White Gold Experience From Larry

Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2002 14:48:37 -0500

It just so happens that I have been taking Mountain Manna Au/Ir and Ocean Alchemy Dead Sea Manna (70% Au) for some time now and I have been thinking about posting a summary of what I think it does.

It won't make you feel good or bad; that is up to you to decide. If you are in a frame of mind to be glad, you will be gladder. If you are in the frame of mind to be depressed, you will be more deeply depressed. If you choose to be joyful, you can be joyful. Don't be like a ship without a rudder, drifting about subject to the whims of the winds.

It has an anesthetic effect; so it stops pain in open wounds immediately. The same effect will reduce hunger and allow one to fast if one would like to do so. I have some tooth decay and bone infection which healed up nicely. It hurts much less, and there is new flesh sprouting from the hole. I'm very happy with this, because it was steadily getting worse until I started using MM Au/Ir.

At first I noticed that it shifted my perceived time base to a slower clock. I suspect that this would correspond to a shift to theta waves, which are the more spiritual and creative rhythms of the mind.

When thinking, it makes many possibilities appear simultaneously. I had several revelatory breakthroughs which were made possible because I had a holographic realization. This is sometimes called right+left brain integration. When I say all the possibilities, I mean I was able to visualize or imagine and integrate simultaneously many related clouds of data, and in a moment understand the whole system of interrelationships. This is good, because one suddenly becomes more visionary, but it can also be confusing if one is not adapted to it.

When one has these rich sweepingly integrated visions, it seems more important to write it all down rapidly, rather than to write it down carefully, so one's spelling and grammar suffers. One knows the spelling and grammar are erroneous but that is secondary to rapidly writing down all the vision while it still lives in the mind.

I think this egoless, fluid, holographic thinking style helps one speak persuasively to others. One becomes better able to read another's facial and postural expressions, words and emotions, and then connect the dots and "read" their mind. One is not literally prying and seeing what is hidden, rather it is understanding and projection. One can then customize one's words to fit their understanding.

There is an aspect to spirituality which benefits from this type of rich, fluid, holographic thinking. The death of ego is the first step to Christ consciousness. If this happens in a person with a mature mind, then they are able to survive and bear fruit from that ego-death. One has to start thinking and caring more about others, and not oneself. The Christ spirit is God consciousness embodied in a human being. It's not a self-superior perspective; it's an omnipresent, egoless perspective.

The m-gold helps one to reach and maintain this perspective, because it helps make one aware of the maximum varieties of possible experience, and supports an integrated, holographic mental state. This is only a good thing if one is ready for it, if one has been through the ego death experience. The confusion that results is like ego death because one loses sight of oneself, so if one is not familiar with the ego-death it may seem like a bad state. I find it's like swimming in a deep sea of thoughts and ideas. It can be absorbing and fascinating, but it can also be frustrating, confusing and purposeless.

This is my best explanation of it, to this point.

I have about all that I can bear to handle of this experience from the dilute Mountain Manna and Ocean Alchemy solutions. I am afraid I'd be unable to handle the concentrated whitegold powder. I'd give it a try now because I know it would be temporary. Perhaps some as yet unknown good could be derived from the experience. I am afraid, yet my fear does not dissuade me from experimenting with it if I could.

Love, Light and glory of God be upon you.