Heart of Gold in Gold Powder / ORMUS
and evening with Barry Carter and Dan Winter
sponsored by B-Harmony

The real heart of alchemy and key to cold fusion and also - the real meaning of a heart of gold - is all tied up in the science and the psychology of the ancient use of Gold Powder / Ormes / ' the spice'  (real origin of HOLY COMMUNION and the white wafer). Recent science has uncovered a wealth of profound 'holy grail' information about the true black hole 'khem' making symmetry of the Gold Atom (and it's Implosive analogs - like mono-atomic hydrogen, Rhodium Iridium , Platinum Group Metals, Mannalo etc).

Spend an evening in dialog with the world's leading researchers on the subject. Barry Carter - www.subtleenergies.com/ormus , and Dan Winter   
- soulinvitation.com/goldpowder - together combine the best of recent perspectives. Connecting profound insights in the shareable psychology of COHERENCE and FRACTALITY (the electric field of pure intention?) with powerful new physics about IMPLOSION - the two provide an insightful and VISUAL evening. Dan's work on Implosion and Bliss Science and the grail in the blood - is giving new science to the DaVinci - Grail phenomena. Both Dan and Barry have deep insights into the PHYSICS OF CONSCIOUSNESS. Barry presents also practical information about producing ORMUS from Sea Water with (fractal?) alkalinity- and profoundly serving plant and animal health and consciousness in the process. The evening begins with dueling visual powerpoint presentations from both presenters, and ends with a stimulating and freewheeling panel discussion with the audience.