Energetic ORMUS

by Barry Carter



Several people have noticed and commented on various energetic phenomena in their work with the ORMUS materials.  Many of these  phenomena appear to  be  related to  static  electricity.


I first heard of this kind of effect  in 1989 when my friend Jim had his mining accident. Here are some excerpts from this story which can be found at:




Early on they figured out that when they ran this process they were getting a lot of extra electricity, a lot of extra electricity! And they kept burning these ground wires out until finally they got one the size of a finger. I mean a LOT of electricity was being generated by this system and they couldn't figure out where it was coming from.


Now, remember all the electricity, the lead and the arsenic and everything else. As soon as Jim grabbed the fitting to tighten it he got shocked and felt like hed been poisoned. He fell to the ground vomited, and he just felt awful. He saw color, he tasted metal, he saw lights and got sick. Here are more comments from the interview with Jim:


"It was a dull electrical shock, but often, like tscht & tscht .. tscht. But not all that gnarly. Little ones, dull."


Jim experienced a lot of electrical effects following his exposure to the ozonated mine wastewater. Whenever Jim would take a shower it would be like electrical sparks hitting his skin, every drop would deliver an electric shock to him and it wasn't just a little electric shock, it was literally almost audible shocks. Here are some more quotes from our interview with Jim:


DM:  So, did this just happen once or twice or continually like day after day did you get this effect where . . . ?


Jim:  I had that effect for five months afterwards.


DM:  My God!


Jim:  Yea, I mean it was real bad. In fact, I could generate a huge amount of static electricity by taking an article of clothing that I wore and have right near but not in contact with the shower head stream and it would charge the droplets to the point where they were making [neon] just tscht, tscht, tscht, tscht.


Whenever he would pee, electrical sparks would jump between his toes and the bolts on the bottom of the toilet, with the obvious return flow (which was not pleasant either). Whenever he was taking a shower he would notice that windows and doors would blow open and shut, like winds (he called them ionic winds) would happen in the room, blowing things around.


"The ionic wind is what I called it for lack of a better word. Cause primarily it was something that was first noted by K and Tracy at their house in that they had a shower door that was real funky and a bathroom door that didn't latch very well. And when he'd shower off after working with this gold stuff, literally the wind would open up the bathroom door. Like blow it open type stuff. There was a great deal of air movement to it. Especially like shocks when you washed your hair or whatever."


Jim was literally generating his own weather in the bathroom. LIGHTNING! WIND!


From these electrical experiences Jim concluded that the substance he got in his hands was some sort of electric generator so he fabricated a device to measure the electric fields:


Jim:  It was highly charged. I built a little FET charge meter in my last days so I could see the polymer stuff flowing around because it would have enough of a charge that it would effect an FET meter. Like dead deflection.


DM:  Field Effect Transistor?


Jim:  Yea. It's like what you use to measure static electricity by its field. Same type thing, exactly. I just built a dollar ninety-eight one with stuff from Wacky Willie's and called it good. Never calibrated it or anything. But it was very . . .


"I slept a lot and, how would you say in Englis, this polymer stuff was driving me batty. It was a huge irritant to me. I mean there was times at night there would be so much static electricity when I would lie in bed and stuff, I couldn't sleep. I'd just lay there and tscht, tscht, tscht, tscht, tscht, tscht, there would be sparks going and all that other stuff."

Several ORMUS producers have reported shocks from their production process or from their product. Here is a post from Chaz at Priestess Alchemy on this subject:

Subject: electrically (static?) charged
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 22:13:07 -0700
Hey Ya'll,

Does anyone have any ideas why ORMs (new term avoiding previous and easier to type) would throw sparks from dispenser bottle to fingers? They jump at least 1/2 inch, loud enough to hear across the room, and sting too!

I quizzed Barry on this one and he doesn't have a clue. This could get back to the Ark spark issues. Bottles certainly aren't capacitors or Orgone generators. Go figure.
Thanks, Chaz

Gary Y. described a similar experience with a Mountain Manna product:


Hello Group,


Just had to share this with everyone and ask if anybody had experienced the same. Got our first bottle of ORMES Friday, Mountain Manna C-50. I was very excited and tore right into it. It was contained in a plastic bottle wrapped in aluminum foil with a little aluminum lined safety skin over the mouth.


Holding the bottle in my right hand, I reached to pluck off the safety skin with my left and as soon as I touched it ZAAP!. The discharge sounded like a 22 pistol! The whole family heard it and came to the kitchen to see what happened. I was a little dubious of further contact with it but I have managed to consume the prescribed daily dosage and believe I can notice a difference already.


Has anybody else had anything like this happen?


Larry Schamber responded:


Sure. About 1 pm a week before last Friday I got a 1-liter bottle of Mountain Manna Gold/Iridium. I removed the foil wrap, and the cap. As soon as I attempted to remove the last of the inner seal, a spark jumped about 0.25 inch to my finger from the moist lip. There was a "Crack!!!" and I cursed and jerked my hand back reflexively.


This was an unusual spark. I have seen sparks before. That spark should have been brighter white or blue-white. To have the voltage necessary to jump that distance, it should have been brighter. It was almost invisible. This means something. This material is volatile and easier than normal to ionize.


The conclusion: the stuff is like argon, inert and somehow circumvents strong oxygen valences. It ionized and conducted at a lower voltage than simple water vapor. Unusual. Makes me go hmmm... this could be unusual enough to be measurable.

I had the same thing happen once when opening a bottle of Liquid Chi. As I pulled off the inner seal, a  spark jumped about half an inch to my finger with an audible snap. Arthur at Ambrosia Technology says that this is a fairly common phenomenon for him as he is working with his products.

Each of these shocking experiences represent different methods but they all seem to be related. These types of energetic phenomena appear to be intimately connected with the ORMUS materials. Perhaps the ORMUS, when sufficiently charged, is reaching the saturation point of the superconductive Meissner effect. This discharges into the carrier and sparks when the container is opened. The foil wrapped container might serve as an orgone accumulator which would concentrate energy in the ORMUS materials.


David Hudson mentions energetic phenomena in connection with the Ark of the Covenant. In his Dallas presentation he said:


And I'm saying that around the Ark of the Covenant was the Meissner field. Now, the strange thing about a Meissner field is other Meissner fields, that oscillates at the same frequency, can enter that field and not perturb it. And so if you are a high priest, a Melchizedek priest, and you eat this Bread of the Presence of God every week, you are a light being, and you can enter into that field and approach the Ark of the Covenant and not perturb it because you're in resonance with it. But if you're an ordinary soldier or a person who thinks bad things, ha-ha-ha, you know, they have to tie a rope around your legs because as you approach it, it may have a flux collapse. Now if you can imagine several hundred thousand amps and now you have volts, it's like a bolt of lightning. It literally is energy that is of unbelievable magnitude.


So as long as there is no volts, you could touch it, you could feel it, it's hundreds of thousands of amps, but no tickle, no tingle, because there's no volts. So as long as you're in resonance with it you can approach it, you could touch it, you could hold it, you could feel it, nothing. But if you're not in resonance with it, you enter the field, you perturb the resonance, and it's a flux collapse, and now you've got voltage, and it'll kill you.

Remember they said in the Bible that the Ark of the Covenant actually levitated and floated along and actually carried some of the people who were carrying it. The only thing to do that's a superconductor.


Stuart Nettleton found the actual source of this levitation story and commented on it in his book The Alchemy Key:


Jewish Midrashim commentaries describe how the Ark of the Covenant levitated and carried along some of the people who were supposed to be carrying it. The only known phenomenon that could levitate in this manner is a superconductor's Meissner field. A Meissner Field is a strong diamagnetic field, unique to superconductors, that causes them to be repelled by an external magnetic field. Heike Kamerlingh Onne, a Dutch physicist, first identified Superconductivity in 1911. It is a state of zero electrical resistance, usually exhibited at very low temperatures. It was not until 1933 that the German team of Karl W. Meissner and R. Ochsenfeld showed that superconductors possess a Meissner Field. Notwithstanding these early successes, the phenomena of superconductivity was not properly understood until 1957 when three American physicists proved that it was due to the quantum effect of electrons moving in pairs. For this work, they received the 1972 Nobel Prize for Physics. The Nobel Committee again chose this strategic area of research for its Prize in 1987 and 1996.


As Whitegold is a superconductor with a Meissner field, the pot of manna in the Ark of the Covenant could have contained a quantity of Whitegold that produced such a field. There is some suggestion that Moses placed an omer of manna, or Whitegold, in the Ark. David Hudsons theory is that a Whitegold's Meissner field would then have surrounded the Ark causing it to levitate and glow with the radiance of the Shekhinah. This would have also caused the ill effects on the Philistines of Ashdod. The Ark caused hemorrhoids, from the Hebrew OPLIM meaning tumors. Josephus says of the diseases inflicted at Ashdod:


"for they died of the dysentery and flux, a sore distemper that brought death upon them very suddenly; for before the soul could, as usual in early deaths, be loosed from the body, they brought up their entrails and vomited up what they had eaten"


Similarly, the peoples of Gath and Ekron at the time of Samuel could hardly wait to return the Ark.


An unusual characteristic of Meissner fields is that another Meissner field, which oscillates at the same frequency, can enter that field of the first and not perturb it. Each week the High Priests of Melchizedek ventured beyond the veil in the Holy of Holies. There they partook of the Bread of the Presence of God. Then more Bread was set out for the next week before the Ark of the Covenant.


A Melchizedek high priest who had eaten the Bread of the Presence of God for some time could theoretically approach and safely touch the Ark of the Covenant. The Priest would not perturb the Arks Meissner field because of his resonance with it. Resonance avoids a voltage difference.


The absence of resonance when an ordinary person approaches the Ark could lead to a collapse of flux, a voltage difference and an electrical discharge.


This phenomenon may have given rise to the practice of tying a golden chain around the High Priest's foot. Priests waiting outside the Holy of Holies could drag out the High Priest if the Ark immobilized him.


In Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark, Laurence Gardner further describes these effects from the Ark of the Covenant (which would be a capacitor and an orgone accumulator if it was constructed as described in the Bible):


"In the course of its history, the Ark killed without warning if the rules of its handling were not obeyed, and the fury of its unleashed power caused tumors on a plague-like scale."


"In addition to the Urim and Thummim becoming active in the presence of the Ark, the Bible also explains that the power of the Ark was deadly. Two of Aarons sons, Nadab and Abihu, were killed by the fire which leapt from the Ark (Leviticus 10:12), given in the Talmud as bolts "as thin as threads". And when Uzzah the carter attempted to stay the Ark when its conveyance swayed, he was struck dead the moment he touched it (1 Chronicles 13:10-11). When not on its cart, the Ark had to be carried with independent staves, which were slipped through fixed rings, and close proximity was afforded only to the Levite High Priests (Aaron, Eleazar, and their successors), who were garbed in a very particular fashion. They had large amounts of gold in their specially designed apparel -- a golden breastplate, attached to golden rings, chains, and various other fixtures around their bodies (Exodus 28:4-38). And they were instructed to remove their shoes and wash their feet "that they die not" when approaching the Ark (Exodus 30:21). Similarly, those who bore the Ark on its staves were instructed to walk barefoot.


The descriptions of special clothing and procedures for approaching the Ark, although seeming very precise in the text, are actually vague and confused. This is hardly surprising, for the Old Testament scribes of a later era were not working from any practical knowledge. Their approach was from a base of tradition while, at the same time, they thoroughly confused the whole Sinai experience with a resultant religion that had developed in the interim (worship, as against workship). All things considered, however, there is enough information to determine that, whether on the ground or in the air, the extraordinary arcane power of the kerûbs was high-voltage electricity."


In Chapter 9 of Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark Gardner described numerous Biblical accounts where the electrical discharge phenomenon may have been used as a weapon against the enemies of Israel. He tells about how the Philistines once managed to capture the Ark:


"They took it to their citadel at Ashdod, but the residents were smitten by it's emissions and fell victim to the terrible consequences. And so the Ark was taken to Gath, and then to Ekron, but the results were the same and there was "deadly destruction" in the cities. Those who were not killed by its rays, suffered dreadful afflictions, so the Philistines decided that it should be returned to the Levites at Bethshemesh."


Gardner has numerous other references in Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark and I would recommend that people read it.


These experiences suggest that charged ORMUS might function as a conduit to bring energy in from the zero point (the aether).

Laurence Gardner has suggested that the Ark of the Covenant may have been used to produce an electric arc to "burn" gold metal into ORMUS.

David Hudson does not seem to think that you can make ORMUS with an electrical arc. Listen to the file at:


In fact, there is some evidence that an electric arc will convert ORMUS to metal and emit hard radiation. Here is a passage from David Hudson's Portland lecture which suggests that it is very dangerous to subject ORMUS to a high energy electrical arc:

Cause what we did is we said "you know we're going to flip these things. We're just going to overcome these things. Cause if you just put enough energy to them you can make them do what you want, right? Sure. We purchased what is called an arc furnace. We took about thirty grams of this white powder and we put it in the furnace. This furnace had an insulated crucible; it had a copper crucible in it with water all around it to keep it cool. You bring a lid to set down on top of it and there's a tungsten rod that hangs down in it. And it actually runs a little arc welder which you strike from the tungsten electrode to the copper. And in this arc you sit there and you stir with the electrode back and forth, back and forth till you literally melt everything that is there. Now what we did was we pumped out all of the air, we back filled it with helium gas, for a plasma gas, and we struck the arc. It went bzzp, like that and shut off. We opened up the arc furnace, no tungsten electrode. Now this tungsten electrode is about the size of my thumb. Tungsten is the filament material that they make light bulbs out of. The people who built this furnace said we could use it for thirty five to forty times with no deterioration of the electrode. We could burn it for minutes and minutes and minutes and minutes. We didn't even get a second out of this thing. So we sent to the manufacturer, got another electrode put it back in it, put back on, closed it back up, vacuumed the air out, put in the inert gas, struck another arc, bzzp, shut off. Opened it up again and the tungsten electrode is all molten into this powder. What we found when we analyzed the powder after we did this, it wasn't the same element it was before we did this. And what we also found is that there was an amplification of heat about two thousand times. It was not chemical heat, it was nuclear heat. What we found is all the wiring in the laboratory was beginning to crumble and fall apart. You could go up to copper wires and do that and they would just go to powder.
The glass beaker sitting in the laboratory near the furnace was getting full of little air pockets in the glass and when we would pick them up they would fall apart. And that's radiation damage. There is no other explanation for it. I'll show you tomorrow that Berkeley-Brookhaven has confirmed that this is 25,000 electron volt photons. Gamma level radiation comes out of these high spin atoms when you throw too much energy at them.

Since Hudson's main method for assaying ORMUS (long burn spectroscopy) depends on the unassayable ORMUS turning into assayable metal when exposed to an electric arc for a prolonged period I think it is unlikely that the same arc would convert metal to ORMUS.

As for the use of the Ark of the Covenant, I think it is more likely that we will find that the Ark of the Covenant was used as a mechanism to "charge" the manna or to accumulate it out of the air or out of the aether. I suspect that the shape of the resonant cavity inside the Ark may play a major role in this.

There is some evidence that certain geometric shapes tap into "aetheric" energies and that these energies are related to ORMUS.

The pyramid and the cone shape are likely suspects for this ability. You can read more about these shapes as they relate to ORMUS here:


The vortex of energy which emits from the apex of a pyramid is also linked to the cone shape. You can see the effects of this vortex on an electric arc here:


Dr. Alexander A. Shpilman in Kazakhstan suggests that you can make a simple m-state concentrator using a cone. You can find more info on this on his web site at:


The cone shape is also linked to the white powder of gold in Egyptian bas reliefs. You can find more information on this linkage at:


The ancient Egyptians and, apparently, the ancient Hebrews both linked the vortex shape to the energies emanating from the pyramid shape. You can read more about this here:


In Secrets of the Great Pyramid, Peter Tompkins wrote:

An engineer and former professor of radio, L. Turenne, maintains that all sorts of different forms--being combinations of different frequencies--act as different types of resonators for energy in the cosmos. This has led to speculation that the Pyramid might be some sort of gigantic lens which is able to focus an unknown energy simply by means of its shape.

Even the coffer in the King's Chamber has been considered such a device by Worth Smith, who points out that the cubic capacity of the coffer is exactly the same as that of the biblical Arc of the Covenant.

According to Maurice Denis-Papin, descendant of the famous inventor, the Arc of the Covenant was a sort of electric capacitor capable of producing an electrical charge of 500 to 700 volts. The Arc is said to have been made of acacia wood, lined inside and out with gold: that is to say, two conductors separated by an insulator. On either side were garlands which may have served as condensors. Denis-Papin says the Arc was placed in a dry spot where the magnetic field reached a normal 500 to 600 volts per vertical meter.

Insulated from the ground, the Arc is said to have given off fiery rays, acting like a Leyden jar. According to Denis-Papin the capacitor was discharged to earth by means of the garlands. To move the Arc, two golden rods were slid through rings attached to the exterior.

The similarity of such an "energy accumulator" to the orgone box developed by Wilhelm Reich, which was such a puzzle to Albert Einstein, is also striking.

Danae at Ancient Transformational Technologies claims that one can use aetheric energy generated by a special device to charge water from a gold electrode. This water, she claims, will develop a level of total dissolved solids in the water far in excess of the loss of metal in the electrode.

Danae likens this process to the charging of the manna in the Ark.

She claims that the water is becoming charged with aetheric gold which is brought into the universe through the charging process. She says the evidence that this is the case is that their water will shock people with a self renewing energy charge. You can see a circle of people being shocked three times in a row with such a charge at:

http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/SparkGroup-L.wmv         38,226 KB
http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/SparkGroup-M.wmv        11,694 KB
http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/SparkGroup-S.wmv              921 KB

These are three different size files of the shocks from the water.

http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/tw/spark.wmv                               89 KB

This is a very short file of me getting a shock from a bottle of water. The spark is visible and audible in this file.

I think that the balls of light from the orchid cactus may also be related to this. You can read about them at:




I hope that everyone will keep their eyes open for this kind of phenomena associated with the ORMUS materials.