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ORMUS and Consciousness

by Barry Carter


In the late seventies David Hudson discovered some anomalous materials. These materials appear to exhibit several quantum "behaviors" at a macro scale. They appear to be superconductors at body temperature, they escape from sealed containers in a way which suggests Josephson tunnelling and they significantly modify the properties of water.

Hudson called these materials ORMEs as an acronym for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. Since some or all of these elements may be diatomic and since Hudson has patented these materials under the ORME name we refer to them as ORMUS or m-state elements (m-state stands for microcluster-state).

We postulate that these materials are a Cooper-paired diatomic form of the precious metal elements. They exhibit superconductive properties at body temperature. They exclude magnetic fields and magnetically levitate.

Hudson and others have isolated these elements in brain tissue and in many plants. We suspect that they modify the tubulin in microtubules to create a quantum non-local interaction between cells and perhaps between individuals.

We believe that the ORMUS elements may provide a clear bridge between mind and matter. They appear to be involved in several biological processes and they also seem to be related to psychic and kundalini effects. Various folks who have eaten them for long periods of time report that they produce many of the kundalini effects spoken of in the Vedic texts.

These materials match the descriptions of materials in alchemical traditions from China, India, Persia and Europe. Modern chemical and mechanical processes allow us to obtain or make these elements in relatively quick and easy ways, though some of my colleagues have followed ancient alchemical recipes as well.

Experimental procedures for demonstrating the physical and biological properties of the ORMUS elements are suggested.


In the late 1970s an Arizona farmer named David Hudson noticed some very strange materials as he was doing some gold mining on his land. Hudson spent several million dollars over the following decade figuring out how to obtain and work with these strange materials. (1)

In 1989 David Hudson was granted patents on these materials and methods for obtaining them. (2)  Hudson's patents covered 11 elements, cobalt, nickel, copper, ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum and gold.  He later discovered that mercury also has an ORMUS state.

During the early 1990s Hudson toured the United States giving lectures and workshops about what he had found. Transcripts of portions of three of David Hudson's lectures are available on the Web. (3)


These materials are difficult to manipulate using conventional chemistry. Though they don't react in the same way as their metallic counterparts, there is a very weak reaction, possibly due to resonance coupling, which allows one to do a sort of shadow chemistry with these elements. It appears that ancient alchemists used this "shadow chemistry" by repeatedly running them through the same sequence of chemical reactions till they got the results they wanted.

It is also possible to manipulate these elements using magnetism or by using a sort of proxy chemistry where they are enticed into a chemical "box" and the box is manipulated.

We have observed magnetic levitation and anti-gravity effects with these materials. In various lectures, Hudson claims that if ORMUS iridium is heated to 850 degrees Celsius that it will disappear and loose all weight. When the temperature is brought back down, it reappears and regains most of its former weight. Hudson's patent on these materials contains a chart generated by thermo-gravimetric analysis which illustrates this effect. (4)

Since the ORMUS elements can disappear from this universe it seems apparent that they are going somewhere else.

Hudson's chart indicates that during the heating process the weight of the ORMUS iridium went to 300, or more, percent of its normal weight. This property makes it an ideal candidate for the type of "exotic matter" which Hal Puthoff and other physicists have speculated might be necessary for a usable faster than light drive. (5)

Some researchers have also seen these materials escape from sealed containers in a way which suggests Josephson tunnelling.


Hudson developed a theory about the nature of the ORMUS elements which is being refined by other folks working with these materials.

We postulate that these elements are room temperature superconductors. We suspect that they may be atomic Bose-Einstein Condensates (BECs). BECs are substances which are constituted of many atoms but which behave as a single atom. The common current belief among physicists is that BECs are not stable much above absolute zero or in a superconductive matrix structure. We think that our observations disprove this belief.

We hypothesize that these ORMUS materials are composed of monatoms or diatoms of the precious metal elements which have their electrons Cooper-paired so that none of these electrons are available as valence electrons. Since they have no available valence electrons they are not capable of forming metal-metal bonds and they are not available for normal chemical reactions.

We postulate that the Cooper-pairing of the electrons in these atoms or diatoms creates a Meissner field around each atom/diatom unit. We hypothesize that this Meissner effect extends through a non-local quantum connection to other ORMUS units so that together they exhibit behavior which follows the rules of quantum mechanics. If you have great piles of these monatom/diatom units you can observe quantum physical behavior at classical physics scales.

This postulated behavior theory would account for the observed properties which suggest superconductivity, tunneling, superfluidity and difficulty of spectroscopic identification.

Conscious Connection

The Meissner effect and another phenomenon connected with superconductivity, called Josephson tunneling, have been observed in biological systems by various scientists over the years. Hudson cites the following papers in his lectures:

"Evidence from Activation Energies for Superconductive Tunneling in Biological Systems at Physiological Temperatures"
Physiological Chemistry and Physics 3, 1971
Bio-Chemistry Laboratory
U.S. Naval Air Development Center, Pennsylvania.
Reference: pp. 403-410

For several biological systems involving nerve or growth processes the square of the activation energy is a linear function of temperature over a moderate range of physiological temperatures. This behavior may be predicted from the hypothesis that the rate of biological process is controlled by single electron tunneling between micro-regions of superconductivity.

Superconductivity has been observed. It's responsible for nerve and growth processes.

"Magnetic Flux Quantization and Josephson Behavior in Living Systems"
Physica Scripta 40, 1989
E. Del Giudice, S. Doglia, M. Milani, C. W. Smith, G. Vitiello
Reference: pp. 786-791
Abstract: The proposal of coherent electromagnetic processes as the engine of biological dynamics suggests that Josephson effects could be present in living cells. Positive experimental evidence is reported and discussed.
"Biological Sensitivity to Weak Magnetic Fields Due to Biological Superconductive Josephson Junctions"
Physiological Chemistry and Physics 5, 1973
Reference: pp. 173-176
Summary: Various species of organisms can detect weak magnetic fields from .1 to 5 gauss. Indirect evidence suggests that electron tunneling may occur across junctions between superconducting micro regions in living systems. Man made superconducting Josephson junctions have been fabricated with magnetic sensitivity as high as 10-11 gauss. It is suggested that superconducting Josephson junctions in living systems may provide a physical mechanism with more than enough sensitivity to explain the observed responses of organisms to weak magnetic fields.
There is evidence that the ORMUS elements are present in living cells. Hudson has assayed brain tissue for these elements and found that the ORMUS iridium and rhodium are both present at about 2.5% each (by dry matter weight). The ORMUS elements have been found in most of the plant and animal tissues which have been examined. (6)

We hypothesize that the ORMUS elements determine some of the properties of the water or "tubulin" inside the microtubules in every cell. Hameroff and Penrose have proposed that microtubules are the site of a "quantum collapse" in which information from multiple universes is "collapsed" into a "conscious selection" or decision. (7) Sequences of these decisions makes up the consciousness of the cell and interactions between many cells makes up the consciousness of an organism. In this way problems which would require as many decisions as there are atoms in the known universe can be solved using "calculations" performed in an infinite number of other universes. (8)

We also hypothesize that the ORMUS elements in the tubulin inside microtubules create resonance connections between the cells of the body.

As one increases the abundance of the ORMUS elements in the body, these resonance connections are strengthened. One example of an effect of this type of strengthened resonance connection is that when the DNA in cancer is repaired by the action of the platinum group ORMUS elements. We suspect that it is repaired to a healthy template provided by the healthy cells in the body (or the "morphogenic field" interpenetrating the body) rather than just to the cancer DNA template provided by the nearby cancer cells as is the case with cisplatin and other chemotherapy drugs. (9)

Cosmic Connection

Various folks have proposed that a quantum non-local connection between the ORMUS elements and some sort of non-physical reality is a component of consciousness.

Hudson claims that these ORMUS elements connect with this non-physical reality through something called the zero point. (1) David Bohm, Rupert Sheldrake, Amit Goswami and others have postulated that there is an "implicate order" or "morphogenic field" from which consciousness influences matter. The "hard problem" of quantum physics is to figure out what the exact connection is between mind (or spirit) and matter.

Psychic Connection

A Finish physicist named Matti Pitkänen has outlined a theoretical framework for superconductivity in biological systems. (10) He has also outlined a hypothesis which suggests a physical ORMUS connection to psychokinesis and other psychic phenomena.

Matti Pitkänen claims that the movement of matter by mind which occurs inside of the microtubule is virtually identical to psychokinesis or moving objects outside the body by the power of mind alone. (11)

In a May 1997 email Matti wrote:

Dear Barry,
Certain person claiming to have ability to do psychokinesis contacted me and he encouraged me to think about a possible TGD inspired model of psychokinesis. Although I have worked only less than week it seems that this will turn out to be a good question. As a matter of fact it seems that separate pieces of TGD inspired model of biosystem begin to fit together very nicely.

The key concept is what I call topological field quantization. Magnetic field in TGD decomposes into flux tubes parallel to the flux lines of field. These flux tubes are cylindrical surfaces with outer boundary. If one requires that there is no ordinary matter inside them one obtains hollow cylindrical flux tubes with opposite charged wormhole densities on the inner and outer surfaces of this cylindrical surface. Note that wormhole flux tubes involve always two spacetime sheets with opposite magnetic fluxes. Wormholes form a BE condensate and this topologically quantized magnetic field becomes quantum object of macroscopic size and a potential conscious being if TGD inspired theory of consciousness is correct!! [Various] people seem to speak about White Gold almost as a conscious being: they might be right!

If PK-able person is able to control this kind of macroscopic field associated with his body then PK becomes possible by levitation in this field, provided the object is wormhole super conductor (recall that wormholes can give rise to super conductivity in which wormholes are charge carriers as well as ordinary electronic super conductivity). By changing voluntarily the quantized magnetic fluxes in flux lines of magnetic field PK-able person can control the magnetic field at will and thus create levitating force.

Actually also DNA inside cell could perform similar control of motion. In fact, the genetic code might be transcribed into the structure of the wormhole magnetic field surrounding DNA and this would make possible the translation of genetic code to biostructures. So called phantom DNA effect is in accordance with the hypothesis that DNA in presence of coherent light (created by microtubules by quantum antenna hypothesis!) gives rise to wormhole magnetic field. Wormhole magnetic fields might [be] the key feature of biological systems behind coherent photons. (12)

Matti Pitkänen has expanded this concept on his web site. In his paper there he writes:

The basic philosophy of the model is following. PK is not just some isolated exotic phenomenon but only a special case of the voluntary control of bodily motions, which we all routinely perform. The only difference is that the range of voluntary control extends over the boundaries of the body in case of PK. This leads to important conclusion: PK phenomena must involve classical long range fields, which give for biosystems spatial extension larger than what is visible (that is hands with which to grasp on external object!). According to TGD inspired theory of consciousness, cell and even DNA can be conscious and perform choices. Thus the model should also provide understanding about small scale biocontrol such as the (voluntary!) control of the motion of cell organelles performed by cell nucleus. A related problem is how genetic code is transformed into spatial structures during ontogeny and the idea that each DNA sequence corresponds to a characteristic classical field configuration, is attractive. Thus the model in question is not meant to be an ad hoc solution of a particular problem called PK but a general solution of several basic problems in biology.
It looks like the ORMUS elements might provide the missing link in our understanding of the relationship between mind and matter.

Possible Historical References

We may not have been the first to discover and work with these materials.

We suspect that the ancient alchemists were familiar with these materials. Some of their processes have been used by modern alchemists to produce and manipulate these ORMUS elements.

The alchemists claimed that the inner transformation of the alchemist had to occur in order for the alchemist to be able to make the outer transformation of lead to gold which was used as a proof of the production of the alchemical Philosopher's Stone. What does this mean?

We postulate that as one develops the ORMUS alchemical materials one also develops the ability to psychically "see" these materials and this ability is used to inform the process of conjoining various ORMUS alchemical elements into the Philosopher's Stone.

There is some evidence that this type of psychic vision has had scientific predictive value. Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant used what they called "yogic vision" to observe atomic and subatomic structures over a period of about 40 years ending in 1933. (12) Their observations did not jibe with, then current, atomic theories but fit quite well with modern quark theories. (13) A colleague, who wishes to remain anonymous, describes himself as "a kundalini awakened American engineer". Like Leadbeater and Besant, he suggests that he has also developed an ability to "see" these ORMUS elements. (14)

This gentleman makes numerous theoretical predictions about the ORMUS elements based on his observations.

Most of the phenomena traditionally associated with physic powers are also traditionally linked to the Philosopher's Stone.

Since the ORMUS elements are relatively abundant in water, air and most plants, they can be concentrated in the body by eating plants in which they are abundant (many of the plants used by Hindu seers to facilitate kundalini awakening are unusually rich sources of the ORMUS elements). They can also be accumulated using certain breathing techniques (ie. pranayama). And they can be concentrated using alchemical processes. All of these "alternative technologies" were available to ancient peoples.

David Hudson also links the ORMUS materials to the Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, manna, shewbread, the clear gold glass of the book of Revelation, the Copper Scroll from Qumran, the great longevity of Biblical patriarchs and several items in the Egyptian Book of the Dead. (1) I have compiled a few historic references which may be related. (24)

Research Opportunities

Several research opportunities are suggested by the hypotheses outlined in this article. Most of these depend on the availability of known quantities of the ORMUS elements. Instructions for making the ORMUS form from the precious metal elements are available on the web at:

ORMUS - What is it? -

An initial experiment might be to convert gold, rhodium, iridium or platinum to their ORMUS state using quantitative measurements. The ORMUS theory predicts that these metals, if boiled in sodium hydroxide for two weeks, will partially disappear and be replaced by a white precipitate which, when dried, will weigh less than the metal it came from. This boiling should take place with the metal/NaOH mixture in a sealed HDPE container placed in water boiled over a flame. (15)

Quicker but more elaborate methods of converting the metal to ORMUS exist and can be shared with serious researchers.

A second experiment might be to spectroscopically analyze the white precipitate for the presence of the original metal. The ORMUS theory predicts that there will be no indication of the original metal.

A third experiment might involve replication of Hudson's thermogravimetric analysis where he demonstrated weight changes in ORMUS iridium as a function of temperature changes.

Several biological experiments suggest themselves. Hudson and others claim that the ORMUS elements repair the DNA of cancer cells to a healthy cell template; possibly supplied by a morphogenic field which is congruent with the body. He claims that this does not happen with cancer cells which are exposed to ORMUS in vitro. (16) A comparison could be made between in vitro and in vivo effects using cancer cell lines and white rats.

The in vitro studies that Hudson reports demonstrate no toxic effects from the ORMUS elements that he provided. Several people of my acquaintance have been ingesting ORMUS elements from various sources for as long as ten years. The anecdotal evidence is that there are no harmful effects resulting from this ingestion.

Many people have reported beneficial physical effects from ORMUS ingestion. (17)

The National Institute of Health recently set up a program to study the effectiveness of various alternative therapies on cancer and AIDS. This program is being administered by Bastyr University, a homeopathic school in Washington state. (18) Hudson's materials were originally slated to be part of this study.(19) Delays in the completion of Hudson's plant have prevented him from supplying the ORMUS elements and participating in this study. It should be fairly easy for someone else to step into this research opportunity.

Various folks have reported the following effects of ORMUS ingestion which should be fairly easy to verify:

A few people have reported effects which correlate with effects that yogin report as they experience kundalini awakening. These effects include hearing the "nada" sound (20), a tightness in the heart or throat chakras, psychic experiences (21) and the drip from the roof of the mouth of a nectar like substance (22).

The ORMUS theory predicts that replication of the Grinberg-Zylberbaum ESP experiments (23) would demonstrate a stronger effect subsequent to the onset of ingestion of ORMUS materials.

The "nada" sound may have a physiological correlate as might the nectar drip phenomena. The chakra tightness also might have physiological correlates.

Whether or not these correlates are physiologically apparent, statistical survey methods might demonstrate their subjective commonality.


It looks like the ORMUS materials might provide the keystone for the bridge connecting physics and metaphysics. It looks like they may help us to understand and access the non-physical realm. It also looks like they may finally begin to provide an understanding of the links between matter, consciousness and All That Is.


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