Mountain Manna Oil Experience

Subject: an m-state experience
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 09:55:57 -0800

Good Day

Since I started reading the White Gold Forum [1 1/2 yrs.] there's some people that wonder if the reactions they get comes from m-state, or something else in their end product, or the best way of use or application. [Me too.] I've drunk it, held it under my tongue, aspirated it, smoked it in a water pipe [I don't smoke], and rubbed it on my skin, getting some of the same reactions and different reactions from each always using the same product, Mountain Manna [I live in Hayfork and started using Mountain Manna when it was just sold locally].

Having been an herbalist for 25 yrs. I've gotten to know my body and how it works fairly well. I've experimented with the use and amount to use of Mountain manna even more than the makers of it have. [Itís the only m-state I've found the need to buy. I don't try to make or find my own and I own 1/2 of the water in 2 different creeks running by the house].

I find that the best way to experience the `m-state experience' is to take an 8 oz bottle of mountain manna and put 1 or 2 tablespoons of olive oil in the top of the water inside the bottle, cap and shake, let it rise to the top then dip my finger in the oil and I rub it on the bottom of the instep of my foot and in between and the soft underside of my toes, and if that isn't enough, dip a Q tip in the oil rather than your finger and let the m-state experience begin. About 80% of the m-state that was in the water will be in the oil, and my guess [after trying it this way on several bottles] that it works best if you wash your foot with warm water and Dawn dish soap first. One application, if you don't wash the area after, lasts about 2 to 3 days.

As the m-state builds up in your body; after the first use the effects won't be as pronounced as the first time, [youíre only a virgin once].

Now for those of you more adventurous ones that still don't think thatís enough, there is one spot on your body that is made for absorption through the skin. If I take a Q tip, and dip it in the oil and then lay it in the crack of my butt with the oily end down by my rectum [the end of the absorption sequence of food that starts in the stomach] and sit down and relax. Within 5-10 min. I've had all I can take. [My ears ring and it puts me in that uncomfortable body rushing excess of energy in the body feeling, which lasts for too long]. Thatís why I only use the toes and instep, or behind the knees and only do that every other day. Do NOT use your armpits; too close to the lymph glands.

You can use different oils because safflower oil also works with excellent results.

Since I last wrote the forum my bald spot [it was about 2 inches in diameter] has hair about an inch long all over it. No bald spot at all. I have to cut my fingernails every 3 weeks [it use to take 3mo to grow that long], and I have more energy than I can use. I quit taking m-state for 5 weeks starting in Dec. '00 and started the 2nd week of Feb. '01. Then I started to play with m-state oil on the skin, and can reach MY uncomfortable limit in just one or two applications of the oil.

I know the Mountain Manna experience but I can't say this will happen with other products, but if you don't get the experience the m-state isn't there.

I'd think of all the things you put in the wet method that are oil soluble before I'd put that oil on ANY skin.

Have a good day, still just             Being Led

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