Wizards of Oz
by Barry Carter

While I am in Australia I thought that I might document some of the amazing things that I am seeing. When I first got to the Nexus conference I learned about a technology developed by Dr. Harry Oldfield for recording the energy fields of things and people. This technology is called Polycontrast Interference Photography (PIP). You can learn more about it on Dr. Oldfield's web site at:


Using this PIP system a couple of folks at the Nexus conference did a video of some bottled water and another video of some of Denis' Elixir of Life ORMUS. You can see how alive and active the ORMUS is compared to the water at:


On the second day of the conference I was contacted by a gentleman who said he had a radish in his garden which was a big around as a CD. He offered to drive me to his place to see this radish and I took some pictures of it:

On the left is another radish plant which is taller than this Wizard of Oz.