From Gary

I sympathize with your feelings about David Hudson having a monopoly over these materials. I think that is how it will turn out to be at first. But, there is no way it will remain that way for long. As you are finding out, the materials are plentiful in nature, and recoverable by simple methods, not much more complicated than the old-timers used in sluicing for gold.

David Hudson's work is important karmically, because validation of it is taking place at a scientific level. His facility, the medical studies he is supporting, the technological applications he will foster, and his patent history, are just what is needed to give ORMEs a sort of respectability, semi-legitimizing and helping spread the ORMEs movement, which will subsequently take place. That is something neither you and your friends, nor anyone else, are presently able to accomplish. He will have the necessary quality control to produce a suitable product that will open the door to enlightenment for many, many people.

In a very short time his Foundation's members and others will begin taking ORMEs, and awakening kundalini. It is the beginning of something that has never before happened on this planet.

But a monopoly on these materials is not possible, any more than for air, and David Hudson already knows that in his heart-of-hearts.

If the materials are to become available in the most desirable sort of broad way, everyone should remain patient, and generally supportive of David Hudson's efforts, until these first goals are achieved. It would be counter productive for everyone to do otherwise at the beginning. However, once that point is reached, your own work, when you choose to disclose what you are doing, will be in high demand.

There is a great karmic burden, or cost, associated with knowledge obtained by paranormal means. A vast amount of knowledge is available, by looking beyond what the five senses reveal, but that is not how the World, all the things taking place in it, is meant to be run, just yet, though that will be changing, changing, changing.

One doesn't need to be omniscient (I am certainly not) to figure that out.

The Universe, it seems, has an economy, of sorts, and knowledge is a commodity. "Karma" is one of the mediums of exchange. Knowledge has its price, and karma is the currency. A great amount had to be accumulated (by many others than me), over a long period of time, and spent as one great lump sum, in presenting the information in [the Paranormal Observations] article, even for the small number of people that have seen it as of yet.

Practical (ie useful) information about undiscovered forces is probably the most karmically burdened subject there is, as far as scientific topics are concerned. This seems to be so because it is something which is so intrinsically prone to abuse, or to being used in a self-serving capacity. There are a lot of people who actually go into something akin to Lust, at the prospect of getting their hands on such knowledge. But there is good news on the way, as the many inroads being made to [cold fusion], free- energy, etc. will eventually breach this karmic price barrier, and the knowledge will come through, a bit at a time, over many distributed points from the work of widely separated individuals. This is a sort of karmic cost-sharing plan underway that will make it economically possible for mankind to gain this knowledge, all together as a whole. It will ultimately thwart the powerful's efforts to seize control of them, as might otherwise happen.

As I have inferred before, the whole matter of ORMEs is the biggest thing to come down the pike on planet Earth for a long, long, time. The forces behind this are very "substantial". This is due to its enormous importance to the human race, at this critical point in our history, when so many titanic factors are converging at once, to determine our destiny as a species.

It is time for you to make the transition from custodian of this knowledge, to its disseminator. You have a wonderful ability to articulately explain and relate things. You must now use that to pass all this on to others, who *need* the information, who will *grow* from it, just as you have grown.

Think over your reasons for not spreading what you know, beyond the bounds of your small group of friends. The mind is such a restless thing. It worries over this and rationalizes over that. Do not listen to those voices, but rather proceed with courage and conviction, knowing that many, many, whom you have never met or even know of, are depending on you, counting on you. Great and august invisibles are helping you, pulling for you, strengthening you.

I too, am with you.

There are now hundreds and hundreds of kindred spirits who are online, waiting for what you are charged to tell them about. They are your friends, and millions more will be joining them. Tell them the good news. Remember the parable of the Talents? Don't allow this to remain buried, confined to your small circle of friends, any longer. Good journey!

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