Report From Kal Re: Ascension Alchemy

Date: 21 Mar 2001 16:35:52 -0800

Dear Barry

After taking m-state I started having a secretion dripping from the roof of my mouth. It is fairly viscous, sweet and seems to be milky white in color.  It certainly has subjective effects on the way that I feel. Physical effects in terms of higher smoother energy level  (Iíve been sleeping and eating less just as a natural expression of this)

But the most profound effects have been on the state of my mind since this has been happening, (started slowly and the dripping was thin/watery it has definitely gotten more viscous and sweeter-richer tasting).

There have been periods of euphoria (guess that sounds corny, but I donít know what other word to use). Deep effortless stillness but not at all spacey, and a feeling of bliss flowing through my body. Not all the time certainly, but the periods are increasing in amount and length of time as the secretion increases. Waves of bliss. The secretion started after taking the Ascension Alchemy products
over a period of  3-4 months.

 The stillness inside is not caused by any specific exercise or thing I do; it's just often there. I wake up with it. But it's not necessarily connected to a laid back peacefulness. My life is often very intense, but within the intensity there's that stillness now. I joke with people who tell me to slow down and chill; and say that I am at peace; it's just that my peace moves fast.

The only health problem I had was arthritis, and that has continuously improved while taking the ORMUS and even more so since the secretion began.  A process over time, no instant cure, but the swelling in my joints has decreased and mobility increased. I did feel an upliftment from the products immediately (the Ascension Alchemy products are sublingual) but the profound effects took a couple months to begin to manifest.

I originally learned about ORMUS and about the Ascension Alchemy products from your site: youíre doing a real service here. Thanks