Athletic ORMUS
by Barry Carter

There have been some remarkable reports of the m-state improving athletic performance.  One gentleman reports:

"I am 53 years old and took a good m-state product for about 5 weeks earlier this summer.  I meditate regularly and have spent a great deal of time working on health issues: physical and otherwise, for many years.  I am deeply in tune with my body and particularly sensitive to changes that affect my energy.

Shortly after taking about 3 drops per day of the m-state, I noted my energy during the running portion of my workout increased significantly.  Note that I often run in the hottest part of the day in Dallas, often when the temperature is well over 100 degrees.  I feel particularly safe because I'm in constant contact with the feedback systems of my body, all of which have improved (rather than diminished) over the years.  I was immediately impressed with the fact I ran my usual distance with greater ease than I've experienced in over 12 years.

I've been without the m-state substance for about a month (I'm working on getting more) but my benefits have not diminished.  My running program continues to improve and my normally high energy is even higher.  For example, today I hauled a huge pile of tree branches from my back yard to the curb, then ran my usual distance, then followed that with about an hour and a half of workout with weights (the first two activities were in about 90 degree heat).  It's the end of the day and I still feel great.  I know I've laid a strong foundation with my other practices, but I have no doubt the ORMUS played a significant -- and sudden -- role."

Though this gentleman is in his fifties he told me on the phone that he feels that he is running like he did when he was a teenager. He lives in Dallas and he recently completed his usual mile run when the temperature was 101 degrees Fahrenheit. He said that the heat did not seem to bother him much at all.

A thirty-eight year old gentleman reports:

"During this same ten-day period on ingesting the M-State elements I had experienced extraordinary physical strength and endurance in swimming. I used to train regularly and at the peak of my fitness was able to swim 2 kilometers in 40 minutes. I had not been swimming for over a year, but as there was a pool near Nigel's house I decided to swim every couple of days. On my third swim in about eight days I was amazed. I swam one kilometer and felt great, full of energy. So I decided to continue. I ended up matching my best time, i.e. 2 kilometers in 40 minutes.  Not only that but afterwards I still felt full of energy and the next day had no sore muscles or tiredness. Two days later I decided to try again, thinking I may have read the clock inaccurately, and once again I swam my peak time with no tiredness afterwards. Normally it would have taken many weeks and a lot of effort to get back to that time."

Here is another report from a thirty-three old gentleman:

"From the very first time I tried this product I’ve seen a large change in my lifting of weight workouts. I lift longer, I lift heavier weight and my body doesn’t tire down as quick. I also love bicycling. I’ve noticed a strong increase in wanting to ride further and longer. I can even take on those hills I would avoid.

I’ve even gained more endurance in my sexual life. I have more staying power. After having an orgasm I’m able to continue without stopping."

Others have also reported greater sexual endurance.

Rev. Bruce Curtis reports that as a result of taking the Pureganic Liquid Manna he “tires less easily with exercise than before” and that he had his heart rate and blood oxygen levels checked. His heart rate was 62 and his blood oxygen levels were at 100%.

Despite a rather sedentary lifestyle I have noticed that I do not get nearly as tired or winded as I used to in these circumstances.

Another gentleman reported the following:

"At 58 years of age I felt that I was in a dwindling, downward spiral physically. Each year seemed to bring more limitations, less stamina and more pain. Knee surgery, with cartilage removal, 18 years prior had left me with diminished range of motion and muscular atrophy. This limited activity and necessitated frequent rests when being physical. Associated limping also caused bowing and rotating of the spinal column, which gave additional pain.

A shoulder, which had frozen up 6 years ago, never loosened up again completely. Arthritis in my hands was the source of more or less constant pain. In spite of all this, I tried to remain active, maintaining a large garden and restoring a 100 year old home.

LIQUID CHI has changed my life. In the first 48 hours I noticed that I was experiencing less pain. Day by day I noticed that I had more energy and stamina. In fact, some days I wouldn't even take a break or stop for lunch. I lost a little weight and took my belt in a notch without even dieting.

Also I have noticed that I don't need as much sleep. My attitude toward life and "joie' de vivre" have increased tremendously as a result of all this.

What really amazed me and prompted me to write this testimonial is that, after only six weeks of LIQUID CHI, I tried doing a Qi Gong exercise that had not been possible for me before, due to instability of my knee. I breezed right through the exercise, as though there had never been a problem."

A 53-year-old woman reported that she also felt an increase in stamina after drinking magnetic trap water for less than a month:

"Had to run across a little over 3/4 of an acre to front of the house, mail lady pulled in the drive. When I brought the mail in, I realized that I was not winded or out of breath from the running."

She reported a similar result for her husband:

"Last Sunday evening on the 10th and Monday the 11th, we received approximately 24 inches of quite heavy wet snow. The snow blower is broken, our 4-wheel drive truck has the reverse out of the transmission, and there is too much snow for our small tractor to push on the steep hill where we live. And to top this off, I could not get out to help my husband shovel out the driveway on Tuesday, the12th. All available plows are preoccupied and he needs to get out to teach a two-day class.

So, he had to shovel the drive the old fashioned way and by himself. He went out with the shovel and spent 7 hours removing just under 24 inches of snow from our 150-foot drive and an area 40 X 60 foot turn around in front of the garage. He stopped every few minutes to monitor his heart and took careful inventory of all of his systems. He was also very pleased to have cleared the entire drive and turn area and was not exhausted or overly tired. My husband is currently approaching 60 years. Following this little bit of exercise, the next two days were spent 14 hours each driving across the state to teach groups of technical classes. While he is a bit tired at this time and he will be sure to get a good rest tonight, he is still not exhausted.

Several months back, he would have stopped on the way back from each class for a road side rest for an hour or so before continuing on. The last few months this has never even been a consideration, which helps to make me even happier and with less worry!"

Doug, who is in his early fifties, neatly sums up the athletic improvements in his report:

"Your suggestion that the obvious physical effects of manna might be most appreciated in the field of sports medicine is a direct bull’s-eye! The most obvious physical effects of the use of Mountain Manna contribute to reports of exceptional performance by all the physically active users who have interviewed to date. From my experience the aspects of mental focus, pain threshold and energy reserves all respond positively to regular use of Mountain Manna and contribute to the reports of steadily improving performance. Personally, I have returned to performance levels I have not enjoyed since my late teens."

"As with any physical self-improvement program, lots of regular sweat producing exercise is essential if one desires the maximum benefit from manna use.

While watching the recent Olympic games, I was again reminded how strict the screening is for any “edge” the athletes try to find. For the stimulant effect alone, m-state products should be of special interest to most athletes. Since manna provides an extra boost to all natural and permitted stimulants and is also a very special food whose use is virtually undetectable; it is an untapped resource waiting to be discovered by this generation of seekers who would be tomorrow’s winners."