My results with Etherium - Trilogy
by Glenn

Initial Impression of Etherium

I just received my Etherium Gold and Black products, as well as my Combo +50 from Mountain Manna. I also have some Zenergy coming. From what I've read there seems to be a "loading" period for most people to feel any effects from ORMUS products, and I generally have to take more than the recommended amount of anything to feel results I've learned from experience. When the Etherium products arrived yesterday, I took 3 of the gold (for positive vibes) and 3 of the black (to eliminate neg. vibes) on an empty stomach followed by a glass of water. After about a half and hour or so, I could feel a slight pressure around the back and sides of my head. It wasn't a bad kind of pressure, just something I noticed. I was suffering the effects of a bit of lack of sleep, so perhaps I wasn't as sensitive to any changes as I might have been, and perhaps it was just impatience, but after about an hour and a half or so I wasn't sure if the ORMUS was doing anything, so I took 3 more of each, the gold and the black Etherium. Within about 15 minutes I could feel a shift in how I was feeling. It seemed like I wanted to mediate or take a nap or something, so I got something to eat and I went to my listening room (I'm into high-end audio) and I listened to some CD's for about 2 hours. I noticed a sense of centeredness and calm as I was listening, and then suddenly had a very vivid flash of my mother screaming "will you turn that down...!!!" as she used to when I was a child. Well, I was surprised first of all because of its vividness, and also because I'm 46 and haven't had such a thought since I was a teenager. When it seemed like it was persisting, I performed an EFT sequence for it and it subsided. It was the only occurrence of that type that I had. The only other effect I felt was a very light sense of inebriation, as if I'd had a glass of Amaretto perhaps. When I went to sleep I didn't have any dreams that I can remember. Again, this was only the first day I've taken any of this, and from what I've read there are shifts in perspective and adjustments in the bodies energy systems over a bit of time using these products.

When I woke up, my body was tingling. I'm sure it was from the ORMUS, but I wasn't sure if this was necessarily a good thing, as the only other time I've felt this kind of sensation was when I was under some incredible stress and my nervous system was going through some real havoc. When I went downstairs I was going to take some more of the Etherium, when I saw the postman was delivering the mail for the day. I held off on the Etherium and went to fetch the days mail and found the Combo +50 had arrived. Well, I had intended to do more of a controlled experiment with this stuff, but curiosity got the better of me and I ended up taking a tablespoon of the Combo +50 (recommended amount is 1 - 3 tsp. a day). Well, again, about an hour and a half later I couldn't tell if it was doing anything, so I took another tablespoon (equivalent to 3 tsp.). About 5 minutes or so later I could feel a subtle shift in my sense of centeredness and a slight sense of pressure around the back and sides of my head, but it seemed much smoother or lighter than I'd felt with the Etherium products. I had some supper and listened to music for a couple more hours, and then went and played some guitar in my studio for an hour or so. I know it's a bit early as this is only the second time I've taken any of these products, but I didn't sense any inspiration or creativity or anything, just a sense of calm and perhaps a bit more of a sense of detachment.

When I finished playing, I went upstairs and wondered if taking a bit of the Etherium would bring back the more noticeable effect which I'd had the night before and perhaps speed up the loading process and therefore the benefits to be had from taking these products. I took three of the gold and three of the black Etherium capsules and went to listen to some more music. Within about 15 minutes I could tell the sensation of pressure around my head had intensified, and the sense of centeredness had increased. I wouldn't doubt if the Etherium products are more potent because they are capsules containing naturally occurring White Gold Powder, rather than the amount that can be contained in suspension in a liquid, but so far, the Etherium does seem stronger, although it could just be that the Combo +50 is smoother in it's effect. I'll have to experiment with them a bit more and see... but so far I like the Etherium products more... the brochure I received from Lorraine at Energetic Nutrition was very impressive as well, showing Electroencephalogram charts of brain wave activity after 2 minutes of taking the liquid Etherium Gold and after 3 days of taking the Etherium products. Showed a drastic reduction in gamma and beta waves, and an enhancement of Alpha waves by the third day. Pretty impressive.

Has anyone else had a similar experience when they started taking ORMUS products as I have, with the gentle pressure around the head and sense of centeredness, along with slight sense of inebriation...? What further effects, sensations, or benefits did you experience with further intake over a period of time....? Has anyone else tried the Etherium products...? How did you like them, what did they do for you, and have you found anything you liked better...?



Additional Impression of Etherium Gold and Black

Here's a copy of the message I just posted to Lorraine over at Energetic Nutrition ( regarding what I've experienced recently with the Etherium Gold and Black products, for anyone who's interested... :-)



Hi Lorraine,

Let me start by telling you this has been quite an amazing day...!

To begin with, I woke up a couple hours early and I was absolutely famished. I never wake up hungry like this, and the only thing I could imagine was there must be some kind of healing my body is doing and it wanted more energy to do the healing with. I'd be embarrassed to tell you how much I ate, but it was a LOT... it didn't bother me at all though, as I'm sure this is something temporary and may even be a one time event. I had read about these ORMUS products sometimes causing a "healing crisis", one of the symptoms being hunger and then the desire to sleep again, so it didn't phase me at all, in fact I thought it was actually a good thing, all things considered (including the large amount of Etherium I'd taken earlier the previous day)...

So having learned my lesson (yes, these products do work) I cut back on the amount of Etherium I was taking as you suggested in the email you sent me. I only took two each of the gold and black capsules when I got up later on. Within about 10 - 15 minutes I felt a subtle increase in centeredness and a greater sense of well-being. I went to my office and began checking my emails and had to respond to a couple of them, and as I was writing I just seemed to have the right words to say, the words flowed freely and effortlessly, and I expressed myself completely and finished each of the emails in a fairly short amount of time. The information I'd read in the brochure you sent illustrating how the Etherium Gold balances both sides of the brain certainly did come to mind, as I felt as though I was firing on all cylinders while doing this.

Next, there had been an errand to the post office I had been putting off for some time, which for some reason I just felt like taking care of today. So, I boxed everything up and went to the post office where I had a wonderful experience. I don't normally speak with strangers, I'm usually quiet in public and keep to myself, but heck, I was asking if anyone saw any labels under the counter, and was joking with people about the post office skipping a holiday because they had a Valentines Day decoration and an Easter Decoration at two of the windows, and I asked if I had it wrong, but wasn't the next holiday coming up St. Patrick’s day...???

Everyone was laughing and smiling. I don't usually feel this friendly, but I certainly was today... and when the clerk overcharged me, I calmly asked her if that could be right, (instead of having the pang of anxiety I normally would have had, and not such a pleasant way of inquiring about the error either)... although she saw and corrected the error, she apparently expected me to be angry and give her a hard time, and she became troubled over it and began apologizing, I had a huge grin on my face the whole time and just laughed good naturedly, assuring her there was no harm done and I was just pleased we'd found the error. I hadn't realized it at the time, but as I turned to leave, the supervisor was standing behind me with the key in her hand waiting to let me out of the lobby (it was almost noon - closing time on Saturdays), and when I turned and almost walked into her, she gave me a big smile in return too and said "I hope you have a Very Nice Day" as she let me out the door. Let me tell you this was not my usual experience in recent years...

When I got home I decided to wash my car. Something else I've been putting off before this time. I have a very nice car which is only a couple years old, but I just haven't "felt" like washing it on days when I certainly could have. Today I just felt grateful that I have such a nice car and I wanted to get all the dirt and salt off of it, clean it up and let it shine, and really let the car show itself for how nice it really is... I felt great as I was washing it, and it looks so nice now... I was surprised I actually enjoyed washing it and when I went back in the house I drank some ice water and then went up to my office.

There was a writing project I'd been thinking about doing for a year or so, consisting of writing up some affirmations for a tape line I've been thinking of producing for a couple years altogether. I brought up the first title and began writing... I was able to maintain a constant and steady focus, and the affirmations just came to me one after another. Full complete thoughts, one by one coming to me as I wrote them out, until I felt I had pretty well addressed the area addressed by this title very comprehensively. In all, I had sat and typed for about 2 hours and was in the flow the entire time. It seemed like such a pleasure to do. Afterward, I read all the affirmations through once, and was surprised at how complete, thorough, and satisfied I was with how the subject was addressed.

I then decided to go down to my studio and play guitar for a little bit. For the past couple years I've only played guitar long enough when I go downstairs to keep my fingers in reasonable playing condition, perhaps 10 - 20 minutes at a time, once a week or so. But today I found myself feeling so centered and calm and with such a sense of mastery of the fretboard, I just kept playing and playing for about an hour and a half. I don't have the calluses like I used to have when I used to play a couple hours a day anymore, and finally my hands got tired and my fingers got sore, and I made myself stop before I did some damage to my hands... but I haven't enjoyed myself like that in I can't tell you how many years. I thought, wow, taking the Etherium is the only thing that I've done any differently in my routine, and gosh, I enjoyed playing that guitar so much today... I thought "perhaps if my hands aren't too sore tomorrow I'll come back and play again for a little while"...

Well, wouldn't you know it, I went upstairs to do some more writing, with the same sense of centeredness again being evident, the words just flowing so easily, and feeling a sense of connectedness with the persons I was writing to (I know the word is "connection", but "connectedness" just seems to describe it better)... and after an hour or so I felt like taking a break, so I went back downstairs and picked up the guitar and played for another hour, thoroughly in the moment and enjoying myself the whole time, and very happy with what I was hearing coming from the instrument... I have to say, this was something I have not done in over 10 years, and with fingers that aren't even used to such prolonged playing... my mind just stayed so focused on what I wanted to hear, and what I was hearing, and my sense of inspiration and creativity was at a level it hasn't reached in perhaps 10 - 12 years or so.

Afterwards, I went upstairs and did some more writing... actually, aside from some time I took to get some supper, I've been writing ever since I sat down and won't have stopped until I send this off to you and go to sleep, and its around 5:30am now...

So, this is the third day I've taken the Etherium Gold and Black products, and if it makes me enjoy doing errands and makes me feel so friendly and people respond so much more pleasantly to me; if it makes me feel centered and able to handle anything that comes along, makes me feel inspired and enhances my creativity, returns my love of writing and performing music, and all these other things, I suppose I'll be ordering another couple bottles of the stuff before the end of the month... :-)

·        Here's a list of some of the benefits I've noticed from taking these products, so far:

·        Increased creativity and inspiration

·        Feelings of gratitude

·        Calmer, very centered and in control...

·        Increased ability and enjoyment in writing

·        Increased time playing guitar due to increased mastery

·        Friendly and connected to others

·        Enjoyment performing errands

·        Pleasure in doing chores

·        Greater sense of self-appreciation

Well, It's about time to get some sleep now, but what an amazing day I've had today... and I must say, I'm very much looking forward to seeing what tomorrow brings...

Thanks so much for your guidance and help in selecting these products, Lorraine...

I'm very satisfied with the results I'm getting, and can only anticipate further enhancement of these benefits as my body further adjusts to the increased energy levels these products are imparting on both a cellular and DNA level (dare I say subatomic without coming off like some kind of space cadet?)...

Wishing you the best...! :-)

Glenn M. Eades


Another glimpse into my Ormus experience... :-)

Hi Everyone,

Amongst other things, I've been so creative since I've been taking the ormus, and I'm still playing guitar like 2 hours a day, which I'm just amazed at... I haven't had a desire to pick it up for more than a few minutes at a time for like 10 years... my fingers have come back, and I'm amazed at the speed and agility I'm playing with as my fingers fleetingly fly all over the fretboard, sometimes seemingly while I just watch...

when you improvise, there's always a balance you have to keep between being aware of what you're doing technically and what you're doing creatively... a left brain/right brain kind of thing... and if you begin thinking of how much effort it's taking to execute your techniques it just takes you right out of the creative frame of mind instantly with a small likelihood that you'll reestablish the flow you had been so caught up in right before you "lost it". Since starting to take the Etherium Gold and Black my mind just is able to stay centered on the music and in the place it most optimally should be to stay "in the flow" and remain the most spontaneous and creative, regardless of how difficult the execution of any of the phrases I'm playing may be... and every night it just seems to keep getting better and better as my skills are all coming back...

The last couple nights I found myself suddenly aware of realizing that I'd actually forgotten I could play like that... and then last night I was moved to record some new background music to play against in my studio... I was very much caught up in it the music I was creating as I could very strongly feel it inside of me, and I felt very much "at one" with the music I was recording and creating afterward when I performed on top of what I'd recorded... I have no doubt that this is a result of taking the Etherium... the desire to play, the desire to express myself, the creativity, the centeredness and sureness of knowing just what notes will express what I'm trying to convey with just the right nuance of emotion; the sense of oneness...

...and I find myself wondering if it keeps continuing to improve and moving in the direction it has been over the last month or so, will it finally lead to my getting something out there on a national or global level of exposure...? Which suddenly caused a very vivid flash of me getting a new 16 track digital recorder for my studio, to produce a better level of sound quality than my older equipment can produce... he demo thing isn't a goal I currently have, although the recorder may soon be... as that's the direction things are heading in.... and honestly, I haven't thought of doing things on this level for years.... but last night I had the strangest thought that I might want to record some demo's again if this keeps on the way it has been... I say it was a strange thought, as I stopped thinking about making demo's about 12 to 15 years ago...

So, that's a little glimpse into the latest goings on with my ormus experience relating to the aspect of heightened creativity, inspiration, and centeredness... All in all, a very positive and wonderful experience... guess I'll keep taking the stuff for another week... ;-)