Multiple Sclerosis and White Gold

Mrs. Terri B. lives in a mountain village with a generally quality of environment unsurpassed in this country. Her general physical deterioration began in July 1982 and she was diagnosed as a victim of multiple sclerosis in 1986. The last time she walked was in 1998.

In October 1999 Terri began regular daily use of Mountain Manna’s platinum/iridium version of white gold. By that time her disease had reached a very advanced stage. She was a 100% disabled quadriplegic. She could not hold her head erect, use her hands or speak. She had no voluntary motor control. Her face was expressionless and her eyes showed only faint flickers of lucid awareness and a very faint life force. She was able to communicate a few needs in a body language, which none but the immediate family could interpret.

Full time care treatment required a heavy medication routine. Full nervous system seizures necessitating air transport to a city hospital in the next county occurred with frightening regularity--sometimes weekly.

During her early use of Mountain Manna Terri noticed something that caused her to signal to her husband a desire for more than he was giving her each day (1 teaspoon). Not wishing to exceed this measured trial amount, her husband was cautious to keep the bottle of manna out of Terri’s reach. However, one day when no one was looking, she managed to drink about 4 ounces of the tincture. Following this Terri had the best three days she’d had in many years. She walked a few steps on several occasions and smiled for the first time in over a year. Her husband relates, “She seemed to be on a cloud for several days.”

When he heard of Terri’s situation and her early response to a version of White Gold, Barry Carter donated a bottle of Mountain Manna’s most concentrated mother tincture in hopes of accelerating the pace of apparent benefits.

Four months after Terri began using the manna, early hints of her improvement encouraged her husband to begin regular daily manna use himself. He also increased Terri’s daily use and changed the family’s drinking water source from a recently completed well which official tests showed to be of good quality to a mountain spring suggested by his manna provider.

From this point Terri’s condition has improved at a steady obvious reversal of the long-term trend of deterioration.

By August her two teenaged boys had also become regular manna users. On October 1, 2000 the version of manna used by the family was switched to Mountain Manna’s gold/iridium product in expectation that this frequency was even more suited to their needs. Edgar Cayce--the Sleeping Prophet, has recommended “liquid gold” for the treatment of multiple sclerosis.

The family has become more aware of the relationship between effective manna transport to the blood and the body’s pH level. All were dowsed as having very low pH levels and conscious efforts began to de-acidify the family’s diet. It was observed that higher manna loadings in blood and tissue produced more obvious physical benefits so efforts focused on maximizing effective blood loading.

In her slowed down condition where the body’s systems operated at a fraction of normal healthy levels, Terri’s body absorbed the manna at a much lower efficiency than other family members with similar pH levels. However, as her pH levels rose so did the efficiency of her absorption of the white gold. In fact, her white gold tissue loading rate now exceeds her husband’s who has been slower to boost his pH.

Most of the improvements in Terri’s condition have been gradual but in comparison to her condition in October of 1999, when she started taking the product, the changes have been dramatic. She now talks well enough for all to understand her. She is often joking, gesturing and smiling. Her mind is obviously active an that is where the healing began.

Terry describes the experience as like coming out of a perpetual fog. Even her emotions have been in a sleeping state and this reawakening was like feeling them for the first time.

While a snapshot observer of Terri then and now would conclude that she is now much improved and well on the road back to full health, the estimates of milestones reached to date probably range from 1/4 to 1/3 of the full distance back. A disease which has held control for at least 13 years may take a few years to disappear entirely.

The fact that the long term trend of deterioration (13 years) has been halted and apparently reversed can, as of yet, be attributed to no cause other than her recent use of Mountain Manna’s white gold. Adjusting pH levels and changing the source of drinking water probably helped but their influence, which is gradual and long-term in nature, cannot account for such a dramatic reversal in a long-term degenerative disease in such a short time.

We have observed the frequent direct relationship between the use of white gold and exceptional results in the area focused on by direction of the conscious mind. In Terri B.’s case the conscious mind does not appear to have been a determinant in this healing.

A general rekindling of all systems seems to be the natural result. Conscious focus may be a means of directing some of the energy at will.

The body can be viewed as a chemical battery. The higher the charge (reserve of life force), the more it can accomplish. A programmable switching device (the brain) can direct the flow of the life force (manna energy) to accomplish conscious as well as autonomic objectives.