Green ORMUS Glass?
by Barry Carter

Sept. 15, 2000 - The following images are of a small (15mm approximately in its longest dimension) piece of green glass and the liquid we made from it. This glass was the only material remaining after a burn in a plasma arc furnace at approximately 10,000 degrees Celsius.

Original piece of green glass.
(4:00 pm, Sept 14, 2000)

Another image of green glass.
(3:59 pm, Sept 14, 2000)

We broke off a small shard of this green glass, placed it in an about 20cc of undiluted  muriatic (HCl) acid and added about 3ml of 35% hydrogen peroxide. After a few minutes it became clear that the shard was dissolving in the acid. Bubbles were forming on the surface of the shard and rising to the top of the liquid. I placed a magnet over the shot glass, that this process was happening in, so as to discourage any of  the little ORMUS buggers from getting away. After about ten minutes the acid in the shot glass was getting a definite green tint.

Shot glass with green liquid and magnet.
(4:21 pm, Sept 14, 2000)

This image shows the bubbles rising off of the shard in the shot glass.
The shard is the deeper green item in the bottom of the glass.
(3:57 pm, Sept 14, 2000)

Eventually we decided to move the shard to a larger glass jar so that we could add more acid. It looked like the existing acid would saturate soon.

Here is another image showing the bubbles with the shard at the nearest point on the bottom of the larger glass jar.
This picture was taken on the roof of my dark blue car in the sunlight to get a good image of the bubbles.
(5:00 pm, Sept 14, 2000)

This image was taken against a white background to show the true color of the liquid.
My hand is in the image to give an idea of scale. The shard is in the center of the bottom of the jar.
(4:38 pm, Sept 14, 2000)

This image is for the mystics out there.
(4:39 pm, Sept 14, 2000)

This image is against the outside wall of my house for a different color backdrop.
(4:49 pm, Sept 14, 2000)

We decided to remove the shard from the solution before it all went into solution. The dried shard was encrusted with a white powdery material which seemed to be ridged like sand blasted wood grain. When I flaked the encrustation off the green glass itself had a similar wood grain look to it. I added about half a teaspoon of Morton table salt to keep any m-state happy where it is.

Here is a picture of one side of the shard.
Note the white encrustations on the top and left side.
(6:19 pm, Sept 15, 2000)

And this is the other side of the shard.
This is the side which was up in the acid bath.
Note the white encrustations over the green glass.
(6:29 pm, Sept 15, 2000)

This is an image of the shard with the white encrustation that I flaked off.
It is in the lid of a quart cottage cheeze container to give you an idea of scale.
(7:07 pm, Sept 15, 2000)

Here is a close-up image of the glass and encrustations,
which shows the raised wood grain look more clearly.

The gas bubbles were probably a combination of ORMUS gas and chlorine gas. The smell was definitely of chlorine gas but we both noticed that our lips were "slicked" by being around this stuff. We also both noticed some fairly strong psychological effects. My colleague literally felt spacey and was having trouble seeing this world. I also felt a little spacey and the nada in my right ear became louder.

On Sept. 15th I  put a speck of the white crust on my tongue and it seemed to dissolve. I also broke off a speck of the green glass and put it on my tongue. It also seemed to dissolve. I had a rather fitfull night's sleep with lots of remembered dreams the night after I tasted this.

Sept. 17, 2000 - I just examined the green chloride again and noticed that there is a white precipitate in it. This precipitate is in a very small amount (about 3-5 ml in approximately 225 ml of liquid) at the bottom of the jar.

I took about 25 ml out of this total and mixed it with 100 ml of distilled water. When I brought the pH on this up to 10.6 more precipitate formed. This looked like about 6-10 ml of precipitate from 1/5 of the total amount of material.

I suspect that most of the m-state in this liquid is in the oil form but I have no way of testing this.

I brought the pH down to about 4 because it seems to be happier at low pH. I put a drop of this on my tongue and it had a tart but oddly sweet taste. I added another 9 drops to some water and downed this. After tasting this I am noticing a "full" feeling in my head. This feels smoother than the HR material in some way. The nada in both ears is louder with the right being loudest. My left wrist hurts a bit.