Pictures of ORMUS made from Dead Sea Salt

By Rob
Staten Island

Here are a few pictures of my white powder made using the Wet Method. These pictures are of  me annealing a small portion before consumption.

The first picture, ORMUS_1.JPG,  is approximately 500 mg of ORMUS before being put on the spoon to further heat it up, I had the spoon bright red on both sides and the powder never burned but only got as white as snow.

This is me annealing a small portion of my white powder, I made it using the wet method with Masada Dead Sea salt. I originally annealed it in the oven on self-clean cycle about seven times.

I'm only doing this annealing with the blowtorch to see if the high temp might make the powder stronger.

Above is a clean shot of the powder, it only looks whiter after making the spoon red hot for a while.

Hereís a closer shot of me heating the spoon. As you can see I'm in a dingy little basement with improvised equipment.

Photo ORMUS_5.jpg (above) is a separate batch, here it was only taken to a pH of 9.8 so that only some of the ORMUS elements would precipitate and not all of them because I don't know how to separate them, so I've produce powder containing the ones that precipitate between 8.5-9.8, The powder you see in ORMUS_5.jpg has only been stripped of magnesium, and not annealed at high temperature yet. Itís only been dried at 350 degreed F for two hours. The color you see is different from the other pictures. The white powder I made was taken to a ph of 10.78 and fully annealed. And had a flesh tone to it before I annealed it. It probably contains all 11 M-State elements.

The picture above  is a picture of that same ORMUS powder that was on the scale, but as you can see it used to weight 17 grams and was off white in color, now after being heated once in the self-clean in my oven it has lost weight and changed color!

As we speak, this dark gray powder is now being annealed again in my oven, we will see if it gets darker or looses more weight. The picture below is a close up of the dark gray powder, (partial M-state ORMUS).

Below is the picture of the powder after the second annealing in the self-clean cycle in my oven. It weighs the same as it did on the first heat cycle. My guess is it won't lose any more weight.

When I made this batch, I used Method 2 to remove the magnesium from the M-state powder. Before I removed the magnesium, the powder weighed 28 grams. Then after I removed the magnesium it weighed 17 grams. And after heating it at a high temperature it weighs 11.8 grams.

The picture below is of both of the batches of powder; the powder to the right I raised the ph to 10.78 to get the full spectrum of the elements to precipitate.

Now I'm wondering about the color of the powder to the left, is it that color because there is only a portion of the m-state elements, do the m-state elements have different colors separately? Did I succeed at producing just a few of the 11 different elements?

I will continue to anneal the gray batch and I think its time to grind it to a finer powder before it goes back in the oven.