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In Sacred Science by R. A. Schwaler deLubicz  there is a description of the third eye which, he claims, is represented by a cobra on the forehead of the pharaohs:


In legendary form it is said that one day "Ra had sent forth his Eye which did not return. So Ra sent Shu and Tefnut to bring it back.... But the Eye was outraged when it returned because it found that another had grown in its stead." And then Ra took the Eye and placed it on his brow in the likeness of a serpent. Since then, the solar Eye governs the entire world because this serpent became the symbol of Ra's puissance. It is since that day that Shu was called Onuris which means He-Who-Has-Brought-Back-the-Far-off-Distance.


Modern researchers call the use of the "third eye" to see things at a distance "remote viewing". Early scientific research into remote viewing was funded by the US government for the purpose of incorporating it into intelligence gathering capabilities. In the following quote, deLubicz suggests that the uraeus was used as a similar tool:


By this fact, the Eye of Ra which this Neter bears on his brow becomes the radiating Eye, the divine Word. It thus becomes the uraeus, the third eye of the King's forehead, powerful protector and destroyer of Ra's enemies... .


Third Eye Cobra

Detail from the cover

of Sacred Science


The uraeus is the Naja of Egypt, the dreaded though peaceful and timorous cobra, dangerous for its spit and deadly for its bite, but only if it believes itself attacked. The snake is the symbol of duality: It separates the right and left sides of the brain. Likewise, the nervous system is dual: sensory or motor, active-solar through the sympathetic, or passive-decontractile through the vagus or parasympathetic. This dual aspect is human; it is thus symbolized by two uraei, or one uraeus accompanied by a head of Mut, the vulture, symbol of hatching femininity.



"The casing of fine linen covering the cranium of Tut-Ankh-Amon's mummy.

Embroidered gold beads and semiprecious stones delineate the double uraeus,

which indicates the scissure between the two hemispheres of the brain

(Howard Carter, The Tomb of Tut-Ankh-Amon, II, PLXXXII).

The single royal uraeus appears on the diadem and on the crown."


In the same passage deLubicz equates the uraeus with the kundalini energy:


It must be understood that although the nervous, or physical, manifestation is provoked by the flux of the uraeus (Kundalini), the cause, the uraeus itself, is transcendent action.


Other modern writers have equated this kundalini energy to the uraeus of Egyptian history. The kundalini energy is reputed to travel up the spine as two serpentine energy flows called the "ida" and the "pingala". They twine around  the "sushumna". These energy flows are also represented in the caduceus of modern medicine. You can find some history of the caduceus in medicine at:


On this web page the caduceus is described as a symbol of alchemy.




In Occult Chemistry, Charles Leadbeater and Annie Besant describe how they used "yogic vision" or the "third eye" to "see" the fundamental structures of matter. They described one of these basic subatomic structures as seven layers of recursive spirals around other spirals. This structure is depicted in Occult Chemistry by  the picture below:




These spirals form the basic structure of what Leadbeater and Besant call "anu":




Dr. Stephen Philips, a physicist in England says that the "anu" structure is a good match with the quark of modern quantum physics. Tony Smith, another physicist uses the image from Occult Chemistry to illustrate the Compton radius vortex of the electron.


The twin serpents of the double helix seem to show up frequently in science from the subatomic scale,



to the structure of DNA,


to the motions of celestial mechanics and even to the structure of galaxies


Black Hole Jets

and massive black holes.


Since they are also a recurrent theme in ancient culture it would seem that there might be a connection. Schwaler deLubicz claimed that the ancient Egyptians had a "sacred science" which used psychic abilities as its tools of observation. Some modern scientists have returned to the use of intuitive observation methods. The modern equivalent of Leadbeater and Besant's "yogic vision" is "technical remote viewing".


Russian scientists have pioneered in the study of "spin fields" which they say can travel at “billions of times greater than the speed of light.” (Yu.V.Nachalov, A.N.Sokolov: “Experimental investigation of new long-range actions.”) Something similar to these spin fields has been documented using Kirlian photography on a pyramid replica:


Pyramid Vortex


Again we have an image of the double-helix, twin-serpent energy.


Tony Bushby in his book "The Secret in the Bible" wrote:


“Whenever a light is shone down into a glass pyramid in exact scale or proportion as the Great Pyramid, a ‘Rainbow Serpent’ is created. The light provides a type of force or energy that, in turn, creates the vertical spiral of light, a serpent upraised, invisible in rock, but visible in a clear substance.


That is what the Ancient Egyptian Priesthood meant when they said, ‘A serpent lies coiled in the Great Pyramid’.”


Bushby suggests that the capstone of the Great Pyramid was a clear crystal or glass that produced a visible beacon of light from the apex of the pyramid:


“The Priesthood knowledge appears to directly reference the known existence of an invisible spiral force operating within the confines of the Great Pyramid, precisely in the same manner as the spiral of visible light was seen in the Benben. That explains exactly what the Benben originally was, but much larger; It was a clear pyramidal structure acting as a focal point to gather in, convert and distribute light from the sun into energy, and project its force deep into the heart of the Pyramid.”


“It appears the Benben was primarily intended as a type of amplifying principle to activate power into the specially designed chambers and passageways in the structure below. With the sun shining down upon it, a huge Rainbow Serpent was created and could be seen from miles away.”


Busby suggests that the Rainbow Serpent was a double helix like DNA. He claims that the shadow from a double helix replica will form the ancient Hebrew alphabet of the Torah:


“For thousands of years, spiritual teachers of Jewish traditions claimed that the five major Hebrew texts making up the Torah were ‘holy’, of special significance, and of supernatural origin…. And they were right.


By producing an exact physical copy of the spiral shape of the Rainbow Serpent from plastic, brass, a strip of metal or a similar solid substance, its significance becomes apparent, and that item could best be described as ‘light descended into matter’.”


“It is the primary element of both the Book of Thoth and the Secret in the Bible and the precise twisty shape of the Rainbow Serpent provides the necessary form to physically demonstrate a major part of the Secret.


When the plastic or metal reproduction of the Rainbow Serpent is slowly revolved, 22 different shaped shadows are cast from that one element, and those shapes directly make up the 22 separate letters of the alphabet that the Torah was written in.”


“Put in the simplest terms, the alphabet in which the Torah of the bible was originally and secretly written was one composed of a series of 22 cosmic glyphs that emanated with ‘splendour and power in the form of a serpent’ from a vertical spiral of light in the Benben on top of the Great Pyramid in Egypt. Evidence of that knowledge points directly at the undeniable input of a higher intelligence, a superior mind source.”


Alexander Golod a modern Russian pyramid researcher has reported that "Russian Military radar (locator) spotted an energy column rising several miles high in the sky above the 22m Lake Seliger pyramid" in Russia. He also claims that a Leyden jar placed at the top of his pyramids will spontaneously charge. (See: This sounds much like the phenomena reported in "Secrets of the Great Pyramid: by Peter Tompkins:


"An engineer and former professor of radio, L. Turenne, maintains that all sorts of different forms--being combinations of different frequencies--act as different types of resonators for energy in the cosmos. This has led to speculation that the Pyramid might be some sort of gigantic lens which is able to focus an unknown energy simply by means of its shape.


Even the coffer in the King's Chamber has been considered such a device by Worth Smith, who points out that the cubic capacity of the coffer is exactly the same as that of the biblical Arc of the Covenant.


According to Maurice Denis-Papin, descendant of the famous inventor, the Arc of the Covenant was a sort of electric capacitor capable of producing an electrical charge of 500 to 700 volts. The Arc is said to have been made of acacia wood, lined inside and out with gold: that is to say, two conductors separated by an insulator. On either side were garlands which may have served as condensors. Denis-Papin says the Arc was placed in a dry spot where the magnetic field reached a normal 500 to 600 volts per vertical meter.


Insulated from the ground, the Arc is said to have given off fiery rays, acting like a Leyden jar. According to Denis-Papin the capacitor was discharged to earth by means of the garlands. To move the Arc, two golden rods were slid through rings attached to the exterior.


The similarity of such an "energy accumulator" to the orgone box developed by Wilhelm Reich, which was such a puzzle to Albert Einstein, is also striking.


Sir W. Siemens, the British inventor, related that one day while he was standing on the summit of Cheops' pyramid an Arab guide called his attention to the fact that whenever he raised his hand with his fingers outspread an acute ringing noise was heard.


Raising just his Index, Siemens felt a distinct prickling in it. When he tried to drink from a wine bottle he had brought along he noted a slight electric shock. So Siemens moistened a newspaper and wrapped it around the bottle to convert it into a Leyden jar. It became increasingly charged with electricity simply by being held above his head.


When sparks began to issue from the wine bottle, Siemens's Arab guides became distrustful and accused him of practicing witchcraft. One of the guides tried to seize Siemens's companion, but Siemens lowered the bottle towards him and gave the Arab such a jolt that he was knocked senseless to the ground. Recovering, the guide scrambled to his feet and took off down the Pyramid, crying loudly."


It seems likely that all of these phenomena are related to ORMUS.

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