pyramid Bath water, Cupcake drinking water, Laminar Crystal Medallions, and Crystal Pillows by Star Babies Prefered LLC.

I am so thrilled that all of you are having such wonderful things happen for you with the Star Babies Products. I would also like to share, with all of the people on the circle, what has been happening to me since I have been using the Star Baby Products.

To acknowledge the genius of the owner of Star Babies Prefered LLC, Rochelle, I also want to share this with all of her customers. Rochelle, please feel free to use my words and pictures to help share, my results from the use of your wonderful Star Babies Products, in any way that you may desire.

November 2001
This picture was made in November of 2001
before I started with any Twilight products.

At age 55 I fiddled around with the products until August of this year with very little results because I was missing a vital needed part to make it all work. In August I was able to afford my Crystal Cupcake finally. I started seeing subtle changes right away.

After using the Cupcake water and Laminar Crystal Products for two months, the lines in my neck were getting to be less deep and the lines on my chest are gone almost. I think my eye lids are lifting some also. The crows’ feet and the mouth lines are getting softer. Today I can tell you that I have even more changes. My eye lids are not lapping over my eyes any longer like they were. Using the Laminar Crystal Pillow for two months made a big difference.

September 29, 2002
September 29, 2002

This picture was made Sept. 29, 2002, after using the Cupcake water and Laminar Crystal Products heavily for two months. Can you see a difference? My turkey neck is leaving, I'm losing weight, and my skin glows and is so soft. The lines in my neck are getting to be less deep and the lines on my chest are gone almost.

For comparison this picture was made sometime in 1986. At age 40.

Since Sept. 2002, I have had many changes going on, inside of me, also. The body aches and pains are gone, and the fact that I had gone through full-blown menopause, and now the monthly thing is back. The first day I had the pillow was the first time in 10 years I was able to easily lift my body weight with my right knee without hurting so bad I wanted to cry. I have stopped taking doctor medications because of a herniated disc in my lower back and neck due to a car wreck. These improvements can also be measured in dollars and cents because I am no longer having to buy expensive medications for my problems. I just feel so much better. I have stopped becoming disabled from migraine headaches and hurting body when changing weather fronts were coming our way.

I had been putting a cupcake pocket pal in my bra on the left side and I noticed that, that side of me was growing, so I put one on the other side in my bra. Since Sept. when I started wearing the pocket pals in my bra and then I added a Medallion to the two pocket pals, which gives me the power of three, my bust line is now the Charmed one. I have grown from a modest 38B to a stuffed 38D.

Bra Size
Bra Size Comparison

I must say it has been fun. I went to a old girl friend class reunion a few weeks ago and all of the girls know that I was never heavy in the bust line and my old friend Mary left the reunion and went to the barn with me to feed my horses and she just could not stand it any longer so she said, “I have just got to ask you. Have you had a Boob Job”? I just lost it, laughing, and pulled up my top and showed her the new me and told her NO, IT IS ALL ME. Funny!!!!! It is really strange my weight and inches are shifting to and fro on my body. But to get a new bust line at age 56, after wanting one all of my life, is so funny to me.

Boy, what a change in me.

There are just so many things happening to me since I started living in Crystal Paradise, especially since I got my Pyramid and Cosmic Marbles to bath and sleep with and my big crystal pillow and the crystal bed that I sleep on. I just buzz around all of the time. There came a point a few weeks ago that I had a really dramatic spiritual shift is the only way I know how to explain it. I became so centered or balanced. All of the stress from problems just isn’t that big of a deal any more. Or if they are, they are really easy to overcome or fix. Things seem to get fixed easier and faster now. I feel like I live in a state of bliss or such joy all of the time now, things are just so peaceful, not stressful. Another strange thing I have noticed is if I want something it just happens or if it is a material thing it just comes to me.

One thing I noticed was that I started eating dairy foods like I was a starved child. I started drinking lots of milk of all kinds, cheese, cottage cheese, yogurt, cream cheese. This was not at all like me to eat that stuff. At this time I was taking at least one long Pyramid bath a day and sometimes two baths. I was also wearing three Medallions and I had a baby cupcake in each pocket of my jeans. Each day I see little changes happening in my face and neck. The lines are getting less and less.

One night I was relaxing in my bath tub and had my feet propped up on the wall and I got to looking at my feet and I had already noticed that my feet had stopped hurting all of the time and that was great in it’s self but what I noticed on this night, I truly was not expecting. Each one of my toes looked like I had been wearing a tight fitting ring on them next to the body of my foot and then I realized that all of my toes had grown about a ¼ to ½ inch in length and my crushed arches had rebuilt and risen. Yesterday for the first time in years I was able to go shopping with a girl friend and be on my feet on a hard floor most of the day without hurting. My pocket book was the only thing hurting from all of the shopping after the Christmas sales.

Just before Christmas and after all of the dairy consumption, I noticed that my leg bones ached just a little bit like they did when I was a kid and was growing up. Rochelle told me early on when I started using all of these Crystal products that I would get changes and to measure myself. I had backed up against the door casing in my kitchen and measured my height and marked and dated it at 5 feet, 3 and ¾ inches tall in early October and on this morning, after I had discovered that my toes had grown, I decided that after the leg bones aching that I would measure my self again and to my surprise I found that I had grown 1 and 1/4 inch in height since I have been using my Pyramid.

I went to see my children during Christmas. My daughter and I went to the "I HOP" for breakfast. My daughter suggested that I should order from the Seniors Menu and save myself some money. I thought that was a good idea, since I didn’t think saving money would cause a problem. So I decided what I wanted and when the waitress came to get our order I told her that I wanted to order the Seniors Pancake Special and she told me that I couldn't, that I did not qualify. I asked her why not and she told me that there was no way that I was a senior and then I had to prove it, which I did. I then told her how I had changed and gave her my website and she was very interested in the Star Babies Products.

Now Star Babies has created these little spheres that are called Cosmic Marbles and let me tell you with everything I get from Rochelle we discuss the buzz that I get from the items. For weeks while she was working on this new creation she was telling me about the little balls and how they would turn the water blue and gold and if you put three in a gallon of water for two weeks that it would turn towards an oil and how fast people were changing when they were bathing with the Cosmic Marbles and drinking the water made with them so I just had to have some. Finally I got my group of Cosmics. The first thing I did was put all of the little dynamite fellows in my bath tub with my Pyramid and let them have a party with my bath water all day long. I must tell you I though I was getting a really nice buzz from the baths with the Pyramid and would have never have dreamed that six little marbles could do what these did. They multiplied the energy of my Pyramid bath by about ten times. I joke and tell Rochelle that I needed a seat belt in the bath tub to hold me in. The little Cosmics are so powerful that when I got out of the tub my knees were knocking and I had to go lie down and finish relaxing. It was a great ride. I joke and tell Rochelle that the buzzy energetic baths are better than sex, but no kidding; the energy buzz is so incredible you just vibrate all over. Since I started using the Cosmics I have noticed that the tops of my hands don’t look so old and wrinkled like they did in September of 2002. The skin is so soft and so much smoother on the backs of my hands and now the skin is getting thicker and the blood veins are getting covered up with skin. I have also noticed that it looks like the lines on my upper lip are filling in from the bottom up and then they are just leaving.

Also, I gave each of my four horses a Crystal Cupcake for Christmas and put it into their water troth. Now when I go visit with them I have seen my horses fight with each other to see which one is going to drink from the water troth first. My horses are 14 years old and now they are acting like young fillies and colts, running, racing and playing.

Just this week I went to Birmingham to have my day out shopping with my girl friend which I had not seen since mid October of 2002. She told me that she could not believe the rapid changes in my face. She told me that my face looks like it has had a lift. She also noticed something that I was not aware of, that my really straight hair is getting curly. I wear my hair pulled up most of the time and she told me that it was in ringlets down my neck, which it was and I did not even realize it. I have also noticed that my gray is changing through color gradations back to my normal color of dark brunette.

Another thing that has happened to me is that my right hip had been really bothering me for the last year. When I would set for any length of time I could hardly get up and stand up straight. Also, there were many times when it felt like my leg was going to fall out of my hip joint. It had gotten to the point that some days it was really painful to even walk. My recovery from this problem happened so suddenly and completely in the last three months it just about slipped my mind with all of the other things that have been going on in my life.

My oldest daughter gave me a new granddaughter on November 22, 2002. I had rushed out there to be there for her and the new baby in early November because she was having so much trouble. When I arrived, I found that my daughter was swollen up all over like she had Eclampsia and I became very concerned for her and the baby. Her legs and feet were so swollen that she could hardly even walk. All of this swelling was also starting to cause her much concern for the baby. I called the midwife which had been out of town for two weeks and requested that she come check my child out. Happily we found out that my daughter was a little anemic and was just swollen and nothing really bad.

I had a baby cupcake with me and at about 8:00 that night, after the midwife left, I put it into my daughters' really large thermos mug. This mug is what she drinks all of her water out of. To our surprise the next morning when she got up the swelling had ¾ of the way left. After a whole day of drinking the cupcake water and by the time she got up the next morning to our surprise again every bit of the swelling had gone away. She could walk just fine and had no swelling in her feet or legs. I thought it was just wonderful that the little baby cupcake could cause such a dramatic change in a pregnant person.

The dogs and cats in our household track me down no matter were I go. If I set or lay down, they set on my feet climb up in my lap and lay on me or if I’m in the bed they all pile up on me and lay all over my body just to get close to the buzz.

I would like to add as a footnote to all of this. I have not used any of the Twilight Products since September and I am doing better without them. I have not had any real pain or sickness with my detoxing or changes. It has been a most thrilling journey of change that has come about very gently and tenderly with no stress. One thing I have noticed about bathing with the Pyramid is this, if I slip and drink Coke in a day I will have a ring in my bath tub and if I do not drink one in a day I do not have a ring in my bath tub. So this tells me that the Pyramid bath really pulls the bad stuff out of your body.

Today Jan. 17, 2003 I went to Belk’s Clothing Store and found the cutest little pair of platform wedge heel shoes covered in denim with inserted leather stars. I told the lady that I wanted to try the size 7 shoes with my pads for the balls of my feet and I told her that I just very seldom have worn high heels. I really hadn’t been able to wear them in a long time. Hurting feet and leg cramps. The lady told me that she didn’t wear heels either because she was almost fifty years old and I laughed and told her that I was 56 years old and that I had eight grandchildren. She looked at me and said, “NO YOU ARE NOT”. I thought you were in your mid thirties. I told her that she made my day. Then I told her about the Pyramid and the wonderful Cosmic Marbles that I use in my bath water and I use the Marbles with my Crystal Cupcake to make my drinking water and to cook with. And the Medallions, Baby cupcakes and Cosmic Marble that I wear on my person all of the time. I told her that this is what I am using to reverse my aging. At this point she got really excited and wanted to know more, so I am going back to see her tomorrow with product information, a booklet and I’m going to get those cute little young looking shoes. I know that my little shoes probably doesn’t look like very much of a big deal to most people but they are to me. I am thinking younger, feeling younger and feeling at peace.

Cute Little Shoes

At this time I will tell you that I am making many new changes in my life. I was given the book by Dr. Norman W. Walker by the name of Colon Health/ The Key to a Vibrant Life. I would have never thought that colon cleansing would make such a difference in the speed of my spiritual and physical advancement as far as “Transmutation”. What an awakening for me. Also I have changed my eating habits to all alive fruits, vegetables and juicing them also. I am losing weight, growing taller and feeling great for the first time in a decade. I really love what these products have done for me.

After the car wreak that I was involved in some 13 years ago and I became unable to do the job that I once did eight hours a day for years. But now I am feeling so much better after using the Star Babies Products for the past few months, I truly think that the herniated disc in my neck and lower back is healing and I am now planning on opening a new electrolysis practice in the very near future to once again do my profession which requires me to bend my neck over and sit erect to treat my patients. I am so thrilled about this prospect because that will mean I will have an income again.

At night I get to sleep with my almost fifty pounds of Laminar Crystal, my husband, cats and dogs enjoy it during the day. I have a pyramid and a dozen Cosmic Marbles in my bath tub. I wish you could see my bath water, some days the Crystal items change the water to a gold color and some days it is changed to blue. Also the bath water has an oil feel to it that makes your skin feel just like heaven and the changes you will see, and the speed is just amazing. The color changes also happen to my drinking water that I make with my marbles.

I would like to thank Rochelle, for taking the time and effort to share this technology and these products with the world. I feel like the Star Babies Products are so needed by mankind on so many different levels.

With Love and Peace to All,

Vickie Martin/ Rausarin LiNiTee Omega

(My Cherokee Name)

E-mailed to Star Babies on February 3, 2003 at 4:30 p.m.

Hello everyone in the circle----here is a testimonial I shared with Rochelle----I thought some of you might find it interesting, since it has to do with the Crystal Sleeper and Pyramid.

Hello Rochelle,

Please feel free to use this testimonial, if you so desire, with my Blessings.

My better half had his first hip replacement.

He is healing VERY quickly; the docs and visiting therapists are very surprised.

Before he came home, I was sending him the healing frequencies, right into his body at the hospital. As you know, I have added the frequencies from the Crystal Pyramid, and the Crystal Sleeper to the frequencies I already send to my clients, family etc.

His wound closed in 3 days! When he came home--it was completely healed! We changed his bandages, but there was no need for any of them. The wound was tight shut-----no bleeding or anything!

I also moved the Crystal Sleeper over to his side of the bed and he believes it helped him heal quickly from his previous surgery.

He did not have the 'quick glue' hip replacement-----he had the new procedure from Europe. His doc refuses to do the glue operation as the hip tends to re-break. This newly approved procedure has a metal shaft put inside the patients own leg bone--making it twice as strong. Then a large ball is put in for greater balance, in the hip socket.

Recovery time is about 4 months. No weight can be put on the leg for at least 6 weeks!

As of today, 2/3/03---it has been 3 weeks from the day of surgery and today will be his last visit from the therapist! The doc is releasing him from the sessions, as there is no further need for them.

He was able to get off the Vicadin (pain medicine) that was sent home with him, in one week! He said the frequencies took away his pain. (Most patients are still on the Vicadin after the 6 week in-bed period)

Yesterday he was able to get into the car and do a short errand!

He is still in recovery and uses crutches to keep the majority of weight off his leg------but most are still in bed, in a drugged stupor, using a bed pan! (His therapist told us that)

We think we have experienced a Miracle!

What I DO know is this: I will continue using the Crystal Sleeper, and the Crystal Pyramid------and I will send those same frequencies to my clients, friends and family for their health.

Thank you Rochelle for these products!

For more information on receiving new/missing healing frequencies: www.expage.com/skyborn or mail me Skylordbroadcasting@hotmail.com

Love and Blessings,


E-mailed to Star Babies on Monday, February 3, 2003 at 12:29 p.m.

Hi Rochelle,

It was great to hear all the things that have happened to Vickie in her Crystal Paradise! Really fun stuff, boobs getting so much bigger and her living in total Bliss. I have been feeling just great and so is Ed. My shape keeps sifting around, much more shapely, and I need to weigh myself in regards to my weight. My diabetes is easier to control but I get carried away then and eat too much of the wrong things and I need to practice more patience and keep on my diet to know that I am doing so well and I wait for it to get better and better until I eat like my diabetes is totally under control, before I cheat so much. But I am getting there little by little.

Our life in the crystal heaven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We love our crystal Sleepers and crystal Pillows, and our Cupcakes, and our heavenly crystal Rochelle Pyramid and the crystal Marbles and soon to get Boulders has been extremely uforic and heavenly like we feel like we are in a totally different world. We live in such peace and bliss, my memory improvement is amazing, remembering things I have long forgotten. Remembering phone numbers I knew and recalled from my memory now, that I could not do before our life of the Bubble of our Rochelle's Crystal World of heavenly Bliss. We would love to thank Rochelle for her sharing this Healing experience that we have experienced and been able to make such a dynamic influence on our concentration and our total outlook and feeling of uforia and the things we are getting so many Changes in our physical and emotional and spiritual and psychological life that it is mind boggling. We want the world to know what great things Rochelle has made available to everyone, to get to be so improved and just amazing, for a while when all this began to happen with the Pyramid bathes. It was such a wonderful experience that you did not even notice all the new things that were happening in our lives. We are still discovering many of the positive and wonderful effects of our experience.

Memory improvement, has been tremendous, stresses have been gone. Like it is not a devastating experience. We have been able to resolve it. And grow from it and go on with our lives. What a healing experience!!!!!!!!!!!

My diabetes is much easier to control and gets better and better.

My shape of my body has been doing much shifting, to a much more attractive body shape with just doing our Pyramid baths every one two days . It is a real experience that is hard to describe but a real thing we cannot ever leave out of our lives. It has transformed us. Our financial problems seem to resolve itself in much of an amazing way.

I have grown about ¼ of an inch at age 62, amazing in just a short 2 months almost.

My son Ed has Tourette’s syndrome and has ADD, but his tics and his concentration and his focus is unbelievably improved, to quite an amazing level. He is doing tremendous!!!!

Thank You Rochelle for sharing the wonderful Crystal products and amazing experience of having the Pyramind with us at all times and having all these changes so rapid that we have a hard time realizing them. Cause of the Oh what a wonderful life experience and being in such dynamite world of wonder and how our world has changed to such a high level. I will keep in more touch with the reality of the good things God has helped us by putting Rochelle in our lives and we believe God has people come into our lives for a reason and what a great gift of having us get to know Rochelle and what gifts she has to share with the world to improve our lives and how to can serve better much better in this world!

Rochelle, please share our news with everyone so they too can experience this wonder, joy, peace and healing and marvelous Crystal Heavenly World! May God always show his face to shine upon you and always give you Uforia and Peace and the dynamite of Crystal Joy love and peace! At such a reasonable reachable solution of God working in this world. For those who want to get more peace and wonderful things to happen, experience the Crystal products of Rochelle's Star Babies!!!!

Her products are so reasonable for what they do for you she truly is trying to help the world be a better Place!!

Thanks Rochelle,

Your the greatest,

Love Ya Carm & Eddie

Emailed to Star Babies on January 20, 2003.

Dear Rochelle ... permission given to use this testimonial with our blessings ... my Sis and me ... love, ParamDevi

Dear Circle,

My personal passion navigates around the laminar crystal, and the possible Ganesh particle aspect of the crystal.  Ganesh, the Deity who is known as the One who overcomes all obstacles.

I am blessed to have several Star Babies laminar crystal items made by Rochelle.  I sleep with a little travel pillow under the small of my back, and a 'deluxe' pillow over my heart.  Many nights I never move from that position.  My sleep pattern has greatly improved ... from once getting up many times during the night to, now, sleeping straight through most nights.  For several months now I've been wearing a couple of Star Babies' medallions around my neck all the time.  So it's hard for me to say to exactly what I attribute a change in my own energy field.  There is definitely a difference.  Probably I would say it's all of the above.

I have a very dear friend who is my Sis.  We've been friends for a long time ... studied together ... do the same kind of body work.  Years ago we noticed that she would have some sort of 'assignment', and, when she was complete with it,  sure as anything I'd be 'assigned' to take up where she left off, following in her footsteps ...   Which was rather annoying to me because I'm the older sister after all.

My sis is an unusual kind of woman.  She also gets 'assignments' to do 'out of body' work sometimes.  And she has experiences with other dimensional beings that I don't, or at least I don't remember.  But what I do that she doesn't do is, I tell stories.  So she has 'experiences' and I tell stories about them.  Because she does not like to write at all and she doesn't like computers much and it would make her crazy to do the Prill Circle thing, so she doesn't.  

Earlier this year it became apparent that my Sis has a health challenge in the heart department.  Several weeks ago I sent her a couple of Star Babies medallions and a colorful cord, and asked her to wear them around her neck so they would sit at the level of her heart chakra.  Tonight she told me that a little more than 24 hours after she started wearing them she was awakened at 3 a.m.  Her bed is angled in her room so that she looks out the sliding glass door to the trees and beyond ... in the winter when the trees are bare she has a straight shot view of Mt. Washington.  She saw a bright light beaming directly at her from half way up the mountain, so she got up and walked outside on the deck.  That light was beaming directly on her heart and her medallions, and she could feel she was being ... 'worked on' ... you might say.  So she was in acknowledgment of the work being done, and giving her "Thank You"s to those 'beings' who were giving her this assist.  It's pretty cold in Washington, especially when you're outside in only your skin and your medallions, so she went to wrap herself in a blanket but by the time she returned outside the bright light and 'beings' were gone.  However the 'feeling' of the effect of the incident is not gone.

Blessings, ParamDevi