ORMUS Copper and Hair Color

Created: 2002

Updated: December 13, 2017


For the past two months I have been ingesting ORMUS copper and this appears to be bringing about changes in the color of my beard. I have photo documented these changes every couple weeks. I have placed two of these pictures on the Internet. The first of these pictures was taken on April 4, 2002 and can be seen below:

The second picture was taken on November 2, 2002 and can be seen below:

These changes actually have not taken as long as is implied by the difference in timing of the two photographs as I did not start taking the ORMUS copper until August 17th so the visible change represents only two and a half months on the ORMUS copper.

Directly below is another picture that was taken on
12/23/02 that shows continued changes:


This hair color change appears to be happening with each individual hair at one time. A given hair will go from white to blonde to brown over a period of time. It appears that the entire hair will darken at one time rather than from the root up. I plucked three hairs from my beard and took a microphotograph of them together.

The top hair is in the intermediate blonde stage, the middle hair is fully dark and the bottom hair is white. The differences in thickness are probably just an artifact of selection.

Here is another recent picture which shows the different colored hairs in my mustache as the white hair goes to blonde, red and finally to brown:

Close Up

A colleague has gone from a completely white beard to his original beard color in a couple of years: