ORMUS and Ectoplasm
by Barry Carter

The ORMUS (m-state) elements are good candidates for the mass which leaves the body at the time of death. Psychics often report feeling a "cold wind" as the spirit of the dead person moves through them. A similar "cold wind" has been created artificially by several people who work with the ORMUS elements. Here is a passage which describes this sort of thing as a result of exposing a liquid solution made from rock to a strong pulsed magnetic field:

Jim: When you sit there and hit this with consecutive pulses, it looks like gasoline boiling. It literally starts with microfine bubbles, just billions of them at the bottom and it’s a froth at the top. And that’s what it looks like when you magnetically pump the stuff out of a container. And then, literally, it condenses in a mu shielded, warm tube as a grease or a clear oil.

Barry: How thick is the oil?

Jim: Quite waxy. It looks like high vac grease.

Barry: And how long does that stay around?

Jim: It evaporates. The minute you take it out of the mu shielded container, it evaporates.

Barry: If you cap it, can you take it out of the mu shielded container?

Jim: I seriously doubt it. And you can see vapors coming off of it as it evaporates. You can see distortions just like heat waves through the air. Quite interesting.

When it evaporates it accumulates in specific areas. It does not just continue to go off into space. Literally, you’ll see it in a comfortable part of the room, accumulate.

Barry: You see it and other people don’t see it, right?

Jim: No, actually I think several people saw it.

Barry: Good, good; ectoplasm.

Jim: And they all said that it smelt like a spring in the hills or something. You know how you smell all the various blossoms?

Barry: Oh yea, oh yea.

Jim: You can’t i.d. one particular type but you can smell the sweetness?

Barry: Yep.

Jim: That’s how it was described in terms of smell. And the visible part was seen by all, especially coming off the beaker.


Jim said that when he put his hand in the flow of this vapor it felt as if a cold wind was blowing through it. Literally tunnelling through the hand. We have both had multiple experiences with this type of Josephson tunnelling with these materials.

I recently had an opportunity to have some ORMUS water (which was obtained with a magnetic levitation trap) evaluated by a native American "grandmother" who is very sensitive to this sort of thing. She said that she felt the cold wind from the water and she also noticed a strong unfamilar but pleasant odor from the water. Yesterday I got a note which suggests that she is still feeling the effects of one sip of this water:

"Grandmother has told me that Tuesday night she woke up four times and smelled
the M-state.....(remember she said M stands for spiritual work)....  however,
she would like to know what the gauss of the magnets is (l am sure you know
what she is talking about and l will learn)"
Another couple of ORMUS experimenters also reported some similar experiences:
"The day was hectic but a good day. It's taken me nearly all day to figure out exactly what it is I have been smelling off and on, m-state! I kept getting whiffs of this musk-like odor, just about drove me nuts until I remembered reading that m-state can have an odor. It didn't matter if I was out side in the cold or in where it was warm, I could still smell it. Drank a gallon and a half of m-state today."

"We started drawing m-state water from our two stage vortex sink trap this morning about 9:30 a.m. or so. It took all day to fill our containers, due to the fact that we did not have the proper materials on hand to put solid legs on the second stage of the trap. So they are wobbly and have a tendency to slip, slide and sometimes it falls over when one of the legs gives out.

What I am getting at is the fact this ran all day long. While it did there was a very pleasant and refreshing coolness that came into the living room from the kitchen. It was so cool that at times it literally made my face feel really cool and my nose felt so cold that, at times, it was like I was outside in the snow breathing in winter air.

I also noticed, off and on, an odor that smelled like two things - semen and another time yeast. I noticed the semen odor early in the afternoon; I think it was around 3 p.m. at least that is when I became really aware of it. Then the odor seemed to just fade out or else I got used to it. About 6 or 7 p.m. I noticed a yeast-like odor, and then it seemed to fade about after an hour or so, just as the odor did before with the semen odor. There were a couple of times I could have sworn that I detected a faint sweet odor and almost smelled mint, like what I have when inhaling as I have mentioned earlier in this diary."

"Around 9:00 a.m. this morning my hubby drew a glass of water from our tap using a cobalt blue glass that has never had m-state in it and then wrapped the glass in aluminum foil. Just a few seconds ago we unwrapped the glass and we noticed the usual cloudiness and again as before, a dark vortex in the middle going to the bottom of the glass. This time there was a slight difference, about 1/2 inch up from the water level the oil was creeping up the inside of the glass giving it a lacy white curtain effect. The phone rang as we were watching the oil slowly creep up the side and we just walked away from the glass leaving it uncovered. About 1/2 hour later when we returned, the oiliness on the inside of the glass appeared to be drying out but left like a very slight white powder behind on the cobalt blue glass. Meanwhile there was still quite a lot of oil on the surface of the water. When we placed our fingers near the surface of the water, the oil responded by quickly rushing away from our fingers. This we have seen time and time again. I feel that our tap water is slightly oilier than the last time we checked it, my hubby says that it looks about the same to him! Either way, it still is not as strong as what we get from our second stage sink trap."

They also had an ectoplasm like experience with the m-state stuff:
"While I was sitting in my chair crocheting, I was shown some thing, but first would like to explain a little bit about some thing else that deals with what happened. When I was 12 years old, I literally saw my grandfather "walk-on". The words, “walk on” I feel are more appropriate than to say pass on, due to the fact that this is literally what happens when the body dies away. The first thing I saw back then was this little undulating milky white cloud like formation that rose up from his body, then his spirit/soul/light body or whatever one wants to refer to it as, sat up then stood up and literally walk away from his physical body that lay on the ground. I have always wondered just what this cloud that rose up first was and feel that I have finally been given the long awaited answer to my question.

First I saw some colored particles, most of which were all white, with some green ones, red ones and very few yellow ones. These particles were about the size of, I'd say a nickel or slightly larger. Within these particles are smaller ones and smaller still inside of those. There were other, lighter particles or molecules that looked as if they were superimposed off to one side of all the others. Perhaps they are dimensions of fineness? It’s as if we are many within the inside of ourselves.

My husband and I talked about it and we feel that the white contains all colors and frequencies, the yellow would perhaps be the gold m-state, the other colors could be what helps to make up the person’s personality, likes, dislikes, energy waves, patterns and etc.

Anyway, when a baby is conceived and in a short time after, these particles come pouring or raining down into the fetus through the mother’s body; perhaps this explains morning sickness. I became aware that all of these particles are many different things combined, that attach us to our surroundings, the universe and all that there is and at different levels.

These particles or molecules came down in an hourglass shape or formation over the abdominal area of the mother with the top being wider than at the bottom.

Next I again saw that little, white, more milky-like puff of a cloud rise up from a body, as if I was seeing my grandpa all over again. That's when I realized that the milky like cloud was what was left of the m-state of the person at the time of the death of the body or passing. As if there are different kinds of particles of m-state that is layered between soul and body for connection. And inside the soul is a more refined m-state that connects to elsewhere and other things. The puffy little cloud that leaves, goes back to where it originated and also holds much of the memories and what that person is or was, beliefs and all.

Many may already know these things, I only knew some of it; but it was actually seeing all this and the feeling of how sacred life really is, that made the difference. On a smaller scale an example is, if you live where there is no snow and have never experienced it, you can be told about snow and see a video of snow, but to actually stand in it, feel it, experience it is what makes the difference. I don't know; now it does not seem like such a big deal, but it was an awesome thing to actually see!! I would also like to add that while this was happening I was fully awake and completely aware of my surroundings. I was working on a Christmas present for a family member, hoping I could get it done and more. My mind was miles away from even thinking of anything like this. It just happened in what felt like a natural way; it was not a frightening thing. Also, there was the smell of semen during this. I did not have any m-state water close by, not even a glass full."

"This is what we found happening in our tap water after it sat for about 8 hours.  We really expected it to be clear, as it had been up until now.  As soon as we filled the glass around 11 a.m. (12-11-00), aluminum foil was wrapped around it with another piece of foil placed over the top of the glass to help keep it clean.  We did this as a comparison so we could show the difference between our normal tap water and the m-state taken from the first and second stage trap.  What we found is our normal tap water now shows a high content of m-state.  The colloidal content with substantial oil on the surface was only noticeable as an output of a single stage vortex trap a few weeks ago.  For some reason it is now manifesting without going through a vortex trap.
When we removed the foil cap only from the glass and shined a small Mag flashlight on the surface, we saw that the semi-stationary vortex in the water was already there.  As we watched it, I saw another vortex literally come up and off from the side of the one seen in the photo and leave the glass.  As the second vortex pulled up and away from the main one in the water, it left the main vortex with a half open circle to the right that can be seen in the photo.
As my husband and I were wondering how this could be with our plain tap water, my husband had held his hand over the top of the glass and he felt a very firm bump on his right index finger.  We then both saw a burst of light that came up and out from the top of the glass that expanded as it moved.  In about 2 seconds it was out of the water, inflated to the size of the soccer ball and then quickly moved towards our living room where it landed on the floor 1/2 under the piano bench.  One of our cats promptly perched and watched it. By this time we were not to sure where it went.  As I walked by the piano bench into the living room, I saw what looked like a dark spot that was about the size of a small orange rise up from the floor, 1/2 hitting the underside of the bench, then burst into another bright flash.  I am all most to chicken to say that I literally saw a small human type being come from this light, as if being shot from a catapult, and then vanish.  This may sound crazy and bizarre, but that is what was seen and happened.  As we stood and watched the glass, the vortex took about 20 minutes to slowly fade out, but the glass is still full of evenly dispersed suspended matter.
After all of this happened, we both became hungry, for some reason I felt as if I hadn't had any thing to eat all day.  I also felt a surge of an energy flow through out my whole body that started at the bottom of my feet and goes up word; it literally made me feel intoxicated.  This feeling comes and goes and now (12:45 a.m.) I feel so tired that I can barely keep my eyes open, yet I can still feel the flow."

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