C-Gro (ORMUS) Pears
by Arnie

The picture is from an orchard farmer who randomly selected fruit from untreated and C-Gro treated trees with application of C-Gro in late October of 2004 at a rate of 4 gallons per acre through an irrigation drip system in his orchard.  Check out other results at http://www.c-gro.com/

9-17-05 Prey Pears

The above picture is a representation of a November 2004 application of C-Gro in an orchard in the Cashmere, WA area. The owner has used chicken manure that he incorporates in his orchard without adding any commercial fertilizer and had used this practice for the past six years. C-Gro was applied at 4 gpa through the watering system. Several of the treated pears were randomly selected from the bin and weighed on a pound scale. The average weight of the C-Gro treated pears exceeded one pound with the pear in this picture being the largest.