And the process of transmuting water to white gold
with Ariel F. Hubbard, H. H. P.

Interviewed by Celeste Adams

"I think it's divine will for human beings and the elemental beings to get back into a harmonious relationship with each other. Making ORMUS is a way for human beings and elementals to work together as a team."
--Ariel F. Hubbard

At a workshop given in Los Angeles, Barry Carter demonstrated three methods of producing ORMUS. They included the WET method, the DRY method and the BOILING GOLD method. As we practiced the different methods, Ariel F. Hubbard communicated with the water asuras to co-create ORMUS.

In the following interview, Ariel explains how we can all learn to communicate with the asuras and even offers a meditation to assist us in opening up to their messages. Ariel is a clairvoyant who works with the Devas and Asuras to facilitate healing and harmony for human and other beings alike.

On Nature Spirits

Adams: Before asking you about co-creating ORMUS with the help of the asuras, I'd like to start by asking you how you first began communicating with nature spirits?

Hubbard: I've been communicating with all kinds of earth spirits my whole life, even as a small child of two or younger. I see them, hear them, smell and feel them.

These beings are not three-dimensional beings, that's why we can't see them with our naked eye. I'm experiencing them on another dimensional level, although I live in the third dimension, (well some of me does anyway). I'm  taking in their information, their feedback, and their comments from a fourth- or a fifth-dimensional level; and I'm bringing them into the  third-dimensional level.

Adams: What do they look like?

Hubbard: It depends on how they choose to manifest themselves. They look like the shape of light--the shape looks humanoid but very small and it's filled in with light. It's not like you're dealing with solid light, but an outline of a humanoid being filled in with light. Sometimes they look like fairies that you see in fairy tales, but they are glowing. Their appearance often varies, depending on the ability of the person to perceive them and how they perceive them.  Sometimes they all come together in a big ball of light and travel as a group, and when they do that, they don't have edges. But nature intelligences like to laugh.  Sometimes they start laughing and they can't concentrate--and they break apart into their individual forms.

Adams: What does their voice sound like?

Hubbard: It depends who's speaking. Usually their voices are melodious, and very magical. They're very flowing, open, and free. If I were going to channel, my voice would change. I'm repeating back what they're saying, not channeling them.

They don't speak English, they speak a universal language of light and sound. That's a universal language that is spoken everywhere, and then it's  translated into English.

Adams: Who does the translation?

Hubbard: That's a good question. I think my higher self does the translation. I hear it and then I translate it into English. Every soul in  the universe speaks the language of light and sound. All beings on some level understand it. It's God's language.

Adams: Do you communicate with other elementals, like gnomes and goblins?

Hubbard: I don't see the goblins. I work with the light, so goblins don't hang out with me. Goblins like to scare people, they like to work with the energies of lower vibrations.  Gnomes are earth beings, and they tend to be very private.  I think that I have only seen gnomes once or twice.

I see fairies. Elves, and leprechauns are other types of nature intelligences, but I usually interact with fairies and with the elementals of plants, people, and places.  Sometimes I also interact with the Devas, who are the architects of form and work on a more global scale (like the Deva of the Moon, the Deva of Roses, etc.).

Nature intelligences, especially fairies, sometimes appear in light form. These are beings of joy. Fairies don't necessarily have wings, they appear that way for human benefit. They look like beings of light.

Adams: Why are the water spirits so happy?

Hubbard: They enjoy having the opportunity to work with humans in a harmonious fashion. They want to heal the relationship with humans, (at least these particular asuras want to do that), although not every elemental feels this way. One of their gifts is to teach humans how to have a sense of humor.

Adams: What is the difference between asuras and devas?

Hubbard: Asuras are nature spirits. They're fairies, gnomes, goblins, elementals of air, earth, fire, water, metal, wood, and ether. Devas  are a different type of being. They're energetic beings, known as the architects of form. If you took the devas and nature spirits together in one group, they're called nature intelligences.

Adams: Where does the word asuras come from?

Hubbard: Asura is a Sanskrit word that has several meanings, and not all of them are positive.  I choose to use the positive connotation, "delight in the physical life," and having a "semi-divine and benevolent nature."  One classification of asura is dasya, which means, "Surrender to the will of God."  Nature intelligences do the will of God. They assist God to bring things into physical manifestation.  Deva is also a Sanskrit word, meaning, "celestial being, light giver, abode, or sphere."  The devas create the blueprint, and the asuras make the blueprint come into being.

Adams: What do the asuras say is wrong with our water?

Hubbard: There are too many chemicals in it. Human beings have polluted the water directly or indirectly and they are not using methods to purify it that are in harmony with nature.

Human beings don't treat nature like she's alive, so that creates an energy of separation, which encourages behavior that is dishonoring to nature. Some of that behavior creates pollution and toxicity. People are not conscious that nature and everything in nature is alive and has a consciousness.

Co-Creating ORMUS with the Asuras

Adams: At Barry Carter's workshop you relayed the thoughts of the water  asuras. What is their role in this transmutation process, where water becomes white gold?

Hubbard: Their job is to maintain the water's structural integrity after the atomic structure is changed.  Many Asuras gather around the ORMUS water, and they are happy because humans are co-creating with them. When human beings affect atoms, by changing water into ORMUS, we are doing what the nature spirits do. Humans are acting in an asuric capacity. We're acting like them. We're co-creating with them.

The problem is, if we don't honor them or talk to them, we're actually not co-creating with them. We're making changes and expecting them to clean up the mess. If you have atoms, and their structure has been changed, you need to do something with the extra ions or electrons that are left over and  separated into the discarded water that is not ORMUS. The discarded atomic particles have to be organized into coherent atoms again. There are fewer nature spirits available to do the job of doing something with the discarded water.

If you acknowledge them and honor the new, larger job they have of reorganizing the pieces of atoms into coherent structures again, you energize them, and give them more life force with which they can work to accomplish a larger task. They are magical beings. They take energy and they turn it into form. That's what they do, that is their function.

Adams: What benefits do the asuras want to offer us when they co-create ORMUS?

The Asuras aren't offering us benefits.  When we put out the intention and create the devices or processes necessary to create the ORMUS, they are aligning with our Divine Will to create a different type of atomic structure.  We set the blueprint, and they follow it. In this way, we are co-creating.

The amazing thing is that even though ORMUS seems to have been created through some trial-and-error, I believe that we are tuning into the existence of ORMUS through collective consciousness, that it has existed before, and we are just working on remembering how to make it again.

Adams: Do the asuras feel that ORMUS made by these different methods are equally beneficial for every individual or should they choose ORMUS made by  one particular process?

Hubbard: The asura for an individual person would have to give the answer. Each person has an asura, or body elemental, a being that manages how a person functions, how their body lives, grows, and heals. Every person has a body elemental and it knows which type of method is best  for them.

Adams: What time of day should we ingest ORMUS and how often? How does  this vary from one individual to the next?

Hubbard: An individual should contact their body and body elemental to ask these questions. Or, they can use muscle testing as an alternate method.

Adams: How long can the ORMUS, made by the WET method last and what is the  best method of preserving it?

Hubbard: The water made by the wet process will last for around five weeks and then some of the atomic structure that it had beforehand will reassert itself. If you wrap it in the metal coils, with the metal sheet around it on the outside, it would last a lot longer. Barry called it Mu metal (steel with nickel), it has nickel in it.  The Asuras also let me know that you may take copper wire and wrap it around the container.  Then, if you have another plate of copper, you may also wrap that around the outside of the copper wire. It won't last as long as the combination of steel and nickel, but will increase the ORMUS water potency so that it will last longer, possibly two to three months.  You may also ask the asuras of the ORMUS water to retain the potency if there is no metal available. Check in with them as to whether it is still potent or not.

Adams: How long can ORMUS be preserved, that is made by the DRY and BOILING method, and  what is the best way to store it, so that it remains potent?

I don't have the answer to this question, I would need to hold a specific batch made from these different methods to give a response.

Adams: How does someone contact the asura to find out how to use ORMUS in a  way that is most beneficial to them?

Hubbard: Just by talking to them. This is about empowerment and about people  asking spirit or universe or god, whatever you want to call it, and helping them become more aware and more conscious. It's not about people looking somewhere else to get the answers. They need to look inside for answers.

Only our minds, taught for many years to ignore messages from our hearts and from nature, say that it is difficult to find answers within. The following is a suggested meditation that you may use to contact Asuras and Devas.

Sit comfortably, take eight slow, deep breaths.  When you feel relaxed, state, "This session is created for the Highest Good of All Concerned."  This sets an intention that only the Highest Good can happen as a result of the session.  THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT INTENTION.  Next, call in the Presence of God (whatever God is to you) to be with you. Feel the energy shift around you and in your body as Spirit connects with you.  Call in your Higher Self (this is the part of you that is always connected with Spirit, not the same as the personality self that does day-to-day activities).

Call in the particular Deva or Asura you would like to connect with.  For example, address the Deva and Asura(s) of the ORMUS you are working with, or of your physical body.  Let yourself relax and feel the Presence of these beings.  You may feel an energetic shift, or feel like someone is there with you. You are not imagining this.  Go into your heart, and feel/see/imagine a glow of beautiful pink light glowing there. Feel how wonderful love is. Then send this love to God, your Higher Self, and the Deva and Asura(s) you are communicating with.

Pause and breathe deeply. Then allow yourself to feel any energy that may be returned to you.  You may see pictures, or hear words, or have feelings about what is being communicated.  This is a process that may take time and patience, so do not assume that you have to hear anything.

Then ask a particular question.  "Is it appropriate and for my highest good to ingest this ORMUS?"  If you get a sense of a "yes," then ask, "How much should I take, and when. For what purposes?"  Allow the responses to flow to you, and they may come in unexpected ways.  For example, you may receive them as symbols, which you may or may not understand in a given moment.  Be patient. After your meditation is concluded, you may receive communications in your daily life that allude to the symbols you received during your inquiry.

When you feel that the questions have been answered, or if you feel slightly tired, it is important to conclude the session.  Do not force yourself to go longer. You won't receive clear communications when you are tired or the energy of the session is closing down. You will feel a closing kind of energy to the session when it is time to complete.

At this time, it is VERY IMPORTANT to express your gratitude to God, your Higher Self, the Devas and Asuras involved, and to yourself for being willing to engage in the inquiry.  Send them thoughts of thanks and love from your heart.  Then, say, "At this time, I thank, honor and release you.  This session is complete."  That will officially close the session.

After the session, be sure to drink a lot of water and eat healthy food.  If you feel tired, you may be experiencing a protein drain (these sessions tend to do that until you get used to the high-vibrational frequencies passing through your body while you are engaged in them).  Eat healthy protein.

Write down the information you received as soon as you can, and watch to see how the advice and suggestions are confirmed in your daily life.  Engage in another inquiry as you feel guided to do so.  This is an excellent way to develop a closer relationship with God and Nature, which are two very important things for the human race to do in order to evolve spiritually.

Adams: How do the water spirits feel about this alchemical process that we are working with in creating ORMUS?

Hubbard: They think human beings need to be very aware and conscious of what  they're doing. That's why they suggest prayer.

In the past humans have not been spiritually mature enough to do alchemy. Doing alchemy means that they are acting in an asuric capacity and they have to be more responsible for what they are doing and communicate with spirits in the devic realm.

Adams: Why are the asuras thrilled to be part of a co-creative process?

Hubbard: It restores harmony between the elemental and the human kingdom. When you work with them consciously, in this area, it is their hope that we will be conscious in other areas. It's not just about making ORMUS, it's about treating the earth with respect. Asking permission before you build a building, or walk in a place of nature. Asking permission before you plant crops and working with the elementals to make trees grow. We have not included them in our daily actions and it's painful for them.

I think it's divine will for human beings and the elemental beings to get back into a harmonious relationship with each other. Making ORMUS is a way for human beings and elementals to work together as a team.

Barry Carter's workshop on ORMUS took place on March 9-10, 2002 This interview with Ariel F. Hubbard, was conducted on March 21 and 22, 2002.

Ariel F. Hubbard, H.H.P., B.A., L.M.T. The SOMA Works

Ariel F. Hubbard has been working as a teacher, writer and practitioner in the Holistic Healing Arts since 1992.  She has also done healing work around the world with the Devas and Asuras to facilitate healing and harmony for human and other beings alike.

Ariel, who has always had clairvoyant and other spiritual abilities, began her spiritual path in earnest in 1988. As a part of her search for her True Self, she began to consciously develop her relationship with God, through bodywork, energywork, meditation, and her connection with Nature.  Working with these modalities allowed her to reclaim her gift of communication with Nature Intelligences to share their perspective with the human world.

Ariel also knows that educating people and teaching them about their True Divine Nature is the path to creating healing world-wide, with ourselves and all beings on the Planet, including Gaia Herself.  Ariel has authored two books: Come From the Heart: A Step-By-Step Guide To Healing With Divine Energy: Part One and Part Two, and is currently writing Deva Dialogues: Communicating and Co-Creating with Nature Intelligences.

Ariel is also the founder of the California Academy for the Healing Arts, dedicating to teaching the Holistic Healing Arts of Massage and Energywork in a spiritually, yet practically-oriented setting.

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