Journal Entry EXOTICA GREEN healing oils
November 26, 2002 initial entry
January 21, 2003 completed entry
Laura Pezold-Gallagher

Muluscispoxvirus Contagious related to the Chicken Pox virus.  This condition can last anywhere from two weeks, six months, to two years.

November 26,2002
The first appearance of this virus looks similar to Chicken Pox.  There is a notable difference, especially in the way it spreads to other areas of the body.  The appearances of a small cluster of mole like growths began to itch.  My daughter scratched the site in her sleep causing one of the pox to bleed.  A Band-Aid was placed over the irritated area.  Less than two days it was brought to my attention that there were now various sized growths showing up in a wavy line down her entire left leg and had begun to spread outward to the knee.  The pox virus had spread to the right leg while my daughter slept in a gown at night.  Within a week this virus was multiplying just like chicken pox, but without spreading beyond the lower limbs at this time.  

I decided to have my daughter soak in Masada Sea Salt –Detox solution.  Hydrocortisone Cream 1% was then applied over both of her legs prior to going to sleep for the night.  She slept in a loose gown.

There was slack in irritation noted, itching seemed to slow down.  However the pox kept bleeding and spreading.  I realized that the gown was not a good idea for bedtime with this rash.  I kept her home from school because I thought that she had somehow contracted chicken pox again.  At this point long loose cotton pants were being used around the clock to prevent further contact between both legs.

December 2-3, 2002
I needed to treat the rash with something better than what was readily available.  I took a pot shot with using Don's White Dove.

Oatmeal soaks were implemented with the application of White Dove and grape seed oil blend.  The new poxes are not as large in many of the areas, yet the spreading continues.  Dr. appointment scheduled for 12.04.02 @ 9:30 AM.

December 4, 2002
Dr. Appointment-
The pediatrician stated that there is no real treatment for this virus because treatment had been known to cause scaring.  The virus was not as contagious as its relative--chicken pox virus--but can spread by touching the infected blood.  I was shown photos from the office medical journal that contained real pictures of people who had the pox virus. I was told that it was okay to apply a small amount of Neosporin ointment to the infected pox to prevent further infection at that site.

I discontinued all treatments other than applying the White Dove and Grape seed oil blend that I had (about 1 oz.) on hand.  Idea came to mind. I made contact with Don Nance in North Carolina.

The results of my quest brought me back to GREEN TEA and its healing effects.  The recipe that follows is what I came up with to treat the pox virus--Muluscium Contagiosum.  The treatment took about seven to eight days for complete clearance of the viral rash.  There are no scars.

The attached photos will show the effects of the M-state oil blend and how the virus reacted with each treatment applied on a nightly basis.

Photo 1: Day One before treatment with M-state oil blend
View of poxvirus before applying M-state oil blend.

Photo 2: Day One after treatment with M-state oil blend
View of poxvirus the following morning.

Some stinging was felt when the oil was rubbed on lightly with a cotton swab—changing to new swabs once blood was noticed on the initial ones used.  This took about 6-8 swabs or cotton balls for the first six days of treatment.  Itching ceased once oil was applied to cover both legs well.

Photo 3: Day Two with treatment of M-state oil blend
View of poxvirus with the second day of treatment.

No complaints of itching were made.  Some small stinging once oil is applied to both legs.  The stinging comes from the pox as they individually begin to bleed.  This is forced.  It looks like the oil blend forces the poxvirus to a speedy head, erupt, then the healing begins.

Photo 4: Day Three with treatment of oil blend
View of poxvirus as the oils force them to burst and a scab is almost immediately formed.

Increased redness is noticed surrounding the individual pox.  The stinging sensations were mild to none.  There are six or more new pox that have appeared, however, they respond quickly to the oil treatment.  The left leg has less than six small lesions noted around the back of her knee area.  The virus did not spread on the left leg, but remained in a small cluster (Wearing loose cotton pants did well with preventing the spread of pox along her left leg.).

Photo 5: Day Fourwith treatment of oil blend
View of remaining poxvirus.

Looking closely, there is no scaring from the use of my oil blend.  No complaints regarding itching and or stinging with oil applications to the pox sites.  At this point, I made sure that I was covering areas of the skin that had healed, and areas that were untouched by the virus from the start.  This was to try and give additional protection from future lesions breaking out.  I basically painted both legs with the oil blend.  By day four of treatment I had used over 8oz. of oil blend and began a second 2oz. bottle for day five.

Photo 6: Day Five with treatment of oil blend
View of day five with continuous treatment of oil blend.

There is no question as to the speedy healing of this virus while using my oil blend with Masada and Great Salt Lake water combined with a premium quality Green Tea.

Photo 7: Day Six with treatment of oil blend
View of my daughter’s legs 95% clear of all pox.

The last remaining pox lesions were gone within 24 hours.  Her legs are free of the poxvirus.

*Note: I separated my daughter’s wash cloth and bath towel from her siblings.  She wore sweat pants during PE class, and loose fitting jeans on all other occasions until her skin had completely healed.  A new pair of pants was used each day and or night.  I made a point to give her clean bath towels frequently throughout the week that she received the oil applications to both legs.

Shortly after the poxvirus had healed from my daughter’s legs, my son had three show up on his buttocks.  One had erupted and began to bleed.  Immediately I put a heavy application of the oil to the site for three days.  I must have nipped it in the bud.  Those were the only three to have surfaced.  None of my children have had further occurances of the poxvirus to date.

Ingredients: Exotica Green healing oils
Great Salt Lake water
Masada Dead Sea Salt (unscented)    
Spring Water
Sweet Almond oil    
Vitamin E oil
Rosemary organic oil
Ylang-Ylang III organic oil    
Cocoa Butter (pure)
Grape Seed oil
Olive oil    

Glass teapot
Four 8oz jars
Plastic spoon
Measuring spoons
Paper towels to filter out unwanted fats and tea tannins
Plastic bottles with airtight lids.
These are easy to obtain, and inexpensive—cosmetic departments for traveling.
Stainless Steel strainer - small
The book, GREEN TEA by Nadine Taylor, M.S., R.D.

The entire process took me less than 7 hours to complete. I ended up with four 8-ounce bottles and one 4-ounce of M-state blend.

The pox rash was spreading and itching at a maddening pace prior to my applying my M-state oil blend.  The bathing in Masada bath salts brought relief, but it wasn’t enough.  The Hydrocortisone cream did nothing to prevent further spreading of the virus.  After I was totally on board with what I was dealing with, I found myself better equipped to handle the situation.  There are other healing teas, but I am familiar with Green Tea already.  The GSL manna is what I usually make for my family’s personal use. After a year of using the manna orally, I wanted to find other ways of using the GSL and Masada with oils and soaps.  This is my first blend attempt.  I am pleased with the results.  I can fine-tune the blend with future trials.  

I would like to see it used on someone with Chicken Pox Virus.