Comments on Trapping ORMUS
by Ariel Hubbard

During the process of making of ORMUS water through the trap method, I saw a tremendous white light, surrounded by layers of violet and blue light emanating from the water that was being transformed.  Upon examining the water more closely with clairvoyant vision, I saw many hundreds of joyful Nature Spirits (some of them are known as fairies) dancing and celebrating because humans were creating ORMUS.  However, I noticed in the "left" water that there were many fewer Nature Spirits, and that they seemed confused and overwhelmed with their unexpected and new job, which was to transform incoherent atoms into something new.  They asked me to make some suggestions to the humans making ORMUS.

The Nature Spirits were delighted that human beings were participating in their realm.  The Nature Spirits' function is to take energy and turn it into matter, and then to shift that matter according to Divine and sometimes human will.  When human beings think a thought, that thought is part of the Fourth Dimension, and is broadcast across that Dimension.  Devas (who are part of the nature intelligence group, but who are not Nature Spirits) design an energetic "blueprint" of that thought and then Nature Spirits bring that blueprint into physical form.

In the past, the Nature Spirits have followed the blueprints designed by God to bring things into physical form.  However, due to the massive transformation of human beings and all beings on the Earth because we are coming out of a Kali Yuga, a 26,000-year cycle, which was one of spiritual "darkness," or lack of spiritual awareness, and moving into an Age of Light, all of the rules are changing.  It used to be that only the occasional alchemist could transform an element from one form into another.  Now Barry is teaching the average person, who has not trained for decades or mastered alchemy, to be an alchemist.  And, human beings are participating in a function once only available to Nature Spirits, which is to change physical matter into different forms.

When Barry was making the ORMUS water, I saw light around the water.  That light was from a large collection of Nature Spirits who were dancing and singing in celebration while they witnessed us (humans) changing the molecular structure of the water.  However, they did make some requests to properly work with ORMUS.

The Nature Spirits asked human beings to give a prayer of intention prior to making ORMUS.  That was because when ORMUS is made, a larger number of Nature Spirits go into the empowered atoms of the ORMUS.  The water or substance that is "left" has many fewer Nature Spirits, who are then "left" with the big job of reorganizing incoherent atoms into something coherent.  The "left" water still looks like water, but when I looked into it with clairvoyant vision, the atoms were disorganized and "messy," and the Nature Spirits that were responsible for those atoms were working very hard to reorganize them.  There was a sense of being taking by surprise; the Nature Spirits whose job before this point was maintaining water atoms was suddenly and without warning now a job of making those atoms coherent.  If we had given a prayer of intention prior to making the water ORMUS, they would have heard us and been prepared.  (It is like asking an athlete to run a marathon without giving them time to train for it; instead they have to run it cold.  Imagine how uncomfortable that would be!)

Also, it is important for human beings to work consciously during the ORMUS creation process because it is a sign that humans and Nature Spirits are working together.  The humans put out the prayer of intention that they would like to change a substance into ORMUS, and the Nature Spirits go to work to shift the matter into ORMUS and also to reorganize the "left" material.  It makes the process flow a lot more easily.  The combined human/nature spirit team, I believe, is part of our evolutionary process.  For the Earth to be restored to vibrant health, humans and nature intelligences must team up to restore balance, clean up pollution (both physical and the collective thought-forms of human beings) and heal.

A suggestion for a prayer of intention is as follows:

Call in your Higher Self (this is the aspect of you that is always consciously connected with God):
"I call in my Higher Self for this ceremony of making ORMUS."

Call in God (whomever you believe in, or the energy of Love if you don't believe in God):
"I call in the Presence of God for this ceremony of making ORMUS."

Call in the Deva and the Nature Spirits of the substance you are working with:
"I call in the Presence of the Deva and the Nature Spirits of this substance (name it) for this ceremony of making ORMUS."

(Feel the Presence of the beings you have called in.  You have just created a "coning[1]" with them.  This will require a certain amount of protein usage on your part, so before or after this ceremony, eat some extra protein so you are not tired. You will be processing high-vibrational frequencies through your energy system, so it may take you a little while to get used to them.)

Ask that they help you balance your energy so that the coning is stabilized:
"I set the intention that humans and Nature Spirits will be transforming this substance (name it) into ORMUS and I ask that this procedure flow efficiently and in a way that is for the Highest Good for All. And, this new ORMUS will create the Highest Good for All. Blessings and Light to us all."

(Take a deep breath and feel the energy of the beings around you and the power of the prayer.  Relax.  Do the procedure.  Tune in to see if you can feel the beings working with you.  Feel the Spirit moving through you.  This is a spiritual experience.)

(Once the ceremony is complete, you need to thank and release the beings you called in. Otherwise, you may feel tired.)

To close, say:
"I thank and release my Higher Self, God, the Devas and Nature Spirits from this ceremony. I ask for your love and blessings.  We are complete. It is so."

You will feel the energy shift as they are released.

If you follow these steps, or say some other prayer of intention that includes the Devas and the Nature Spirits, you will truly be working as a team member as you shift matter from one form, into ORMUS.  You will be pro-actively working with Nature Intelligences in a harmonious way.  That is how it is supposed to be to create the Highest Good for all.  I believe that this will make the ORMUS much more powerful and helpful in healing and in its other functions. And, it will be a blessed substance--blessed with the spirit of honoring nature, and love.  When you set the intention that the ORMUS will create the Highest Good for All, amazing things will happen. Enjoy!

Ariel Hubbard, Holistic Health Practitioner, has had clairvoyant and other spiritual gifts and has been communicating with Nature Intelligences since childhood.  The above writing is based on commentary and requests by Nature Intelligences that she has written down (this is not channeled material). Ariel also knows that educating people and teaching them about their True Divine Nature is the path to creating healing worldwide.  Ariel has authored two books on energywork, and has been asked to write Deva Dialogues: Communicating and Co-Creating with Nature Intelligences. Ariel has also founded a healing arts school, California Academy for the Healing Arts at

[1] A term coined by Michaelle Small Wright, author and someone who works extensively with Nature Intelligences.