Trap Report from John Moore

Subject: RE: WhiteGold: Winter Sink Trap Progress Report
Date: Sat, 31 Mar 2001 17:08:19 -0500

Hi Everyone,

I had a good experience with my feeble magnetic trap.

I'd like to share the way I seem to have turbo charged it so it works much better.  I know it's not very efficient and can easily be improved.

The results are so much better I thought it might be good to share the information and get some feedback about how to proceed.

I have been trying to increase the potency of my little trap, without making a secondary trap.  I thought I might be able to use something like a steam injector concept. I wanted to use the water current to suck up the processed water and re-submit it to the trap.

I never got it to work right, but then I thought about somehow forcing the water back through and it dawned on me!   I have a used solution-metering pump; I salvaged it from an old water conditioning system.

If you don't get what I did already it's really very simple, I place a T on the Water input.   I then attached a hose from the good :) water,  Back to the T to be injected by the Electric solution metering pump back through the same trap.

I don't know if anyone is interested, the metering pump new cost over $200.00. There must be a better way to re-cycle the water.  I don't know if is because my trap is so small and imperfect or what, but the water that has recycled for several hours is very noticeably more potent.

I notice the oily features now and noticed a small glass has energizing effects.

Still early, but I wonder how much can I concentrate the water??

Will doing this with a better trap make a BIG difference??

I took some pictures; I'll attach them just in case Barry can capture them somehow.  If anyone would like to know more let me know and I'll try to help.

Best regards
John Moore

From: Moore, John
Subject: RE: WhiteGold: Winter Sink Trap Progress Report
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2001 12:10:35 -0400

Dear Mark, and all

This is interesting; I have had trouble getting to maximum concentration so far.

I have had several minor set backs where someone turns the water off and the metering pump keeps pumping the concentrated ormus down the drain. :(

I have had some remarkable results. Even with my poorly constructed trap the water is much more viscous and seems to be a clear oil but when I drink it I can feel it is much thicker than water.  It feels like thick oil on the roof of my mouth for a second but leaves no residue; it absorbs right into my system.

I noticed it was very good tasting, and decided to try some filtered tap water right after having some of the concentrated ormus water and my immediate reaction was yuck!  I spit out the dead tasting water; I couldn't believe how different it tasted.  I never thought there was anything wrong or bad tasting about the well water from my TAP before.

I had only been having small samples periodically, half a cup or less, just holding the cup under the dripping concentrated Trap processed water.  Each time I could feel the thickness and right after drinking I could sense the subtle buzzing and realized with a smile :) This is the Real Living Water!

Warning:  I finally had success in keeping the trap running without incident for 5 or 6 hours constantly recycling.  I put a tall glass under the dripping ormus water from the trap and filled it. I noticed even though it is cold out, that I was freezing more than usual as I waited for the glass to fill.  The water is very cold (approximately 39F). Could that be the source of the frigid air around the ormus water?  I drank some of it down, then took the glass with me to relax and enjoy. Soon I was really buzzing!

For an hour or so I thought I may have really over done it, and I just OD'd on water. I didn't think this was a concern before but watch out, it is hard to tell just how concentrated the water is.  I felt pressure around my head, I started freezing and finally sort of snapped out of it with loud ringing in my ears. WOW I suggest we really must be careful with this stuff. I am very excited about all this, but I should tell you a little more about my setup.

I don't know if this is making a big difference but it could be, you may notice in the pictures Barry posted on the WEB, a set of copper pipes spiraled holding the little gate valve that drips into the holding tank. This is an Implosion-Research Vortex Energizer.  I have done a good amount of research on Victor Schauberger and believe he was on to something big; some things we are only starting to understand about water and nature. This Energizer is an offshoot of his research.  A new link to a very interesting water article is there at:

I will soon try without the Vortex energizer to see the difference without it.  I should also mention I have been working with another very interesting item for a few months.  The Charged rods of chacedony charged by Dr. Alexander Shpilman, in Russia.  He uses special Ormus collectors which are cone shaped to concentrate the natural ormus found in special places he calls Places of Power.  This is very subtle physically but I have found the subtle energy to be very powerful in my life so far.  I'll tell you all more latter but I though I should tell you as it may have impacted my recent experiences with the Vortex Water Trap.

Best Regards to you all
-John Moore