Kundalini and ORMUS

by Gary

In the early days of the White Gold Forum a gentleman named Gary, who describes himself as a "kundalini awakened American engineer", wrote several posts which detailed his experiences with kundalini awakening and which proposed some theories about the relationship between the kundalini and the ORMUS materials. Following are the portions of those posts which related to the subject of the kundalini.

In addition to his experience with kundalini awakening, Gary has "a background in physics, electronics, and knows a few things about chemistry and the elements."  Gary also wrote Paranormal Observations of ORMEs Atomic Structure.

Subj: Introduction

From: Gary


This is my first post to the WG forum. I am a SWM in mid 40s, and work as an engineer with a very big US company. I have a membership in Dave's Science of the Spirit Foundation.

I intentionally awakened kundalini several years ago (starting in 1989) by a prolonged and very concentrated pranayama (controlled breathing) practice, and underwent many intense physical, emotional, and spiritual experiences, as the awakening unfolded and progressed.

My kundalini experience (still progressing) is not going to be exactly duplicated by anyone else. But despite individual differences, there are many similarities for most awakenings. If anyone has any specific questions, I can give you an idea of what to expect, based on my own experience, if/when you decide to go through it. Regardless of whether you awaken kundalini by pranayama, as I did, or do it by taking the material, you should be aware -foremost- that it (ultimately) leads to the irreparable loss and permanent destruction of the Ego, and very few people understand just what all ego-death implies, until you first confront it in an awakening experience.


Subj: Kundalini Experience

From: Gary

J.M. wrote:

>Does the loss of ego prevent your being effective as an engineer?
>It seems likely that you could not function as a manager without
>some ego.

Dear J. M.,

At the present time, I have not gone through ego death, but have come close enough to that point to know what it is, and that it is an unavoidable part of the process. My ego has been crippled, but is still basically functional. I found the partial loss, and prospect of total loss, of my ego to be very discomfiting. The "ego" (in the sense I am using it) controls (I have discovered) my will, memory, passions, desires, goals, aspirations, hopes, motivation, functions that have to do with planning, future projections, - anything that is in some way a "want" and/or is not related to the Here-Now-Present.

The semi-disconnection of memory is the worst thing about it, for me as an engineer. It is a growing forgetfulness or absent mindedness, a recall problem, rather than forgetting. The info is still in there. It is not very severe so far, but I can see long term memory would be affected worse with more progress. I have not identified just what is going on with memory, to have figured out just how to handle it, and that is the main problem. My mind doesn't work in past and future modes like it used to. It is becoming more present-tense oriented, and that affects memory access (as well as perceptions of the future). It is kind of hard to explain.

I have compensated somewhat by using tons of post-it notes and making lists of things to remember. I usually try to write things down immediately and not rely on casual recall. It has not affected my organizational ability, and only affected my analytical skills to the extent that memory of details are concerned. It is not as bad as it probably sounds. Just inconvenient.


Subj: Kundalini Experience

From: Gary

I. Simek wrote:




>It seems that WPG has the potential to "awaken kundalini" or fast track the

>process normally attained by years of disciplined meditation/exercise.

>Perhaps the focal point is, as Gary puts it, "permanent destruction of the

>Ego". Gary could you expand on the "ego-death" aspect of your note. Is it

>possible to attain this in a rapid manner? Is it safe to do it that fast?

>What are the ramifications? What are the dangers?



Dear Iron,

Please refer to my responses to J. McInnis and Byrun Fox for explanation of the ego death, as far as I can relate from experience.

In some of Dave's presentations, he describes the progress of the unnamed fellow who has been taking the WPG material in large amounts. In one of these, Dave relates that the man became so sensitive that he retreated to a remote spot in New Mexico to be alone.

During awakening, ones' collection of personal karma has to be burned away, at one point or another. Doing that involves suffering by the individual. The karma is stored in the body tissues somehow, and when kundalini goes through and purges out all the nadis, this karma is released either as a side effect, or direct action (I can't tell which) and it causes the suffering when released. Some people may have "Happy" karma in there that causes them Joy, or the opposite of suffering. As far as I could tell, 99% of mine was soot-black. On a small number of occasions (far too few) I had experiences of spontaneous joy. But mostly it ranges from very stressful, wired, and unpleasant, to dark and despondent. Along with everything else I got a replay of every disease symptom and injury pain I've ever had or was scheduled to have.

In general, the faster the awakening proceeds, the more intense the suffering, since the same amount of karma has to be dealt with over a shorter time. And the stress on the organism would be proportionately greater. Should the suffering become too intense, the person could easily become suicidal. If a person took too large a dose, perhaps you can see that the effect would begin to approximate an internal explosion of energy and karma, and could exceed what the human body and spirit can withstand and still remain connected together.

But I don't want to over state the situation either: it was bad, but it wasn't *that* bad. It wasn't undoable; I would say even a frail person could do it with care and prudence. I cannot imagine a better method than WPG to accomplish this, to bring the opportunity for awakening to the people at large.

There are also some built-in safety checks at work: (1) Kundalini is a *supremely intelligent force*; she knows *exactly* what she is doing. You will be amazed at how hard it works for you and for your benefit when you see it in action fighting disease, or healing an injury. The ultimate physician to have on your side during an awakening. (2) Having control of the dosage (or pranayama intensity in my case) allows you to back off when things get too tough. You can go at your own rate. (3) The higher self watches the whole thing like a hawk. Success is not guaranteed, but you should not be discouraged just because it is not roses all the way either. Just know what you're getting into before you start. Its a one-way ride.

The Dark Night of the Soul that Dave's friend is, or was, going through is how it is while this is going on. Ego death is the culmination of it. Lets all hope that he came through it, and is ok now. My hat is off to him. I would have *loved* to have been alone in the desert.


Subj: Isis Efficacy

From: Gary

Bruce B. wrote:

>In the interim, I'm looking into substitutes such as Isis White
>Powder Gold, Etherium Gold, Vitali-Tea and Chamae Life Vine Tea.
>I understand that these products are not equivalent to Hudson's.
>For example, Hudson said in his Vancouver video that he measured
>Isis WPG and found no rhodium or iridium. If you have used any
>of these products, please tell us about your experiences.

I was not aware of Dave's analysis that Bruce mentions, that Isis WPG does not contain rhodium or iridium, but this agrees with my own experience.

The following summarizes my experiments with Isis WPG. I ordered 2 oz of Isis White Powder Gold, from Online Health, and experimented taking it as follows:

(1) Once per day for 4 days, I drank 3/4 pint of water with a bit over one gram of Isis material stirred up and suspended in the water, so I was taking the soluble as well as insoluble Isis material along with the water.

(2) Next I put 1/4 oz of Isis powder in 2 qt. of water, stirring, letting the non-soluble material settle, and then using this for my regular drinking water. The Isis material completely covered the bottom as sediment. The finest part stayed in suspension giving the water a dingy look. I drank two pitchers of this (4 qt. total) over 1 week.

I judged the results by observing kundalini flow for change. This was easy to do by noticing any change in tinnitus level (the internal ringing that has persisted since awakening kundalini), and also by noting the perceived pressure in the head from kundalini flow.

There was from little, to no detectable change in kundalini activity on any level, during or following taking the Isis powder.

For comparison, ordinarily tinnitus increases noticeably after eating, even for small amounts of food, such as a slice of bread. The ringing intensity and pressure sensations track the digestive progress, and are highest when absorption is peaking; it is difficult *not* to notice changes in it, or to ignore it. Larger amounts of food typically increase ringing/flow only up to a certain point, apparently limited by the maximum normal rate of absorption. There are a number of variabilities.

Small brief changes occur from taking commercial vitamin supplements, but I haven't discovered whether this is partly due to the vitamins & minerals, or just caused by the small amount of starch filler, sugar coating, etc. I suspect the latter.

Based on these experiments, I have concluded that ingesting Isis material has no significant affect on kundalini activity, and larger doses are unlikely to improve things, due to its apparent inertness in this regard.

So far I haven't bought or tried any of the other products said to contain monatomics. I haven't had much success identifying effects that could be attributable to monatomics in ordinary foodstuffs using this approach, since the effect of any monatomics in them is difficult to separate or distinguish from the ordinary food energy absorption.


Subj: Tinnitus, an awakening side effect.

From: Gary

Barry C. wrote:

>You describe the kundalini sound as originating inside your head.
>The gentleman Hudson talks about describes the sound as
>originating at a point above his head:

>He said, "Dave, the sound seems to originate about 8 inches above
>my head, it comes down into my brain, it's like a hat band around
>my head, and it just roars here in my head. I can feel the
>vibration all through my body".

>Do you have any thoughts about why there is a difference?

Dear Barry,

I remember the description you are quoting, and noticed this point of dissimilarity too. I'm glad you pointed it out.

I can't offer a conclusive answer or explanation for you. The best answer will come when those individuals present analyses of their own experiences.

However, for the present, I will suggest some ideas that come to mind, as possibilities. Discussion on these lines is useful; it is difficult to explain one aspect of kundalini without touching on others, and this helps to promote a wider understanding of the subject. I *do* know precisely what he means by "like a hat band" around his head; this is a tight, gripping sensation, due to energy congestion around the edge of the sahasrara, or crown chakra, and is very common. It is often strongest along the very top of the jaw muscles, above the ears. The vibrations mentioned are also common to nearly all kundalini awakenings.

The experiences involved in Awakening are highly varied. It is hard to overstate this. As you are exposed to more and more accounts of awakening experiences, you will find that there are often as many or more differences as there are similarities. The point of origin for the Nada is a fine example.

Please allow me to digress from your question for a moment, to point out some of the fundamental differences in experiences which lie beneath these variations. When a broader understanding is gained, there is less tendency to get tangled up in the bewildering array of symptoms and effects, and making sense of things becomes easier.

In my observations, I have noticed that a significant number of awakenings may be roughly classed into two groups. The distinguishing factor between the two groups is in the method used to effect the awakening, which seems to have a modest statistical influence on the progress and development of events and experiences throughout the awakening process. I have not actually been compiling statistics on these, but there does seem to be a slight recognizable trend emerging. On the other hand however, I am not aware of any Masters who have made this specific generalization, and that may indicate that doing so is not particularly useful. But I shall use it here for illustration.

In one group, spontaneous awakenings and shaktipat awakenings seem to share or outline a trend toward similarity in the character, tone, and sequence of awakening experiences. [Shaktipat, refers to an impulse of energy, transferred to an individual by someone with kundalini already actively functioning; if the recipient is sufficiently close to the point of a natural or spontaneous awakening, shaktipat can then serve to instigate a self-sustaining awakening. Otherwise the effects of shaktipat fade away, as imparted energy dissipates.]

The other group includes awakenings effected through means such as directed meditation, pranayama, and other yogic practices. Awakening kundalini by these methods is comparatively rare, in relation to other types of awakening, particularly in the West.

Classifying awakenings like this can only be done in very general terms; there are lots of exceptions where this scheme does not hold. The experiences Dave has related of a few individuals taking monatomics appear to fall in with the first group; my awakening method, pranayama, is in the latter group.

In general, satisfying demands of the karmic burden seems to be delayed to later stages of the awakening, for the first group. In some cases I am aware of, very little karma had to be dealt with until after the first stage of enlightenment had been achieved, by which I mean establishing a conscious link with the higher self. Because the individual then acquires an entirely different point of view, a detached-observer perspective, as well as conscious access to the higher self, the individual is better able to weather the negative aspects of karma dissipation.

Awakenings in the second group may be generally noted to more typically involve settling up the balance sheets of karma in the early stages of the experience. There are advantages and disadvantages to both approaches. The first group is without doubt the most suited for any large scale movement towards awakening, such as is now taking place with monatomics. If there is any legitimacy to the classification system I have described, the spiritual impetus behind the monatomic movement is perhaps its strongest and best argument in evidence.

Returning to the issue of the supra-cranial vs. intra-cranial origins of Nada, it appears that the individual Dave is describing may be in the first "group", based on his experience descriptions. The nature of the Nada he is experiencing, may be a characteristic of this "class" of awakenings.

One form of the Nada which is frequently described by individuals undergoing an awakening is a humming sound, which can be approximated by imagining the sound heard by listening to a beehive; the sound made by a large number of bees using their wings to circulate air through the hive. It is sometimes also compared to the hum of big power transformer, but this is not as close. It is a pleasant, warm, comfortable-feeling sound. This Nada is more often associated with the first "group" of awakenings. We might speculate that this is representative of what Dave's friend hears.

I experienced such humming, only as an occasional sound during awakening. Others sounds included beautiful mystical sounds like tinkling glass wind chimes; short, immensely loud discordant blasts, like the powerful, loud BUZZZ you get when a microphone jack is only part-way plugged into a PA system; and on a few occasions, something resembling the sound of monks chanting, and lonely sounds of wind wailing over a desolate landscape. One of the most common ones was clicking, which sounded exactly like the sound of crickets clicking. There were others that are more difficult to characterize. All these sounds tended to be brief, particularly the more pleasant ones. It is not in keeping with the intent of paying off ones karmic debt in a direct fashion to expect to have much pleasantness bestowed upon one.

On those occasions when I experienced humming, a lot of other things were going on, and I did not make any careful observations on how the sound was being produced, where it was coming from, and so on. During those, and similar auditory experience events, I was focused on other things, and not paying particular attention on determining the apparent location of the sounds. I do not have a very clear recollection today, except that some of the sounds were "outside" of my head, or externalized, though still in immediate vicinity. Since I am still in an elementary stage of progress, perhaps I will be able to refine my observations further at a later time.


Subj: Tinnitus, an awakening side effect.

From: Gary

Ed P. wrote:

>The following is from page 702, "Alternative Medicine: The Definitive Guide"
>compiled by The Burton Goldberg Group published by Future Medicine
>Publishing Inc., Puyallup, Washington, 1994:

>"Tinnitus is characterized by a continuous ringing or hissing in the ear,
>sometimes accompanied by pain. Causes can include excess ear wax, a blocked
>or impaired Eustachian tube, and dysfunction of the auditory nerve. Dr.
>Kotsanis notes that the onset of tinnitus may also be linked to excessive
>drug use, aspirin, sustained exposure to loud noise, electrical stimulation,
>smoking, trauma, Meniere's disease, and temporomandibular joint syndrome
>(TMJ). Tinnitus in the elderly is often due to decreased circulation in and
>around the ear.

Dear Ed,

Thank you; I appreciate the medical reference material on tinnitus. However, the tinnitus I am experiencing is not physiological in origin, in the ordinary sense, and hence not treatable.

Ringing in the ears (tinnitus) was one of the earliest and most persistent side effects of my awakening of kundalini. It began within a few days after commencing intense pranayama, and has continued uninterrupted to the present time.

At one point I used a precision synthetic frequency generator to produce a comparison tone, to measure the frequency it was ringing at. As I recall it was about 12.5 kHz, which was well below my ear's frequency cutoff for external sounds. It was easy to match with the precision oscillator to within a few Hertz. I don't know if the frequency is the same for all people that hear it following an awakening. It sounds quite like the frequency-matched oscillator tone, so I presume it is a pure sine wave, with little or no harmonic content.

For comparison purposes, at the very beginning it was easily louder than the sound of my electric shaver when shaving next to my ears, quite a high dB level. However, since it is an internal sound, it does not affect my external hearing. It is (obvious to me) caused by, or a result of, kundalini's flow into the head, and seems to me to originate as an excited-cavity oscillation as it enters the brahmarandra, similar to an acoustic whistle or klystron cavity. Its intensity (along with pressure sensations in the head) varies, depending on kundalini flow activity at any particular moment.

In my case, kundalini typically prefers to flow up the sushumna, or spinal cord, until it reaches a level slightly below the point where the heart chakra stem connects. It then branches to the left, passing into the saraswati nadi, whence it continues up into the head, passing closely behind my left ear. The saraswati normally carries thought currents, and because I am constantly involved in mental work, this particular path was already quite developed at the time of the awakening, and has been preferentially adopted by kundalini.

After a months of living with this ringing, I found myself longing for silence again. The sound (Nada) is always there, and the only respite within my experience to date is when the physical and nonphysical bodies separate, such as in sleep. This never ending ringing went from being something I enjoyed at first, to become an irritation and source of mental stress. But as the years have gone by, it seldom bothers me much anymore; you just get used to it and become resigned to the fact that it will always be there. It then becomes more peripheral to your everyday awareness, so you usually don't notice it.

Kundalini awakenings, in their early stages, often involve a wide variety of unusual sounds, and this was so in my case. However, as the awakening progressed these have cease for the most part, excepting only for the endless song of the Nada...


Postulated Monatomic Mechanism for Kundalini Awakening

by Gary

I recently received issues 1 through 7 of the Science of the Spirit newsletters.

Issue #3, Dec 20, 1995 contains information which throws some light on the possible mechanism by which monatomics act to cause an awakening of kundalini.

David reports that 12 people were given 500 mg of Rh/Ir per day. Five of the 12 did not experience any of the expected effects, even though they were all anxious for the material to work.

Of these five persons, Dave states:

"Four of the five people were strict vegetarians. They already were hearing the high frequency sound in their head prior to taking the powder. These four people were already seeing the angels in their meditations. Rather than working better on these people, there seemed to be no effect at this rate."

"I have concluded therefore, that these people had already achieved the first level naturally and therefore need higher levels of material - say 2500 mg. per day."

Dave goes on to suggest that perhaps 2500-5000 mg/day amounts may be needed for such people may need to increase activity further.

At first glance, one might suppose that taking small doses of monatomics with kundalini already active is akin to throwing a match onto an already lit fire: the tiny heat added by the match simply goes unnoticed in the larger fire. But this does not seem very plausible on closer consideration.

I am able to observe the effect of quite tiny amounts of food energy absorbed into my system, particularly when this is the focus of my attention. I believe the five individuals would likely have also noticed any change in energy level, if the monatomics were acting to add energy to the system, such as through the energy stored in their individual Meissner fields. I cannot rationally convince myself that that is the answer.

After thinking further about it, I have formed a hypothesis for a possible mechanism of kundalini awakening by monatomics.

In order to make this hypothesis clear, I will first give some background information on kundalini and its normal actions in the body, and its relation to the physical nervous system, and then explain the action of various awakening methods.

Kundalini may be assumed to be primarily seated in, and function in, the nonphysical body, and to flow through the subtle channels or nadis which are somewhat equivalent to, but not the same as, the nervous system of the physical body.

Kundalini energy, in its ordinary dormant state, is contained within a small egg-like structure, about the size and shape of a grape, located co-spatially with the coccyx, which seems to belong to the nonphysical body, and whose shell is composed of dense layers of this nonphysical "material". This shell is nearly impervious to kundalini, so that, for the ordinary individual, only a very small leakage of kundalini energy seeps through its wall. Though very small, this leakage is sufficient to vitalize bodily functions in an un-awakened individual.

Arousing kundalini is the process of first releasing it, in degrees, from its natural confining structure. Awakening (as I usually use the term) includes both arousal, and also the subsequent actions kundalini takes in and on the physical and nonphysical bodies, as the functional kundalini energy level increases.

I suggest that the mechanism for effecting an awakening by monatomics is distinct from the mechanism which awakens kundalini using more traditional methods.

I will first describe the traditional mechanisms, which I am familiar with, and then describe the postulated mechanism for monatomic awakenings.

Traditional awakening techniques work by eroding or weakening the wall of the confining structure.

There are two sub-groups in this wall-erosion category. (1) Methods which act directly to wear away the containment, and (2) those methods that act indirectly to do so.

-----(1) Direct action practices Examples of direct action are pranayama, and meditations involving suitable imagery. In these, energy actively impinges on the containment, causing it to weaken; eventually it is compromised enough so that kundalini can pass through it sufficiently to become self sustaining.

Another way of viewing this is from a systems standpoint. The practitioner of these methods is actively taking in and utilizing pranic energy (in varying degrees, depending on the method), regardless of whether this is the conscious intent. This pranic energy (if not mentally directed to a task by the practitioner) is simply additive to that of kundalini in its latent state of activity. This new, larger net amount of available energy is then used by kundalini to effect its own release.

Kundalini instantly notices the excess energy, and like a genie anxious to get out of its bottle, quickly comes to the assistance of the practitioner in this endeavor, with all the enthusiasm of an inmate who has just discovered a Sears-Roebuck hacksaw inside a cake.

In my observations, most awakenings accomplished by traditional methods involve a cooperative effort between the practitioner and kundalini. The practitioner is seldom 100% efficient at directing all the excess prana onto the containment, and usually is not very effective at all, particularly in the beginning. Kundalini is very adept at freeing itself, knowing exactly how and where to use the energy for best effect, once the energy is made available. [Most food energy is not suitable for use by kundalini for release purposes, although kundalini can later utilize it directly, once the body's systems have been retuned, further on in the awakening process].

-----(2) Indirect action practices The indirect actions leading to release, are those which are designed to, or which result in, a clearing of the nadis, or subtle channels, through which kundalini energy flows. These channels are largely blocked, or filled with a type of "dross" in the ordinary person. Nevertheless, they are still adequately clear for the relatively tiny amount of kundalini flow present in the un-awakened or dormant state.

Dietary observances, asceticism, devotional practices, fasting, mental concentration, yogic postures, and similar activities all act to clean the system and promote a condition in which the clogging that results from normal life activities is stopped or reduced. The cleaner nadi passages that result from these practices act to awaken kundalini. This is because what kundalini flow that is naturally present suffers less attenuation when flowing through cleaner, less obstructed channels. This leaves kundalini with a small energy surplus, by which it gradually wears down the containment.

The mechanism for the indirect methods is identical to that of the direct methods, wherein kundalini uses surplus energy to advantage in both cases. The main difference is that the indirect methods take in very little or no excess energy, and the surplus available to kundalini is developed entirely by efficiency savings. This tends to make for a very long sadhana, as the energy surplus is usually quite small. It is more like an inmate with nothing better than a very dull file; still as enthusiastic as ever, but the job takes a lot longer. But these methods are simple in approach, and work, and don't even require any particular awareness on the part of the practitioner as to what is happening.

In reality, most methods which could successfully awaken kundalini involve both direct and indirect action, at least to some extent. These classifications are obviously arbitrary, and are mostly for value only for the convenience they provide in discussing the mechanism of awakening.

Shaktipat, I have mentioned in another post, is a specific impulse or charge of energy imparted by someone who already has an awakened kundalini, to someone else. How shaktipat is fit into the present classification scheme is a matter of preference. It can be viewed as a direct action, from the imparter's standpoint. It might also be viewed as a sudden energy surplus, and hence indirect, from kundalini's standpoint and from the standpoint of the recipient.

The direct and indirect actions just described are generally understood as concepts by the more informed segment of yoga practitioners and similar disciplines. However, I have never heard it described in the plain and mechanistic terms I am using here, which I hope will make it easier to grasp than the usual occult explanations.

Another mechanism by which kundalini can be awakened is by means of the alchemical philosopher's stone. It is well known that "transmutation" of the alchemist himself, was as important a goal to the alchemists as were elemental transmutations. In other words, one purpose of the philosophers stone was to awaken kundalini in the adept, and this was at least part of the basis for many of the attributes ascribed to it. Dave has argued that the philosophers stone, and other alchemical preparations are related to, (if not identical with) some of the ORMES substances he is working with.

While it is possible that the energy contained within the ORMES material, as manifested by the Meissner field, might be directly accessible to kundalini, and so could contribute to the net energy available to facilitate an awakening, this does appear to fit the experience of the five individuals. I am quite sure that if ORMES acted by adding energy to the system, the five individuals having active kundalini would have quickly noticed this, in the same way I believe I would be able to.

Instead, I am hypothesizing that superconducting ORMES materials act directly on the nadis and containment wall, reducing the resistance to kundalini flow, analogous to the way superconductors remove the electrical resistance of a circuit.

Monatomics tend to spontaneously form pseudo-one- dimensional chains, due to the inter-atomic resonance coupling produced by the rotating Coulomb fields of the high spin-state atoms. It is easy to conceive how the atoms would tend to synchronize and quasi-align into strings or chains, with Cooper pairs propagating losslessly along the string.

Dave has already pointed out a number of published references, and done work of his own demonstrating that Rh, Ir, and perhaps other ORMES, are present in significant amounts in the tissues of the nervous system, and ORMES are implicated as being essential for proper nerve and synaptic functions.

In my experience, kundalini energy flowing on the subtle system of nadis operates in a close sympathetic relationship with physical nervous system, and these two distinct systems exist co-spatially in many major instances, the most notable being along the spinal cord. Monatomics present in the body may associate themselves with either, or both, nerve and nadi systems, as resonance coupled chains which preferentially align themselves along these paths of natural energy flow.

After having observed kundalini's active (even aggressive) actions to effect an awakening, it would not surprise me at all to find that kundalini itself is directly involved in transporting and positioning what ORMES are available in the system, to the point they are needed most. A certain amount of ORMES must presumably be held by the nervous system to maintain proper body function.

I have found that Kundalini is the driving force and intelligence which operates all involuntary body functions and regulatory mechanisms. Kundalini has jurisdiction over nearly everything that goes on in the body, from glandular secretions to heartbeat, as well as the functioning of the subtle body. There is every reason to conclude kundalini also regulates the internal uses of ORMES. It appears that the subtle intelligent kundalini energy embodies and comprises many, if not all, of the characteristics which are commonly described as belonging to the subconscious.

If kundalini regulates ORMES allocation, it doubtlessly utilizes any ORMES surplus amount according to best use. This does not necessarily mean that kundalini would always use any and all surplus ORMES exclusively for purposes of awakening. Kundalini is more than intelligent enough to know whether enough ORMES material is available to warrant reallocating it for an awakening effort. However, taking monatomics in large amounts would certainly draw its immediate attention.

It seems reasonable that ORMES are lost from the body by natural reactions, in spite of possible actions by the body to conserve them, and that they exist in the body at a level at which the intake and loss rates are in equilibrium. But given a new supply of this material, kundalini would probably first correct any deficits which might exist in the nervous system, etc. Kundalini appears to unwaveringly place managing the needs of the physical body as its first priority. This is, in the most basic sense, strictly a survival issue.

But given a sufficient amount of ORMES present in the system, I suggest kundalini would shortly begin utilizing them to reduce containment wall resistance. Since this is an indirect release mechanism (no energy added to the system), it would make sense (from kundalini's standpoint) to forego any preliminary work in nadi preparation, and concentrate on using the material to prepare a course of flow, leading directly into the sushumna. This is similar, generally speaking, to what happens under the indirect awakening methods.

On further reflection (on my part), a direct initial sushumna flow does in fact seem to correlate well with the characteristics and symptom descriptions Dave has related for individuals taking the material. If this be the case, then there are several unique characteristics implied by this, which are rather unlike the events of most other awakenings. I must admit that this possibility did not occur to me until I read Dave's newsletter statements.

To restate once again, what I am suggesting is happening is that kundalkini is utilizing the superconducting property of the ORMES, which I am hypothesizing also applies to, and functions for, the conduction of prana and kundalini energy, and building chains or strings of resonance coupled ORMES, which it places along the path of its desired flow.

By using ORMES strings, kundalini is not obliged to *remove* the dross which is plugging the nadis, or to *burn* or *wear* through the containment. The ORMES strings enable it to *tunnel* through the blockages with a minimum of energy expenditure. Only a very minute tunnel, perhaps even the ordinary tiny amount of clear cross-section in the passages which suffice for its dormant flow levels would conduct very substantial amounts of energy, when packed full of ORMES chains.

There are a number of desirable features associated with this (still hypothetical) awakening mechanism, compared to traditional (and non-alchemical) methods. The most obvious is that the debris in the nadis remains essentially undisturbed, so that very little or no karma is released, yet the nadis are made capable of carrying much higher flows, perhaps even as high as if they were fully cleared.

There is little doubt that the blockage will be cleared by kundalini before the course of the awakening is complete; the body remains essentially a garbage bag of stored karma until that occurs, and could hardly be termed "perfected". But this (hypothetical) tunneling would allow the unpleasant task (believe me on this one) of karma disposal to be handled at a later time.

Given the sudden capability of moving essentially unobstructed wherever it wishes, from what I have observed of kundaini's actions, I believe it would head straight for the sushumna. If it was to do so, passing directly up the sushumna would rapidly energize the chakras in sequence, giving rise to the rapid development of higher faculties that Dave has reported for the test individuals. This may well pose a significant psychological challenge, to have something so profoundly different thrust upon one that rapidly, without much of an accommodation period.

Another problem (really the only other one I can presently think of) that suggests itself to me in this hypothetical scenario, is in the relationship between physical body and a "superconducting" kundalini flow system, for this model. During traditional awakenings, kundalini methodically and constantly goes back and forth through the body, little by little increasing the energy flow to the different organs, glands, etc.

It is a bit like starting a huge machine, like a giant newspaper printing press, from an idle condition, and bringing it up to maximum speed. It takes a lot of tinkering and tuning. You don't just turn the speed up to "Full Power" and watch while it revs up to speed. You would have newspapers flying all over the place and terrible jams everywhere that would stop everything. Some parts of the system speed up faster than others, so you have to gradually run around turning each part up a little at a time, so all the parts are more or less operating in unison at every stage of the speed-up operation.

As I have said elsewhere, kundalini is supremely intelligent. It no doubt knows what to do to handle this. But even with all its resources, doing its best, there are substantial physiological disturbances associated with even the much more gradual pace of "conventional" awakenings, as all the body's organs are being brought up to the higher energy level. Perhaps there are other factors which I have not yet considered, which will mitigate this, and remove it as a potential source of problems.

Years ago, I did some considerable reading of alchemical literature. I remember some of the cryptic warnings the adepts wrote, against "partaking too much" of the wedding feast, as they called it. I would also suggest that even if the hypothetical mechanism I have suggested here should turn out to apply, it would be unwise to attempt to go too fast, and I further suggest that extremely rapid transformations will only be possible in rare and special cases, for persons already possessing highly purified systems. What is the big hurry, to rush along on this trip, when so few even know well whence they go, and to what destination...?


Subj: Updated Conclusion on ISIS WPG.

From: Gary

I recently received issues 1 through 7 of the Science of the Spirit newsletters.

Issue #3, Dec 20, 1995 contains information which pertains to my former negative appraisal of Isis WPG, following tests, in which I observed kundalini activity to determine if taking the Isis WPG had any effect. (There was no discernible effect).

In SoSF NL#3, Dave reports that 12 people were given 500 mg of Rh/Ir per day. Five of the 12 did not experience any of the expected effects, even though they were all anxious for the material to work.

Of these five persons, Dave states:

This information requires me to revise my previous conclusion about Isis WPG. It clearly shows that individuals in whom kundalini is already active are unlikely to experience an effect at quantities of half a gram per day or less, of monatomics.

My conclusion is now that Isis WPG does not have any effect on *already* *awakened* kundalini activity, in the amounts I tested it for (1 gram/day total Isis WPG).

Based on Dave's statement, even if Isis WPG happens to be 50% (or more) monatomics by weight, it may still have been unlikely to have caused an effect, in my case.

Bruce B. has referred to Dave having stated elsewhere that he tested Isis WPG and found it contained no monatomics. However, ISIS WPG is a natural unrefined earth material, and it is possible that there is some variation from batch to batch, or that there may be other materials in it, which also do not cause a perceptible effect on awakened kundalini, and that so accounts of positive results reported by other users should not be discounted.


Here are some posts containing answers to questions relating to kundalini awakening:

Dennis L. wrote

>I am not an advanced practitioner of Master Mantak Chia's Healing Tao
>System. However, reading about these negative experiences about the
>Kundalini experience has compelled me to respond. Master Chia is completely
>against the Kundalini awakening. He even has a term for those who have
>negative experiences. He calls them Kundalini casualties.

>In Master Chia's system, the energy coming up the back meridian takes a
>U-turn at the crown, goes down the front meridian, and takes another U-turn
>at the perineum thus closing the loop. I don't believe that there are any
>negative effects associated with this system. For more info, the Healing Tao
>phone number is 717-348-4310.

Dear Dennis,

Please allow me to respond to your comments. I have high regard for Master Mantak Chia. I bought and read his book "Taoist Secrets of Love - Cultivating Male Sexual Energy" in about 1985, shortly after it was published by Aurora Press. I studied it very carefully, and have verified some of its teachings by personal experience, including perfect semen retention, seminal sublimation and transmutation, internal orgasms, and extended breath retention leading to golden nectar release and conservation by means of the khechari mudra (tongue extended back into throat below the palate). The khekari mudra also leads to a closed circuit similar to the microcosmic orbit taught by Master Chia. These things, and others, were all experienced after awakening kundalini, and in some cases occurred spontaneously, with no effort on my part.

Master Chia's Healing Tao System is not focused on attaining an awakening. His methods are primarily intended for mastering and controlling sexual energy (which is also kundalini energy) for practical uses such as healing, and in other instances for greatly enhancing personal sexual satisfaction and experience; achieving an awakening leading to enlightenment as the final goal is not emphasized.

On page 118 of the above cited book, Master Chia provides the only reference and instruction he gives therein as to the means of opening and making clear the meridian channels (nadis) through which chi (kundalini) must flow, in order to perform the practices outlined in the remainder of the book:

"Progress to the higher levels of transforming sexual energy without first learning the microcosmic [orbit] is very difficult. Many people may already be "open" in these channels and simply need to be told where the energy flows in order to do it. Others get it by simply being very relaxed and living close to nature."

It should be clear from this quote that only a modest degree of opening of the channels is required to succeed in the practices Master Chia is teaching. This can be concluded a priori because of the small amount of attention it receives (only two sentences to casually mention it in the entire book), as well as the simplicity of the only means that is suggested as a way to accomplish it, and that many people are said to already have sufficiently open channels.

Dennis, it is not that I was unfortunate to not be one of those "many" Master Chia refers to, or that I also failed to achieve having open passages for chi to flow through by not living in a relaxed way and close to nature (though that would have been immensely preferable if I could have done it that way). Based on my experiences, what Master Chia has said in this quote is completely correct, because Master Chia is referring to the teachings of his own System, rather than to the conditions necessary to sustain a process capable of achieving an *awakening* by using chi (kundalini).

The amount of chi that is needed to flow through the channels for healing of oneself, healing of others, sexual enjoyment, athletic prowess, and similar ends, is not as great as that needed for an awakening leading to enlightenment. This is true for the lower echelons of Tantra, as well as for the Tao. The moderate flow of chi in Master Chia's Healing Tao System is intentionally meant to be kept smaller, so as not to excessively purge the practitioner's channels; too much chi flowing *would* result in karma release, and consequent suffering - the negative experiences I have described, that concern you. By keeping the chi flow relatively small, these difficulties are avoided, though it also places upper limits on the progress that is possible within the system. The same gentler-flow conditions are used in their Tantric equivalents. These practices are truly excellent as a means of individual development in preparation for an awakening at a future time.

Mantak Chia is very wise Master, and he did not develop the System he now teaches in order to limit the progress of his students. Master Chia has decided that the student must first be taught to win the small battle, before trying to win the big battle. When you have progressed sufficiently, Master Chia will guide you unfailingly towards enlightenment. But you should not conclude that because your present system does not cause you to experience any suffering, that it shall always remain so. The path becomes much steeper later in the journey.


Dennis L. wrote:

> Is it impossible or inadvisable to do the Microcosmic Orbit with the
>energy channels at "wide open throttle" so to speak? (I believe that this
>will be the net result of meditating with pure WPG.) I seem to get the
>impression that this is the main difference between the Kundalini Awakening
>and the Microcosmic Orbit: the magnitude of the life force energy flow.

Dear Dennis,

A microcosmic orbit can be created with kundalini over a wide range of flows, but is perhaps most useful for conserving energy, when kundalini has not yet become very aroused or active, and is not yet flowing very much. (There may well be other important uses outside my present limited experience.)

When the nadis are fully purged clear, and are all open, and kundalini is also flowing actively, the potential remains to create a powerful, closed microcosmic orbit. However, if kundalini is flowing very strongly, doing so quickly results in a very large build up of energy in ones body, which may be undesirable, depending on the state of advancement of the individual.

My opinion is that such a condition (very strong closed internal flow) may be capable of being handled and tolerated by an individual who is sufficiently adept in managing kundalini energy, but could cause troubles for those, who like me, are still working towards that goal, and for whom provoking a powerful closed-loop flow is likely to be more problematic in result than beneficial.

It is like redirecting a large river into a circular loop. The system rather quickly becomes filled to overflowing, and the energy and pressure continue to build (rapidly) until something happens to open an outlet. If the person is not sufficiently advanced, such a large flow could be too disruptive to the system to sustain, and something would have to let go before long, perhaps prejudicially.

For large flows, I believe kundalini may be directed into an eddy-like loop, that is similar to the microcosmic orbit, so it still circulates, but also has an avenue for the excess flow to escape. However, I haven't done any experiments on this.

As kundalini flow becomes greater and greater, one finds that there is so much energy, that conserving it in a loop is no longer an important issue, and you become focused on becoming as transparent a conduit to the flow as possible. You (and kundalini) naturally keep trying to eliminate resistance to the flow in your system, as this is "uncomfortable". But as soon as a particular restriction is cleared, the flow increases proportionately, and so highlighting other places, which have now become the places of greatest remaining obstructions. The process of reducing restriction and increasing flow thus goes on and on, seemingly indefinitely. As the flow increases, more and more energy emanates from you, into your surroundings, yet you remain charged to the max, like a section of a big pipe, through which a column of water is constantly roaring under high pressure.

As I stated in my original introduction to the WG forum, there is a lot of variability between individuals. Some may be fortunate to be able to forego the unpleasant aspects of karma elimination to a point later in the process, when the individual is more capable of tolerating it. The experiences of the person Dave has described seem to mirror my own, in general terms and sequence, at least up to as far as I have gone. I do not know whether this will be found to be typical for the majority of those who take WPG.

I am still in a very early stage of progress, and am not competent to reliably describe things beyond my personal experiences. Please remember that the above thoughts are my views, based on observations from my present situation, and should not be assigned any more weight than that.



I don't wish to further impose on binga, to continue to forward personal messages; I hope you also feel this way. I will, however, respond to questions posted to the WG forum. I hope you will consult Master Chia for advice on other matters. I suggest you first try your best to reason out the answers to your questions, or study the appropriate books, do experiments, etc, and then ask Master Chia for the answers to those you cannot discover after making your best effort. He will tell you anything that you need to know, in one way or another. Just keep your mind open. Answers come in many forms.

Question: Would you explain aushaddhi, the ancient method of rising of kundalini with the help of herbs?

I have not followed aushadhi, and so am not very qualified to answer your question, as I have very limited information. I know Swami Satyananda Saraswati and others have said a few things about it, but I do not have any direct experience on that path nor have I ever spoken with anyone who has followed it, at least with anything resembling success.

Nearly all foods act to some degree on kundalini, either heating it or cooling it, and we normally experience these effects, only without recognizing that kundalini is, in part, behind them.

Certain foods also act preferentially, to stimulate some chakras more than others, and the same with nadis. I believe it is possible to prepare an herbal mixture of several kinds, which act simultaneously to stimulate both ida and pingala, both cool and hot acting at the same time, and if done in balance, this may arouse kundalini to greater activity.

Specific herbs contain substances that duplicate these food actions, but more intensely, and more directed in focus than foods, just as some medicines are very focused in where and how they act in us, while others are more general in effect.

I know that some plants have a definite cleansing effect on the nadis, such as eucalyptus, and others, but I have not made more than casual observations. I am sure you understand that anything which tends to clean the nadis is also promoting kundalini activity, even if indirectly.

Some mind-affecting herbs contain materials that drive intense thought currents up the saraswati nadi, which carries thought currents to and from the brain and the seat of kundalini. The saraswati is to the left, and forward of ida. Others plant substances contain highly volatile compounds that penetrate through the sahasrara on an etheric level (forcibly) leading to temporary experiences. But these may have a cumulative effect (though certainly not always a desirable one). This is also the same category that glue and solvent sniffing, and some of the so-called mind expanding drugs fall in.

Finally, there are herbs in all lands which act to naturally absorb and concentrate ORMEs materials, such as the two found in the teas that David Hudson mentions. Similar types of plants are a very important part of aushadhi, as it has been passed down.

In deferring to authority, perhaps we should reflect on this observation by Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati, taken from his book, "Kundalini Tantra" (Munger, Bihar, India, 1984):

Perhaps, indeed.

Monatomic Herbs

The two monatomically active herbs, of the four components in Essiac tea, that David Hudson refers to, are named slippery elm bark and sheep sorrel; both contain Rh & Ir. The other 2 herbs contained in this tea are burdock root (as you rightly guessed) and turkey rhubarb, but these he describes as being general body cleansers and he did not find any ORMEs in them when analyzed. Slippery elm bark and sheep sorrel are most effective when finely powdered, and nothing is strained out of the tea.

According to DH's analysis, two ounces of Essiac tea (all 4 herbs blended together) contains 6 mg of iridium ORMEs, and 6 mg of rhodium ORMEs, yielding 12 mg ORMEs total.

I would suggest using more of these than would be used for a thin, tea-consistency beverage, so that it is rather thickened. Slippery elm bark, for example, is quite pleasant tasting, somewhat reminiscent of a mild, cooked-oatmeal flavor. In hot water, you will find it forms a mixture similar to half-congealed Jell-O, as the amount added is increased. Make it fairly hot, and allow it to sit and cool down till at a comfortable temperature to take, or else steep it for a few minutes. The materials are released a bit better that way.

Herbs that purify the nadis through breathing

Regarding the use of herbs for purifying the nadis, the following is the best advice I can give you in this area.

Herbs in this class include eucalyptus, most of the mint family (Labiatae; also their natural extracts, e.g. peppermint menthol), camphor, and needles of pine, fir, cedar, and similar conifers, all of which contain essences that act to beneficially clean the nadis. These may be used in several ways, most being designed to make the essence available aromatically, ie by aspiration, in conjunction with prana drawn in from the atmosphere. The essence in these plants is comprised partly of volatile physical substances, and partly etheric matter, with both playing a role.

Transfer of these active materials into the prana conduit system of the body takes place much more efficiently by means of using the pulmonary interface of the lungs, rather than via the digestive system. This is the most direct way to reach the pranic system, whether purely for pranayama, or for aushadhi cleansing techniques. This is not to say methods of consuming substances, etc., don't work, only that they take the long way around to reach the destination.

A very good method is to put the aromatics (oils, extracts; crushed leaves, needles, bark etc. of the plants), along with a little honey, into a water pot, which is then gently heated, and the vapors are breathed through the nostrils (only), during meditation. The intent is to draw in both prana and the cleansing essences, along with oxygen in the air, which then all act symbiotically to open and clear the nadis. The effectiveness is increased, beyond simple breathing, by practicing a pranayama such as the deep cleansing breath, at the same time.

It is no wonder that the more spiritually aware part of the Earth's population mourn the losses we see taking place in our forests.

The enjoyment felt from particular aromatics when practicing this, and one's personal preferences for which materials are used should be followed, and practice should not be pushed beyond reasonable limits of comfort and tolerance, or before long the effort may well become counter-productive. If done in this way, and in the absence of allergic reaction to the materials, this is a relatively safe approach for a healthy person.

As far as details on herbal preparations to awaken ida and pingala, etc., since you are already familiar with Swami Satyananda Saraswati's teachings, you should then know that he specifically warns of the dangers involved in this:

(Op cit. Comments in brackets are mine.)

Warning against improper use of herbs

Similarly, I do not consider it appropriate to say anything instructive about this. Some things are to be kept back, and there is good reason for this. Some Tantric preparations are very, very toxic, with mixtures including such ingredients as night shade (Atropa belladonna), thornapple (Datura stramonium), henbane (Hyoscymus niger), etc., or their regional equivalents. These are absolutely deadly if taken internally; such class of mixtures may only be applied topically, rather than by ingestion which would almost certainly prove fatal. There are other types of preparations in this class you inquire of which are consumed, but these too are equally very dangerous, and are not to be presently discussed either.

No one in their right mind would experiment with such substances, unless sanctioned by a master or guru. Experimenting in that manner is on a par with attempting brain surgery without training. A slight error in preparation or use could entirely ruin one's health, sanity, or lead to death. In a single misguided effort, a foolhardy experimenter can dash all hope for spiritual progress in the present lifetime. No one who knows this information is going to dispense it, except as the Masters have already provided, in a guru/disciple scenario. For anyone to do otherwise would be highly irresponsible.

Likewise, if you wish to demonstrate to those higher than us, who can see you as plain as day, that you are responsible, trustworthy, and able to discreetly retain such occult information, then my advice is that you carefully refrain from discussing hazardous practices, or giving encouragement to anyone in the direction of such experiments.

Croata, there is nothing wrong with curiosity, and knowledge is not intrinsically good or bad. But if your aim is to make progress, you should perhaps consider more productive and readily available alternatives, which you already know. These will not only lead you to success, but will, I suspect, also bring you to the knowledge you seek at a faster pace as well.

So I sincerely recommend you consult a master or guru (which I am neither), if you feel you must find answers to your further questions on aushadhi, as I have nothing more to say about it.

Question: Why do plants accumulate ORMEs?

Hudson has noted that plants are the only natural concentrator of ORMEs that he has found which exhibit selective absorption. This is not particularly astonishing news, since animals, as a rule, don't eat dirt. Because ORMEs are predominantly in earth and water, and that is where plants' roots also are, this presents itself as a not-unexpected finding.

But one might ask, 'why would plants *want* to absorb ORMEs?' 'What *motive* would they have for doing so?' Are the forests enlightened? Is your plant psychic? ;-)

Plants take in ORMEs for a variety of reasons. ORMEs in the plant's sap, vascular system, and cells act to lower the freezing point of the sap, to reduce the evaporation rate (water molecules are less volatile when in the gel-like-state caused by the Meissner fields of the ORMEs), and improve the turgor, all of which are consequences of the Meissner gelling effect on water in the cells and tubules of the plant's vascular system. In the case of kelps and other seaweeds, for example, ORMEs' field actions aid in the reverse osmotic processes that keep internal sodium down to suitable levels. (Don may wish to analyze some seaweed).

Aloe benefits mainly by the increased conservation of its water stores within the leaf gel. Succulents, as a general rule, are well represented among the species that tend to absorb ORMEs. ORMEs also help plants accomplish certain stages of photosynthesis, though they don't seem to be essential for it. Finally, plants do have a spirit of sorts, and ORMEs likewise aids them philosophically and curatively.

Etheric template for DNA repair

Regarding Hudson's negative results with in-vitro cancer cultures. Cell cultures do not behave the same as their in-vivo equivalents, for processes that involve kundalini. Cell cultures contain pranic energy, but they lack nadis, and kundalini. As kundalini generally oversees and directs the use of ORMEs, this means ORMEs actions in vitro will be substantially impaired, and much less effective, than in vivo.

Some have asked incredulously and sometimes vituperously how DNA could possibly be repaired and restored to its original sequence by *anything*, once damaged. I have listened to several such exchanges. Some apparently believe that, once the DNA is damaged, nothing remains to base a correction on, and hence have difficulty understanding how ORMEs (or anything else) could know *how* to "fix" sequencing damage, once it has occurred (assuming, of course, that both halves of the DNA have been altered).

Each of us has an etheric double, which is the coarsest of the subtle counterparts of our physical body. This and some subplanes of the astral are the level or home of an 'elemental', associated with the innate consciousness of the physical body. This is a separate consciousness, like those I touched on in explaining the nature of consciousness in matter, earlier.

Regardless of the physical damage cellular DNA may sustain, such as by ionizing radiation, phage-induced mutations, etc., the subtle template is always there, and though it may be depleted of vitality, it is not susceptible to these sorts of structural damage. It is around this prescient organizational form that our bodies grew, in genomic expression, once the individualization phase began in later fetal progress. Every molecule **related to organization and structure** has its subtle counterpart, within it. This is the same matrix which has been observed in the "phantom leaf effect", etc., in Kirlian photography.

Kundalini and ORMEs both function, in large part, in 4th dimensional astral levels. The original subtle "backup copy" of the DNA is readily available to them, at the precise place where it is needed, right at the damage site in the errant cell's DNA. The subtle part lies, superimposed 4th dimensionally, right where the physical part is, and there is no problem at all, in seeing where the two don't agree. There are a variety of mechanisms that repair DNA. In some cases, given sufficient ORMEs in the system, kundalini simply uses the ORMEs as a mechanism, like a read/write head so-to-speak, in repairing the damage. ORMEs are used to transfer a resonance from the subtle template, to guide the DNase, polymerase, endonuclease, and other various enzymes in removing and recoding the damaged base sequences. Each of the bases has a distinct vibrational signature, which the enzymes have no trouble at all in recognizing.

In a cell culture, the cell's own subtle template is present, but no kundalini is present as an organizing force, nor overall template, and virtually no organization is present among the cells, so the genotypical expression elements are largely running open loop. How likely is it that ORMEs may effect a cure under these conditions? Not very(!), though they still seem to have some slight beneficial effect. I suggest they shall have better luck with curing cancers when they experiment on lab mice and other living creatures.

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