TW Report from Jeanie

Date: Sat, 17 Mar 2001 14:51:49 -0800 (PST)
From: Jeanie
Subject: A Blind Taste Test

Hi Everyone --

The magnets for my trap finally arrived yesterday and I have completed Variation 2 of the Winter Sink Trap. Believe it or not, getting the magnets to cooperate was probably the hardest part of this project. With a total of 50 magnets, I had originally taped them one by one in a single row around the bottom cap, then stacked them out in rows of three deep. But, on the advice of Barry, I opted for a different method of adhesion and arrangement. Evidently, stacking more than two deep has limited benefit, and anything *between* the magnets (like the layer of filament tape I had) reduces their effectiveness. I used the double sided carpet tape as recommended in the instructions for minimal adhesion to the barrel & bottom cap, then managed to slip 18 double stacked magnets under two cable ties (tightening gradually as I added more), and the remaining 14 magnets in a single row just above these around the barrel (also secured by two cable ties). I am assured that the magnets are much more effective when arranged in this manner.

Even with the finest control of the ball valve, I seem to only be able to adjust to about a gallon every 1/2 hour (I understand that 1 gallon per hour is recommended). Anything more or less either allows too much volume or shuts the flow down completely. Nevertheless, when I tasted the first glass my tongue instantly felt "coated" in a sweet flavor and the smoothness and fullness of the liquid exceeded that of regular tap water. I tasted the regular tap water again; it seemed to taste somewhat flat and dull by comparison. I decided to put it to a blind taste test ...

The older of my two sons, at age 11, is a natural born scientist/naturalist. He welcomes and respects the scientific approach. I filled two small juice glasses with tap and trap water, respectively. They looked identical. I went to him in another room and gave him each one alternately. After tasting both, I asked if there was any difference between the two. He smiled and pointed immediately to the m-state water and said, "Yes, that one is sweeter." "And what about the other? Describe how it tastes," I said. He replied, "Dull." Incredible, I thought, that is JUST how I described it to myself!

I have been freezing ever since I started working with the trap this morning, and I don't know if it is just the cold tap water ... or if it's true that the whole process seems to lower the temperature of the surrounding area. I need to quantify this phenomenon.

 I am thinking of some more experiments but will probably wait til summer when I am no longer working

Keep ya posted ...

Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2001 07:32:13 -0800 (PST)
From: Jeanie
Subject: After a week ...

Hi M-state Buddies --

Magnetic trap water has been my sole source of drinking water now for one week.  If you recall, I already reported the immediate sweet, smoothness I perceived (as well as the "blind taste test" confirmation of this by my oldest son).

Many thanks to Ron for that suggestion to use a gate valve ... I went out and purchased one the next day and replaced it that Monday evening.  I am not getting the ideal slow drip, but the gradual flow seems to be cut down some and I feel it is worth it.  It is much easier to control and I would recommend this type of valve going in on any water trap.

I have no chronic illnesses or significant health problems with which to gauge apparent healing properties.  I eat a fairly healthy diet already, high in soy products and whole grains (lots of "pulse" of the biblical Daniel's time, although not exclusively vegetarian).  And I have always been on the low end of the weight chart for my height (although would have no problem packing on the pounds with a little extra ice cream and cheesecake /:-)

I have never been a big water drinker and consuming a gallon a day seemed unbelievably ambitious.  But I now easily consume about 3/4 to a gallon of trap water per day without much effort.  I take a 1/2+ gallon thermos with me to work and drink this throughout the day. Normally my body would be thinking "oh great, more to glug down but I guess it's good for me."  But my body seems to WANT it; the m-state water does not cause that bloated, water-logged sensation like regular unstructured water.  It seems very much to instantly absorb and assimilate (I wonder if it even bothers to reach my stomach sometimes!).  In fact, I don't seem to be urinating NEARLY as much as a "normal" person, with as much liquid as I consume.  So where is it all going?

Anne was absolutely right-on when she mentioned what a GREAT cup of coffee this stuff makes (I am enjoying a cup right now!).  But from day one, I put the trap water to the test and drank it exclusively after my morning regimen, eliminating early morning coffee altogether.  My habit had been to drink a couple of cups before going to work (before 7am), then maybe one or two throughout the morning at my desk.  It is my one health vice, probably because it is like a "comfort drink" to me.  My first day I experienced withdrawal (feeling very sluggish and drowsy all morning).  By day two I was feeling quite stabilized. I now usually drink only one cup of coffee mid to late morning (I still like the warmth and taste), after my "metabolic motor" has had plenty of chance to kick in by itself.

The sweet, smooth m-state taste persists in my mouth. It is quite like after brushing one's teeth, when the residue of toothpaste flavor remains on the lips and mouth lining and membranes.  Remarkably, this flavor maintains even after consuming strong-tasting foods, such as coffee or chili.  It is there even in the middle of the night; I can taste "it" right now pervasively through the coffee flavor.  It is quite lovely <bliss :-) There are also times when the flavor seems to localize itself at the top of my palate, or at my salivary glands ... I may have more to say about this later, regarding similarity to an earlier experience with another "esoteric" discipline I was involved in.

It was interesting reading the different reports that others have experienced.  The gal who had mentioned the intuitive experience regarding the more efficient use of other food sources in her body ... I experienced a "flash of insight" like that also, before reading what she had to say.  I had other subjective, somewhat synchronistic ("telepathic"?) experiences which I may go more into detail about later (since this post is getting longer in length now).  I only wish I could put that Bear on Wall Street back into hibernation (but I guess he's good
for "cleaning out the garbage" anyway -- haha ;-)

Gotta gopher now,