ORMUS Helping on the Path
by Seekverta

Taking Ormus has affected me in 2 general areas (1) physical health and vitality; and (2) spiritually.  And BTW, I make my own Ormus…and have never used a commercial prepared and marketed product…and I have not tried the Grape juice process, nor do I have any kind of water trap…just three kinds of `homemade Ormus" made from three different kinds of source materials.  And I have made both the powder and the liquid suspensions. I to prefer the liquids…because it is less time consuming to prepare.    

When I first started using Ormus, the first things I noticed were more of a physical nature:

(1)    The lower back pain was completely gone within 2-or 3 days.  Now, to me this was significant, because I had untreated scoliosis as a teen. So I have a slightly abnormal curvature of the spine.  This has caused me back pain, and lower back pain for most of my life…  So when I woke up the morning of the third day, without the usual back pain…I said to myself…hey… we're on to something here…and I went and gulped another slug of Ormus.  And I should also say that various other little creaks, aches and pains have also gone away…like in my wrists, fingers, knees.  It was like some kind of special internal lubricant made all my body movements easier, and painless… I was thrilled.

(2)    About a week after starting the daily Ormus intake, I also notice a change in my skin.  I was getting several of those old age spots on the back of my hands.  They were getting lighter in color and are unnoticeable now.  And other spots like freckles on my arms and back began diminishing.  I still have some but they, too, are fading.

(3)    After about the first 10 days on Ormus, I noticed three pimple-like, white headed pustules…one each on the backs of my calves, and one on the back of my left upper arm. They were each like tiny boils about the size of a Libby Libbys Libbys Baby pea.  I pricked and squeezed out the corruption.  I hadn't had anything like that in many years so I was surprised.  But then I realized that such a skin eruption is the body's way of collecting and getting rid of toxins.  I thought it a little unusual, but began to realize that the Ormus was doing its job…perfecting and purifying all the cells and tissues in my body, forcing them out.

(4)    I also noticed that a lot of the skin on my face was flaking off.  Underneath was definitely a pinker, healthier skin that was emerging.  So I decided to speed up that process.  I began pouring a few drops of the Ormus in the palm of my hand and rubbing it all over my face and hands.  And (especially all you ladies) I have had several of the people I work with and around comment on how good I look, even my wife noticed  a definite, and measurable difference in my skin tone, texture, and, of course, who doesn't like to look better, and have people notice…?  Makes me want to lose ten pounds now.

(5)    From the very first Ormus gulp, the intensity of the hissing- hum in my ears became more intense. But, this sound is not unfamiliar to me, I have been having it for many years…the Sun gazing practices also produce this sound, as well as other meditative experiences and practices.  However, being already familiar with the hissing-hum sound in my ears, I was very pleased because I recognized that familiar sound…but now it was more intense.  I used to meditate, using some of the practices of the Pythagorean School, and practiced trying to hear the `music of the spheres,' which is similar except toanally. And I had, in the past, accomplished it a few times, so rather than be disturbed by the sounds emanating from the center of my skull, as so many less familiar are, I was again pleased.

(6)    After about the first week of taking my 'home-made' magic potion (that's what my daughters call it) I experienced a certain sluggishness, a general lethargy.  And the only thing I can equate the feeling with, is what it recalled to my mind…I instantly thought about similar feelings I had during my teenage years, when my Mom would yell to me, to get up or I miss the school bus, and I got up but really didn't want to….or the times when I knew I had to cut the yard but I just didn't want to, out of an I just want to be lazy.  So I was a little concerned as an 'all the time active person,' that I needed to keep an eye on this lethargy thing. But then again I thought… well, maybe I am…'youthening'…instead of aging…and that thought made me feel good.

(7)    My wife made an odd comment to me one morning, which made me feel pretty good. Let me just put it this way: she said she noticed a Pfizer effect, if you get my meaning.

So those items about covers the physical things I noticed. So I'll now tell about the spiritual aspects of Ormus-use that I noticed personally. I felt better about myself, and this is an important spiritual as well as physical requirement. Remember that the Spirit, Inner Self, Light body, functions best in a well-oiled and maintained machine.

I have meditated and sun-gazed for years. In fact, being self employed now, I have to generate all my own income…and I am doing it in a foreign country, Hong Kong, SAR (Semi-Autonomous Region), China. There are good months and there are bad business months, as all business people know. But years ago I developed a good, and strong relationship with the Source, and practice the Law of Abundance. When I need addition cash flow, I take this need to the Source. That is to say, at dawn, noon, and sunset…I face directly into the Sun and 'demand a cashing-in' on the Law of Abundance. I state how much I need, confidently, without fear, and imagining that it is already on its way.  I have never been let down in the 10 years I have been doing this. This, to some, may be called 'manifesting' what you want. And in a way it is…except in the power of mind, visualization, command, and justice.  And this is where the effects of Ormus come into play….

When I used to do this, I would have to do it several days...sometimes a week or 10 days before I began to see results. Results being in the form of the phone ringing, an email, meeting an old acquaintance, etc…being able to do more business. I do no marketing effort.  But the last several times I have done this… the 'demand of a cashing in' (on the Law of Abundance)…the results began to happen immediately. Three weeks ago, for example, I made the demand, and that afternoon, I got two calls, and happened to run into an old client…all in the same day… I drew up enough in contracts by the second day for me to coast for the next couple of months…and the work will require only about 10 days of my time… I went up on my roof of my village house, after the contracts were signed, and thanked my Source of All, and did my appropriate solar oblations. I was amazed the first time this kind of thing happened when two JV opportunities in mainland China fell into my lap immediately.

(1)    Now I have begun to realize that I have to be very careful and cautious about what I allow my mind to focus on, what I ask for, and how: because I have noticed that things happen quicker. It's as if time speeds up. I'll think something and 10 minutes later it happens.  Coincidences are stacking up, it's getting where I can't count them all.

(2)    I have also noticed with the daily use of Ormus, that my mind is quicker, my memory better.

(3)    In the hectic business world of Hong Kong…it is so easy to get caught up and swept along in the hustle and bustle of this international city. It is possible to become one of the dog-eat-dog crowd. I have found that Ormus tends to have a very soothing, calming affect on me, where trivial irritations become less important and the reaching out to others, a more humanitarian attitude becomes apparent. But in saying this, I feel I must add that, it's really not the Ormus doing that, Ormus only enhances and speeds up one's own system of values, and approach to life and others. For example, if a person is already an idiot…then his idiocy becomes more apparent to others quicker. Ormus makes him a bigger, more noticeable idiot.  If a person is already irritating, Ormus may make that person unbearable. If you are a fearful faultfinder, then you are apt to become more so. But likewise, f you are already a kind person, you will see more value in being kind.


Sun-gazing is an ancient practice...and it is a part of a spiritual practice and process. Men have been sun-gazing for tens-of thousands of years, without harm. But it is not a practice for the unknowing, the unprepared, or the stupid. And it should not be done without the spiritual part.

There always have been, are, and probably will always be the 'naysayers'...the uninformed...the ignorant...the stupid...and the non-spiritually prepared. God is light! Every religion teaches this...where do we go when we leave?...to the Light... Many are called...but few are chosen...and who chooses them?...they chose themselves by preparing themselves. It is a fact that the Buddha stared into the Sun for 7 days prior to his ascension...but he prepared himself for 14 years for that eventuality. 

He had eliminated as 'darkness from himself and built up his light body, just as Jesus had. Some 5000 people saw the Buddha light-up like a light bulb and sit in the air. Jesus disciples witnessed his 'transfiguration' where they said he stood in the air (chatting with angels) and his flesh shown like the light of the Sun.

The Sun is the source of all 'life' and energy in and on this Earth. It is our Source. And should be our desire to return to that Source...in order to do that we must be prepared to handle that kind of energy.

I have been a practitioner of Sun-gazing since 1989. On every day that the sun shines, I make it a point to spend as long as I can spare in taking the energy. But I started gradually, using some ancient techniques to protect my eyes. No special tools or instruments are needed. I do sometimes use mirrors to change the polarity of the light...as the ancient Incas and Aztec did.  And it is necessary to understand several things about how the retina absorbs light, how the optic chiasma processes light energy, and how that energy is transferred to the solar plexus.

I learned the techniques from a group of practicing Essenes with whom I lived for three months. The Sufi's have been doing this for thousands of years.

To the naysayers...I say...don't knock it until you understand it...don't knock it until you know what you are talking about....don't knock it until you are spiritual enough in your own life (having removed the darkness) to be capable of in-taking the Light of the Source yourself...

If you want to know more about it, how to do it...if you have a sincere heart, with real intent...then Seek and ye shall find...Ask and ye shall receive,...knock and the door shall be opened unto you.

Remember Jesus' last words written in the New Testament...He said..."I am that bright and morning star" ....he is talking about the Sun.  He also said..."None cometh unto the Father except through me."

Also consider that Ormus can assist in this process. BTW: in 14 years of Sun-gazing, and at age 58...I still have 20/20 vision and do not wear glasses. My eyes have gotten stronger...so I suppose William Bates knew what he was talking about.

All the best to all...