New Physics

by Barry Carter

Of late, quantum physicists are thinking that there is an "implicate order" (or mind) out of which matter arises. Some physicists claim that this implicate order includes an infinite number of universes, one of which our consciousness, at any given moment, selects as our universe. Some physicists believe that this conscious selection takes place in microtubules which are a feature inside every cell. Also some physicists are proposing that the conscious selection is informed by information from both past and future.

If these concepts are valid, they would have some very wide ranging implications. These concepts imply a universal, undivided God like field. They imply a psychic connection between all life. They imply that time is a local phenomenon.

Defining the link between consciousness and matter is referred to as the "hard problem" of quantum physics.

David Bohm, in one of his last published articles before he died, proposed that there was no real division between the implicate order and matter. Thomas Germine commented on some of the implications of Bohm's theory in an article in the same issue of PsychoScience. Germine wrote:

"Proceeding along the lines of Bohm's rejection of Mind-Matter Duality, it is reasonable to hypothesize that, just as material phenomena are manifestations of an unfolding implicate order, so the phenomena of Consciousness may be seen as the unfoldment of a timeless, spaceless, apparently random subtext.... Ultimately, at the most subtle levels, the implicate orders of the material and psychic universes are one, but it may be inferred that there are also intervening gradations of ever-more-subtle levels, in which common pools of information link waking consciousness with the unconscious, and the individual mind with a collective psyche."

There is a link to both of these articles at:

In other words it would seem that Bohm and Germine are implying that these ever-more-subtle levels are levels of consciousness.

In a related development, Jack Sarfatti recently proposed that microtubules, which are believed to be the connection to "implicate order" consciousness inside every cell, interact with both the past and the future. Sarfatti wrote:

I agree that the Bohm picture needs to be modified to include temporal nonlocality. Bohm and Hiley talk about that. One way to do it, perhaps, is to define

R(x,X(t),t) = [R(retarded)R(advanced)]^1/2 (1)

so that Q* is formed by information flows both from future and past. This would be consistent with precognitive remote viewing data. One has to use the Aharonov multiple time states in the Bohm picture in some way. To make sense of eq.1 we have to go back to Feynman's old papers where, for example he derives the local wave function from path amplitudes coming both from the past and from the future, for non-relativistic QM with Galilean relativity of absolute time. Let's not worry about special relativity yet. It should be a small correction for consciousness unless you are in a starship or an ET UFO :-)

We need to look at the Aharonov quantum time machine. That may explain why remote-viewing of the future and past, the time slips, are so rare. They may be quantum time machine effects in the Q* mind-field that only work rarely according to the Aharonov theory?

Penrose, Hameroff, Sarfatti, Pitkanen and Deutsch all seem to agree that the microtubule is a connection between this "layer" of reality and multiple, perhaps infinite, other layers of reality.

One problem with the concept of microtubule based quantum computing is that no one has demonstrated a clear mechanism whereby individual microtubules in individual cells can generate sufficient quantum coherence to work together with microtubules in other cells.

Physicists working in other specializations of physics have observed a phenomena which might provide such a mechanism. They have observed the effects of superconductivity in biological systems. There are several papers which suggest that superconducting materials exist in the brain:

Evidence from Activation Energies for Superconductive Tunneling in Biological Systems at Physiological Temperatures

Physiological Chemistry and Physics 3 1971

Bio-chemistry laboratory

U.S. Naval Air Development Center, Pennsylvania.

Reference: pp. 403-410

"For several biological systems involving nerve or growth processes the square of the activation energy is a linear function of temperature over a moderate range of physiological temperatures. This behavior may be predicted from the hypothesis that the rate of biological process is controlled by single electron tunneling between micro-regions of superconductivity.

Superconductivity has been observed. It's responsible for nerve and growth processes."

Magnetic Flux Quantization and Josephson Behavior in Living Systems

Physica Scripta

Vol. 40, 1989

E. Del Giudice, S. Doglia, M. Milani, C. W. Smith, G. Vitiello

Reference: pp. 786-791

"Abstract: The proposal of coherent electromagnetic processes as the engine of biological dynamics suggests that Josephson effects could be present in living cells. Positive experimental evidence is reported and discussed."

Biological Sensitivity to Weak Magnetic Fields Due to Biological Superconductive Josephson Junctions

Physiological Chemistry and Physics 5, 1973

Reference: pp. 173-176

"Summary: Various species of organisms can detect weak magnetic fields from .1 to 5 gauss. Indirect evidence suggests that electron tunneling may occur across junctions between superconducting micro regions in living systems. Man made superconducting Josephson junctions have been fabricated with magnetic sensitivity as high as 10-11 gauss. It is suggested that superconducting Josephson junctions in living systems may provide a physical mechanism with more than enough sensitivity to explain the observed responses of organisms to weak magnetic fields."

A gentleman named David Hudson has identified materials which are superconductors at biological temperatures and which are present in brain tissue in significant amounts. These materials consist of the precious metal elements in a non-metallic state which Hudson has patented and calls the ORME state. ORME stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements.

It is fairly easy to convert gold and the platinum group elements to this ORME state. These elements will not read in any type of spectrographic analysis while they are in this state. It is possible but not as easy to convert these elements back to the metallic state where they will read as expected.

These elements in the ORME state are quite abundant in nature but since they do not have metallic properties, they are mistaken for other elements. The abundance of ORME materials in various foods has been examined. There is a table at:

which details the amount of the ORME iridium and ORME rhodium in various foods.

There is evidence that these elements create quantum coherence in biological systems and that this quantum coherence is responsible for the repair of the DNA.

Accumulated damage to the DNA has been called one of the major factors in aging. It is also a major factor in cancer, aids and other degenerative diseases. David Hudson in his lectures and workshops claims that the ORME materials have cured many cases of cancer and other diseases. Hudson claims that that the ORME materials are involved in the repair of the DNA.

Here is a quote on this subject from David Hudson's Portland, Oregon lecture:

They claimed that it perfects the cells of the body. Well I can show you tomorrow Bristol-Myers-Squib research that shows that this material inter-reacts with DNA, correcting the DNA. All the carcinogenic damage, all the radiation damage, all is corrected from these elements in the presence of the cell. They don't chemically inter-react with it, they just correct the DNA.

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(An explanation of what the ORME elements are and how to obtain them is available on the web at: )

The immune system is also degraded by DNA damage. I would expect that any disease which is related to either the immune system or damaged DNA would benefit from ingestion of the ORME materials.

A recent Associated Press story talks about the discovery of an "aging gene" named WRN which "appears to play a vital role in how DNA repairs itself and reproduces, long suspected as keys to aging". . . "Normal WRN appears to govern the production of vital enzymes called helicases."

"DNA carries the body's genetic blueprint, in double-helix strands coiled inside every cell. Whenever a cell reproduces, the DNA strands first must uncoil so they can be copied accurately for the new cell. Likewise, whenever the body needs to repair a cellular defect, the DNA must unwind so repair enzymes can snip off the defective piece. Helicases make DNA unwind."

"If WRN is mutated, presumably the helicases aren't uncoiling DNA properly - so cells aren't reproducing to replace dying ones or DNA damage is not being repaired"

Three recent papers suggest that monatomic platinum group elements can assist in this process of DNA repair:

Platinum Metals Review

1990, Volume 34, Number 4

Biophysical Studies of the Modification of DNA by Antitumour Platinum Coordination Complexes

"The modification of DNA by cisplatin has been examined. Anti-tumour active Pt compounds induce in DNA, at low levels of binding, local conformational alterations which have the character of non-denaturing distortions. These changes in DNA occur due to formation of inter-strand cause links..."

p. 235

Scientific American

May 1995

David Paterson

"The researchers examined the electrical properties of short lengths of double-helix DNA in which there was a ruthenium atom at each end of one of the strands. Meade and Kayyem estimated from earlier studies that a short single strand of DNA ought to conduct up to 100 electrons a second. Imagine their astonishment when they measured the rate of flow along the ruthenium-doped double helix: the current was up by a factor of more than 10,000 times-over a million electrons a second. It was as if the double helix was behaving like a piece of molecular wire."

"For some time, chemists have suspected that the double helix might create a highly conductive path along the axis of the molecule, a route that does not exist in the single strand. Here was confirmation of this idea."

pp. 33-34

Matti Pitkanen, a theoretical quantum physicist in Finland wrote the following about an article in Science magazine:

In the newest Science, vol. 275, 7. March 1997 there was a very interesting article about the work of Barton and her group. Barton et al have done several experiments between 1993-1997 related to the conductivity properties of DNA double helix. The conclusion of Barton et al is that DNA double helix has the ability to do chemistry at distance: "A DNA molecule with a chemical group artificially tethered to one end appears to mediate a chemical change far down the helix, causing a patch of damaged DNA to be mended.".

DNA as conducting wire instead of insulator

What seems to occur is flow of electron current along DNA with very small resistance. Typically the experiments involve electron donator and acceptor separated by a long distance along DNA. When acceptor is radiated it goes to excited state and an electron current flows from donator to acceptor as a consequence. Standard wisdom tells that this should not be possible. The current should flow by quantum tunneling between adjacent building units of DNA and it should diminish exponentially with distance. For proteins this is known to be the case. In experiments however no distance dependence was observed.

There exist a theory which assumes that the current could flow along the interior of double DNA, that is the region between the bases of strand and complementary strand. The electron would be delocalized in bases rings these rings would form a stack along DNA. The current would flow by tunneling also now but the tunneling probability would be so large that distance dependence would be weak. The critics of Barton argue that this model cannot explain all the experiments of Barton and that the model is not in accordance with basic organic chemistry and biology: ordinary sun light should have rather drastic effects on us. Barton admits that they do not understand the mechanism.

TGD-based explanation in terms of exotic atom concept

TGD suggests a possible explanation of phenomenon in terms of closely related concepts of exotic atom and charged wormhole. The concept of exotic atom in turn relies on the concept of many sheeted spacetime. Exotic atom is formed when one or more outer valence electrons of ordinary atom are dropped from atomic spacetime sheet to a 'larger' spacetime sheet, now spacetime sheet with a form of DNA helix. As a consequence, charged wormholes feeding the em gauge flux to the larger spacetime sheet are also generated. Electrons in larger spacetimesheet could be delocalized and this could lead to a smaller ground state energy. What is important is that the electrons on the larger spacetime sheet move effectively in empty spacetime and therefore electric current can flow freely without resistance.

Charged wormholes could provide also a mechanism of superconductivity: photons are replaced with the excitations of wormhole BE condensate in this mechanism. It is however too early to say whether super conductivity is really in question and even whether this superconductivity mechanism really works.

In the experimental arrangements of Barton typically donors and acceptors of electrons are Rh and Ru atoms. Both have 5s unpaired electron and this electron would drop on the larger spacetime sheet from the atomic spacetime sheet and induce electric current. Some colleagues of Barton did not observe the effect when using organic molecules as donors. A possible explanation is that these molecules are such that their valence electrons cannot drop on lower spacetime sheet (it is not energetically favourable, they could be paired, for instance).


For exotic atoms, charged wormholes and the related mechanism of super

conductivity see my homepage

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From these three papers, it should be clear that the repair of DNA is linked to the presence of monatoms of the platinum group elements.

David Hudson has provided ORME materials to various medical doctors who have given them to patients with cancer. In the great majority of these cases the cancer patients have recovered with indications that the cancer tissue reverted to normal tissue. Hudson reports that the tumors at first appeared to grow because cancer tissue is more dense than normal tissue. Since the cancer was becoming normal tissue, as it became less dense it would expand.

In his Ashland, Oregon lecture Hudson said:

"First of all, if you use the rhodium and iridium, one of the things you can see is that in the first 3 to 4 weeks the tumor actually appears to grow faster. So if you have taken a biopsy, and found that you have a tumor, if you take the rhodium and iridium, in the first 3 to 4 weeks the magnetic resonance imaging will show it's growing faster, which really scares people. They say 'God, that's not what I want'. What you have to understand is, that the dense cancer tissue, when the tissue is converted to healthy tissue, it enlarges in size. And so if the physical tumor is this large (gesture), when it's cured will be this large (gesture). It actually gets larger because it's going to healthy tissue. It's called necrosis in the medical community. Its the opening up of the tumor, okay, and the going to normal. After 60 days you do a biopsy on the tumor and it's no longer cancer. It's a benign tumor. The doctors who surgically remove the tumor say 'Gosh, it looks like cancer, looks like it ought to be cancer, it was cancer 60 days ago; its just not cancer now...I don't know what to explain.' Well, that's okay. It takes about a year and a half for all this mass of tumor to dissolve away.

So... if you have a cancer in the brain, if you have a brain tumor, my advice is to stay away from this. And the reason for it is there seems to be a growth. And that's a problem when you have a brain tumor because your brain is encapsulated in a skull, which has a limited amount of room. And so I advise people, you can have surgically implanted a radioactive iridium pellet -which you don't have to have radioactive, you can put the [non-radioactive] iridium and it goes away too, but they make it radioactive so that standard science can accept that this is why its going away; I thought 'That's stupid' when I read that. Anyway then, implant this pellet in the tumor, and the tumor shrinks down to the point that they can surgically remove it, without hurting the brain. Then they actually take the tumor out and they take the pellet out also. Then you can take the material. Okay? But my advice to you is to be careful in dealing with brain tumors, because you do have a space limitation here."

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Hudson has also provided ORME materials to the National Institute of Health for in-vitro studies. Here the results were no less striking but appeared to provide conflicting results. Most of the cancer tissue cultures did not show reversion of the cancer tissue to normal tissue but rather showed that the cancer just became more healthy. Here is an excerpt from Hudson's July/August, 1996 newsletter:


The National Institute of Health has performed cancer cell testing. Six kinds of tests were performed on leukemia with no direct intereaction with rhodium. Nine types of non-small cell lung cancer were tested with direct retardation of only one type of cell by the rhodium. That was NCl-H23. There were seven varieties of colon cancer tested with no intereaction with the rhodium. There were six varieties of CNS cancer with no direct intereaction.

There were eight varieties of Irialanoma with one variety referred to as the LOX IMVI, showing a dramatic reduction of growth in the presence of rhodium. The LOX INVI cancer cells are a melanoma form of cancer.

There were six varieties of ovarian cancer, six varieties of renal cancer, two varieties of prostate cancer, eight varieties of breast cancer, none of which showed any direct intereaction with the rhodium. There was MD MID tests performed on Delta and also on the Range showing dramatic reduction in cancer activity.

Members should be clear that this was not a study on human patients. It did not measure any reaction with the thymus or other organs in the body. The tests did not measure increases in white blood cells, T-cells, etc. it was simply a test of the direct intereaction of one ORME (rhodium) in a cell culture.

Additional studies were conducted in New York on PC3 independent prostate cancer cells. At two, four and ten micrograms per milliliter the rhodium ORME promoted DNA synthesis (measured by the thymidine incorporation), stimulated cell growth and cell looked better than usual. Thus rhodium ORME is not toxic, but in fact seems to make the cancer cells more vigorous and robust and clearly does not retard PC3 cancer cells.

Similar results occurred with mink lung epithelial cells. Incorporation of tritiated thymidine increased from 7000 cpm to 20,000 cpm.

In PC3 cells, rhodium ORME caused cytokine, mRNA and peptide levels to fall. This correlates with the increased growth rates in these cells, since this cytokine is known to inhibit cell growth. It also is known to increase in inflammatory conditions, therefore it is possible that the decrease in the cytokine caused by the rhodium ORME could reduce inflammation.

At the university of Illinois, the rhodium ORME was tested in cytotoxicity tests using eight different cell lines. None showed toxicity at levels as high as twenty micrograms per milliliter. This shows that rhodium ORME is not toxic. Clearly Rhodium ORME does not act on cancer cells by killing them, but many other mechanisms which are not considered normal in cancer research are now being investigated.

In Summary:

Rhodium ORME is clearly not toxic, even at very high concentration. Thus its anti-cancer action can not be via a cancer cell-killing mechanism.

Its effects on growth of cancer cells is cell type specific. It inhibits growth of liver cancer cell lines and the prostate line H23, but not the growth of other cell types. It actually stimulates the growth of PC3 cells and mink lung epithelial cells.

It inhibits the production of cytokine in PC3 cell and mink lung epithelial cells, which suggests the rhodium ORME may have anti-inflammatory activity.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Hudson Newsletter Quote<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

The implications of this discrepancy need to be examined. If, with exposure to the ORME elements, cancer cells revert to normal cells in the body but do not do so in the petri dish then there must be some factor present in the body, that is not present in a petri dish, which promotes this reversion.

One explanation could be that there is a non-material field congruent with the body which contains the information the DNA needs to repair itself. The phantom DNA effect discovered by Dr. Vladimir Poponin looks like evidence of such a field. Here is an explanation of the DNA phantom effect from the following web link:

"Dr. Vladimir Poponin and his Russian colleagues serendipitously discovered the DNA phantom effect during experiments observing DNA molecules with a laser photon correlation spectrometer. To their surprise, they found characteristic and reproducible patterns of photon scattering both while DNA molecules remained in the path of the laser beam and after the DNA molecules were removed from the laser pathway. They were able to detect the photon patterns (which they called the DNA phantom effect) for as long as several months after removal of the physical DNA from the system. They realized they had demonstrated a link - or coupling - between the electromagnetic energy of the DNA molecule and the zero energy vacuum substructure predicted by quantum physics."

So there are experimental confirmations of a concept very much like Rupert Sheldrake's morphogenic field concept.

Now we are getting into the metaphysical implications of these new quantum physical theories. As long as we are already here, here are some observations about this DNA repair from a student of yoga theory and practice. The following was written by a gentleman named Gary, who describes himself as a "kundalini awakened American engineer":

Regarding Hudson's negative results with in-vitro cancer cultures. Cell cultures do not behave the same as their in-vivo equivalents, for processes that involve kundalini. Cell cultures contain pranic energy, but they lack nadis, and kundalini. As kundalini generally oversees and directs the use of ORMEs, this means ORMEs actions in vitro will be substantially impaired, and much less effective, than in vivo.

Some have asked incredulously and sometimes vituperously how DNA could possibly be repaired and restored to its original sequence by *anything*, once damaged. I have listened to several such exchanges. Some apparently believe that, once the DNA is damaged, nothing remains to base a correction on, and hence have difficulty understanding how ORMEs (or anything else) could know *how* to "fix" sequencing damage, once it has occurred (assuming, of course, that both halves of the DNA have been altered).

Each of us has an etheric double, which is the coarsest of the subtle counterparts of our physical body. This and some subplanes of the astral are the level or home of an 'elemental', associated with the innate consciousness of the physical body. This is a separate consciousness, like those I touched on in explaining the nature of consciousness in matter, earlier.

Regardless of the physical damage cellular DNA may sustain, such as by ionizing radiation, phage-induced mutations, etc., the subtle template is always there, and though it may be depleted of vitality, it is not susceptible to these sorts of structural damage. It is around this prescient organizational form that our bodies grew, in genomic expression, once the individualization phase began in later fetal progress. Every molecule **related to organization and structure** has its subtle counterpart, within it. This is the same matrix which has been observed in the "phantom leaf effect", etc., in Kirlian photography.

Kundalini and ORMEs both function, in large part, in 4th dimensional astral levels. The original subtle "backup copy" of the DNA is readily available to them, at the precise place where it is needed, right at the damage site in the errant cell's DNA. The subtle part lies, superimposed 4th dimensionally, right where the physical part is, and there is no problem at all, in seeing where the two don't agree. There are a variety of mechanisms that repair DNA. In some cases, given sufficient ORMEs in the system, kundalini simply uses the ORMEs as a mechanism, like a read/write head so-to-speak, in repairing the damage. ORMEs are used to transfer a resonance from the subtle template, to guide the DNase, polymerase, endonuclease, and other various enzymes in removing and recoding the damaged base sequences. Each of the bases has a distinct vibrational signature, which the enzymes have no trouble at all in recognizing.

In a cell culture, the cell's own subtle template is present, but no kundalini is present as an organizing force, nor overall template, and virtually no organization is present among the cells, so the genotypical expression elements are largely running open loop. How likely is it that ORMEs may effect a cure under these conditions? Not very(!), though they still seem to have some slight beneficial effect. I suggest they shall have better luck with curing cancers when they experiment on lab mice and other living creatures.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>End of Gary's Comments<<<<<<<<<<<<

Many modern physicists postulate that quantum coherence links microtubules within and between cells. Some also postulate that a similar quantum coherence links our universe with somewhere else. Nobel laureate Brian Josephson and statistician Jessica Utts call this "somewhere else" "a deeper subquantum domain".

In April of 1996 Josephson and Utts wrote an article for the Times Higher Education Supplement's special section on Consciousness linked to the Tucson II conference "Toward a Science of Consciousness". This article was titled "The Paranomal: The Evidence and its Implications for Consciousness". In this article they wrote the following about how quantum physics might relate to psychic phenomena:

"What are the implications for science of the fact that psychic functioning appears to be a real effect? These phenomena seem mysterious, but no more mysterious perhaps than strange phenomena of the past which science has now happily incorporated within its scope. What ideas might be relevant in the context of suitably extending science to take these phenomena into account? Two such concepts are those of the observer, and non-locality. The observer forces his way into modern science because the equations of quantum physics, if taken literally, imply a universe that is constantly splitting into separate branches, only one of which corresponds to our perceived reality. A process of "decoherence" has been invoked to stop two branches interfering with each other, but this still does not answer the question of why our experience is of one particular branch and not any other. Perhaps, despite the unpopularity of the idea, the experiencers of the reality are also the selectors.

This idea perhaps makes sense in the light of theories that presuppose that quantum theory is not the ultimate theory of nature, but involves (in ways that in some versions of the idea can be made mathematically precise) the manifestations of a deeper "subquantum domain". In just the same way that a surf rider can make use of random waves to travel effortlessly along, a psychic may be able to direct random energy at the subquantum level for her own purposes. Some accounts of the subquantum level involve action at a distance, which fits in well with some purported psychic abilities."

Physicist Matti Pitkanen also postulates that quantum coherence operates between our universe and somewhere else and that this connection may be directly responsible for psychokinesis which is the direct control of matter by mind. In a May 1997 email Matti wrote:

Dear Barry,

Certain person claiming to have ability to do psychokinesis contacted me and he encouraged me to think about a possible TGD inspired model of psychokinesis. Although I have worked only less than week it seems that this will turn out to be a good question. As a matter of fact it seems that separate pieces of TGD inspired model of biosystem begin to fit together very nicely.

The key concept is what I call topological field quantization. Magnetic field in TGD decomposes into flux tubes parallel to the flux lines of field. These flux tubes are cylindrical surfaces with outer boundary. If one requires that there is no ordinary matter inside them one obtains hollow cylindrical flux tubes with opposite charged wormohole densities on the inner and outer surfaces of this cylindrical surface. Note that wormhole flux tubes involve always two spacetime sheets with opposite magnetic fluxes. Wormholes form a BE condensate and this topologically quantized magnetic field becomes quantum object of macroscopic size and a potential conscious being if TGD inspired theory of consciousness is correct!! Jim and other people seem to speak about White Gold almost as an conscious being: they might be right!

If PK-able person is able to control this kind of macroscopic field associated with his body then PK becomes possible by levitation in this field, provided the object is wormhole super conductor (recall that wormholes can give rise to super conductivity in which wormholes are charge carriers as well as ordinary electronic super conductivity). By changing voluntarily the quantized magnetic fluxes in flux lines of magnetic field PK-able person can control the magnetic field at will and thus create levitating force.

Actually also DNA inside cell could perform similar control of motion. In fact, the genetic code might be transcribed into the structure of the wormhole magnetic field surrounding DNA and this would make possible the translation of genetic code to biostructures. So called phantom DNA effect is in accordance with the hypothesis that DNA in presence of coherent light (created by microtubules by quantum antenna hypothesis!) gives rise to wormhole magnetic field. Wormhole magnetic fields might the key feature of biological systems behind coherent photons.


Matti Pitkanen has expanded this concept on his web site. In his paper there he writes:

"The basic philosophy of the model is following. PK is not just some isolated exotic phenomenon but only a special case of the voluntary control of bodily motions, which we all routinely perform. The only difference is that the range of voluntary control extends over the boundaries of the body in case of PK. This leads to important conclusion: PK phenomena must involve classical long range fields, which give for biosystems spatial extension larger than what is visible (that is hands with which to grasp on external object!). According to TGD inspired theory of consciousness, cell and even DNA can be conscious and perform choices. Thus the model should also provide understanding about small scale biocontrol such as the (voluntary!) control of the motion of cell organelles performed by cell nucleus. A related problem is how genetic code is transformed into spatial structures during ontogeny and the idea that each DNA sequence corresponds to a characteristic classical field configuration, is attractive. Thus the model in question is not meant to be an ad hoc solution of a particular problem called PK but a general solution of several basic problems in biology."

Take a look at:

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that Pitkanen's theory links consciousness, matter, God, the universe and everything. His theory is that superconducting ORMUS elements are present in the microtubules in every cell. These superconducting elements resonance connect with their counterparts in other cells generating a quantum coherence throughout the body.

They also form quantum connections through other space-time sheets to everything else in the universe (and beyond). Pitkanen alludes to this concept in his "Model for soul".

He writes:

"The simplest identification for the soul is as a cognitive representation of the system, which need not disappear in the death. Thus it should correspond to a spacetimesheet or a multi-sheeted spacetime, which is almost vacuum.

Soul should form a representation of itself and hence its moments of consciousness should correspond to self-perceptions. This is achieved if soul corresponds to a double-sheeted spacetime such that sheets are symmetry related. This means that they have the same p-adic prime p. The first sheet observes the second sheet and hence itself in the quantum jumps: Escher's hand drawing Escher's hand. [DNA:s double strand and double lipid layer of the cell membrane could form analogous self representations.]

The entangled quantum states associated with the spacetime sheets correspond most naturally to coherent photons and possibly coherent gravitons condensed on the two spacetime sheets. This is in accordance with the religious mytology, where light is in fundamental role and also with the fact that coherent light in the TGD based identification for the qualia corresponds to the visual sensory experience [TGD,qualia]."

It is interesting to note that all of the concepts described above were coherently described in a book called The "Unknown" Reality by Jane Roberts. This book was reportedly dictated through Jane Roberts in 1974-75 by an "energy essence personality" called Seth. If all of the above theories are valid, they would imply that other organizations of consciousness, which are not directly connected to matter like we are, might exist.

I can provide parallel quotes from The "Unknown" Reality by request.

In 1990 Norman Friedman published his book titled "Bridging Science and Spirit: Common Elements In David Bohm's Physics, The Perennial Philosophy and Seth". A couple of years ago he wrote an article for Reality Change magazine which has an explanation about who Seth is, as well as an explanation of some of the correlations between physics and the "Seth" philosophy. Here are a couple of excerpts from that article:

Seth and Physics: The Construction of the Physical Universe

By Norman Friedman, author of Bridging Science and Spirit and speaker at SethNet '94

"Jane Roberts (1929-1984) was a novelist and poet before she became a channel for the entity who calls himself Seth. In September 1963, Jane had what she described as her first paranormal experience. While writing poetry, she suddenly felt her consciousness leave her body, and simultaneously she began writing (or recording) a torrent of new ideas entering her mind. These writings are the enormously provocative definitions entitled "The Physical Universe as Idea Construction."1 The amazing aspect of this encounter for Jane was that not only were some of these ideas new to her but many were contrary to her own beliefs.

At the time, Jane was researching and writing a book on extra-sensory perception, the acquisition of information outside the five senses. As part of her project, she and her husband Robert Butts began experimenting with a Ouija board. After a few sessions, they began receiving messages from Seth---an "energy essence personality," using Seth's terms. After a few more sessions, Jane began anticipating the Ouija board messages and speaking them before the pointer moved. Soon after that she was capable of full trance in which she allowed Seth to use her body to deliver his message. These sessions resulted in a number of books written by Jane Roberts and others dictated by Seth."


Friedman's article goes on to describe several correlations between modern scientific thought and Seth's "theories" and ends with a discussion of the multiple universe theory:

"One final aspect should be considered. If we each make our own reality, how is it that we perceive a single shared reality "out there?" According to Seth, there exists an infinite number of realities---all occupying the same space. As an example, imagine three persons plus a cat in a room with a table. According to Seth, there are actually three rooms, each with a table, each in a three-dimensional space. There is also a fourth room made by the cat. The rooms made by the people are enough alike to create the impression of the same "room," the reason being that the humans have the same neurological structure and are on relatively the same level of conscious awareness. The room made by the cat is probably quite different but since we have no common language, we cannot determine its characteristics.

You might be thinking that surely there is no counterpart to such an idea in contemporary physics. But a construct called Hilbert space offers some parallels.

When quantum theory was originally formulated, it was found that ordinary three-dimensional space was not adequate if all the independent possibilities were to be handled. For example, if two electrons make up the quantum state, one three-dimensional space for both electrons would not allow the physicist to perform such calculations as the conservation of momentum if two electrons collide. In short, a six-dimensional space is required---three for each electron. As the possibilities increase, the number of dimensions increase. The physicist uses an infinite-dimensional Hilbert space for calculations, with the particle becoming a pattern in this infinite-dimensional space. It is as if each electron requires its own space. An analogy would be two people in separate cities playing a game of chess and communicating their moves through a telephone link. In such an arrangement, two chess boards are required, each with the pieces placed in the same pattern. Thus the idea that we construct our own reality is like each of us having our own chessboard of life, playing the game according to generally agreed upon rules.

In summary, Seth makes these assertions, which are clearly related to concepts in contemporary physics:

· Energy is the basis of the universe.

· Energy is consciousness: that is to say, mind is inherent in all matter from the elementary particle to the human.

· The universe is constructed from mental activity and from all consciousness.

· All conscious gestalts are constrained by their level of development but willingly cooperate to create a consensus reality. In the simplest terms, all is energy, energy is consciousness, and all cooperate for the development of all."

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The introduction and preface for "Bridging Science and Spirit" is available on the web at:

The article quoted above can be found on the same web site at:

The implications for social science and the humanities of the new theories of quantum physics are thoroughly discussed in The "Unknown" Reality.