Superconductive Magnetic Levitation of ORMUS Materials

This is a series of images from a video tape of ORMUS powder under the influence of a rare earth magnet.  Please be patient since it takes over five minutes for the full sequence of images to download with a 28.8 modem.

 The ORMUS powder is on a piece of paper and a small (1/4 inch diameter) rare earth magnet from Radio Shack is being moved around under it.  At first the magnet attracts the material but soon it begins to repel it.  When it begins to repel, more and more of the particles "jump" away from the magnet.

Notice the magnetically induced movement at the two o-clock position in the pile of material.  This stimulates the "jumping" movement of a group of particles away from the pile toward the lower right side of the image.

The original circle of material was approximately half an inch in diameter.  The image you see is probably larger than life size, depending on your monitor.  All of the specks of material around the central pile are particle groups which "jumped" away from the magnet.  Gary proposed a theory to account for this behavior of these materials in his Paranormal Observations article.

The possibility exists that the movement of the particles away from the magnet is due to electrostatic repulsion.  Arguing against this possibility is the fact that several similar m-state materials from different sources were tried in very similar circumstances but only a couple of samples demonstrated this behavior.  One would expect electrostatic repulsion to be more related to the action of the magnet on the paper and to apply to the different m-state elements more or less uniformly.

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