C-Gro Plants




Spud Seed

Left -- Gen 1 -- No
-- Gen 2 -- C-Gro – 2 Gal.
Right – Gen 2 -- C-Gro – 3 Gal.


Red Potatoes

C-Gro treated potatoes weighed 90% more than those without C-Gro. Harvested at 73 days instead of
90 days as recommended. 2 1/2 weeks earlier to market. Brix Refractometer 30% higher in treated potatoes.

Russet Potatoes

C-Gro treated russet potatoes on the right compared to untreated russets on the left. These potatoes are about
ten weeks away from scheduled harvest time but a couple of the treated potatoes are large enough to qualify for
harvest already. The total weight of the treated potatoes is already nearly twice the weight of the untreated potatoes.