ORMUS and Cosmic Orgasm
by Barry Carter

In his Dallas lecture David Hudson described the experience of a gentleman who ingested the ORMUS elements while fasting for over forty days:

“After 60 more days, the dreams begin, the revelations begin, and then the visions begin.  And this is going to sound a little far fetched to some of you, but there are light beings that come to this man and teach him.  They never open their mouth but they telepathically are communicating with him.  And with the hope that I'm not going to offend anyone, there actually is a female being that comes to him and has sex with him.

And I didn't understand this until I found in the ancient Vedic texts that it talks about this, having sex with the angels.  2000 B.C.  After about 7 months, he begins to have orgasms.  And this is an adult group basically so I better explain to you, he has no erection, he has no seminal emission, but it's an orgasm.  I says, "Is it nice?" and he said, "It's just like the real thing".  He's now having about 7-8 a day.

He said, "Dave, the sound seems to originate about 8 inches above my head, it comes down into my brain, it's like a hat band around my head, and it just roars here in my head.  I can feel the vibration all through my body".  But after 7 months these orgasms started and they just got more frequent and more frequent, and it's not something he controls.  It's something that just comes on.  Well, he only sleeps about an hour and a half to two hours now, he doesn't need 7-8 hours like most of us, and so he decided one morning about 4 o'clock in the morning, he's gonna go outside and just let this orgasm go.  See what happens.  He said it began down the pelvis, and it literally, he just let it move, and he said he could feel it, it came up over his stomach, up over his chest, up over his head, and he said, "My whole body was involved in this orgasm".  And he said, "I felt hot.  I felt like if someone came up and touched me they would burn their hand.  The all of a sudden, out of the top of my head, goes this column of energy".  He feels it just going right out the top of his head.

Ah, I was, about three weeks ago, I was handed a book, called "Secrets of the Golden Flower" by Richard Wilhelm with an introduction by Carl Jung.  Richard Wilhelm did the eastern translations for Jung.  This book was written in 1931, and it's been translated and been reproduced, and published several times since then, I guess it's now in paperback because some people are getting paperback copies now.  Anyway, it verbatim describes this sound.  And it says in the book it seems to all be about this sound, the "hu".  Well we are the hu-man.  The man who can hear the sound.  Okay?  This is about the "hu", the sound.  And that it says in there that you get this energy in your pelvis, and that it can be developed where it literally will take your whole body up over your head and everything.   And when it finally is at a state of perfection that it will feel like there is a column of light coming right out the top of your head. I think the word that most people use for it is the kundalini.  But that's what it is.”

“(Question - As you ended the first half today you said that we had to put on the Meisner field, and is there a way to do that other than to drink the manna?  Are you gonna teach us how or are we supposed to find this for ourselves?)

Well, there are certainly other ways to achieve it.  There are certain foods, there are certain herbal drinks, there are certain ways to develop what you have in your body through meditation and through introspection.  There are Tibetan monks who have achieved this state, I believe.  There are Sufi masters who achieve this state.  But most of this requires thirty forty or fifty years of total commitment and dedication and regimen to go through.  What I'm talking about is a very short method to achieve the same state.  I told you before that there is a Taoist high priest who came to Phoenix and he said "Dave I know that these orgasms are supposed to be possible.  I know that.  I've never had one and I've been in caves, I have meditated, I have fasted, I have done all these things and have never had the orgasms but I know they are possible because they are in our sacred texts."  And he said "this man is having six and seven a day and has had no philosophical training at all."  He said, "however he is doing this I have to understand it; I have to come to know it.  And so, he has the material.  He's up in Portland and he has the material.  And he's going to take it now and because I felt comfortable with his training and why he wanted to take it and all, I gave it to him.”


This orgasmic experience that Hudson describes is also described in the literature of various mystical traditions. In the Christian mystical tradition it is referred to as “religious ecstasy” but it is likely to be much the same thing. Hindu mystics even developed a yoga, called kundalini yoga, to use this energy.

Wilhelm Reich called it “orgone” energy and even developed some methods for manipulating it. It is probably related to the spin field that Russian scientists have been exploring in the last few years. Here is an excerpt from an article from a couple of these scientists “Yu.V.Nachalov and A.N.Sokolov which links a variety of related discoveries to spin fields:

“In this article the experimental results obtained by various researchers in the period 1950-1990 are discussed. Since all experimental results under consideration could not be explained in the framework of existing theories, these results were placed under the catagory of "experimentally-observed phenomena." It is shown that all of the experiments considered here have demonstrated a manifestation of spin-torsion interactions.

Over the course of the XX century, various investigations in different countries, representing a variety of professional interests, repeatedly reported the discovery of unusual phenomena that could not be explained in the framework of existing theories. Since these authors could not understand the physics of the observed phenomena, they were forced to give their own names to the fields, emanations and energies responsible for the creation of these phenomena. For instance, N.A.Kozyrev's "time emanation" [1-4], W.Reich's "O-emanation" or "orgone" [5], M.R.Blondlot's "N-emanation" [6], I.M.Shakhparonov's "Mon-emanation", A.G.Gurvich's "mitogenetic emanation" [7], A.L.Chizhevsky's "Z-emanation", A.I.Veinik's "chronal field" [8,9], "M-field" [10], A.A.Deev's "D-field", Yu.V.Tszyan Kanchzhen's "biofield", H.Moriyama's "X-agent" [11], V.V.Lensky's "multipolar energy" [12], "radiesthesietic emanation" [13], "shape power", "empty waves" [19], "pseudomagnetism" [20], H.A.Nieper's "gravity field energy" [21], T.T.Brown's "electrogravitation" [22], "fifth force" [23], "antigravitation" [24], "free energy". This list can be easily continued.”


Hindu literature describes the kundalini energy as a vortex with two spirals, the ida and pingala, around a central “staff” called the sushumna. In his book “The Pillar of Celestial Fire” Robert Cox describes kundalini energy as follows:

“In the Vedic tradition, the subtle serpentine energy of the kundalini has three forms, which are called the ida, pingala, and sushumna. The stream of subtle energy that goes to the right eye, and the left hemisphere of the brain, represents the solar stream (pingala), while the stream of subtle energy that goes to the left eye, and the right hemisphere of the brain, represents the lunar stream (ida).

In addition to these two polarized streams, there is a third neutral stream called the sushumna, which is fiery (agneya) in its nature. The sushumna is the unpolarized spiritual current that proceeds directly from the base of the spine through the heart, to the third or spiritual eye, and then to the crown of the head. These three streams taken together form the kundalini shakti or serpent power, which is deeply related to the process of spiritual awakening.“

In 2014 I gave a lady friend a back massage, with some of the live oil I made, and she experienced a rather long kundalini orgasm. This is when I realized that various ORMUS concentrates can enhance the erotic experience for men and women.


According to many people this energy vortex is depicted in the caduceus which is used to represent the medical profession. Robert Cox also has found similar images in ancient Sumerian and Aztec reliefs.

The kundalini energy movement is often described as an upward spiral into spirit with a corresponding downward energy movement to the base of the spine (which is related to the sexual organs). Ideally, according to Vedic theory, this circuit should continue endlessly.

According to Vedic tradition this energy circulation is interrupted by ejaculation and the practitioners of kundalini yoga strive to redirect the ejaculate up the spine rather than out of the circuit as would happen with regular ejaculation.

There are other ways in which this kundalini flow can be impeded or blocked. According to Vedic traditions there are seven main energy centers in line with the kundalini energy flow up the spine. (In Christian tradition these energy centers may correspond with the seven “Churches” in the book of Revelation in the Bible.)

A colleague relates this energy flow to the ORMUS elements:

“I think the chakras are a good way to visualize what is happening in my experience so far. Apparently each of these seven major points can be stimulated by a different valence-coupled diatomic (I don't like to call these ORMEs because the implication of "monatomic" is incorrect and misled me for a long time). I think gold stimulates the crown chakra and makes you much more sensitive to all that is spiritual, but the lower chakras must be developed enough to carry the increased load or you will create an imbalance and this happened to me. With additional testing, it appears that platinum diatomic stimulates the forehead chakra, and iridium stimulates the throat chakra. I think copper, silver, palladium and rhodium are the remaining four, but I haven't worked with these yet.”

This gentleman had an experience that illustrates this theory:

“What happened was that a few weeks into taking the gold solutions, I started having severe pain in my neck. I reduced the dosage and the pain got better. I concluded from this that by increasing the energy flow in my crown chakra with the gold, I was essentially pulling a vacuum on my throat chakra because it was not sufficiently developed to handle the load. After studying the periodic chart for a few days, I decided that different elements must stimulate different chakras. I concluded that platinum would stimulate the forehead chakra and iridium would stimulate the throat, so I added these to my electrolytes and this seems to have solved the problem.

Like I said, I'm not an expert in this area, but my current understanding is that each person develops differently, so as you open the crown you will probably have to open other chakras to keep it all balanced. You are not likely to have the same problem I did, but you are likely to have something else arise.”


I have had a similar experience with the magnetic trap water and other ORMUS sources. Soon after starting on the trap water I started getting headaches, which always started with tension in the neck. I think that this tension is related to the throat chakra. After ingesting the water for a week or two these headaches quit and have not come back.

In conjunction with this process I also noticed that I would sometimes feel an intense tingling at the back of my neck at the time of orgasm. This tingling happened from the first along with the headaches but continued after the headaches quit. I believe that this tingling is related to kundalini energy flow.

On September 4, 2005 I got the following email:

Background: I have been doing Holosync (binaural entrainment) for two years and ORMUS for about a year. I am a 57 year old woman who has always enjoyed sex. I am also a Lesbian. I came out about 38 years ago, tried bisexuality for awhile, but found it wasn't my cup of tea.

I have privately corresponded with other ORMUS people, and have talked to them on the phone, so I think they would vouch for me. The reason I say this is that what has happened to me sounds a bit like science fiction or someone’s wildest fantasy…

I have become multi, multi, multi, etc., orgasmic, like 25 - 35 orgasms in a row from just one episode of being stimulated. And I mean the vagina-clenching, neck-arching, can't-help-but-make-a-noise kind of orgasm. I can do this sequence 3 or 4 times in 45 minutes or so, which amounts to over 100 orgasms. This started about 6 months ago.

I can also now have orgasms with no direct stimulation - just a thought or a memory or a light kiss or touch in a non-erogenous area, or me touching or kissing my lover in the same way.

And finally, I also have orgasms when my multi-orgasmic lover does, again with no stimulation, rather they are "empathy" orgasms. (My Myers-Briggs profile is ENFP - the empath.) And they are very, very intense, too.

I attribute this to ORMUS. I've been taking it for about a year. I've purchased it from 4 different producers (Zptech, White Powder Gold, Ocean Alchemy, Priestess Alchemy), plus I've made both brine and an olive oil mixture with Himalayan salt. I started taking Golden Emperor Liquid SunLight about 2 months, and it is the most potent and cheapest ORMUS I have taken to date.


I called Megan (not her real name) and asked her if she had ever had any energy movement up the spine in connection with her orgasmic experiences. As she thought about this she started to have just such and energy movement. I asked her to write up her experience and send it to me for posting to the ORMUS email lists. Following is her response:

Subject: ORMUS and Libido, Imagine My Surprise...
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2005 13:34:46 -0400

Dear Barry

It was wonderful talking to you yesterday.  I have always liked you from your moderating/posts on the Ormus board, and now I really, really like you from talking to you!

Where to begin? Please know that I am having a bit of a hard time reading, thinking and writing. I really do think I am in the midst of a kundalini awakening. I apologize in advance for the lack of coherence.

As I said to you on the phone, I've been mostly watching what’s going on with me out of the corner of my eye. After talking with you last night, I've been much more closely watching what’s going on in the present, plus I've been going over events from the past. It’s fun stuff, sometimes scary, occasionally confusing, often new and certainly out of the ordinary.

As you know, I've been doing Holosync (binaural entrainment) for 2 years and Ormus, from various producers, for a year. For the past few months, I've also been listening to some fabulous CD’s from www.healingsounds.com , in particular “Chakra Chants” (which has binaural entrainment) and “Holy Harmony”, 4 or 5 times a week. The CD’s contain great stuff from many Eastern spiritual traditions, plus some fascinating items from theories about sound, frequency, harmonic vibrations and intent, all put together very wonderfully by Jonathan Goldman.

You already know about my multi, multi, multi, etc., orgasmic self, plus my “look Ma, no hands” orgasms. If you post this anywhere feel free to put the info I have already given you in here.

Let me tell you first what has happened since I talked to you last night. Even as we were on the phone, you asked if I had tried to move the energy up my spine, and as soon as you said it and I thought about it, it happened. My neck arched and the energy went out the top of my head as I mentioned to you. And it happened a second time while we were still on the phone. It happened some more after we got off the phone, whenever I would think about it. For the rest of the evening, I also had chills/energy/tingling in my crown, the back of my head and my neck.

You mentioned blockages on the phone, and we kind of agreed that the congested feeling in my lower abdomen was a blockage in my second (sexual) Chakra.  Last night as I was listening to my Holosync CD, I noticed the congested feeling, so I did the energy up the spine visualization and not only did I feel the energy go up and out the top of my head, but I also had an intense, vagina-clenching, neck-arching, noise-making orgasm. This happened 3 times.

The next morning I couldn't sleep (have been really energized on and off the past week), so I got up, took some Ormus, and listened to my “Chakra Chants” CD for an hour.  While listening, I had many, many, many twitches in all parts of my body (including my face and even inside my throat) (I think that some people consider that to be the releasing of energy blockages), and at the end, when the crown chakra was being addressed by the CD, the energy went shooting up my spine and I had a half dozen intense orgasms, some of which were vaginal and some of which were more “whole body”. Also towards the end of the CD, my body was shaking and vibrating, in particular my head.

I continue now to have a fair amount of tingling/chills/energy up my back, in my neck and the back of my head. There is also periodic pressure in the back of my head.  When I pay attention to the energy and move it all the way up my spine and out the top of my head, I have orgasms about half the time.

I am also very teary this morning.

This past week, and on and off over the past 6 or more months, I have had episodes of being very energized, very wired, accompanied by trembling, fast-breathing, sweating, and feeling like I'm vibrating. I have felt unable to read much, to spell very well, or to even hand write legibly but I can type much faster than usual!  

The other obvious thing that has been happening, that I think I mentioned to you, is that I have had weird feelings in what I think is my heart chakra.  I think I would maybe call that a blockage.  It’s like intense energy/pressure and intense sorrow.  When I focus on it, a voice says to me, “I ache”.  This has been especially present during the hurricane Katrina tragedy.  I have tried to release it using the Sedona Method (www.Sedona.com), and I have tried Focusing on it (www.focusingresources.com).  These are two things that have helped me deal with feelings in the past, but they weren't working for me a couple of days ago.  I finally just cried and the feeling passed.  I had a little bit of it last night, did my energy up the spine visualization and it went away!

On another note, some info about me from my distant past I have always been a spiritual person.  I was raised Catholic and, starting about age 12, I decided I was going to be a saint.  My spirit guides, which I got in a feminist version of a Silva Mind Control class in the 1970’s, are a snake (named Chastity, of all things, given my very sexual self) and an “Amazon Lady”.  I have always wondered about the snake.  Now I know that it has some kind of association with Kundalini energy.

I am currently allergic to any kind of organized religion, but I have taken bits and pieces from various Eastern and Western traditions and made them my own.  I have a bumper sticker on my car that says “Namaste” (the divine within me acknowledges and honors the divine within you), and I try to live my life that way, but I don't always succeed.

OK, I'm done for awhile.  I look forward to contributing more to the Ormus cause in the future in any way I can.  

Feel free to post this anywhere you deem appropriate.  

All my best to you, dear Barry,


A 51 year old male ORMUS researcher also reported a kundalini awakening experience related to ORMUS and brain hemisphere synchronization:

Date: Mon, 26 Dec 2005 23:30:23 -0500

have consumed ORMUS material for several years, but in earnest for the last eleven months. I began by purchasing several commercial products, including Etherium Gold and Mountain Manna, but within a month I was producing my own magnetic vortex trap water with a series of traps and none of the commercial products I tried came close to the apparent energy of the trap water I produced.

Shortly after I started drinking it I began to have what I first thought were “wet dreams.” I have never had but a few in my life as I had usually awakened before they had reached their climax, so to speak. But almost immediately I recognized them as different, as there was no ejaculation, no “wet.” These orgasms were not genitally based, and about half the time were not accompanied by an erection. Most significantly, they were rarely erotic and more and more frequent while I was awake rather than asleep.

I read a great deal about ORMUS and its effects on the brain, I began listening to binaural beat technology CDs in an effort to train my brain for whole brain synchronization and support with sound the apparent physical effect of the ORMUS. I continued to drink my trap water in increasing quantities, about a liter a day. Within a few days I began to have full body orgasms occasionally as I listened and meditated. Again, these were not completely unpredictable and still not erotic. I began to notice they were not entirely spontaneous and I could experience them by bringing my attention from my base chakra up my spine through my pelvis, solar plexus, heart, thymus, and throat to my third eye (pineal gland). The more I concentrated the energy and attention, the more frequent and intense the experience became. It was clearly related to my intake of trap water, and was more difficult to achieve when I consumed less trap water.

As with anything one practices, but also the result of the effort to retrain my brain, I no longer have to listen to CDs or even drink the water to induce the state of concentration and brain synchronization when this occurs. Increasingly I experience it happening when I simply think about it or speak about it.

Recently I have had a partner with whom I have had physical sex. The quality and intensity of it was much better then previously, and the orgasms were expanded but NOT the same as the ones I have when meditation and using HemiSynch™ recordings. I still do not consider them a sexual thing, but rather an energetic thing which I associate with rising life energy, which some call kundalini. I continue to have them almost at will and more so when I drink a liter or more of trap water each day. Just talking about bringing the energy up my spine will bring me to the edge, but with practice they have become controllable and less unpredictable. Though orgasmic, they are still not erotic or sexual, still have no physical element (no ejaculation or erection), and this is fine with me.

It has long been suspected by various people within the ORMUS community that use of the so called “high-spin” or M-state induces changes in the individual far beyond the sensorium. Early on I had seen on http://www.subtleenergies.com/ormus/index.htm, the website run by Barry Carter, that there was electroencephalograph (EEG) evidence that ingestion of certain commercial products containing ORMUS induced whole brain synchronization. This caught my attention, as I had been using binaural beat technology via HemiSynch™ recordings by The Monroe Institute for several years.

I heard Barry Carter speak at Wesak at Mount Shasta in early 2005, and I could not wait to return home and try the magnetic vortex traps he described on the water from the mountain spring which collects in my springbox down the hill. I purchased a trap online and began to produce trap water that had the greasy metallic taste and look of ORMUS water described online, and began to experiment with the traps and the magnets. It ended up producing magnetic trap water which gave a friend “the whirlies” who has had every available commercial product and who considers himself immune and bulletproof. But this is a story about ORMUS, not the traps, except to say that all of this has been done with magnetic vortex trap water. I have taken many commercial preparations costing many dollars, but have used trap water exclusively since mid 2005, and I should say by way of background that I have meditated several times a week for twenty or so years.

I attended the Gateway Voyage at The Monroe Institute in June, 2005. Robert Monroe wrote several books about out-of-body experiences (OBEs) and copywrited the process called HemiSynch™ binaural beat technology. He discovered that when two different tones are played in the ears, the brain will literally create a third tone from the difference between the two original tones, and that the brain comes in to full synchronization as a result. This is to say that the left and right hemispheres and frontal lobes produce synchronized rhythms in unison, and that this effect spreads to the midbrain and brainstem as well, such that the entire brain is lit up and harmonized energetically. Two different tones can be produced for combinations, such as “mind awake, body asleep.” Advanced meditators and psychics, healers and out-of-body all could be “recorded” doing their thing, and through reverse engineering a customized whole brain state of synchronization could be produced at will. But this is not a story about The Monroe Institute or out-of-body experiences, except to say that I state without a doubt in my mind, ORMUS enhances and facilitates such experiences.
I recently was “recorded” with a 22 lead EEG while I ingested a 12 ounce glass of my magnetic trap water run through Dave Schneider’s Rare Earth Activator tube. Within minutes of ingestion of a glass of trap water I was in a deep alpha rhythm with spikes of beta. Alpha is associated with deep relaxation and beta with alertness; in Monroe parlance this “mind awake, body asleep” is called Focus 10. Rather than producing such a state in a darkened isolation booth with my eyes closed, I was sitting at the table preparing to get in to the booth, and I was having a conversation about my intention in the session.

We decided to continue with eyes open, sitting at the table. With some concentration, I was recorded in deep delta rhythm in both hemispheres and my frontal lobes producing minute-long spikes of gamma. Delta is the rhythm of deep sleep and meditation, and gamma spikes (even faster than beta) have been observed in individuals who have meditated for forty years, eight hours a day. Such individuals produced twenty or thirty second-long spikes of gamma. I was able to carry on a conversation simultaneously, though I felt somewhat phased out of my physical body as if I was having awareness of both my physical self and my energetic self at the same time. Such rhythms persisted for as long as an hour, with spikes of gamma lasting for as long as three and a half minutes. This has recently been repeated in another individual (39 year old female) with similar results from 12 ounces of trap water run through a rare earth activator tube.
It is my belief that such expanded energy states are transformational. Such expanded states produce out-of-body experiences and great clearings and healings, both for the individual and for those inclined to share it, and finally for the planet, too. I am not sure if the ORMUS improved my experience with HemiSynch™ at Monroe or if the HemiSynch™ improved my ORMUS experience, but I feel truly fortunate to have discovered both.
Recently a pair of Kirlian “Aura Photos” were taken before and thirty minutes after ingestion of 12 ounces of magnetic trap water. Results were startling; an example appears below:

My point, of course, is that believe it or not this ORMUS water is doing something as demonstrated by the documented 22-channel EEG showing whole brain coherent synchronization while in an awake state from a simple glass of water. Neurological researchers with whom I have shared this information are amazed: they say it is impossible. We are planning to duplicate it in the sleep lab of a major university in early 2006 if funding can be secured. The implications to clinical medicine, to personal transformation, to healing and peacemaking and even ascension are stunning and mean ORMUS and the rediscovery of its existence and its production are some of the most important and significant discoveries in the pitiful history of mankind.

Other researchers have reported chakra blockage effects in the heart chakra. Here is one such report from a colleague in Australia:

“I am a practicing Medical Herbalist with a background in Multinational Mining Engineering, Management and Financing and in Meditation where I learned and practiced TM and the TM Sidhis Programs 20 years ago.  Of course I took up the TM to help deal with stress problems induced by the other and ended up dropping them both.  I dropped them both for just the reason above, I neither wanted to be gung-ho for Science/Industry or for Enlightenment.  I simply wanted to work quietly toward Enlightenment as a "Householder" not as a "Monk".  I retrained as a Herbalist and set up some small cottage industries in Engineering and never looked back.

As a Herbalist,  I became involved in treating and supporting Cancer Patients with the whole range of Alternate and Herbal treatments available at present.  I settled in particular on pycnogenol mostly, along with my usual personalized herbal mixes.  Last year, becoming disgusted by the cost of pycnogenol  I  began manufacturing an extract from Bark of the Maritime Pine (Pinus Pinaster) from which it was originally prepared.  I can now give very large doses of this treatment for something around US$10.00 per month instead of  $10.00 per day which it was costing my patients on the patented product.  As a result at present,  I have 150 odd people taking this stuff, one third as a Cancer support,  one third for other medical conditions and one third, healthy people looking for enhancement of their immunity, sporting performance, whatever.  The anecdotal evidence in all three categories is positive.   My plan was to poke along, low key doing this and looking forward to getting my share of ORMES to use for myself and family and selected Cancer Patients.

The thing is, that this Pine Tree (Pinus Pinaster) is a common plantation pine.  (Probably it depends where it is grown to some extent, but the test will only be "does it grow well?").  The ones I am harvesting are on poor basalt country and it seems to favour poor, sandy soils.  If this species concentrates ORMES in its bark as it seems to, anyone can chip a little bark off the tree, dry it and boil it up in water and achieve the same results as I am getting.  In the State of Western Australia for example Pinus Pinaster is the plantation pine species of choice so that the bark chips at the Nursery for $20.00 a cubic meter are probably the ones.

Anyway,  returning from a family break at Easter, I am experiencing Left Side Chest Pain, Discomfort in then Left Arm, some Breathlessness and treating myself with Cactus, Hawthorne and Rescue Remedy  (a wonderful heart remedy and tonic) to no avail.   I call in at the Emergency Room of a Hospital, just in case.  Heart Rate 46 (down from my usual 55/60), Blood Pressure 140/77,  no abnormalities at all.  So if it is not Heart, what is it?

Then of course, reading my email when I get home, it is this throat and heart chakra stuff.

Yesterday  I check with a few healthy friends on my Pine Bark, and find that half of them are also experiencing similar chest things.

Damn!!,  here I am being sucked into this enlightenment business again.  I am going to have to start meditating regularly again, which I had planned to do in support of my ORMES program.  I think Reiki will be very helpful also to open up the Chakras and this is all OK for me.  But what about all these poor unsuspecting people who shortly may be experiencing some of the same? Most of them are not looking for any of this.  Do I have to get in the Messiah business also, to tell them what is going on or just leave them out there as Guinea Pigs, reassuring them one at a time?  What about the FED's, they would love to roast a Herbalist especially nowadays with the cracks showing in orthodox medicine.

The point of all this really is to focus on the practical.  It is all very well to do the science and to allow those so disposed to do the enlightenment thing with this ORMES or even with my home grown variety (unscientific, unanalyzed, even cheap).  What about providing for the shift in understanding required by the man in the street even to understand why he is not experiencing a heart problem?,  let alone what a Chakra is?


Another colleague, Larry Schamber, describes his own ecstatic experience from the Christian perspective:

Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2001 17:08:05 -0500

Having read all about the m-state orgasms, I am somewhat intrigued. I have had some m-state through my ingestion of grape juice, St John's Wort, ginko biloba, and aloe vera juice, but I have not noticed any improvement in my sexual orgasms. Also, I built a vortrap, but Barry said that my water source is no good, so I don't have access to that. I keep fantasizing that someday I'll make some white gold burned in argon, but that is not yet. I could make m-state through the wet method, I suppose.

However, I am reminded of the purely spiritual orgasms that Mr. Anon experienced, and I believe it would help some of you to know that I have also experienced some of these sort of orgasms, though not to the same degree that Mr. Anon described. I am not familiar with the Hindu terminology, so I hope you will not be put off by my use of Christian terminology. I assure you that though we call a rose by any other name, it smells just as sweet. You could experience this sort of orgasm without ingesting m-state materials.

I experienced these spiritual orgasms about 3 years ago, well before I had heard of m-state materials. They came about through prayer, praises and glorification to God, repentance from sins and from sin nature. After about an hour of prayer, (that's just how long it takes me, not that I have a strict requirement) I would go to bed. That's what all the experiences shared in common.

The orgasms are without erection, without seminal ejaculation, and without sexual touching. But there is a feeling of tingling pleasure and a rush of energy and excitement that fills the entire body, and there is great love. Of course, you know the feeling of love. It is like sweetness, satisfaction, well being, moral approval and ethical balance and perfection of all that you perceive all about you, in short joy and love which comes from the splendor and glory of goodness and truth. Yet, this has the intensity of physical orgasm. It comes pounding in waves, an intense tingling like being dipped repeatedly in cold water, and with the unexpected delight of smelling a rose, and it was so pleasurable that I literally writhed and gasped and groaned on my bed.

Several different experiences had about the same orgasmic effect on me. They come in two different classes.

In one manifestation of the spiritual orgasm I heard angels. This happened on three different occasions. The were very clearly and loudly saying "Holy, holy, holy..." There seemed to be about 12-20 angels. I heard them but I didn't see them. They say "holy" at a high pitch that only a female soprano could reach. The chorus has a quality like many birds chirping. They don't form a musically organized whole, they just seemingly at random times and pitches say "holy". They also seemed to echo as if in a large concrete room. Their effect on me was spiritual joy and intense orgasm.

Another type happened one time but it is difficult for me to remember details exactly. It was like lucid dreaming, in which I knew I was awake, but the images took on a vividness and a detail and reality, while I had conscious control. There was a woman. I touched her or more accurately I reached out as if to touch her and I did not, and there wasn't sex, but there was love, beauty and truth then I had the spiritual orgasm immediately, and the lucid dream ended.

Now that I tell you that I have had these experiences, I regret to inform you that I cannot make them happen at will. However, I still seek God's glory and Light and Love through prayer, through reading and studying the Bible, through repentance and through doing good deeds. I have had much success on a weekly basis in having an intense experience of joy and love in the spirit of God, so much so that I proclaim to you that I am willing to give up sex in order to continue in this type of pleasure, because it is better than sex. If you have had this sort of love, and compared it to the love of a woman, and the heartbreak that women (and people) can give to you, then you will perhaps understand when I say I choose complete chastity, because the love from God is better than the love from flesh.

Love one another, and help one another unselfishly, and do not harm one another, and be satisfied when somebody else is raised up, and seek the love of God, and love one another with the sort of love that God has given us. He who loves unselfishly, he does not harm his neighbor, he does not sin. Love and expect nothing in return. Love those who hate you, love those who don't know the love of God. Do not be subject to your passions; envy, greed, lust, disgust, hatred, vengeance. Put these away and love one another and seek out God's love, because God is the source of your love, and knowing God's love will help you love one another unselfishly. Just do it. Put away the evils of passions, just put them away, drop it already. Give them up. Forgive those who have harmed you, you can do it. And go to God and fill yourself with God's love and love one another just as God loves you. He who loves unselfishly is heaven born.

You don't need m-state materials to do this.

May God's Love and Light be with you,



Viktor Schauberger described the vortex energy flow as being a key to the nature of the universe. See:


The ORMUS elements seem to tap into this vortex energy flow. Perhaps they form a quantum coherent vortex system in the body in accord with the theory that I proposed in my article on Patterns of Motion at:


A coherent coupling between the ORMUS elements, the body and the kundalini energy flow might explain a lot. It might allow us to do everything that the ORMUS elements have been observed to do. Things like dematerialization, levitation and teleportation could become more common but we need to remain aware that our ability to control these things must be developed through inner work like the mystics of the ages have done.

I don't believe the ORMUS elements will make one a better person, except maybe in the long term, but most of us already are better persons and they may help us to realize this and be more effective at what we do.

The analogy that I always use is to getting a new 200 amp electrical service installed in your house. You will only be able to use the new power if your wiring is adequate and if you have the right appliances and know how to use them.

The power is personal power, that is, the ability to attract good fortune. The wiring is open chakras, generally an open heart chakra in our world. The appliances are the sidhis or special abilities.

If the wiring is inadequate you will just burn the house down more quickly. If you have the right appliances but do not know how to use them they will just sit and gather dust (or catch fire and burn the house down).

An example of one of these appliances is the ability to fast. The true value of fasting is that it teaches us how to put our thoughts where we want them and not on food. This ability would come in handy if we suddenly had the power to manifest whatever we thought of.

If one is not ready for kundalini awakening it can be percieved as a frightening experience. I had such an experience when I tasted some m-state gold made from metal. I thought that I had poisoned myself. It felt as if I was rushing headlong into the unknown and there was nothing I could do to slow it down or stop it. Fortunately (or maybe unfortunately) this experience only lasted a few minutes.

Other people have reported similar effects. John Moore described this as follows:

Warning:  I finally had success in keeping the trap running without incident for 5 or 6 hours constantly recycling.  I put a tall glass under the dripping ormus water from the trap and filled it. I noticed even though it is cold out, that I was freezing more than usual as I waited for the glass to fill.  The water is very cold (approximately 39F). Could that be the source of the frigid air around the ormus water?  I drank some of it down, then took the glass with me to relax and enjoy. Soon I was really buzzing!

For an hour or so I thought I may have really over done it, and I just OD'd on water. I didn't think this was a concern before but watch out, it is hard to tell just how concentrated the water is.  I felt pressure around my head, I started freezing and finally sort of snapped out of it with loud ringing in my ears. WOW I suggest we really must be careful with this stuff.

Another gentleman has described this as follows:

Now for those of you more adventurous ones that still don't think that’s enough, there is one spot on your body that is made for absorption through the skin. If I take a Q tip, and dip it in the oil and then lay it in the crack of my butt with the oily end down by my rectum [the end of the absorption sequence of food that starts in the stomach] and sit down and relax. Within 5-10 min. I've had all I can take. [My ears ring and it puts me in that uncomfortable body rushing excess of energy in the body feeling, which lasts for too long]. That’s why I only use the toes and instep, or behind the knees and only do that every other day.

Several people have reported a milder and less frightening form of this experience. Here is Anne's report:

I have already consumed about a quart of the trap water from this source. It's similar in consistency to the trap water I've been getting here in town, and at this early stage I can't report any huge, noticeable differences in effect. I continue to feel both energized and a little bit high--not so that it stops me from getting things done (on the contrary, I've been busy and efficient), but when I do stop, I notice a slight lightheadedness. I'm still trying to figure out how to describe it. It's like a meditative state, almost a pooling of energy in the upper part of my head, behind my eyes. I have a feeling that I could see etherically if I tried. My hands have been cool all afternoon and evening--not unpleasantly cold, but rather as if there's a fresh, cool field emanating from them where I had them in the water adjusting the hoses and connections.

Here is another similar report from Kal:

After taking m-state I started having a secretion dripping from the roof of my mouth. It is fairly viscous, sweet and seems to be milky white in color.  It certainly has subjective effects on the way that I feel. Physical effects in terms of higher smoother energy level  (I’ve been sleeping and eating less just as a natural expression of this)

But the most profound effects have been on the state of my mind since this has been happening, (started slowly and the dripping was thin/watery it has definitely gotten more viscous and sweeter-richer tasting).

There have been periods of euphoria (guess that sounds corny, but I don’t know what other word to use). Deep effortless stillness but not at all spacey, and a feeling of bliss flowing through my body. Not all the time certainly, but the periods are increasing in amount and length of time as the secretion increases. Waves of bliss. The secretion started after taking the Ascension Alchemy products http://asc-alchemy.com over a period of  3-4 months.

 The stillness inside is not caused by any specific exercise or thing I do; it's just often there. I wake up with it. But it's not necessarily connected to a laid back peacefulness. My life is often very intense, but within the intensity there's that stillness now. I joke with people who tell me to slow down and chill; and say that I am at peace; it's just that my peace moves fast.

These reports are all based on m-state materials from different sources but they all seem to have a common thread of experience; the experiences are all consitent with the kundalini awakening process as described in ancient texts.

We should remain cognizant of the fact that awakening the kundalini energy is just a signpost on the road to unexcelled complete awakening. If we get to this signpost, embrace it and set up camp nearby, we may forget to proceed on down the road.

A kundalini awakened colleague who is both a scientist and a mystic wrote the following after having some kundalini “orgasms” triggered by m-state materials:

“The contacts that I have been getting from Gary have only intensified over the last few days, as I shared with you today.  I feel there is a strong message here for all ORMUS seekers.

Far from everyone's expectations, the ORMUS material may end up addicting if used carelessly and more "binding" rather than "liberating". It does not, in fact, produce any "release" from the cycle of birth-and-death.  It only lifts what is normally dense---our embodiment, our mental and habitual tendencies---up to a notch, to what is less dense, or more subtle.

The subtle qualities, as for example a kundalini arousal, a samadhi, or even a psychic faculty, are often aspired by everyone as indicative of "attainment".  This could not be farther from truth.  The Truth embodies everything, the subtle, the dense, and even nothing whatsoever.  What is more dense---our reality---is not, in fact, one iota farther away from Truth, nor is the subtle any closer.

"Going into the light" means going into another realm of phenomena, however subtle it may be.  In this regard it is still a realm of illusion. It has not, in fact, transcended birth-and-decay.

Even the complete destruction of ego, as Gary was often fond of saying, does not mean complete liberation.  For, in the end, all of us still hold to a dharma, a truth, something to be expounded, a view.  True liberation, the transcendence of it all, comes only when even the subtle views that we have of enlightenment, of each other, of a Truth however Universal it may seem, e.g., all this garbage that is our reality solidified, can be completely relinquished.

By grasping so firmly onto fine points that discriminate this hypothetical versus some other hypothetical, one clearly demonstrates that in the end there is still a view, something that needs to be explained, some theory to be explored, some truth to be shared, some attachment that needs to be severed.

This is all being written in fact for Gary's benefit and for anyone who thinks that ORMUS can bring short cuts.”