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Last Update: 6/27/05

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When I first encountered a Hudson lecture on the internet, I was captivated, but I couldn't seem to find any recent material on the subject.  The following is the letter that I sent to Barry, while trying various e-mail addresses for a response:

< At this point, I'm sending this to whatever e-mail addresses I can find that seem to be related to this subject.  I wrote it on Tuesday, April 10th, but most of the addresses I've sent it to have bounced and no one has replied yet.  Can you help me?

 I don't know if any of you are still accessible out there...

 I first discovered the ORME web materials about a week ago.  After reading through the beginning of David Hudson's Dallas Presentation, I thought, "I gotta get some of that if it pans out".  Then I read through the dates and realized that it had been long enough ago that it probably had....  It had been subject to criticism of all sorts from all sides, health claims, paranormal claims, claims that it qualified as hallucinogenic... I thought that I could really get somewhere if I could sort the science from all of the New Age involvements.  Two days ago, I found the material that told me how to refine my own, and felt the time burden lift: I had plenty of time.  Yesterday, I discovered that no recent information was available: apparently nothing less than a year old.

 Last night, I realized that I have been an undocumented test case.  My dear mother, you see, had run into this research back in the 1930's or 1950's or so, on what infants would eat if you just set them down on a clean floor in a semi-circle of different foods, minimally cooked or raw, without spices, seasonings, flavorings, sugar....  They ate a balanced diet that met their nutritional needs, but they also ate a larger fraction of beef brains than anybody expected.  A second study simply added beef brains to infant diets: the size of the study was not large enough to be statistically valid, but they all turned out to be geniuses.  I was born in December of 1956.  My sister was born two and a half years later, and got a bit more than I did.  My brother was born when I was almost eight, and got slightly less than my sister or I.  It seemed like the simplest, most normal thing in the world: Mom just scrambled beef brains up like eggs for breakfast.  My sister was often a straight "A" student.  She and her husband teach University level music.  My brother is a Telecommunications Engineer, and I went into Automotive Engineering.

 I was a spiritual child, socially isolated most of the time.  I used to wonder why I hadn't been born fifty or a hundred years later, when I could hope that people would be more compassionate and understanding.  "Ears are to catch your tears when you cry alone in bed at night".  In grade school, I was regarded as a walking encyclopedia.  My retention of detail staggered some.  Even in High School, I didn't join the dating game, because I saw how the girls were hurt.  In a psychology class, the instructor said I could be considered a "positive deviant": different, but nicer.  Only toward the end did I become involved in romantic relationships, as the nice guy who would help the girls pick up the pieces after the disasters.  I never had the heart to seduce any of them.  I was a virgin until the age of 25.

 I eventually married a woman who may be the only one for me... she has an IQ in the mid- 140's.  It took her four months to seduce me.  We have a seven year old son.  It took us eleven years to decide to get married and have that boy.  People usually mistake me for being about eight years younger than I am.  I am detail- oriented, analytical, creative, abstract and inventive.  The path in my mind between the abstract and the concrete is well- traveled.  My multi- dimensional perception of reality has been useful in locksmith consulting, in treating masterkey systems as fifth and sixth dimensional matrices, but I have more often considered my consciousness to be polymorphic than multi- dimensional.

 When I saw the ORME materials on the web, I eventually came to understand what had happened to me.  Calf brains are about 5% monoatomic rhodium and iridium by weight, and this stuff probably doesn't go away.

 Well I suppose this may change the ORME thing yet again: no need to do all of that alchemy unless you're a vegetarian... just talk to your local butcher and fire up the skillet....  Or maybe this is just wishful thinking.  My sister doesn't seem to have been affected quite the way I have.  At least I don't have to wonder if there are others out there like me.  I just wish I had found out about this while people were still on the chat boards.

 Sincerely, Theodore Schultz    >

Next, I wrote a basic informational summary for others:

< So what, exactly, is going on here?

  Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements or something similar do exist and have been scientifically validated.  The claims regarding these substances run a wide range, from indisputable scientific fact to religious doctrine and 'channeled' information.

    How could such materials remain undiscovered for so long?  Let's look at the properties of the so-called ORMES, ORMUS or M-State materials:

1) These are all Platinum- Series elements, existing in monatomic or "micro- cluster" forms.  As such, they each have two outer valence electrons per atom.  It is claimed that these, (one 'spin- forward', one 'spin- backward'), couple to form a photon or photon- like boson, (Cooper Pair), avoiding typical metallic bonding structures, physical, chemical and electrical properties.  The resulting particles are a mass of white powder, almost chemically inert, electrically non- conductive as a whole, but super- conducting as individual particles.  Conventional chemical analysis has become useless.

 2) The remaining electron shell becomes "super- elongated", (>1.33:1 ellipse), and reduces in size while increasing in frequency, (the so- called "High Spin" state), eliminating conventional spectroscopic analysis, and the nucleus deforms, eliminating magnetic resonance analysis as well.  (The "High Spin" claim has not been independently verified).

 3) The Cooper Paired electrons drop to a "Parallel Spacetime Sheet" while maintaining a "wormhole" connection to our spacetime sheet.  This results in a recoverable loss of 4/9ths of material mass.  This loss of mass was mathematically predicted and has been measured and reversed.  At various elevated temperatures other changes in mass have been claimed, including complete disappearance of the material, but I don't think that this has been verified.

  Serious and recognized scientific research has been done, as well as substantial theoretical physics analysis by recognized scientists from the U.S. and other countries. Superconductivity has been suspected in biological systems by leading researchers since the late 1930's, and Roger Penrose credits superconductivity in neural microtubules with consciousness itself.  I don't pretend to understand the quantum mechanics, and some of the mathematics runs into six dimensions pretty quickly.

Claims have been made for ingestion, skin absorption, inhalation and proximity effects.  Less confirmable claims include: an extremely broad range of health effects, including improvements or healings of:

AIDS, (Claim: "About fifteen or twenty people have recovered from AIDS"),

Alzheimer's disease, (Claim: "Twenty four...period of 30 days...released as normal"),


Bipolar disorder, (Claim: "About 100 people with varying severity's of bipolar disorder have responded well"),

Cancer, (Claim: "Thirty eight of forty...complete recoveries...both who died quit to use conventional cancer treatments."),

Diabetes, (Claim: "About 250 people...treated 100% successfully."),

Emphysema, (Claim: "Five people have completely recovered."),

Heart disease, (Claim: "Six people have recovered".),

Lupus, (Claim: "Several people...complete recoveries."),

Multiple sclerosis, (Claim: "Six people...complete recoveries"),

Muscular dystrophy, (Claim: "Three people...complete recoveries"),

Osteoporosis, (Claim: "...completely reverses osteoporosis"),

Shingles and various injuries.  Claims have been made for DNA repair and age- reversal/ longevity, paranormal abilities and spiritual enlightenment.  The health claims seem the most common, and these seem to start with the most serious or life threatening conditions, followed by creation of discomfort in existing scar tissue which subsequently becomes healthier, (this discomfort usually responds rapidly to topical application of m- state materials).  In all cases, the spiritual/ paranormal symptoms seem to wait for the physical corrections.

  The original discoverer/ inventor was David Hudson of Arizona, who started the Science of the Spirit Foundation to research and develop these materials and refining techniques.  His public presentations on ORMES ran ~1994- 1996.  He formed The Foundation to prevent interference from the AMA and other regulatory bodies.  He claimed that M- State gold was used for centuries in ancient times and was also referred to as:

"The golden tear from the eye of Horus", "That Which Issues from the Mouth of the Creator", "The Semen of the Father in Heaven".  (Egyptian)

"Shewbread", "Bread of the Presence", (Hebrew)

"Hidden Manna", (Christian)

"White Dew",  "White Condensate", "the White Dove", "White Powder of Gold" (Alchemical)

"Occult Gold" (Nostradamus)

"Ghost Gold" (Metalurgical).

His most common name for it in his earlier lectures was White Powder of Gold, though in the research and development of all of this he was referring to the products as ORMES, and he claimed one of his primary purposes in all of this was to develop the mineral rights of his farm land.  Later groups of experimenters called the materials ORMUS or M- State materials.  He had expected to produce some sort of 'next stage of human existence' but no test subjects ever manifested changes at this level.  The materials he intended to make available to his membership were primarily M- State Rhodium and Iridium.  His organization hardly exists anymore; the EPA shut him down as a consequence of a nitric acid spill in his plant nearly three years ago.  His land is for sale.  He did earn numerous extra- national patents on these materials and processes, but the U. S. patents were denied him because he would not disclose enough, tried to keep key information a trade secret.

  A major blow to his operation apparently occurred when anonymous sources posted ORMUS refining procedures on the Internet  ~1998.  These were risky and involved highly reactive reagents, but many popular experimental attempts followed.  Mr. Hudson apparently tried to offer his materials for sale at this point, but got nowhere.

  Sources:  M- State materials are naturally occurring elements in rock, especially volcanic rock.  They are found in soil, fresh water, salt water, sea water, sea salt, tap water, air, plant tissues, animal tissues...  they're ubiquitous.  Tests on calf and pig brain tissue indicated the presence of M- State Rhodium and Iridium at 5% of dry weight.  The predominant manipulable property of these materials is superconductivity, which manifests itself most visibly in repulsion of magnetic fields.  Since most volcanic rock is magnetically permeable, if not ferromagnetic outright, natural environmental forces distribute M- State materials throughout the biosphere, concentrating them in geomagnetic minimum or null zones, some of which people through the ages have referred to as "Places of Power" or "Ley Lines".

  Groups:  22 groups in the U.S. are linked and coordinated by e-mail lists, as well as 7 in other countries.  There is also a Russian group, but it is not yet well connected.

  Processing and Refining techniques generally fall into three categories:

1) Conversion of base metals or ores or liberation of existing M- State materials from natural minerals.  This requires powerful reagents.  Techniques include boiling gold dust or leaf in Lye, long term immersion in 35% Hydrogen Peroxide, burning gold leaf with metallic Sodium and similar methods.  I know these sound drastic, but they are generally the only ways to obtain M- State Gold, which seldom occurs naturally.  The health effects from the gold are minimal, but the other substances do not generally produce the same spiritual/ paranormal effects as the gold.

 2) Concentration of M- State materials naturally found in water and air, (air refining might only have been performed in Australia).  Most of the present popular movement seems to be concentrating on water right now, as these techniques are comparatively safe and the materials seem natural until high concentrations are obtained.  The required equipment can easily be constructed with materials and tools from your local hardware store and magnets from your local Radio Shack.  You're drinking this stuff in your tap water already, but a gallon in a day that contains 200- 400 times the normal concentration of these natural and previously unrecognized materials will have some unusual effects on most people.  Minute concentrations produce clearly discernable changes in the water, first in flavor, then in viscosity, surface tension and density of the filtered water.  Many people are multi- staging the process to increase concentration, sometimes obtaining a hydrophobic, volatile, "M- State Oil" form.  Aqueous suspensions and reduced products seem Hygroscopic, Hydrophilic and Hydrophobic in different cases.  Numerous cases of diffusion or "tunneling", (m- state materials appearing on the outside of their containers or cracking of glass jars after prolonged or repeated use), have been reported.  By some accounts Nalgene HDPE containers partially full of concentrate will "sweat" anywhere on their surface, above or below the fluid level, within minutes, if exposed to a strong magnetic field.

 3) Osmosis or Diffusion Concentration seems to be a preference in Russia.  At best, they may be using "Axion Field" generators or pyramids in the "Places of Power" to concentrate M- State particles in rosin or chalcedony rods, which they sell.  At worst, they may be strip- mining the biosphere in these areas and casting mineral samples in resin for export.  A couple of rods in a convenient shielding case can be bought for $75 US.  The Russian researchers seem to be the only ones performing blind testing.  All other research has been informed and consensual.>

I followed this with questions that I asked of another Christian in the WG Forum:

<Dear Joshua,

I have noticed, based upon your introduction, that you are a Christian; in fact, a practicing Quaker.  I consider myself a Christian as well.  I was raised in the Church of the Brethren and am presently a very regular visitor in the Assemblies of God, though not yet a member.  I do not know a great deal about the Quakers, (or do they still prefer to be called the "Society of Friends"?  Regardless, no offense is intended), but if my memory serves me correctly, they leave a great deal up to the individual conscience of their members.  I'm facing some interesting issues here, and I'm hoping that you've had more practice in dealing with this sort of thing than I, and can therefore advise me.  I'm trying to figure out how and where to draw some lines here, because in my experience seeing moral issues in shades of gray simply means that you're not looking closely enough; if you sharpen the focus you'll find a lot of fine print in clear black and white.

I first started researching the m- state substances because of various issues in my past and my personal health history.  Please skip to the attachment, which I sent out to any related e-mail addresses that I could find until someone responded.

Serious claims have been made of a scientific nature regarding these substances.  If it were not for my past, perhaps I could simply ignore these issues, but I don't believe the Lord has given me this knowledge without a reason.  I have more faith in my salvation than to let good science slide by simply because my path to it is impeded by ghoulies and ghosties and long- legged beasties; from these my Lord will deliver me.  But I couldn't help noticing that we are surrounded six deep by pagans, witches and would- be sorcerers in this.  I was raised to give serious regard to Deuteronomy 18:10 and its admonishment against sorcery (both in its manipulative forms, and pharmakaia, the use of drugs for spiritual awakening).  I'm not simply going to write off the potential benefits of m- state materials with a typical Pentecostal "My infirmities are simply to serve as a witness to the medical community that my God heals.  Let them diagnose me first, then watch Him work."  I see that as a cop- out.  OTOH, crediting everything I've seen here as "future science, not yet recognized or understood" doesn't square with what I've seen in this whole Orgone/ Radionics/ Magick thing, or the Russian "Objects from Places of Power" side of the works, or all of the claims that seem attached to White Powder of Gold, (which many members seem to be pursuing like an idol right now).  Yeah, these materials are ubiquitous.  They're in our biosphere and may, indeed, be essential to life and consciousness.  For a while, I thought that I'd be able to draw a hard line between concentrated forms of naturally occurring m- state materials, (water and air trap types), and artificially manufactured m- state materials, (those produced by alchemical methods with powerful reagents).  There seemed to be differences between both the materials and the groups producing them in that the alchemical methods are generally the only ways to obtain M- State Gold, which seldom occurs naturally, and the health effects from the gold are minimal, while the other substances do not generally produce the same spiritual/ paranormal effects as the gold.  Now I'm not so sure that this hard line can be drawn.  It is possible that all of the paranormal accounts given by the water- trappers are a result of their other occult activities and practices, but what do you think?

Our culture and its forerunners have many cautionary tales regarding the use, misuse and abuse of immortality technology, but I don't see this as adequate cause to turn our backs on a valid science that may be used to correct infirmity, mitigate pain or extend life. OTOH, so much of this looks like sorcery whether or not a few scientists can craft a decent theory to explain it all.  Where do you draw the line?  M- state- concentrated water for minor health problems?  White Powder of Gold for spiritual enlightenment?  Radionics for clinical diagnosis?  Axion- generator enhancement of chalcedony rods in known "Places of Power"?  Pyramid power for the transmutation of elements?  Orgone- amplified Neuro- Cybernetic Programming for career enhancement?  "Golden Needles" voodoo acupuncture?  Wicca?  Traditional Sex Magick?  The Physics behind this, the New Age doctrine and the modern and historical Occult all seem bottomless, far beyond my ability to completely comprehend in a reasonable period of time.  My dear Lord paid a costly price for the salvation of my poor, wretched soul, I have taken His name and made public my commitment to his cause, and I do not intend that I shall have taken His name in vain.  Yeah, I know that my salvation is assured and my forgiveness is bottomless as well, but that's not the point.  To me, it is important to be right.  At my age, my petty aches and pains are significant to me, if to no one else, and my Lord wouldn't have brought other valuable health information to my attention in the past if He hadn't wanted me to use it and intended it for my good.  I fervently await your earnest reply.

In His Name, Theodore Schultz

Dear Theodore,

I am also a regular attendee at an Assemblies of God church here in Ottawa.

The nearest Quaker meeting is 40 minutes away.  Assemblies of God churches
are nice, no?  Yes, Quakers are expected to answer their own moral dilemmas
with God's help; we don't have a universal creed or doctrine, though we do
believe the Bible.  I agree with you that there is no gray in decisions of

Regarding eating brains: I am a vegetarian.

I don't believe that eating the material is wrong.  I have no feelings from
God that the act of ingesting the gold powder violates any moral laws.  That
said, there are very few reasons for ingesting the material that are moral.

To bring glory to God, to increase understanding, and to increase health.

The first is the all-important one.  One should not take much of it, rather
tiny amounts over a long stretch of time until one is led by God to stop.

One should not even start unless God's nature has triumphed over personal
desires.  This is no joke - with a fair quantity of the true stone, the
boundary between the subconscious and the conscious mind can be permanently
eliminated.  I don't believe it's sorcery, but I've never taken enough of


Josh Gulick >

I followed this with a basic statement to foster discussion and understanding when accompanied by *2*, my previous summary:

<What Gain I?

In some ways I would like to pursue this just for the physics of it: to apply $20 - $30 worth of hardware store plumbing to isolate from my tapwater a substance unknown to science less than a decade ago, which exhibits superfluid and superconducting properties and imposes structure and liquid- crystal- like long range order on water?  As an amateur scientist this looks very attractive.  I would like to test the tunneling and variable pseudo- viscosity claims.  Even so...

What Gain I?

If I pursue M- state technology immediately instead of five years from now?  Yes, the Lord has brought this technology to my attention, but I do not yet have a firm conviction that it is God's Perfect Will that I use it.  If it actually reverses aging, then it doesn't much matter whether I pursue it now or in my twilight.  I am not suffering from any chronic or debilitating diseases or conditions.  Life insurance estimates, based on a  preferred class, project my life expectancy at 83 years, but I have been granted a super- preferred class that they don't advertise.  I credit my present health to my practice of the Zone Diet, which the Lord brought to my attention two and one- half years ago.

 M- state technology will not protect me from a violent, accidental death, but any life threat remaining that it will address will either take substantial time or give some warning.  It may indeed be a valid science that may be used to correct infirmity, mitigate pain or extend life, but I don't presently suffer from such infirmity, my pains are minor and five or ten years are nothing in the struggle to decide whether or not to extend life indefinitely.

 Philosophical value?  Since enlightenment is the Lord's choice and his revelation, any philosophical value from this technology looks more like a bane than a boon.

 For the glory of God?  He has given me this knowledge, enough basic theory that I could carry on this work at minimal expense and without further information.  He may will that I abide beyond this civilization, or He may take me home next week if He pleases.  His will be done.

 Shall I pursue this that I may be all things to all men?  What about these neo- immortals?  Who will have enough in common with them to share the gospel with these people?  The time may come when this will be my part in the Lord's work.>

Next follows the log proper:

TrapWater Log

Lon's trap arrived by mail today.

Obtained two Ford speakers from scrapyard.

6/8/01 12:30 pm
Removed magnets from speakers, minimal damage to knife. I.D. of magnets might fit pipe, but won't fit over the connections. (Correction: won't fit on 1" pipe). Will be using sixteen Radio Shack magnets in pairs, four positions at each end, alternating at my concentrate output end, all south inward at my waste end.

6/22/01 2:00 pm
Must have gone through 40- 60 gallons of source water. The waste restrictor cone doesn't have enough "flare", cannot be adjusted for enough restriction. I could only get output by adjusting it inward until I got my restriction from the tube gap to the bathtub below. I generated perhaps six ounces of "concentrate", but it had no difference from tap water that I could tell. Theoretical reason(s) for failure: the concentrate tube wasn't really a secure fit, so while it would deliver liquid, if produced, it also had the capability to aspirate (to "breathe", to admit air into the system) without notice. The long length of this trap without magnets in the middle, only in clusters at the ends, suggests a capacity to store up quite a volume of concentrate in the middle without anything immediate to show for it, and varying waste restriction levels, (which for me were quite uncontrolled), might have served to simply "flush" the system of any useful concentrate. Have already secured concentrate tube connection. Will try wrapping the end of the waste restrictor cone with rubber bands. Will rearrange magnets to 'checkerboard- stripes' configuration. Should also mention that my waste end "all-south" configuration is not of the same field pattern as the axial field produced by a ring magnet, in fact basic Gaussian Surface Theory suggests that an "all-south" or "all-north" cluster will always perform poorly.

6/28/01 2:28 pm
Produced about 11 oz. in about 6 minutes steady state, for a ratio of about 350:1. Secured concentrate tube connection. Wrapped the middle of the waste restrictor cone with rubber bands. Rearranged magnets to 'checkerboard- stripes' configuration. Tape doesn't reliably hold magnets plus weight of full trap, flow rate hard to control/finicky, responds mostly to relative elevations, may need more filter to even it out. Hard to taste a difference, drank it all.

6/29/01 3:17 am
Awakened to "white noise" nada in three frequency ranges, two "ultrasonic" (upper more "white", lower tonal but not identifiable, bottom "white" and new). Two may be my tinnitus, third could be "it"? Might usually be awake at this hour...

    7:30 am
Definitely a difference in this "nada" from what I had formerly regarded as "tinnitus", it seems responsive to certain movements. Awoke to dream- memories of good smells....

    11:04 am
Solution Description: tripod stand to bottom of "T" fitting, if tape can't handle getting wet and hose connection drips, overwrap magnet array with plastic to keep it dry. If concerned about rubber band exposure contaminating things, overwrap. Add more filter media, tighten waste restrictor cone.

    3:26 pm
Made described changes, moved rubber bands closer to pointed end of the cone so that the protruding end could physically support the trap. The additional filter media seems to have been a major stabilizing factor. Ran about 70 minutes. One gallon, Ratio believed to be about 350:1 without additional validation.

    7:26 pm
I consumed about 17 oz, today, and though everything I experienced could have been psychosomatic /placebo effect, at times I have experienced traces of an indefinite "lightness of being", and sometimes it seems like the "nada" is harder to ignore than my old tinnitus (if that's what it ever was).

6/30/01 6:32 am
Woke @ 5:30 am with a bit of a headache and hungry. This headache is not inconsistent with the late night I had previously. Had some fairly sharp moments of hunger yesterday too, in response to which I ate. Oh, well, I was warned. That's one thing I like about the Zone diet - when you're hungry, you eat. Went back to bed for a long nap after breakfast, slept another couple of hours. Consumed about 16 or 17 oz. of trapwater by early afternoon. At this point my wife still doesn't know. I could consume a quart a day without much trouble, and still run another gallon during the week.

7/1/01 6:31 am
Consumed another 3 oz. late last night while working on getting this Log out by e-mail. Woke this morning at 5:30 am or so, to write trap design comments. Consumed some more (3.5 oz) five or ten minutes ago. The "nada" is impossible to ignore when at rest now, and the "Lightness of Being" is a soft, but tangible presence, like a light and a coolness within my chest. Finished the remaining 10.5 oz. by mid- afternoon. I expect I'll be consuming about a pint a day for at least the remainder of this first gallon.

7/2/01 11:36 am
Had a lucid dream last night that I no longer remember. My wife's sleeplessness and activity woke me at 3 am, and I was awake 'till about 5, but I still feel pretty good this morning... no "blue Monday" for me! I think I'll boost my intake to a quart per day. I feel just plain good clean through.

    10:17 pm
Did have a full quart today. Still feeling good. The "nada" sound continues to get louder, as I didn't used to notice it when driving, but sure do now. As expected, though, its position in the ultrasonic range prevents it from interfering with normal hearing activity.  Will also be working on a torsional pendulum ORMUS detector to compare tap water, trap water of various methods, wastewater, olive oil extract, and later on, objects from Places of Power, precipitates and commercial products. First effort will be to prove that the repulsion effect can be measured at all, then trap water from various different elevation- moderated delivery rates, then a reduced- length VorTrap with checker board- stripes doubled magnets vs. true checkerboard pattern, then a partial HouseTrap design...

7/3/01 2:11 pm
Validation test updates concentration factor on first batch to 280:1; if input bulk flow 4g/m, concentrate pressure is negative. ORMUS detector design failed, 0.015" soft austenitic stainless steel wire won't do this in a peanut butter jar. Need fine music wire in a column instead. Partial batch 2 was 30 minutes, but way less than half a gallon. Looks like 42 oz. @ 366:1. Tastes "crisper" too.

    7:18 pm
It may be just "illusionary terrain", but I feel like my alertness level has jumped and held high these last few days. Didn't quite finish the second pint.

7/4/01 3:05 am
Is it that I keep waking at 3 am, or that my wife wakes me? This time, I think it will just be a restroom break, a small snack w/ a sip, and back to bed. I guess I really don't know what my ratio was for that first gallon because at the end of each run I remove the waste rejection cone to let the trap drain and dry somewhat (because I store it in a box at the back of a closet) and the bulk flow rate changes. The bulk flow on which I had based my 350:1 ratio statement had been measured back on 6/22/01 when I could only get output by adjusting the cone inward until I got my restriction from the tube gap to the bathtub below. In that trial I had no way to measure bulk flow while I was getting positive pressure on the concentrate side. After that date, I had not kept my large- opening gallon carton, so I took no more bulk flow measurements until 7/2/01 when I made another one. I guess I'll be sure to check it from now on.

7/5/01 5:20 am
I am definitely going through some kind of biological purge. Right now, it seems like I have half of a head cold with intermittent symptoms that come and go one at a time: sinus drainage without congestion, varying degrees of cough without headache, and the whole without impaired sleep, mental dullness, or the usual trace of depression. I never finished the last of yesterday's second pint, but yesterday I finished the last 3/5 pint or so of gallon 1, believed to be 280:1, and had most of the rest of the balance of a total quart of batch 2 at 366:1, for what I calculate to be about the same true daily dose. Just noticed that for these last few days, I don't seem to have had any problems with constipation, (not that I thought I had a problem before, but things have simply gotten a bit easier).

    10:04 am
What can I say about this new-found level of alertness? It's not as if I don't need any sleep: at times I definitely feel tired, sleepy, in need of a nap or a night, but when I'm awake, I seem to be more awake, awake all the time, without grogginess, cloudiness or mental impairment.

7/5/01 3:21 pm
81.91 minutes, 151 oz, 16 sec. / gal. waste = 3.75 gpm. About 260:1 ratio. Today I consumed my first pint from batch 2 (366:1), and my second pint from batch 3 (260:1). Also added one teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil to 15 oz. of batch 3 in a glass jar with a good lid for oil extraction experiment.

7/7/01 10:39 pm
Followed my planned allotment, pint a day, without difficulty. Most other symptoms of the cold I had mentioned previously seem to have given way to an occasional deep cough. I also seem to be needing more sleep. Got to bed last night between 9:30 & 9:45, was awake from 4:00- 5:00 am, afternoon nap today for at least 90 minutes. Going to sleep now.

7/9/01 3:30 am
Yesterday I consumed a half- pint before dawn, the remaining half before church, about a pint on a two- hour round- trip bike excursion, and another pint during the remainder of the day. Friday afternoon I had tried to redo the ORMUS detector with a thin line of dental floss, using geo- magnetism as a reaction/ reference force. This failed. My concentrate is simply too weak. Next, I will try to geo-mag. compensate it instead, see if I can detect anything at all. Have tried using the olive oil for basic first aid, no noticeable effect.

    9:59 am
I first thought about this a couple of days ago... sometime recently, my antiperspirant failed, and I use one of the strongest available. Will next try to increase concentration ratio by decreasing inlet flow, to lower overall system pressures.

    2:43 pm
Ran the system for about 1:50' for a one- gallon batch 4 at a ratio of 440:1. Next running reduced flow test. Flow rate: 18 sec./ gallon = 3.33gpm, 30 oz. in 30 min. = 427:1 ratio batch 5. Even though I could not distinguish between them by taste, I did note a difference in surface tension, as the concentrate trickled down the inside bottom of its small tube for the first time.

7/11/01 9:45 am
Started first pint just after midnight with small snack, finished it before 8:30 am. Finished second by noon.

    3:49 pm
Ran trap 167 minutes at about 17 seconds per gallon (several changes), 589:1 ratio, (highly questionable, I expect half is going down the drain). Finished third pint by 4:45 pm.

7/20/01 4:15 pm
From 7/13 - 18/01 I was out of state for a family reunion on my wife's father's side. I took about a gallon of concentrate (my last batch) with me, and figured to go about a pint a day. During the trip I finally told my wife a little of what I've been doing, in over- generalized terms. She seems to be accepting of it, though I started with the admission that everything I've experienced so far could be explained away based on Psychosomatic/ Suggestibility/ Placebo-effect logic. If she knew how much water I use to do this she might have second thoughts, but she seems to have accepted my claims to feeling more capable, competent and alert at face value, (at least, she accepts that I believe them). I'm running a batch right now, my first since we returned. I didn't have any available to consume yesterday at all, but I take some level of comfort in the belief that the changes we all experience from this consumption are largely permanent, and missing a day and a half is no big deal. Today I contacted my apartment complex management office to find out what our water costs, where it comes from, and how much we use, on the average.

Source: City of Novi, Detroit Metro System
Quantity: 5820k gal/quarter
Cost: $20k/quarter.

# residents: 377 apartment units x 95% occupancy
180.5 gal/apartment/day
291 gal. / $

Based on the above, if I'm consuming a quart of concentrate per day, it's costing about $0.25 per day. On its own, this makes a lot of sense. I just wish I had a way to compare my trapwater with Ocean Manna or Mountain Manna.

Just did 136 oz in 1:44' & an additional unknown quantity <1 gal. in 1:22, then shutdown and stored the trap without removing the waste rejection cone. I was running about 17minutes per gallon for a ratio 367:1, second batch should be about 101 oz. I don't think I'll get a noticeably stronger concentrate, regardless of flow rates, unless I go to more or stronger magnets, or a different trap design altogether.

7/24/01 7:04 pm
Just picked up 16 more Radio Shack magnets, will first try double strength  'checkerboard- stripes'  configuration, as it is so easy to stack the magnets without more tape, then try straight stripes after that.  Started my new job yesterday, went through 3 pints or so.  I'll be through 2 quarts before today is through.

7/25/01 4:59 pm
Only got 3 pints today, all I had left.  6:28 pm just ran 136 oz. in 2:03' at about 3 gal/ min. for a ratio of 347:1.  Ran an additional 1:15' for an (estimated, unmeasured) 83 oz.  I used the double strength  'checkerboard- stripes'  configuration that I mentioned earlier.

7/30/01 4:56 pm
Started test run, single strength 'full stripes' configuration.  Produced unknown volume exceeding one gallon (overflowed) in 1:08.  Ratio unknown.

8/7/01 7:57 pm
Ran another gallon about last Wednesday, ran out on Monday, two days ago.  Really want to make more.  My actual level of concentration doesn't seem to improve with reduced flow, suggesting performance limits from both design (already discussed in group) and from magnetic field strength.  As far as I can tell, I have a positive- feedback problem: my concentrate flow regulation comes mostly from the pressure difference resulting from the elevation of my concentrate output tube.  If my concentrate flow is too slow, the "terminal meniscus" (the point at which the concentrate seems to fill its small- diameter tube) retreats up toward the apex, leaving the resulting concentrate path a thin trickle.  Because of this, the increased pressure difference resulting from the siphon- vacuum in the concentrate tube is partially or completely lost resulting in reduced flow, so my flow is either fast, concentrate tube full and drawing all the way to the bottom, or slow, no siphon effect.  I've had times when I started in a moderate range, only to have the "terminal meniscus" retreat up the tube and greatly reduce my flow.

8/8/01 1:45 am
Ran 61 oz. in 40 minutes, rejecting 1 gal./ 17 sec.  Ratio 295:1.  Maybe next I can rearrange my magnetic array for a simple "diametrical stripes" pattern; I don't see a simple checkerboard array offering much more than I have now.

8/21/01 3:44 am
Last night I did a 20- 25 minute run on my 'full stripes' configuration, then rearranged my magnetic array to a double- strength 'diametrical stripes' pattern and did another 20- 25 minute run for comparison purposes.  I could not reliably taste any difference.  Even tried to compare it with fresh plain tap water, couldn't tell them apart.  I'm a week and a half behind in following the WhiteGold forum right now, but this is my answer to those of you who want to know why some of us are so hung up on obtaining objective measurements.  Maybe this is as far as I can take my process in a VorTrap with 32 Radio Shack magnets.  Maybe it's time I built a HouseTrap, purchased Ocean Alchemy's Great Salt Lake, or ordered a set of Russian Chalcedony Rods.

9/8/01 9:37 pm
Had been consuming a quart per day, generally during morning working hours.  Yesterday I only had a pint left.  Didn't consume any today.   I've been trying to hold consumption to "empty stomach, morning hours" to improve assimilation and sleep patterns.  My trap yield has been slipping of late, the ratio trending upwards of 500:1.  Tonight I tried to readjust the output restrictor cone after a 53 minute run yielded about 60 oz., and I lost the production balance completely.  In teardown I removed the cone to find that my rubber band work had suffered under its burden, but I guess it surprises me a bit that it has lasted this long.  It can be redone without much trouble, of course, but I still want to move up to something stronger or some method that is more productive.

Some time amidst all this, I expressed the nature of my personal quest in my correspondence  to Don Nance:

"You probably will remember me from the WhiteGoldList and/ or the SWG, as the unemployed Automotive Engineer in Southeast Michigan, living in a small apartment with my family and no workshop facilities.  I will probably be teaming up with Lon Smith out here to try to build a tap water trap, possibly of the "House Trap" design.  There is always the possibility that Detroit Metro water will prove to be useless, and with that in mind I am looking for contingency plans, including commercially available products like yours.

Subject: Re: Materials Availability


       I think I read somewhere recently that in addition to Great Salt Lake, Sea-11 and Dead Sea Gold, you also had M-3 available.  Please confirm or deny.  Any other products that I should know about?

       Sincerely, Theodore Schultz

P. S.     A reason that I am asking about M-3 is that I had seen the announcement in the List, but I had not found it advertised for sale anywhere, and you never know when you may need a "Magic Bullet"...

>Hi there :)
>Yes, I make M-3 from the black sand by the sodium burn process.

>I am also making gold formulations by wet alchemy. just made some brick red gold :)
>what can I do for you?

 I'm hoping you can advise me.

     I'm not yet sure what you can do for me, as I am still trying to make up my mind.  I come from a religious tradition that forbids "pharmakaia", the use of drugs for spiritual awakening, (to say nothing of "Psionics in a Bottle"), so I am concentrating more on the scientific aspects of this than the paranormal / spiritual enlightenment aspects.

  For a while, I thought that I'd be able to draw a hard line between concentrated forms of naturally occurring m- state materials, (water and air trap types), and artificially manufactured m- state materials, (those produced by alchemical methods with powerful reagents).  There seemed to be differences between both the materials and the groups producing them, in that the alchemical methods are generally the only ways to obtain M- State Gold, which seldom occurs naturally, and the health effects from the gold are minimal, while the other substances do not generally produce the same spiritual/ paranormal effects as the gold.  Now I'm not so sure that this hard line can be drawn, not in the people as groups, nor in the materials or their effects.

 There have been some encouraging statements regarding the flexibility of these processes:
"Volume has nothing to do with it. It's also what you bring to the table
that will have a great deal to do with the banquet you enjoy."  "I've been taking these materials for several years, and all I can tell you is that those who see dragons always saw dragons."  The people involved in this seem to be emphasizing the idea that each case is unique, paced to the needs and condition of the individual, mild and gentle when compared to herbs or drugs, (of course, that's when compared for the particular purpose of Kundalini, not most minor medical purposes).  Maybe I'm over- reacting to Hudson's original professional cautions, I don't know.

 How do you choose an M- State program?  If you are facing major and immediate health issues, I guess you grab for the M-3.  If you are trying for something more holistic, you start with botanical sources, (fruits, vegetables and teas), and with finding out what's in your water.  If you want to go for the gold, well, there's pyramid conversion, but beyond that there are the alchemical processes.

 I'm tempted to start by just grabbing Mountain Manna's Platinum- Iridium first, to hopefully put an end to my seasonal allergies once and for all.  Beyond that I'm not sure.  A tapwater trap?  your Atlantic Sea- 11?  Maybe even Dead Sea Gold...  I don't know what's best for me, or what these different things really do.  Maybe Hudson's original Rhodium- Iridium mix would be best if I could find it, (see attached).  As has been pointed out, most current information available is anecdotal, not clinical.  I see the issues of dosages and concentrations as some of the big ones right now-- at least one experimenter in the list was running at concentrations of 400:1 over tap water, Barry Carter's House Trap is running ~635:1, Mountain Manna claims that they have a ratio of _ten million to one_ (a value that I don't trust)!  There is simply not much present basis for product comparison.  I picked out yours and Mountain Manna because the web sites seemed the most credible.

 I'm primarily interested in learning God's plan for this in my life.  If that plan includes extending me lifespan I would welcome it.  I expect it will also include improving my roundedness as an individual, my balance in life.  For that matter, I'd like to redevelop my scar tissues, (to "restore the years the locust have eaten"), resequence my DNA, and become dimensionally transcendent, but somehow I don't think my good Lord really wants me to become one of the 'Q' just yet.  I'm after the truth, scientific, historical and personal truth.

 Sincerest Thanks for your patience and support, Theo."

His Response:

"I can only tell you that since you have found your way to the forum and to me
and the other 'makers' that you are walking the path that has been set before
you. Being a pragmatic person, my only concern would be for your comfort with
whatever decision you make. If you feel that there are "claims issues" then
you may wish to listen to that inner voice that announced them and try to
obtain answers to them.

Since I perceive that you have no major health issues beyond the allergies
and perhaps the aches and pains which usually accompany them, I can offer
some testimony based upon experience. I am no physician and cannot and will
not offer medical advise nor any sort of diagnosis, but I have given the
Great Salt Lake Manna to a woman in Richmond who is in her early 40's. She
suffered from such serious allergies that she had to have meds on a daily
basis or be hospitalized. She began taking the GSL in May of 2000 and within
the month stopped taking her meds and has not needed them since. A friend of
hers had acute asthma and a severe clinical depression. She also began
taking the GSL Manna and within 1 month was not needing her anti-depressants
nor her asthma meds. She carried her inhaler around for 6 months or so before
abandoning it. She had endured horrendous bouts with depression and had
historically been in a condition where she would be thrown into a desperate
struggle for will-of-life without her meds...those same meds she also
abandoned within the same month and told me "I used to get into a depression
that would hospitalize me. I would be there for, when a
depression hits, it only lasts for 10 minutes and is gone."

I remember that you referred to "powerful reagents." The Ancients would make
their own "chemicals." They would distill "acid" from grain...distilled white
vinegar! They would make their "lye" by burning wood to ashes at a low
temperature. Then they would wrap the ashes in a burlap sack and then in silk
(if they could afford such) and would pour rain water through this and
capture the water to repeat this process. This would be done until the water
took on a caustic condition which could be easily tested for strength. These
"chemicals" are virtually the same that I use to make the Wet Method. They
are pure and natural. The same is true for the work with the gold via the
sodium burn and the acid methods...this is manipulation of a pure substance,
using only pure substances to obtain a pure result. Using knowledge given by
the Creator. So, you may conclude that this Manna is truly made in the way of
God. Nothing is fabricated nor forced. I do this Work only to give thanks for
my life being renewed and given back to me. This is the Work now.
I hope that this answers some of your questions :) I would serve you. I would
only ask that you make a decision based upon the feelings that your heart
will allow.

Go with God and be well ~~


(Ultimately I did choose to start my trials of purchased products with Mountain Manna Pt- Ir.  I guess I was trying to address allergy issues, and I thought that something with platinum would be a preferred approach.  I guess that I, complete with my allergies, have a fairly high threshold).

In consideration of the possible shelf life impact, I have been producing shorter runs, typically 30 - 45 minutes at a time, just enough to last me a couple of days, which I typically consume one pint at a time at about 6:30 am before I make my lunch in the morning.  Yesterday I finally received 250 ml of Pt - Ir product from Mountain Manna, which I first tried this morning.  Wednesday I had run out of trapwater, so yesterday I didn't consume any.  In fact, yesterday morning at work in the morning briefing, I found myself getting sleepy and phasing out a bit, (not good in a solo briefing).  Well, the short- term effects of this Mountain Manna seem a bit more tangible than those borderline results I get from my trapwater, a bit like shifting gears, a Mentat- like "adding speed to thought" effect.

Yesterday I exceeded the recommended beginning week daily dose by consuming a teaspoon in the morning on rising, and another about an hour before lunch.  I was facing a demanding task and I thought it might help.  My caloric intake seems to have increased 300- 400 calories/ day for no other reason that I can name except my consumption of the Manna.

Last Wednesday I worked long overtime hours, late into the evening.   I compensated that night by taking a full adult dose of Benedryl, (I presently usually take half that for "allergies of he season"), and then Thursday morning I consumed a tbsp of the Mountain Manna.  Seemingly in consequence I completely avoided the usual fatigue, sleepiness, dullness and confusion that would normally have resulted Thursday and even Friday from such a late night.

For some months now, I have been suffering sinus and chest congestion consistent with "allergies of the season".  Today seems to mark a major advance in this regard for me.  When I awoke this morning I was entirely free of sinus congestion and felt like my persistent cough was simply gone.  The chest congestion returned later in the day at a reduced level, but my sinuses have remained clear.

I may have fallen into a procedural trap.  For years now, I've fought the feeling that I'm barely hanging on to the commitments of my lifestyle by my fingernails, that I never have quite enough time to live my life, never enough hours in a day or days in a week, always spreading myself too thin.  Now I have a physically demanding job for which I must rise at 6:00 am, a job which has little tolerance for illness or incapacity, but I also put in some late nights, which always used to make me physically ill sooner or later, and I compensate by taking Mountain Manna at 2 tsp- 1 tbsp the next morning... I now realize that I am an habitual over- committer, of such nature to habitually push myself beyond my limits, and sooner or later I will push myself beyond these new limits, too, unless this realization stops me.  I think that I have gone through over half of my Mountain Manna.  Next I think I'll order some GSL from Ocean Alchemy....

11/22/01 6:42 am
Ran out of the Mountain Manna Pt- Ir about last Friday and put in an order for GSL.  Right now I'm running a short batch of trapwater, of which I just consumed about a pint.  I went through about 50 tsp. of Mountain Manna Pt- Ir in about 28 days.  I'm sorely tempted to get together nine little 4- oz. bottles to send in samples for analysis of my tapwater, trapwater and wastewater, three of each, randomized, for a blind test of both the water and the analytical process.

11/27/01 8:03 am
Received my order of GSL in yesterday's mail.  Don sent it in multiple nested packages with foil shielding over- wraps.  I consumed 1/2 tsp. this morning without much noticeable effect.  A day or two ago I tried messing around with a few different IQ tests on the web with varying results, (of course I was up late and mostly asleep, so I should probably think little of it), and this morning I have run into a challenging question: I believed, since I first learned about the ORMUS materials, that I had been exposed to them as a child, that this was likely an explanation of my higher than average IQ, and that they would be unlikely to have a further strong effect on my intelligence or thought processes, (after all, the depictions in the David Hudson lectures, were of a single course of treatment producing a permanent and lasting transformation).  What if I'm wrong?  How would I know?  If my own processes are being affected positively, how could I prove it, even to myself?  The conviction that I have become smarter is not even evidence, let alone proof.  The belief that things make more sense, that I have a clearer sense of pattern recognition or probability distributions, is not even conclusive evidence that the perceived patterns or reality modeling are correct or complete, (indeed, there are drugs and dream states that will temporarily produce a sort of 'suddenly it all made sense' conviction).  Some may argue that my ability to ask the question itself is an evidence of higher mental function, but I will claim that my level of mental function and sophistication before taking ORMUS materials was high enough to produce this question, and I believe the question to be valid and unanswered.  I am inclined to argue that, for a person of above average intelligence and using these materials at the levels I have been using them, you don't know and cannot know or prove that your IQ has been raised.  I may feel that I perceive and understand more, that things make more sense, that I learn more and faster, that my perception of my reality is more detailed, correct and complete, but these mental models may just as easily be incorrect, these feelings and convictions erroneous.  None of what I've seen so far in my own life is even evidence, let alone proof, of these claims.  By providing full disclosure, we procedurally 'paint ourselves into a corner'.  In good conscience, because of the possible risks and side- effects, we can't pass these materials on without telling people what we believe they are and what they do, but the nature of the placebo effect and the power of suggestion are such that no claims can be proven in this arena without blind testing, and the only research I've seen referenced on this is by Shpilman and the Russians with their "Objects from places of Power".

12/1/01 4:15 am
Consumed about 3/4 tsp. Wednesday morning, (measuring a half- teaspoon is hard.  If some spills, I'm goin' after it), 1 tsp. Thursday morning, and 1 tsp. in chloride form on Friday morning.  Is it too soon to do this?  The recommended limit for new users is 1/2 tsp per day for the first week, but for the fact that I am now not really new to ORMUS materials I feel okay with this increase.

Consumed the last teaspoon of this order of GSL this morning.  I never exceeded 2 tsp/ day at most.  Time to order more, will try trapping some tapwater to see me through until it arrives.

Received a set of Shpilman Carnelian Spheres today.  As I had mentioned earlier,  I have run out of GSL and am expecting more to arrive any day now.  Presently I am making do with trapwater at a rate of one pint per day, though today I had a full quart in defense against the stress I am facing at work.  In addition to the GSL I had ordered, Don said he would include a small sample of his White Dove product for my consideration.

Tuesday I both consumed a pint of trapwater, and used the Shpilman Spheres for one and a half minutes.  Yesterday I didn't consume any trapwater in part because I overslept after working on WhiteGold Forum e- mail from 1:00 - 3:00 am, (that seems to be what it takes to keep up with the forum).   As a countermeasure, I used the Spheres for two minutes yesterday.  Today I both consumed a pint and used the Spheres for two minutes.  As I think the matter through, I begin to wonder if I'll have anything to tell Don that will justify his sending me the free sample of White Dove.  As I have mentioned previously,  everything I've experienced so far could be explained away based on Psycho- somatic/ Suggestibility/ Placebo- effect logic.  I consumed almost all of my first order of GSL in doses of 1 - 2 tsp. converted to Chloride form per day, never any more.  I am primarily consuming ORMUS for reasons of health, and I was raised in a religious environment that forbade pharmakaia, (the use of drugs for spiritual enlightenment), as sorcery.  I was also trying to make it last for economic reasons.  At its present cost, I felt I must make an eight- ounce bottle last at least a month.  If the Shpilman Spheres work out, I will probably feel less pressed to conserve it, but I don't know if I will presently feel comfortable taking large enough doses that I can feel discrete effects.  With my own trapwater this was never a problem, the concentration was too low.

On the one hand I may say that I have received no measurable benefit, but let's take a look at what has happened to me since I started all of this: after I was laid off from my automotive engineering, end of October, 2000, I was unemployed nine months.  I went through over twenty interviews with no offers.  The work I did find, starting July 23rd, 2001, was a communications technician position with Ameritech, neither engineering nor automotive, but with a reasonable long- term prospect for advancement into engineering.  Most of my former co-workers could never have done it, as they would never have passed the physical exam.  It started with a week of "Pole and Ladder Safety Class", which consisted mostly of strapping spikes on your boots and climbing up telephone poles.  At the end of the week, successful students are doing maneuvers at 18'.  At times, the only thing that kept me going was telling myself that "If the Lord wants me to serve at the top of a pole, I will be there".  That, perhaps, and the fact that I hydrated heavily against the heat with trapwater.  Ameritech field service line installation and maintenance, for which I believe myself to be well qualified, (yeah, I can lift 60#, climb a 24' pole and work in confined spaces), is physically strenuous, demanding, and presently challenging.  It requires representing the company before the general public, working outdoors in all kinds of weather, and occasionally has its inherent dangers.  Maybe I was dealing with a placebo effect, or maybe trapwater was optimism and confidence in a bottle.  Most people in my department would never have guessed my age, and I suspect some would hardly believe I'm taking this particular career change at my stage in life if they knew my age.  I used to get sick every three to six months, and that was working in an office.  Now, I string aerial drop wire between houses and telephone poles through trees in the rain or snow and my co-workers are waiting for me to get sick of my job.  It's been six months so far and I'm not sick of it yet.  It's hard work, work I can believe in, and I'm doing it.

...Then they fired me.  If they'd let me work six months, the union would have gotten the ability to arbitrate for me, and they couldn't let that happen.  One critical ability that I didn't master to their satisfaction in five months on the job, was the ability to work without thought.  My supervisor had the fastest crew in the district and I probably threatened that.  The union might get me back in, but it does not look hopeful...

Received Don's shipment of GSL & the White Dove trial sample 1/24/02.  Consumed 1 tbsp Friday morning & this morning.  Spent two minutes with the Shpilman Spheres yesterday and three today.  This morning, my wife challenged the fact that I am expending resources to use m- state materials, (specifically GSL), without anything to show for it, no clear symptoms that it is doing anything for me.  About an hour ago, I consumed about a full dropper of White Dove sublingually, in half- dropper quantities a half- hour apart, just to see if I could produce any clearly discernable result.  It is the first time that I have heard a definite and immediate change in the "Nada" in response to anything.  Never anything like it before, and no other clear evidence above the Psycho- somatic/ Suggestibility/ Placebo- effect threshold from anything I have tried previously, even the Shpilman Carnelian Spheres.

1/28/02 9:10am
The "Enhanced Nada" is still with me, louder than I'm used to, and a bit left of center.  I don't know if anything in my case needs "balancing", but I consumed a pint of my trapwater about ten minutes ago to see where it gets me.

    2:45 pm
The intensity of the "nada" is more than a little distracting.  Maybe I just have to get used to it, or maybe I wasn't ready for this big a change.  I'm not ready to grab for the MSM just yet.  I'll just roll with it and see where it goes.  There is a definite convenience attraction to the high- strength sublingual materials, in that I don't have to concern myself with how long ago I last ate, or how soon I can eat next, (or maybe I'm overly concerned with these matters, and don't need to watch this with Chloride- form GSL as I do with trapwater).

1/29/02 5:50 pm
The nada seems less obtrusive today, maybe it's not as loud, or maybe I've gotten more used to it.  Did another tbsp of GSL this morning.  At this rate, (alternate days), the 8 oz will last about a month.  At least this time I weighed it first, so it's easy to tell how much I have left.

Yesterday I consumed only half a dropper of White Dove.  Today I started with one tbsp of GSL in chloride form, followed later in the day by a pint of TrapWater and a full dropper of White Dove.  Even if the nada is as loud as it was back on Monday, it seems less obtrusive.

I think it's time I consider returning the Spheres.  Before I lost my job, I had more money than time, which condition is now reversed.  I would seem to have a fairly high threshold in that I can't taste the difference between my TrapWater from its tapwater source, don't feel a thing from the Spheres, have hardly experienced anything so far beyond what could be explained away based on Psycho- somatic/ Suggestibility/ Placebo- effect logic, (except recently, as noted in this Log), and I seem to like it that way.  The Spheres had their attraction in convenience, but I was looking for my convenience more than that of the person who loaned them to me, (not really so much a loan as "I'll want to call you with a credit card number, my cards don't go near the internet", "I'm hard to reach by phone, don't worry about paying me right away").  Most of what I'm doing right now is admittedly not very scientific, in that I'm working with a mixture of materials based on my feelings and intuition, instead of running a clinical study intended to rate materials or methods against each other.  If I were working right now, the matter would be entirely different, but, (as noted previously), my wife is calling me to account for my finances and I'm not going to lie to her about this.

2/5/02 10:15am
I personally met yesterday with another local member of the WhiteGold Forum, Mike Foxware.  I had discovered him because he, at one point, posted his mailing address to the Forum for somebody to send him a sample of some product, and the name of the town he was in, (which was local), caught my eye.  His primary foci have been Colloidal Silver, Scalar Energetics, (by means of magnets, coils and noble gasses), and m-state materials.  A point of mutual interest is trapwater, and while, to the best of his knowledge, our local city water is nearly worthless as far as m-state materials are concerned, he does have a friend who is on well water.  Yesterday I left my VorTrap, feeder hose, and adapter with him, and it was his plan to meet with this friend of his yesterday evening and attempt a production run from his well water, and perhaps tonight as well.  Even if I am unable to attend, or am short on time, I expect that progress will be made.  He cautioned me that "The people in this area don't drink this water" for reasons of its mineral content, but I don't expect to find any disagreeable minerals that will be concentrated by a magnetic vortex trap process.  In small quantities it should be safe enough, and if the minerals prove disagreeable straight out of the tap, a recirculating design should get the concentration of m-state high enough to compensate for even this, (I still have to build one of these).

He was quite welcoming, ran me an 8 oz. sample of Colloidal Silver by his high- speed process, (I consumed it on the spot, had a 'dark' flavor, no need to think about storage, transport or shelf- life), and he handed me a bottle of Liquid-Chi on my way out, "It never did anything for me", he said.  I checked into the website on it and I tried a teaspoon of it this morning.  It is supposed to be deep sea Pacific Ocean precipitate.  It doesn't have the salty taste of GSL or White Dove, leading me to wonder about its shelf life.  I have felt more tired than is usual for me most of the morning.  My sleep pattern last night does not justify this unless the Liquid Chi is either doing nothing for me, or I was previously missing some essential m-state fraction and I'm re- entering an initial purge state.  I gave the Shpilman Spheres four minutes to see if they might help compensate, but felt no change from them.  I'm setting an alarm, taking a short nap, and after that I'm reaching for the White Dove if I still feel like this.

    6:13 pm
Reached Mike by phone early afternoon.  Sounds like his friend's water pressure is low enough that my VorTrap, at its present adjustment, will yield one gallon per seven or eight hours.  To me, this is unjustified in a single- stage trap of this design, so I told him to readjust the wastewater rejection cone higher to increase the backpressure.  In my humble opinion my magnets aren't strong enough to justify any output range below one gallon per two hour.  Too much is going down the drain.

Called yesterday afternoon to find both Mike and his friend at Mike's shop, so I paid them a visit.  Mike updated me with respect to the quality of his friend's water, (no problem, people do drink this water).  The waste rejection cone adjustment that I had suggested had done the job just fine and he had brought most of a gallon in a jug with my name on it.  I was surprised to hear that nobody had yet tasted this water, they were waiting for me!  OTOH, no samples of source tapwater or wastewater were available for comparison.  I poured out a cup for each of us, then Mike and I looked to his friend for feedback, as he was used enough to his water to tell us if the trapwater tasted any different.  He tried a taste and assured us that it did.  Perhaps all of these many months, the fault for my weak results has been with my poor tapwater.  My time was short, but they sent me on my way with the rest of the jug in my possession, and I left Mike's friend with a schematic and an explanation of my proposed recirculating trap modification.  I can hardly wait to see where it goes from here.

2/21/02 6:38 pm
Mike and his friend have been seemingly impossible to reach by phone.  Don Nance won't be able to do my next order of GSL until March 7th, so I'll have to stretch what I have left by consuming only two tsp./ two days, and try to fill in with the Shpilman Spheres.  I guess this is evidence of my high threshold: Tuesday I tried the Spheres for five minutes, yesterday six and I thought I could hear a difference in the nada, earlier today I gave it six minutes, followed by another four tonight for a total of ten minutes.  I guess there's something here after all, I just needed more than four times the recommended beginning dose and an absence of my regular ORMUS materials in order to perceive it.

Yesterday seemed very productive.  Mike had reached me by phone to inform me that he had been out of contact because he was helping someone out with a crashed hard drive problem, and his friend had been out of contact in Mexico.  From Mike I recovered my tapwater trap and obtained nearly two gallons of tapwater his friend had separated for me.  I then took the trap about 40 miles West to meet Lon, (who had originally sent me the trap), and a friend of his, Dave, who is on well water.  While I was there we ran two gallons which I left with them, used Lon's table saw to make 1/2" & 1" vortex tubes for the HouseTrap design, I got a good look at their three-stage TinyTrap cascade, and gave my opinions on where the problems were with the system.

3/9/02 4:40 am
Somewhere in the last couple of days, I found it necessary to unsubscribe from the WhiteGold Forum.  My primary focus right now must be finding new work and my family responsibilities.  My farewell included my e-mail address, as had all of my recent posts and this log, and any with comments or questions regarding this log are invited to write-- just don't all write at once.

I have been using the Shpilman Spheres and Trapped Well water to fill in while waiting for the GSL.  Usually when I use the Spheres it is in three minute increments, and I often total twelve minutes per day.  Lon left me a partial sample of Pureganic Liquid Manna, which he was no longer using.  I was surprised by its consistency, which included little lumps, but when I checked back with him he assured me that it had them when he first obtained it, so it should be safe.

3/15/02 3:56 am
I am a little surprised by the approach I seem to be taking.  Maybe my comfort zone has just stretched a bunch, but yesterday I started with a pint of Trapped Well water, followed a few hours later with most of a dropper full of Pureganic Liquid Manna, used the Shpilman Spheres for nine minutes in mid- afternoon, and again for another nine minutes after an evening meeting on the way home.  It would probably not be recommended, but I usually keep the Shpilman Spheres in my car and hold one in each hand while I am driving.  I seem to be trending towards mixed media in large doses.

3/23/02 2:08 am
The next shipment of GSL arrived on 3/16/02, and I am now moving close to 1 tbsp. / day in chloride form, taken every morning.  A day or two ago, I got an idea of what to with that Liquid Chi: if it puts me to sleep, take it at night... so now it's the one to reach for if I wake up at two am.  It is not uncommon for me to be awake two to four hours at a time in the wee hours of the morning these days.  If I fall asleep reading my son his bedtime stories that'll probably be when I'll wake, and I may be up for three hours before I go back to bed.  It seems much of what I used to believe to be chronic health problems was a result of not getting enough sleep or an allergic reaction to dust when cleaning.  It's hard for me to know what's really normal for me now.  I'm probably getting only 5 1/2 to 6 1/2 hours of sleep a night, and I don't know if it's because I don't need more, or merely that I don't want more.  If I could get back to 7 hours per night, that might make the difference in my health right there.  What I do know is that I never managed to get by with so little sleep for such extended periods in the past.  My health always collapsed long before this.

3/25/02 9:17 am
At 1 tbsp. / day I seem to be encountering some intestino- purgative effects, at least I did yesterday.  I have found a good use for the Shpilman Spheres: picture me in a meeting around a table with a dozen other people, I'm starting to phase out, I know I won't be able to stay awake through this one, so I surreptitiously reach into my left pocket, open the containment, remove and palm the right- hand sphere, palm it, and discretely pass it to my right hand.  I then reach back in, remove the left- hand sphere, palm it as well, close the containment, and start a timer on my palmtop computer.  Six minutes later I reverse the process to return the spheres, feeling much more alert.  I have tried this a few times and it seems to work.  Gotta tell John Moore about this.

Last Friday night, April fifth, as I lay in bed late at night, I felt the desire to breathe more deliberately, more consciously, and more deeply.  I guess I had been studying some of the Kundalini accounts on a web site, and, simply because I knew it could be accomplished through breathing in a certain way, felt comfortable experimenting with it.  The sensations that followed were euphoric and strong, but did not seem to be the event that others have referred to.  Perhaps I was only hyperventilating, but at the time it did seem to be something.

4/18/02 5:38 pm
I ran into the website over the weekend.  Even though a good deal of the science, philosophy and religion included therein seem laughable, the testimonies in combination with instructions complete enough for nearly anybody to reproduce the results, seem to warrant further investigation.  Of particular note is the apparent completeness of the effects, ie: disappearance of wrinkles, scars, color change and regrowth of hair; an apparently complete 'turn the clock back'.  You may recall that I first started most of this ORMUS research to investigate the health effects, and that the spiritual and philosophical effects were of secondary interest to me.  My feelings about this may have changed somewhat but the health effects are still a high priority for me.  I expect that I will address BioMagnetics in a separate Log.

4/21/02 1:57 pm
I will be addressing some of the BioMagnetics issues in this log.  I guess I'm not being very scientific about this.  I took a moment to ask myself if I should suspend my intake of m-state materials so as to clarify my BioMagnetic results, but decided it didn't matter enough.  I was doing this for myself, not for Alex Chiu.  Perhaps the problem was that I didn't want to suspend all work long enough to establish a new baseline first.  Well, I now seem to have too many factors to sort out.  Through the years I have seen a few claims for the reduction of the need for sleep.  In 1972- 73, I was briefly involved in a mind- control group named Mind Sci- Genics, which claimed that human bodies only biologically required 2 hours of sleep per night, and that use of their practices would reduce my need for sleep, but it never changed things for me.  In 1997 I started on Dr. Barry Sears _Zone_ diet, which at the time also suggested a sleep savings of up to two hours per night, but I didn't realize this benefit from this diet.  I believe that I realized benefits of reduced need for sleep from my use of GSL, as detailed previously in this log.  Now I seem to have some complicating factors: allergy season is here, the weather has suddenly turned cold, and I started on a new batch of GSL last week, and it seems to be different from that which I've used before.  Always before, if I followed my usual chloride form conversion, (about a half- cup of distilled water, a tablespoon of GSL, a teaspoon of distilled white vinegar, stir), the cloudiness clarified and the resulting mixture still had some of the salty flavor of the GSL and the sour flavor of the vinegar.  I think I'm on my fifth bottle of GSL, and this one's different: I mix it up and there is no resulting flavor.  It also still seems to have a little bit of remaining cloudiness.  I think I'd better write Don Nance and find out if there has been any change.  If he had increased the concentration of the precipitate and all of the vinegar was neutralized dissolving the non- essential solids, I don't think I'd know how to tell.  I made myself a pair of ceramic magnet rings using adhesive tape, which I have worn nightly since Wednesday, 4/17/02, and if anything they seem to have increased my need for sleep.  Of course, I should pay attention to other factors, like the fact that I haven't been using the Shpilman Spheres for 12- 18 minutes per day of late, nor used any of the other m-state materials that I have in the last few days, but even so I presently seem to be feeling the need for more than 8 hours sleep per night.  Perhaps the way the magnetic rings work is by preventing the metabolism from really slowing way down and opening the way to opportunistic infection and disease in the middle of really deep sleep cycles, but it doesn't seem normal to me yet.  Am in the process of fabricating Neodymium- Iron- Boron rare- earth magnet rings.  They should be useable by close of Monday.

4/25/02 5:53 pm
Best Laid Plans.  A machinist's vise and a drill press may be used to emulate a vertical mill, but not very well.  Monday saw two plastic rings squared to useable overall dimensions and one of four 1/2" dia holes complete and showing the correct press fit, but plenty of more time is still required.  Tuesday Mike's customer experienced a hard drive failure, and by the time he arrived I was bound to be late for something else.  Yesterday and today Mike is in Atlanta, and tomorrow my son's school will dismiss at noon, so ring machining will have to wait 'till next Monday.  I tried the adhesive tape trick with the Neodymium- Iron- Boron rare- earth magnets, but they squeeze the fingers too much.  Rigid rings will be required, not to hold the magnets together, but to keep them apart.  Last night I accidentally got the polarity reversed when I used my ceramic magnet rings for about three hours, but I seem to have suffered no ill effects.  I received a response today from Don Nance to the effect that this latest shipment was made from a different bottle of source water and has more precipitate in it, so I guess I'll just keep using it and experiment with raising my vinegar levels in the chloride form conversion.

4/26/02 10:54 am
Raised vinegar in conversion to 1 1/2 tsp., clarified just fine.

5/1/02 9:00 am
Completed a pair of NIB rings yesterday afternoon.  Wore this morning while asleep 1:30 am to 6:30 am, no effects noted.  Mike expects to need help implementing the TapWater Trap at his place, probably Thursday.  Present supply of GSL nearly exhausted, e-mail request in to Don Nance, but I expect he has a lot on his plate right now.  At a tablespoon per day it goes pretty fast, about two bottles per month, so if he's only sending one bottle at a time it's hard to keep ahead of it by mail.  I've been depending more on the Shpilman Spheres, generally using them six to nine minutes at a time, for a total of 12 to 24 minutes per day.

    <1:30 pm
Today I received professional confirmation of a condition that I started to suspect I had back in mid- February.  I have Asperger's Syndrome.  Those things that I said in my introduction to Barry, about being different, not fitting in, were not because my mother fed me beef brains as an infant.  I am simply different.  The condition is congenital.  I think in more [graphic/ spatial] and less verbal terms than most other people, and I always will.  Where others see issues in shades of gray, I look closer to see fine print in black and white.  I am at a disadvantage trying to read, interpret and understand emotions of others based on body language, facial expression and verbal tone, and at a disadvantage trying to interpret and understand my own.  Treatment options are limited and often not justified at all.  My ORMUS usage may have made me a more rounded, more normal individual, but it's too soon to tell.>

5/6/02 9:50 am
Ran out of GSL a few days ago.  Friday I met with Mike Foxware, calibrated the TapWater Trap for the pressure and flow conditions out at his place, hope he has production running soon.  Used a little of the Pureganic Liquid Manna Saturday, none yesterday, in fact yesterday I only got in about 15 minutes with the Spheres.  Definitely woke up feeling sick this morning.  Told myself I'd try to make it on the Pureganic Liquid and hold the White Dove in reserve, but wound up taking about a dropper full of each.  Guess I push myself too hard and now it's catching up with me.

5/7/02 1:51 pm
Was feeling pretty run down yesterday evening around 7:45 or so, took most of a dropperful of White Dove.  The restorative response was immediate and pronounced.  If this stuff becomes unavailable because of difficulties in obtaining metallic sodium I'm really going to miss it.

Was feeling really bad in the sinus areas this morning at about 2:00 am, took one tbsp Liquid Chi in chloride form at about 2:20 am, followed by a couple of Bufferin at 3:10, managed to get to sleep again, felt a lot better by 6:50 am.

Two eight- ounce bottles of Don's GSL arrived Saturday, 5/11/02, I started in on Sunday, and I am almost over this bug.  In the past week and a half, I have gained a new appreciation for Don's White Dove, which seems to have been instrumental in my recovery.  If I had used it as a substitute for the GSL when it ran out I probably wouldn't have gotten sick at all.

As I think back, I realize that this used to be a fairly common pattern for me: I'd run a bit short on sleep, get into an argument with my wife, and be sick for a few days or a few weeks.  Sleep cycles don't respond instantly to changes in the need for sleep.  I ran out of GSL and I didn't feel like I needed the sleep, and the added stress was too much, as it always had been in the past.  I even remember a time, some months ago, when I discovered that my increased energy levels meant I could hold my own better in an argument.  Such is the nature of domestic relationships and arguments, however, that even when you win, you lose.  If you intend to change or end an m-state program, be sure to allow for more sleep than you feel that you need.  The Shpilman Spheres may be a good way to increase alertness, but they don't seem to have the health benefits of the GSL or the White Dove.  I still have not been able to tell if the Pureganic Liquid Manna or Liquid Chi products are doing anything for me at all.  In the past I have seen the White Dove as something to conserve because of the Sodium shortage/ scarcity problem, but now that it's my health in the balance I feel selfish....

Ran out of GSL about a week and a half ago. I am certainly feeling better than last time I ran out because I am using Don's White Dove without reservation, and I seem to be doing just fine.  If I have any problem with it, it's that I lose track of how much I've used.  I'm using less than half a dropper- full at a time, sublingually, the little bottle seems about half full, and I've had it for months.  Don's probably swamped but I'll bug him anyway; maybe the USPS misrouted this one.

6/24/02 6:27 pm
Received shipment from Don Nance today.  He had responded to my e-mail by stating that he had thought he had already sent it, and I believe him.  I've even seen USPS lose the door to a floor safe.  Shipment contains two bottles, one marked "Blend, White Dove + GSL", the other labeled "Elixir of Venus".  This is truly a surprise.  Since I had been using half an ounce of GSL in Chloride form per day, or perhaps 3 half- droppers of White Dove, (about 6 to 9 mL?), I really feel the need to question the mixture ratio before trying it.  OTOH, even when I was consuming half an ounce of GSL per day, I was also consuming at least one- half dropper of White Dove per day as well.  If the effects had been identical, I would have said that White Dove is 2.5 times as strong as GSL based on this, but the effects of the White Dove are definitely more pronounced than those of the GSL, and it also has the advantage that it can be used in large numbers of doses daily without magnesium purging effects.  I've had some days when I probably took four or maybe even five doses and could definitely hear a difference in the nada, tangible, sharp and tonal.

    10:39 pm
I checked Don's web site for "Elixir of Venus", but he doesn't list it, so it's not a publicly available product yet.  I feel like just trying half a dropper in the morning, even though I don't know what it's supposed to be.  I did a web search on the name, but only came up with one product, alchemical, part of a set of seven "planetary elixirs" from the recipe of a deceased Canadian Homeopath, sold in full matched sets only.  IMHO this is unlikely to be related.  Why do I feel like trying it before I know what it's supposed to be?  It may be that after all these months of gradually increasing doses, without anything concrete to show for it beyond a reduced need for sleep and a ringing in my ears, I am becoming impatient like so many ancient alchemists and modern ORMUS researchers before me.  Or, it could be because I trust Don, I know that he knows what I'm trying to do, and I trust that he wouldn't send me Dead Sea Gold or Golden Tear, or some other Gold or Iridium product without telling me what it was.  It is reasonable to believe that he didn't send any explanatory notes because he wants something more like a blind testing environment, the sort of thing I've been pointing to as necessary to establish credibility all along.

On closer inspection I note that the Elixir of Venus bottle has a "Cu" on the back side.  This probably means M- State Copper.  This is not an eye- dropper bottle, so I'm presuming low concentration.  I took a teaspoon this morning on an empty stomach.  It is a clear liquid without visible precipitate, but enough salt in solution to protect it during transport.  This product did seem to strengthen the nada, but it did not increase my alertness.  In fact, it seems to be putting me back to sleep.

1) New products throw me into an initial purge state.  Anything new I try will put me to sleep.

2) I'm used to a boost at this hour of the morning, this morning I needed one, I only took a teaspoon, and White Dove it ain't.

3) Improved alertness is not one of its attributes.

     I followed with White Dove later this morning, and I think I'll write Don and ask for more details.

6/26/02 1:49 am
Don's Response:

" I ran out of GSL and finished filling your bottle with the White Dove.
 You may try 1/2 teaspoon doses and work from there.
 The Venus is an m-state copper elixir. I take about 1 teaspoon per day,
 but you may want to try 1/2 of that. Its attributes are that it is
 supposed to be anti-aging and conducive of longevity. I have not taken enough to know yet, but initial reports are very favorable :)) It is said to take as much as six months to see benefits. If you would like to
 continue it, I'll provide it. I take mine along with whatever Manna I am taking, GSL or White Dove, in the morning on an empty stomach."

I'm not gonna complain about this one!  Half White Dove should put this about 1/4 the way to M-3!

7/3/02 7:14 pm
The Subtle Betrayal
Today I unscrewed the top on my White Dove, pinched the top of the eyedropper bulb sufficiently to obtain about a half- dropper full, and it came up empty!  Cautiously, I screwed the dropper back down, pinched it again, and consumed my usual amount.  I have been given notice: what remains to me is a depth about equal to the interference of the screw threads of the cap and bottle.  I would not have met with this discovery by surprise if I didn't keep the bottle wrapped in foil to shield it.  I am presently using half a tablespoon of the Blended GSL + White Dove every morning in chloride form, (trying to make it last a month, because when it's half gone, it will be time to order more), but I also usually grab a half- dropper of White Dove when I feel stressed, presently once or twice a day.  When I used it as a replacement for GSL, I took it three to four times daily.  When I think back on how I reacted to the White Dove at the end of January, and compare that with how I regarded it two weeks ago, the difference is almost laughable.  It brings to mind a poem by Piet Hein:

"My candle burns at both its ends, it will not last the night...."

This is how I live.  The enlightenment is mine.  I burn my candle at both ends; I live hard; I push my limits.  I know myself as a candidate for an abuse and dependency problem, but somehow what I found, instead of a chemical stimulant that robs my health to raise my alertness, or suppresses physical symptoms of ill health and produces drowsiness to improve health by increasing sleep obtained, I have found something, ORMUS, that improves both health and alertness, simply raises human potential.  If I had a garage shop with attached house, If I were single and economically comfortable, I'd be asking Don for lessons at his place on making and preparing these materials as soon as it could be arranged at his convenience.  I hope Don, (and any of you producing m-state for others than yourselves, for that matter), has a successor picked and trained so that his work does not die with him.  The Lord could take any one of us out of this world at any time.

7/23/02 2:56 pm
Ran out of Blended GSL + White Dove on Sunday, 7/21/02.

I am finding it difficult to make this entry.  Even after I ran out of GSL I was still feeling pretty good, probably a result of my total cumulative intake of ORMUS materials so far.  I seem to have reached a point where I am about half a dozen deep breaths away from a sort of euphoria I find difficult to describe or explain.  All I have to do is breathe deeply for a little while and I feel immediate and substantial changes.

As regards Asperger's Syndrome, I met with a psychiatrist who did not share the diagnosis of my psychologist, stating that my condition seemed more like something else.  "I've had people in here with Asperger's before, and they can't just sit there and hold a conversation with me like you are right now.  Yours seems closer to Schizotypy, but regardless, I would prescribe this in either case, so to me it doesn't really matter which it is."  He prescribed Celexa, 20 mg./ day.  It took me a while to get it and get started on it, as it carries an automobile and heavy equipment warning and I can't just put my life on hold.  Fortunately the side effects are usually limited to the first week or two of use, and it generally has to accumulate in one's system for two or three weeks before its primary intended effects are really felt.  I started on the Celexa on July 25th, started at night so that I could sleep through most of it.  For most of a week it seemed like I couldn't really wake up, no matter what I did, though now I'm getting to the point where I seem mostly back to normal.  The "Nada" was intense, varied and changing, like multiple, different, near- ultrasonic voices sounding from different parts of my head.  My next shipment of GSL arrived 7/27/02, and has probably helped some.  I contacted a few members of the WhiteGold Forums that I trust for a balanced and in- depth perspective, if they thought that the ORMUS Gold materials were likely to be of help for my condition, (that is, presuming that I really want to try a psychopharmacological solution), and the general consensus was that it should help, but that I'm not ready.  If only I had more time, I might try an ORMUS Gold preparation for my condition, but I haven't been on the GSL and non- Gold/ Iridium products long enough to make the transition safely, and my wife insists that anything which will help me, (with what may be normal levels of anxiety?), to fit in better and get back into the work force and off of unemployment, is worth trying.  Maybe in another week I'll feel better about this stuff, but right now I really don't like this Celexa. It feels like an unbalanced, blunt instrument, and like it has dulled all of my sharp and rough edges, (including the ones that are supposed to be sharp).  It's not like they've been sanded smooth, as sanded surfaces are rougher than this; it's more like they've been fire- polished, like blown glass.

That "mostly back to normal" feeling comes and goes, (which means that I'm not mostly back to normal with this Celexa stuff).  I've raised my intake of GSL to 4 tsp, (1 tbsp + 1 tsp), every morning and this seems to help.  Maybe Celexa simply isn't right for me and I won't be able to use it.  Maybe I just need a good engineering job, and my wife should be on this Celexa stuff.

9/24/02 6:39 pm
I seem to have adjusted to the Celexa, in fact, my dosage has been increased to 30mg/ day, but I can't tell if I'm gaining any benefit from it.

For some months now, I have been slowly accumulating the materials for the fabrication of a prototype Orgone generator of the HolyHandGrenade/ PowerPyramid class.  Last Tuesday, (one week ago), I performed multiple resin pours on the project, and as far as I could tell I gained an overexposure to the Methyl Ethyl Ketone fumes.  My sinuses just went nuts; I had a nose that ran like a champion.  Well, I figured, you can't expect ORMUS use to defend you against poisons in all cases. Documented ORMUS effects include increasing the effectiveness of conventional medications, so increased sensitivity to some toxins would also make sense.  The next day my wife came down similar symptoms, (I have been careful to completely conceal the entire Orgone project from her, so she'd had _no_ ketone exposure), so we figured our boy had brought a cold home from school.  Thursday, after my wife and our son had both left, I got out the big bottle of White Dove, and proceeded with four half- droppers over a period of about 30- 45 minutes (I usually do a half- dropper at a time for sub- lingual administration, as this seems to be about what actually fits under my tongue).  The results were fairly immediate and very pronounced, symptoms largely relieved, (except for the slight headache), and my alertness was strongly boosted.  I continued to use the White Dove throughout the day based on my symptoms, (probably one half- dropper per 90- 120 minutes until early evening).  At about 1:00 am I decided it was probably time I wind down and go to bed, whether I felt like it or not, (and I didn't feel like it).  I was up 'till 1:30 that morning, and rose with my family at my normal time in the morning without ill effect.  My wife has had a rough time with this illness, and we're neither one of us completely over it even now, a week later.  I got her to try the White Dove a couple of months ago for something, but she didn't like it.  Oh well, there's no accounting for some things in this world.

9/28/02 5:10 am
My, but how things change!  The new job (!) started Thursday night at 11 pm, ran to 7 am Friday morning, (third shift), through a temp agency.  I assemble, inspect and pack plastic parts in a factory.  It doesn't pay like engineering, but it is real work and an honest wage.  They were supposed to give me 24 hours' notice for any third shift positions, but somebody canceled at the last minute, so they gave me a try, late Thursday morning, for work to begin about 12 hours later.  "I've never tried third shift before, let's do it.  You need an answer now, count me in."   Of course, both my wife and the rep. at the temp agency recommended that I caffeinate heavily, but I don't do caffeine.  I'm not convinced it's safe, and the SQUID tests say that under the influence of caffeine some small part of your brain just goes right to sleep, (neither they nor I know what that part does; convince me that I don't need it).  I knew what to do.  I just used that big bottle of WhiteDove to refill my little dropper bottle and put it in my pocket.  The job includes ten- minute breaks at 1 & 5 am, and a half hour at 3 am; a half- dropper at about those times was enough to keep my consciousness blazing brightly, (your mileage may vary).  I was wide awake for the entire shift, (nobody likes industrial accidents), plus the critical drive home, (traffic accidents aren't much better).  I thought I'd done too many late night lab reports in college and that my health couldn't handle them any more.  I remember one of my college friends telling me that caffeine forces you to stay awake, but still allows you to feel your fatigue, (presumably a minor virtue?), so that your sleep schedule doesn't shift much on you.  Well I needed to shift my sleep schedule, and this seems to have done that very cleanly, (of course, as you can also tell from my Log, I probably have quite a bit of accumulated ORMUS in my system by now as well).

9/30/02 3:30 am
I guess there's more to shifting a sleep schedule than just being awake and alert when required.  I don't seem to have any trouble with work or the drive home, but I'm not sleeping normally in the 9 to 5 daytime range either.  This may be because I am very light- sensitive, and it's hard to get total darkness at my place in the daytime.  Maybe I can compensate by using melatonin.

    10:45 pm
A production supervisor met me in the parking lot and told me that they're overstaffed, I'm lowest seniority, I go home.  They'll sort it out in the morning in a production meeting.  Don't know if they'll need me again, or what shift.  I'll have to see what else my temp agency may have for me.

10/12/02 10:16 pm
Finally got another assignment, this one started yesterday, 7:00 am., warehouse environment, packing stuff for shipment.  There is no assurance that it will last more than one additional day, <it didn't>.  As with the previous graveyard shift work, the White Dove seems to have proven invaluable in keeping me alert and awake during these morning hours.

At this point I am consuming the White Dove exclusively; it is strong and convenient, I have a lot of it, I ran out of the distilled water I used to mix with the GSL, and I forgot to ask Don Nance to send more GSL, (though I have not yet run out, I have reached the point where I would typically order more).

In retrospect, it seems that over at least the last 6 or 7 months, I have experienced a gradual but definite increase in libido.  The side effects at the beginning of my use of Celexa reduced this by a little, but not much, nor for very long.  I consider my ORMUS consumption the most likely cause.  This might be easier if my marital relationship was better, but I find this a fairly frustrating situation, with no easy or immediate resolution.

I have been quick to remark on effects that I have been unable to verify, but my confirmed effects worthy of note include:

Relief from constipation.  I know this doesn't sound like a big one, initially I had attributed the minor relief I had experienced to the volume of trapwater I was consuming, you may recall.  Well, don't look upon the discomfort and inconvenience of constipation in this decade, look upon the cumulative effects, medical dangers and social problems of diverticulosis and diverticulitis in decades to come.  This has become a fairly common medical problem of old age in our society, in the general classification range of "unspoken, dirty little secret".  My progress has continued.  Elimination has become regular, consistent and voluminous.

The failure of my anti- perspirant, (it has gotten "worse" with time, and I use the strongest I can find).

Increased (if not indomitable) confidence, increased mental alertness, (almost regardless of lack of sleep, and without my usual propensity toward illness which accompanied loss of sleep), more rapid recovery from illness after the fact, and increased libido.

Other factors:
I'm testing the Alex Chiu rings that I made back in April, but I have trouble sleeping in the recommended position so I haven't used them much.  Left to my own devices, I normally sleep on my side.  If I sleep on my back, as recommended, I have trouble breathing, trouble with coughing, and probably snore once asleep, (I have a wife, and I intend to keep her).  These rings seem ideal for surprising me by sticking my little fingers together when I try to blow my nose in the dark.  I seem to feel a tingling in my hands when I approach sleep with them on, but there are a lot of near- sleep effects that seem far more unusual at the time than they really are.  It's hard to be sure that such effects are real.

I fabricated a large prototype Orgone generator of the HHG variety, with some features from Kristina Scheps' Power Pyramid designs.  Instead of a foil packet containing copper bits, a magnet and a gas- filled bulb, I used an Orgonite plug for a hollow chamber that I fill with copper bits and a DT quartz crystal.  I plan to add a NIB magnet and a Krypton or Xenon bulb in the near future.  This generator resides under my bed.  I have been unable to confirm that it does anything at all.

Time to refill the dropper bottle already, I spilled a bit of the White Dove.  I need to get a small funnel for such operations.  I guess this is a risk of high concentration factors: spill a bit, it's a week's worth.

10/26/02 11:16 am
My sensitivity may be increasing.  Yesterday, or perhaps the day before, I started up again on the GSL.  At the time, I thought I noticed a definite increase in the Nada, but I wasn't sure.  This morning I noticed it again and this time it was unquestionable.  The only major difference, in comparison to my previous usages, was that I used it with a half glass of bottled spring water instead of distilled water for the chloride form conversion.  Maybe I am getting more sensitive, hopefully time will tell.  <Also gave the Shpilman Spheres about 18 minutes in 9 minute doses later in the day with no noticeable effects at all.  My time with them may be done.>

11/5/02 5:55 am
Seem to be fighting a cold, drippy yesterday, today I'll hit it hard with White Dove as soon as I've had my sleep.  Got my TapWater Trap back from Mike a few days ago, as he's not set up to run it in the winter.  I put out notice of its availability for loan on, but I have no takers.  I contacted Lon.  It sounds like Dave finally got his Three- Stage TinyTrap working with fairly spectacular results, so they don't need to borrow mine.  I'm going to reconfigure the magnetic array to all south opposed ("bucking") and put it to work.

    6:29 pm
Well, I've been working with m-state materials since 10/19/01, since 6/28/01 if I include my questionable trap water.  My results seem real and notable, but not outstanding.  Sometimes I must wonder if perhaps I haven't learned to "work with" this stuff.  If I recall correctly, David Hudson was once quoted as stating, "You've got to believe in this stuff", and at one time Cosmic Wizard suggested that I pray before running my trap, and try to define and visualize my results.  Is part of the issue here my metaphysics?  I thought ORMUS was one of those things that worked regardless of one's beliefs... that in the face of a real, objective reality that exists with or without us to observe it, ORMUS is "real".  Must I believe in this stuff to create it?  Must I believe in it for it to affect me biologically when I consume it?  Maybe good ol' CW doesn't know how I pray.  Perhaps my faith isn't what it should be, or isn't what it once was, but most of the time I'm asking God for guidance, wisdom, and the revelation of his will.  I don't pay special attention to my choice of words, because my God knows my needs.  I don't repeat my requests ad nauseum, because I believe I was heard correctly the first time.  I don't visualize heavily or specify means because I trust God to be a better planner than I, and I don't demand my own way because I believe that God is sovereign.

Ran the trap, nearly a gallon in about 45 minutes.  Seems to taste light and crisp, but I haven't made a clean comparison.  Ran out of GSL a few days ago, but I have enough White Dove that I'm not concerned by that.  I'll probably do about a pint of trapwater per day in addition.

11/20/02 9:37 pm
Monday I ordered my Precious Prills by Twilight Products through Life Enthusiast Co-op.  These appear to be a relatively permanent solution to ongoing health maintenance and support for those who have little or no trappable ORMUS in their tap water.  Yesterday I started a new work assignment through the temp agency.  Presently the work consists of cleaning a non- scratch coating off of stamped steel parts at will eventually be used by Harley- Davidson.  We dip basket loads of eight to twelve pieces into a tank of heated caustic cleaning solution, then into a water rinse tank, after which we dry them by hand.  This runs from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm.  I'm only getting 5 to 5:30 of sleep per night.  Without the White Dove during breaks, every two or three hours, I don't think I could make it.

11/21/02 12:32 pm
The temp work has moved on to a mix of cleaning and packing parts and assembling containers for same.

11/23/02 6:22 am
...And now they have no more work for us.  Originally they had put fifteen of us through orientation and expected to put us on a production line for an indefinite period, at least three to four weeks.  In the end, they brought in just two of us, me for four days, the other guy for five, and that's it.  While we were there, we cleaned and hand dried hundreds of tank shell halves, assembled about 13 shipping containers and assisted substantially in leak testing dozens of tanks.   Yesterday I think they shipped close to 75 of them.  They have an order for a total of about 700 tanks, but these will probably be built elsewhere, and the tooling line that our group was originally intended to run will robotically build motorcycle frames, but it, also, will first be moved elsewhere; we never saw it run.  Four days of work, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, we never saw the sun, and now it's done and gone.  I can see why this temp work is so easy to qualify for, the variability and uncertainty are certainly frustrating.

11/27/02 1:27 pm
UPS delivered Precious Prills.  Gallon glass jugs are tougher to find than expected.  I'm starting with a large Planter's Peanut jar, (about one quart capacity).  The Prill bags are made of a fine mesh cloth, apparently synthetic, and are not equally filled.  I guess I had expected the Prills to actually resemble small, smooth beads, but they much more closely resemble off- white fine sedimentary gravel. I started by rinsing the dust out of the bubble pack shipping envelope, then pouring water through the Prill bags, then agitating them while submerged to separate the dust into a sauce bottle that now contains a pint of cloudy water.  The Prill bags are now in the large Planter's Peanut jar, submerged in a quart of relatively clear water.

     Got an e-mail from Don Nance.  He accidentally filled both my bottles of GSL from the wrong flask.  They are not GSL as marked, but are WhiteDove.  Looks like WhiteDove is my destiny and I was meant to have it.  No complaints whatsoever.

    11:09 pm
The Prill Dust in the first jar has settled into a cloud occupying the bottom 3/8" of the bottle.  Removed lids, blew off chlorine.

11/29/02 2:32 am
Poured off and refilled the Planter's Peanut jar for one pint (measured & marked).  Drank 1/2 of this first "harvest" of PrillWater.  No taste difference noted.  The PrillDust in the sauce jar appears to have completely settled.

    10:55 am
Drank the rest of the first pint and harvested another pint of PrillWater, used 1/3 to microwave a bowl of oatmeal, the rest I poured into a pump sprayer.  Some people writing testimony on Twilight Products seem to be rubber- stamping things at a "just great, performs as claimed" level of description, but I refuse to do so.  I will have to repeat the Oatmeal Experiment both ways in the next few days, just to validate what I believe I've seen.  I'm used to seeing a "rolling boil" pattern of motion of oatmeal in the microwave, circulating upward in the center and downward on the sides, but this morning it seemed to soak up the water so quickly that it hardly circulated at all.  I also recently switched from medium to 1- minute oats, which might be partially or completely responsible for the phenomenon observed.  Showered, sprayed all wet parts of shower with PrillWater from spray bottle, turned off bathroom exhaust fan.

    1:38 pm
Harvested another pint.  Refilled water bottle for drinking.

    3:40 pm
Harvested another pint.  Refilled spray bottle, used PrillWater to clean bathroom mirrors.  Sprayed, used old toothbrush to agitate, wiped down with paper towel.  Results were fast and streak- free, but a comparison with regular tap water will be needed to validate these results.

    6:00 pm Harvested most of a pint to steam vegetables.

11/30/02 About Noon
 Harvested another pint.  Refilled water bottle for drinking.  I think I'm gonna stop logging routine harvests.  At this point I have two Prill bags in a quart of tap water which I harvest and refill one pint at a time.

Tried the oatmeal thing again with tap water this time, saw little or no difference.  This suggests that any difference noted came from the difference in the oats, not the water.  More tests will be required.

12/5/02 3:49 pm
Finally got the gallon glass bottle, distilled water, Prill bags weigh 2 1/4 oz. and 3 1/8 oz, wet, surprised they are so different, (I didn't want to delay things for the drying time, so I just weighed them wet).  Inserted the larger Prill bag into the gallon jug with difficulty.  If I ever want to remove it, I will have to find a way to open the bag and remove the prills separately within the bottle.  Measured in one gallon of distilled water at about 4:00 pm, marked the bottle by quarts.  Refilled the Planter's Peanut jar with the small Prill bag and one quart of distilled water.

12/10/02 12:05 pm
On Friday, 12/6/02, my wife started boiling water on the stovetop to humidify the apartment.  The relative humidity in the apartment had dropped to below 40% and she was feeling it.  Between the use of the shower in the master bathroom and the water on the stove she had no trouble raising the humidity to 60%.  I tried running distilled PrillWater in the pan on the stovetop, didn't notice a difference.  On 12/7 I ran the ultrasonic humidifier in the master bathroom with distilled PrillWater.  Conventional hygrometer response was observed.  At one point, I even closed the bathroom door, and observed the humidity in the bathroom climb to 60%.  I am trying to reproduce the documented Prill moisture/ desiccation effect, as my apartment has moisture problems and mold, (especially in the wintertime), caused by leaky faucets, and my son has asthma.  Apparently my PrillWater isn't strong enough for this application, as I only bought two bags and only used one in the gallon jug that I run with distilled water for the humidifier.  The other Prill bag is in the quart of distilled water in the Planter's Peanut Jar as a long- range test.  Maybe it's time for this test to end for now, as it's set for 56 hours.  I've just changed the water in the pot with a quart of cold water and set the stove in the low/ medium range with the hygrometer on the stovetop nearby.

    12:20 pm
The water is up to about 130 degrees F, hygrometer reads 42%.

    12:30 pm
Shut down ventilation system, turned stove up to center of medium range.

    12:50 pm
Moved hygrometer to position in microwave oven over stove, as kitchen is too open, air circulation pattern had not been working with me, reading had dropped to 40%.

    1:00 pm
Now reading 50%.  Shut down at about 1:05 pm with a reading of about 52%.  Permitted to cool to 1:20, poured out water, scrubbed out scale with vinegar.  1:30 pm, hygrometer reads 42%, started pot with one quart of the strongest PrillWater I have from my long range test, (now 57 1/2 hours), set stove on low/ medium.  2:00 pm raised stove setting to center of medium range, relative humidity reading 47%.

    2:10 pm 57%.

    2:20 pm 59%.

    2:30 pm
Shut down with a reading of 57%.  Only conventional hygrometer response was observed, have not duplicated the documented Prill moisture/ desiccation effect.

    3:25 pm
Water is cold, relative humidity 42%, returned PrillWater to jar, almost exactly half had been vaporized on the stovetop.

12/12/02 9:00 am
Yesterday I contacted Barry Carter for suggestions regarding my PrillMoisture problem.  He suggested switching from distilled water back to tap water, as the distillation process may have stripped the water of something essential for the Prill conversion process.  Emptied and refilled both bottles with tap water, left caps a bit loose for offgassing.

12/13/02 11:58 pm
Harvested three quarts of PrillWater at about 10:30 this morning.  My process doesn't even seem to be offgassing chlorine anymore.  Could I have found a way to clumsily kill these Prills?  I'm tempted to remove the larger bag of Prills from the gallon jug and return it to the one- quart Planter's Peanut jar to see if I can even reproduce the offgassing I had initially, otherwise, should I send them back for analysis?  What happened?  What went wrong?  Tiny steps, first a harvest and refill, with the caps tight again, see If I get my offgassing....

1/15/03 10:41 am
It's time I get back into this.  Barry suggested that I switch back from distilled to tapwater.  I have tried this, but as the Prill instructions state that either can be used, I don't think that it's much of a factor.  A day or two after I got back from Christmas vacation out of state, I tried drinking a bit of the water that had prilled about a week in my absence, and I thought I could sense a difference, but it was subtle and hard to be sure.

On another note, back on Monday morning, for the first time in many months,  I found myself feeling sleepy even with the White Dove to help.  It seems like I haven't been the same since.  I've increased my nightly sleep to 7 1/2 hours and my alertness seems good when I'm awake, but I seem to have returned to a "normal" need for sleep.  Could I have reached the limit of what the White Dove will do for me?

1/17/03 7:58 pm
Confessions time!  What could I have done to kill these Prills?  Well, there was One Little Thing....   Twilight Products doesn't call this "New Science, Not Yet Understood", they call it "Magic, Proven by Science".  An essential difference is that science always works, mechanistic, very concrete, while magic may depend, in part, on state of consciousness, belief, point of view and "intent".  I remember thinking to myself: "Finally, something concrete, repeatable, measurable, that runs counter to science and experience.  The CSICOP folk have had a reward up for decades now for proof of the paranormal.  It was $10K back in the beginning, and I don't remember what they've raised it to now, but I know it's a lot, and I haven't worked in my field in so long, and my wife's out of work now too, and she sure won't let me forget how important money is to our family right now, and it sure would be nice to wade into the CSICOP group and give those skeptical old atheists a kick in their complacency".  Maybe for the time being I got myself blacklisted on another plane of existence....

1/20/03 7:16 am
Yesterday my long term trial quart batch hit 40 days, time to try it.

The 40- day PrillWater doesn't seem much different than it did at one week: can't really taste or feel a tangible difference, though something in the back of my mind is saying, "can't you hear it?  This water Sings!", no, I don't really hear a difference.

Have I reached the limit on the WhiteDove?  I doubt it, as my "nada" still responds strongly to it.  Other possible causes for my apparent return to a "normal" need for sleep include: the increased dose of Celexa (I am now up to 50 mg/ day), and the PrillWater (generally one to two pints/ day, average Prilling = 24 hours).

1/27/03 10:05 pm
Sick all day and part of last night.  Flu- like symptoms, head and joint aches, fever dreams.  My son brought this illness home from school, and was sick all day Saturday and Sunday.  We kept him home from school today too, so that he could build up his strength.  Probably my big mistakes were reading to him a lot on Saturday, (as far as I can tell, stories are more restful than television), trying to get by on six hours of sleep per night for several nights running, and going through all of Saturday without consuming any ORMUS.

1/28/03 2:45 pm
Still running a slight fever, headache nearly gone.  The nada is fairly loud and has some characteristics I don't think I mentioned before.  When it's fairly quiet and I can hear it best, it's dynamic and turbulent, as if different parts of my head were using it to call back and forth to each other.  This has been going on for many months, perhaps as long as I have been taking the White Dove.  These "calls" aren't much louder than the basic volume of the nada, but they run back and forth and elsewhere _several times per second_.  Last night I noticed something new: light, flashing in my upper peripheral vision in time with the nada, that is to say, rapid, white flashes, usually seen in only one eye at a time, for a total duration of less than ten seconds per occurrence, seen in conditions of near total darkness, and visible whether my eyes were open or closed.

2/6/03 9:44 pm
Still have a bit of a cough, but I'm just about well.  When this most recent illness hit my wife, she found it really incapacitating.  This last Monday, 2/3/03, I went through another three- hour orientation session, and now I'm back to cleaning the same tanks and doing the same work that I did last November.  It's still only temporary, but it started at ten hours per day, and will be running 12/7 before long.

2/27/03 8:31 pm
A logical conclusion, at this point, is that my increased need for sleep is a direct result of raising my Celexa dosage to 60 mg. /day.  none of the other effects of the WhiteDove seem to have been adversely affected.  Yesterday I finally mixed up some of Cosmic Wizard's "$2 Monatomic Drink."  Instead of mixing up the whole can at once, I used a small scale to weigh out 4 ounces of concentrate so that I could mixup only a pint of product the first time.  Not bad stuff, I think I'll use it too, for a while.

3/17/03 7:21 pm
I have been unbelievably busy, working long hours and weekends.  Don Nance's White Dove has been my mainstay, and I've mixed up four single- pint batches of CW's "Monatomic Drink" so far.  One reason why I've been doing the small batches so far is that I have nothing like a one gallon wide- mouth glass jar to mix it in, and this stuff foams quite a bit, in fact batch number three "foamed over", made a mess.  One solution I found to the "foam over" problem was to start by dissolving the baking soda into the dilution water, which I can then add in small amounts to control the foam produced.  I still need to check with CW to make sure that this procedure does not degrade product quality.  The results of the "Drink" are quite subtle, harder to tell if anything "real" is happening than with the White Dove.  Perhaps CW's "Spin Modifier" is worth considering.

4/1/03 3:36 am
The temp assignment ended 3/20/'03.  Most of the money earned went to pay bills and past debts, with plenty of past debts left.  As my wife is not currently working this is a trying time for us all.

5/5/03 7:39 pm
Yesterday I drove out to visit Lon and Dave, now about fourteen months from my last visit.  Last I had known, Dave had gotten his three- stage TinyTrap working, and had offered to invite me out when it came time for him to again refill his swimming pool.  In the few hours I was there, we trapped at least six gallons, I demonstrated my small batch monoatomic drink procedure, (which they really seemed to like, as they had expected it to taste a lot worse than it did), and I left them with about two ounces apiece of Don's White Dove to try out.  There is definitely something to Dave's trap water, of which I took four gallons.  I might have taken more, but considering its shelf life, I didn't think I could do justice to more.  The nada response to this trapwater is almost immediate, and about twelve ounces at a time makes it loud, clear, and balanced, (it seems to spread from left to right).

5/6/03 1:34 pm
Some things change.  I used to think through the old saying, "the more things change, the more they stay the same", but things are not the same, because I am not the same.  Back near the beginning of all this on 11/27/01, I said "for a person of above average intelligence and using these materials at the levels I have been using them, you don't know and cannot know or prove that your IQ has been raised.  I may feel that I perceive and understand more, that things make more sense, that I learn more and faster, that my perception of my reality is more detailed, correct and complete, but these mental models may just as easily be incorrect, these feelings and convictions erroneous.  None of what I've seen so far in my own life is even evidence, let alone proof, of these claims."  Now, however, I _do_ feel that I perceive and understand more, that things make more sense, that I learn more and faster, that my perception of my reality is more detailed, correct and complete!  I have felt this way much of the time for several months now, as if living at a higher level of awareness for a prolonged period of time has had its impact and made its mark, and I am now much improved though it doesn't show much as yet, and am anticipating something new and exciting, though I don't know what it will be.  I have little or nothing to show for it, but the conviction holds its own ground.

5/8/03 6:54 pm
Lon wrote back and told me a little of how much he liked the White Dove and the Small Batch Process Two Dollar Monoatomic Drink.  I'm no longer getting much of a nada from his trap water, but that's not surprising.  More details as they come through.

BioMed note: my doctor has had me discontinue my use of Concerta, (as it seemed to be doing nothing for me, even in increasing doses), but wants to keep me on the Celexa for some months to come.  

5/25/03 8:15 am
For the last few weeks I have been working at a local Locksmith shop.  I'm earning enough to pay the bills, or the rent, but not both.  Last night I tried to drain my gallon jug to extract and dry my second bag of Prills, (the first had weighed 1 3/4 ounces when dry), when I noticed crystals suspended in the water, and thought it better not to drink all of the water until I know what they are, or separate them from it.  They looked like little needles or thin, flat, transparent blades, all less than 3/8" long.  Twilight Products has said that the Prills don't add anything material to water?  I'd really like to know what these crystals are.

I'm definitely overdue for updating this Log.  Back on 6/4/03 I started implementing the most powerful available Orgone enhancement technology that I have been able to find.  Some explanatory notes follow:

6/6/03 2:18 am
Checked the Enhanced Water.  It was 64 degrees F. and its specific gravity may or may not have dropped half a percent, too hard to read in this jar.  Drank about a cup of it, I actually get a "Nada", from the water, much like some of the manna.

    7:56 pm
Took two pints of the Enhanced water with me to work, (it's nothing for me to drink two quarts a day while I'm working), and a couple of minor Orgonite Artifacts.  Most of the other Artifacts were at home.  I still had a one- gallon bottle of distilled water in my car and wanted to keep it unaffected until I was ready to treat it.  I had been warned that the Artifacts can affect all of the water in a house.  I managed to find a fine chain with a small pouch for one of the wearable Artifacts, but it seemed to really "want" skin contact so I removed the pouch and attached the chain directly to the Artifact while I was in the field at about 10:07 am, (relatively long chain, the Artifact hangs at about my solar Plexus)(it is very unlike me, but I find myself anthropomorphizing, ascribing feelings to and almost naming these artifacts).  It seems like my allergy symptoms are largely in remission today, something I've been trying to get from my ORMUS studies since the beginning.

6/10/03 4:49 am
Based on some interesting and condemnatory information I hit on Fluoride in drinking water, I am switching to bottle spring water for half of this project.  Bought two gallons last night, as well as a gallon glass jar of Vlasic Kosher Dill Spear Pickles.  <I expect this will make inroads on my tapwater trapping, as the filter system I'll need to add isn't cheap, but I think that Orgone enhancement of fluoride and bisphenol- A could be bad for me>.

6/10/03 8:24 pm
Started a gallon of water heating at about 6:45 pm with a set of small Artifacts, hit simmering by about 7:00 pm.  Will shut off the heat at 8:30 and let cool.

    9:00 pm
Removed the Artifacts to let them cool.  Even though I've been assured that they're pretty much indestructible, sometimes thermal shock can damage hard materials like nothing else, so I'll give them a little while before dropping them into the gallon glass jug of cold spring water.

    10:30 pm
The Artifacts cooled within minutes, but the water's still too hot to touch or transfer to another container.  I'll transfer it in the morning.

6/16/03 7:51 pm
My more sensitive hydrometers arrived today.  I suspect that my present level of Energy exposure, (consumption of two pints of Enhanced water and one of Bead water per day, along with continuous daytime wearing of another Artifact and nighttime sleeping over a major Artifact), has de- sensitized me to the energies a bit, but I still got a "nada" response to the boiled Enhanced water.  

6/29/03 6:33 pm
Started heating a gallon of spring water with all Artifacts (three large, six small) about five minutes ago.  

    10:37 pm
Let it simmer about 90 minutes, turned off heat, pulled the Artifacts about a half hour later.  I uncovered it about an hour ago, and transferred it to a gallon jug just now.  Got some suspended solids like the last time I simmered the large Artifacts, but I don't know if I got as much.  Next time I will have to try it with distilled water to determine whether it is a precipitate from the water or debris from the Artifacts, (it seems too gritty to be a precipitate).  

<Sometime in July>

     I'm definitely overdue on reporting what I've been up to.  A few weeks ago, someone on the PrillCircle referred me to &, and I have integrated about two quarts of water into my workday.  I generally start with two twenty ounce bottles of Enhanced water and the first one I finish I refill with a minor Artifact so that it has received some enhancement by the time I get back to it.  I have added the recommended trace of sea salt, (generally to my sandwiches, though sometimes to my water at 1/8 tsp. per pint), and have recently obtained and am adding Masada brand Dead Sea Salt, (added extremely sparingly to the water.  Somewhere my wife picked up some Ekco brand stainless steel measuring spoons that are actually marked "Dash", "Pinch" and "Smidgen".  I tried 1/8 tsp. of Dead Sea Salt in 20 oz. of Enhanced Water the first time and it was definitely too much.  I never use more than a smidgen at a time now, <this has worked out to about a 24th of a teaspoon>).  For a time I was keeping the large Artifacts in my lunch box, but I have finally implemented a gallon- sized wide mouthed jar, giving the large Artifacts a more homelike place to work, (previously, my only option for water treatment was boiling them).

     Should I be reporting serendipitous events in this Log?  The following are examples from the last few weeks of things that have been going very well for me: in a deadbolt lock that secured the only door to underground storage, the key just spun in circles.  I thought I would have to drill it.  Why did I do what I did next?  I put the tip of a screwdriver through the head of the key, pulled, and turned.  I turned for several full circles.  Was this based on experience?  On training?  On recommendation or suggestion?  No, I have no explanation for why I tried this, but after I had done it, the door was unexpectedly unlocked!  The second was like unto it...  a woman locked out of her house (she had exited to her attached garage without thinking).  I picked the lock in moments, grabbed and turned the knob, and she was in like a shot!  Did she reach first for her keys or her purse?  No, she first reached for her insulin!  I had not realized her situation was so desperate.  I tested her knobset and found that it seldom actually worked, jamming very firmly at least nine times out of ten!  I replaced it of course, but later had to ask myself why it had worked for me when it did?  As I review the last few weeks I come to realize that if I were one to believe in luck I might think it had flown home to roost.  It's as if locks, lockpicks and broken keys really like me, as if the Orgone Enhancement Artifacts are doing for my intuition a little of what the WhiteDove did for my alertness; as if I'm slowly becoming a non- statistical man.  <This is not something that I credit specifically to Orgone Enhancement, nor specifically to ORMUS consumption, but to the combined and complementary effects of both together>.

8/8/03 6:07 pm
Today I completed construction of a Hydrometer Tube that will enable me to take accurate specific gravity measurements of small samples (the gallon jugs weren't deep enough, and caused too much optical distortion).  I have been consuming close to sixty ounces of Enhanced Water per weekday, (less on weekends), (made with the sets of small and large Artifacts from distilled water, in roughly equal measure), and another twenty ounces of water of questionable value that I have treated with the minor Artifact.  I generally wear the wearable Artifact about sixteen hours per day under my clothing.

In addition to working with Orgone Enhanced Water, I have been using Don Nance's White Dove, (though perhaps a little less than before), and Bicarbonate Neutralized Grape Juice made by the Two Dollar Monoatomic Drink recipe that I posted to the WhiteGold Forum a while back, (with thanks and reference again to Cosmic Wizard's original recipe), made with Orgone Enhanced Water, and spin- charged by a technique that I found posted on the WG Forum a while back involving a Tornado Tube and a couple of stacked speaker magnets.  I drilled the internal restriction of the Tornado Tube out to 1/2" inside diameter to try to improve the vortex action, but I guess the viscosity of grape juice is too much different from water to form a good vortex under these conditions.  I'd like to move up to one of Cosmic Wizard's spin chargers, but it may be quite a while until I can afford one. 

9/18/03 8:50 am
On freeway at high speed, minor injuries, vehicle probably totaled.  All research expected to drop further into deep poverty mode, please stand by....

9/30/03 6:38 pm
As you've probably noticed, I haven't been trapping any tap water lately.  The reasons:

Time constraints; this was easier to pursue when I was unemployed,

the value; not convinced my local water has much to offer,

the convenience and effectiveness of Don Nance's materials have been a strong influence,

Contamination; after I run my trap (with its ten- foot vinyl connecting hose) I can smell the vinyl plasticizer in the water for a few hours, my water is also fluoridated by the city so I will want to add a filter before trying again,

Compatibility with Orgone enhancement; the news from users of prillwater that they had discovered skeletal demineralization (and the logical conclusion that they may have suffered other lasting harm that remains yet undiscovered) alarmed me.  I do intend to continue with Orgone enhancement of my drinking water, so I really have to watch what's in it.

Sooner or later I'll probably switch to a food- grade hose, reverse the polarity of my magnetic array and add a water filter, it will just take time and money.  Eventually I may even add a recirculation loop with a venturi vacuum attachment, but not today.

10/19/03 3:51 pm
In recent correspondence with a reader of this Log who noted that I reported getting a boost from Don Nance's White Dove, and "seemed to develop a need for this boost ... and often stated in your log that you had or hoped you had 'enough to make it through' a certain time allowance".  It would be irresponsible of me not to include this "practical downside" in my Log.  Addiction need not be a chemical thing; it can be a behavioral thing.  I've always said, "ORMUS isn't a drug, it's what drugs want to be when they grow up".   A part of the picture that you may be missing is my dysfunctional family and my abusive wife.  Being more alert and effective on less sleep can be a real blessing when low alertness and fatigue means a greater willingness to simply surrender to greater and more serious abuse.  Moving from a white- collar design and engineering environment (with its flexible hours, benefits, sick time and humane hours) to blue- collar technical to temporary (working any available shift at a moment's notice) has made its mark.  I used to get sick frequently from lack of sleep, but it usually trailed the event by a few days, (mostly after academic all- nighters on lab reports).  If I'd had ORMUS in college I might have been a far more successful student.

1/18/04 3:22 am
Back on 10/26/03, Lon Smith and Dave McAllister got together, but my wife had a Sunday class, my son had a rehearsal for a Christmas play, and I wasn't about to drive the company van to Ypsilanti or Pinckney, (I really had to keep it local, and have since lost the use of it on weekends).  I'm probably not going to meet much with my fellow WhiteGolders until I get another car.

The reason I haven't made any recent updates to my Log is because I've had nothing new to report.  I've just been working full time in the face of dwindling resources and wondering how much longer I can hold everything together.  I have just about run out of White Dove, which puts my personal consumption at about 7/8 of an ounce per month.  I'm expecting a small shipment soon from Don that will actually include a product in the gold range, but I don't know how long it will take me to gather up the nerve to try it.

1/22/04 11:47 pm
Today's mail contained the latest shipment from Don Nance: eight ounces of White Dove and two ounces of Golden Tear.  Since I have two dropper bottles I don't expect any difficulty in simultaneous sublingual administration.  I intend to start on the Golden Tear on Saturday, January 24th.

1/24/04 11:06 pm
Started the day with a half- dropper of White Dove before an eight a.m. group breakfast event, followed up with maybe a full dropper to one and a half of White Dove plus a half dropper of Golden Tear in the early afternoon.  Didn't really notice anything different.  Took another half dropper or so of White Dove and a full dropper of Golden Tear at about 10:30 p.m.

1/31/04 5:24 am
I never did find that other eye dropper bottle, so at present I'm only taking the White Dove with me during the day  in my lunch box.  The Golden Tear I consume at night, a half- dropper at a time, two to three times per night.

My nada seems to be changing under the influence of the Golden Tear.  About a year ago I had mentioned that it was "dynamic and turbulent, as if different parts of my head were using it to call back and forth to each other... These "calls" aren't much louder than the basic volume of the nada, but they run back and forth and elsewhere _several times per second_".  Well now, perhaps under the influence of the Golden Tear, this pattern of "calls" seems to be slowing down.  At times I think that the nada, as a whole, has gotten louder too.

6/28/04 6:12 pm
Little to report.  Have continued to consume the White Dove and the Golden Tear, generally taking one to two half- droppers of the White Dove per day during the work week, and two half- droppers of Golden Tear at night on the weekend.  Have not yet been able to pin down what, if anything, the Golden Tear is actually doing for me.  This seems to be the same kind of problem that I had with the White Dove in the beginning: how can I advance and improve without changing anything?  It's like one of the old Dilbert comic strips in which the boss say, "I'm putting you in charge of 'Project BIFF', which stands for 'Big Improvements For Free'.  Your job is to make the improvements without changing anything or spending any money".  How do you improve or advance anything without change?  The conditions of my employment haven't much improved; ours is still a condition of dwindling resources.  I'm tempted, as I was with the White Dove, to take excessive doses of the Golden Tear until something unmistakable happens, just to know for sure that it's doing something, anything....

There has been serious illness in my wife's family.  Her father, 79 years of age, was suffering from a non- malignant bronchial tumor and congestive heart failure, (capacity = 15- 20%).  He had been a heavy smoker and drinker for over sixty years and would not give it up.  From diagnosis to death was less than a month; I don't know if even ORMUS would have saved him, but I had no way to get it to him in Nevada, especially over my wife's objections, (which would have been severe).

Likewise, her grandmother, age 85, has cancer, stage 4: separate internal and external kidney tumors, with spreading to the urethra and lymphatic system.  Additionally she has flown up to visit and is staying with us for an unpredetermined period.

It will be difficult, but I intend to broach the subject of M-3 with my wife.  Maybe it's not too late.

7/6/04 8:59 am
There was never a good time to discuss it and Grandma is flying back this afternoon.  I feel like a coward, but my wife is so rabidly opposed to anything and everything ORMUS that I never felt I could bring the subject up, nor did I know how to approach such a subject with this semi- literate, stubborn old codger alone.  Additionally she seems to have alienated about all of her friends and family, anyone and everyone who might help her, and still hasn't really faced her own mortality and the nature of her medical condition. 

During her visit I managed to get her to try Bicarbonate Neutralized Grape Juice (my "small batch process" version of Comic Wizard's $2 Monoatomic Drink) but she didn't take to it.  I should probably rework the recipe to be more alkaline than I have it right now.

Maybe I could have made more of a difference if I'd had more time, if I'd had some ORMUS appropriate to her condition on hand, (Don Nance suggested Doves of Venus, seems to target kidneys), or (the big one) if I were manufacturing an appropriate high- powered ORMUS product myself.  Somehow I feel more confident in the idea of asking a friend or relative to try a little of something that I won't explain, to see if they'll like it, than trying to explain something with all of the historical alchemy, theoretical quantum physics, and new age doctrine behind it that ORMUS has, before I obtain it for them.  I'm back to that "Rock and a Hard Place" I'd mentioned much earlier: how much do you tell people?  How "informed" is informed consent?  How "blind" is blind testing?

8/2/04 9:54 am
After some months of working with composite ceramic organite with nothing of substance to show for it, (nothing I can measure with the instruments I have, no difference that I can taste, feel, smell, see, no budget for a viscometer, and the local lab equipment source out of business), I have decided to return to tap water trapping.  As long as I don't try to use orgone enhancement with it, I am not overly concerned about adverse effects from chlorine or fluoride.  At present I will have to reorient the magnetic array, but the activated carbon filter will wait.

Reworked the magnetic array on my VorTrap to "all South- Seeking Pole toward water".  To try to smooth out the "bumpiness" of the field I have arranged the magnets in rings of five, (six rings).  I received a food- grade hose from Lon a week or two back, and will probably try trapping some tap water tonight.  I dont have a filter system yet, so I won't attempt any Orgone enhancement of the resulting TrapWater.

8/3/04 12:25 am
Ran the trap with the new hose, tightened the waste rejection cone for  a reduced rejection and flow rate, yielding about a gallon of concentrate in about 20 minutes, (waste flow not measured, rejection ratio not calculated).  I am trending toward the "low flow" concept of the new ShowerTrap. 

8/4/04 3:53 am
I lined my lunchbox with foil and took three pints of TrapWater to work, hot day, it wasn't enough.  Good, in a way, to have TrapWater again, this water sings!

8/5/04 10:28 pm
Started trap to bottle transfer at 10:26.  At the reduced flow the system is definitely harder to balance.

8/27/04 10:49 pm
I guess I've become more sensitive since I first started tapwater trapping, that or the new configuration is more effective, but I seem to be able to tell that the trapwater is definitely different, and that the difference has a half- life of only a day or two.

from 2/'04 correspondence:

     Started sungazing in August, as documented in a separate SunGazing Log.  I can't do much sungazing in a Michigan winter.

     The loss of my personal vehicle in 2003 put a real crimp in my research style.  I finally replaced it recently, but I don't know how I will pay for it, though I have been picking up emergency service work on commission, so that'll help.  I missed Barry's Columbus presentation in January because I just couldn't afford to take the time off work.  Lon sent me a VHS tape of Sunday of the presentation, but I have not seen it yet, and now that MSN Hotmail has expanded individual accounts to 250 mb the Forum's sense of urgency seems to have disappeared, so I haven't much been keeping up with the forum.  I guess that's sort of up-to-date.

     As noted late in the TrapWater Log, I continue to work with Don Nance's White Dove because of both its effects and its convenience.  I continue to maintain that ORMUS is not a drug, but what drugs wish they could be when they grow up.  I sometimes see White Dove as an answer to the question "Coffee?", and wish I knew how to make it myself.  I have not noticed sufficient effect from his Golden Tear yet to clearly discern, and probably need higher dosages to clarify the effects.  At this point, for myself at least, I have no doubts as to the intrinsic safety of these products.

I have decided to raise my intake of WhiteDove to at least three half- droppers per day.  Let's see where it takes me.  Have also started Sungazing (HRM recommended method, to be covered in separate Log).

6/27/05 6:53 am
My car died 5/25/'05.  At least it made it through the winter.  In spite of my resolution to raise and stabilize my consumption of White Dove, I seem to have been cutting back.  Last week I don't think I had any at all.  Didn't feel the need for it, alertness level still pretty high; I may be approaching a saturation point.

First time I've felt the (desire/ need) for White Dove in (many weeks/ over a month).  Consumed about a dropper and a half without discernable symptoms or nada.  I may have killed what I had in the dropper bottle or exceeded its shelf life, (after all I did carry it everywhere for months in my lunchbox, protected only by a single layer of foil).  I don't know if I'll ask for more or not.  It may be best to concentrate on what I have left of the Golden Tear, then reconsider WPG.  <Very little was left of the Golden Tear by this time anyway.>

6/9/06 10:13 am
It has now been over three months since I last consumed ORMUS materials of any kind.  I occasionally feel the desire for more White Dove, but only rarely.  My need for sleep has slowly risen into the 6 1/2 - 7 hour range per night, and I'm sleeping well.  When I'm awake my alertness level is still pretty good, and I tend to think it's a lot better and more consistent than before I started testing GSL and White Dove.  A most notable improvement is that I now seem to be free of what sleep science refers to as "sleep inertia," the general incompetence most humans have when they first awaken.  All in all, what I consider to be very good results with apparent permanent improvement.  I don't know what I will try next, if anything, or how soon.

7/20/06 12:38 pm
I seem to be slowly drifting in alertness levels and clarity of thought back to pre-ORMUS levels.  All of this is subjective judgement, of course, and the change seems gradual enough that I don't expect to be able to make concrete comparisons or to tell when it's over, but I think I'll be contacting Don Nance soon, for White Dove, WPG, anything new he's developed.

Updates every so often as available.  Note from 11/06/02 that I have re- subscribed to the WhiteGold Forum, but I don't expect to be able to keep up with the traffic.  If you want to catch my attention you must e- mail me at: theodoreschultz(at)hotmail(dot)com  (This is a NoSpam procedure, replace the parentheticals with the appropriate symbols).