God's Recipe for the Elixir of Life

March 30, 2001
By Joshua Gulick

From what I understand, alchemy is a science that is mainly concerned with process of making the 'Elixir of Life' or the 'Philosopher's Stone' -- both refer to the same substance (a purified form of gold) that is said to be able to heal most any disease, reduce the pain of injuries, extend life considerably, and turn other metals like mercury or lead into gold. [Although it is reportedly possible to make other metals and gemstones using similar processes, I will not address these possibilities in this paper.]

The big secret of alchemy is what's known as the 'secret fire,' something that can, over time, dissolve gold into a white powder. It is said that the whole process is completed by this 'fire' without human interaction. It is also said that the process is 'child's play,' and it is. The secret fire which dissolves gold is an energy emitted by a pyramid shape. Not very surprisingly, the word 'pyramid' is translated as 'fire in the middle.' As I am writing this, I have a one ounce Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin hanging in the middle of a pyramid that I made from eight five-foot sections of copper pipe which form a pyramidal frame. The coin is exuding a liquid which dries into a white powder. It is not condensation as the coin is at air temperature, and the humidity is low. I have cleaned the coin, and the liquid/powder reappears. This is not a normally reported property of gold, but it is quite consistent with the first step of the alchemical process, obscurely related in the texts I have studied. [Note that I did skip the black stage which is described in some texts. I think this is probably due to the 99.99% purity of the gold I am using. See the links at the end for more info on this issue.] Oh, by the way, the pyramid should be aligned with one face facing north and the gold should not be exposed to light.

Ideally, I should have ground up the gold first or used gold leaf. Also, it might be nice to seal the gold in a 'Philosopher's Egg' (an egg-shaped glass (don't use plastic) sealed by pinching the molten glass together - this contains the reaction and helps you keep from fiddling with it). Also, it might be extremely useful to make my next pyramid from iron as it's fiery nature is well noted in the literature. The reason that my first test was in a copper pyramid is because I had one already made and sitting in my yard. Also, I have a sense that my gold is hanging a bit high for the maximum dissolving rate in my pyramid (it's hanging just a little below half the height), but I think the powder which is evolved is a bit more energetic. I think that increasing the height of the gold in the pyramid may increase the subtlety of the fire.

Now the white powder is just the first step. It's said to be a good medicine, and to be able to transform base metals into silver (I don't know about this, but if liquid and powder can ooze from gold because of a pyramid, who really knows?) But if the powder is left in the pyramid for a longer period, it eventually turns blood red in color. It is then said to be a better medicine and then capable of turning base metals into gold. But before one can turn metals into gold, one must add some metallic gold (in powder form, probably) to the red powder and let it sit in the pyramid a bit more, eventually forming a red waxy sort of substance. This metallic gold is added to allow the Elixir to amalgamate (is that the right word?) with the molten metal that is to be transmuted. I'm not sure, but if one is not transmuting a molten metal, this step might possibly be dropped.

I believe the reason a pyramid can dissolve gold is probably related to the fact that God made gold atoms to arrange themselves in a pyramidal form when they are in a metallic state. Other geometries probably effect their corresponding crystalline structures similarly. I have some theories about this and how these sorts of transmutations are possible, but that will have to wait until my next paper. Also, it might be that cone shapes work as well or better than pyramid shapes. It is also possible (if not likely) that the 45 degree side angle is not the optimal. Experiments need to be done to determine the most efficient shape.

Oh, by the way, the white and red powders are both supposed to be superconductors at room temperature, though I don't have a large enough sample yet to test. They are also supposed to exhibit temperature dependent mass changes, and also form a clear glass when heated in some manner. The powders are supposed to exhibit macroscopic quantum effects.

Oh, by the way, I think this clarifies the "Mystery of the Pyramids" and probably provides a great deal of insight into the other pyramid building civilizations throughout history. Also, you might want to consider the implications that this is a natural occurrence, one which happens everyday within the earth and perhaps more efficiently in mountains. The alchemists say that they can do in 1 year what it takes nature 1000 years to do. It is amazing how God sets opportunities up for us that amaze us, isn't it? I would suggest that a prayer to thank God for the wonder of His creation would be in order. He really does love us and He wants what's best for us. Are you on God's path? If not, I can tell you how to find joy, and love, and peace through Christ if you want to e-mail me at joshua.gulick@cheerful.com. Please remember that immortality is God's decision, and that the elixir of life can't bring you more of the true-and-lasting love, true-and-lasting joy, and true-and-lasting peace, than any other material thing ever did.

Also, now that you know the secret, if you want some really good information about alchemy and the above process, I heartily recommend the book, "In Pursuit of Gold - Alchemy in Theory and Practice" by Lapidus or Stephen Skinner. It is excellent and it explains most everything and will fill in most of the blanks that you might have. You can find a complete copy of the book below: