Homeopathy is a Science of Quantum mechanics

The laws of Quantum mechanics and the law of the Reflection of waves
fully interpret the healing effect of the Homeopathic medicine

Ioannis Karpouzelis M.D.
Athens, P.Faliro - 5 Achilleos str., P.S. 17562, tel. 010 9820040 - Greece

1. Summary

« Interpretation of the whole mechanism effect of the Homeopathic medicine, based on the laws of Quantum mechanics. More precisely it is based on the law of Reflection and the variation of the phases of its waves by 180 degrees. The destructive interference and effacing of the morbid vibrating frequencies and their sources, follows next.»

A brief introduction to those that are unaware of the Homeopathy science and specifically to the researchers of the science of physics, to whom the issue is mainly addressed. Nowadays Homeopathy is been practiced totally empirically.

Hundreds of substances from the mineral, plant and animal kingdom have been studied as homeopathic medicines in a totally empirically way. That is, a hundred (100) Provers all receive the same substance slightly 'potentized', with a progressive increase of the potentization. Additionally, they all record in detail all the symptoms that they present. In that way, 100 different organisms present all the peculiar signs of symptoms for each substance. These constitute the main Book of Homeopathy, Materia Medica.

However, Homeopathy is a purely physical and mathematical science, that totally belongs to Quantum mechanics. This can immediately become perceivable from the amazing way that Samuel Christian Hahnemann (1775 - 1843) himself prepared the Homeopathic remedy. With the inspired application of the dilutions and vibrations (potentization ), he first established the wave nature of the remedy.

2. How the Homeopathic remedy is been prepared

An initial drop of a certain substance, is been diluted in 99 drops of a special solution 40% of ethyl alcohol / distillated water. This solution is been vibrated in a special vibrator with an absolutely stable wave length and stable width (that means a stable speed of the vibrations). The vibration continues until a 'complete magnetic saturation'.
Then, from this first centecimal dilution, one drop is again been diluted in 99 new drops of the special dissolver and the new dilution is again been vibrated until the «saturation point». «Point of saturation of magnet» is the limit after which it is impossible to increase the magnetization of a unit, because of the perfect parallelism of the spin of all the electrons of its quantity, or our dilution exactly as it takes place with the magnets . (Figure 1)

There is also the law that «defines as magnetization of a material the quotient of the resultant magnetic moment of this material through the volume of the material ».
Figure 1
The procedure of dilutions and vibrations is called in the Homeopathy ' potentizations and it continues in the same way, increasing continuously the force of the remedy. When reaching the 12th centecimal dilution, there is not even one molecule of the initial substance inside the solution ( Am. Avogadro's law ). However the potentizations (dilutions and vibrations) continue, resulting in the increase of the remedy's force. What actually increases is the width of the wave of the vibrating self frequency of the substance, its pure energy form.
The vibrating self frequencies of the substance are transferred in the solution according to the Law of Mutual Induction, in exactly the same way as it take place in adjacent coils, the primary and secondary, since the electromagnetism spreads out in the space ( Theory of James Clerk Maxwell, Figure 2).

The dilutions and vibrations are defined from the Law of Faraday according to which: « The voltage that is inducted in a coil is proportional to the product of the number of the turns (or of our dilutions) times the speed of the change of the field in the turns (or the speed of our vibrations during potentization ) ».
Figure 2
A parallel phenomenon to the dilutions and vibrations is the Induction Coil Ruhmkorff, Figure 3. In that case the primary coil is been paralleled to our initial drop, or the «maternal» drop that is been taken each time from the preceding potentization to the following one. The secondary coil is been paralleled to the dilutions and vibrations.

3. In the patient

In the patient, all of his symptoms are being studied in detail and he is been given the medicine that had caused the exact same symptoms to the Provers.

Here we should think that, since the vibrating frequencies of the chosen remedy had caused to the Provers the exact same symptoms as those of the patient, then the symptoms of the patient should be caused from the same vibrating frequencies that are evidently derived from his morbid sources.

However, since with the chosen medicine we add to the patient his own disease, the situation is been worsen.

Figure 3
How is this worsening turns over to a full cure, without any other intervention? That was the great unsolved problem.

Here the knowledge of the Law of Waves is necessary.

4. And here is the Basic Law:

«When two identical waves are in superposition and come into contact they present the phenomenon of interference and if they are in same phases, that is an integer multiple of the wave length (l), then they are added. If however they are in opposite phases, that is an odd multiple of half of the wave length (l/2), then they confute each other» (Figure 4).

According to this law the two waves from both sources, medicine and patient, having the same phase, are added, just like it takes place to the experiment of the two splits of Thomas Young (Figure 6). And the patient evidently deteriorates.

But for the cure to follow, the wave phases of the remedy should come in full opposition of 180 degrees towards the wave phases of the patient. How is that possible to happen? What is the hidden unknown Law of that complete change?

Therefore the responsible for that natural law should be sought. Persistent continuous studies led me to the Law of the Reflection of Waves in the book « Wave theory » of the professor Ilia Kougioumtzopoulou together with a simple explanatory figure. It wrote:

« During the reflection of a wave in a stable obstacle, in the point of incidence a change in phase takes place (leap phase) to p. (Figure 5).

Astonishment! It is impossible to describe the brightness of a Truth at the time that it is revealed!

In this way, during the first interference , with same phases from both sides of the waves of the remedy and of the morbid sources of the patient, we have reinforcing interference of the waves and deterioration of the patient . However right after the reflection of waves of the remedy on its morbid sources, the change of its phases occurs to 180 degrees. Immediately a new interference follows with opposite phases from both sides, the destructive interference and effacing of the morbid waves upon the morbid emission sources. Therefore, right after the deterioration finishes, it means that all the resistant morbid sources have totally erased and full cure has occurred.

It is evident that the form of Pathology Medicine is changing and that is attributed to the Physic Science towards experimental verification.

I announced this theoretical solution of the problem in the Panhellenic Congress of Homeopathy on the 22-23/5/1993 that took place in Athens in the Caravel Hotel. It has already been deposited in the National Library of Greece.

It was also announced in the Universal Congress of Homeopathy that took place on the 10-14/5/1995 in Corfu, in the Hilton Hotel.

It was also announced in the Panhellenic Congress of Physics of the Greek Physicists Union on the 28-31/1/1999 that took place in Ancient Olympia.

Likewise in many other Congresses.
Figure 4

Figure 5

Figure 6

Experimental evidence of the action of the vibrating self-frequencies
of the Homeopathetic medicine with self-experimentation.

Detailed reproduction of the image of my severe disease
with the same remedy that cured me 20 years ago.

Ioannis Karpouzelis M.D.
Athens, P.Faliro - 5 Achilleos str., P.S. 17562, tel. 010 9820040 - Greece

1. Twenty years have passed from my astonishing cure from Mr.George Vythoulkas. I was infected by an unknown virus from a wooden splint that had deeply penetrated under the nail of my index finger of my right hand. The successive inflammatory cycles of the virus that lasted for a long period of time had disused my hand. The standard medicine could not help me. Finally, my cure was undertaken by Mr.George Vythoulkas, establisher of the Homeopathy in Greece. My hand was very tumefactioned, inflammatory and painful. Every cycle started by a strong aching in the finger, tension of the inflammatory edema and then from the point of the wound two to three small very painful bloodcysts appeared, that slowly came towards the surface of the skin. The bloodcysts blackened with time and finally disappeared. A small decline followed and then the cycle repeated having exactly the same image.

2. After three different remedies without any result, he gave me as fourth the Thuja Occidentalis in potentization 200. With that remedy my condition was unquietly worsened, but Mr.Vythoulkas reassured me that exactly this worsened reaction would bring about the cure. Indeed, after the lapse of a few days with constant worsening, everything changed. The pains disappeared and the inflammation and the edema started to recede very quickly and my hand returned to its normal condition.

Ever since, surprised by this miracle, I studied in depth the way of astounding intelligence of preparing the remedy and I theoretically solved the problem of the mechanism of its curing action by applying the Law of the Reflection of waves. That is mentioned in detail in the attached pages, as well as in my deposited study in the 4-6-1993, number 1799, in the National Library of Greece.

My self-experimentation:

3. Since technologically it is not yet possible to trace the morbid vibrating frequencies of the patient, I thought to self-experiment, by taking the same homeopathetic remedy and in the same potentization that Mr.Vythoulkas had given me in the past, the Thuja Occidentalis 200. Fear took hold of me when I started feeling pain in the index finger of my right hand and a light inflammation started to occur. My anxiety became greater when later only one, fairly big, black bloodcyst appeared in the tip of my finger. Strangely, without the stage of the very painful bloodcysts preceding as this happened in the past. This black spot gradually disappeared. The same old nightmarish image. This cycle did not repeat, as it happened once, obviously because now the virus does not exist. But a constant sensitivity and nipping pains remained in my finger for a long time.

4. Since this experiment is reverse, but very indicative of the dynamic action of the waves of the self-frequency Thuja Occidentalis, for my cure then, as well as for the reproduction of the exact same image of my disease now, I deposit it as an experimental evidence of the wave effect of the Homeopathetic remedy.


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