The ORMUS elements are the precious metal elements in a natural non-metallic form. In this form they are much more common than they are in their metallic form.

The ORMUS materials can be extracted from the air, water, rock, soil and food. These materials are believed to have been used throughout the centuries for the advancement of physical and spiritual well-being by the ancient Egyptian, Persian, Hindu and Chinese alchemists, King Solomon, the Essenes and the alchemists of the Middle Ages.

The ORMUS materials may be the substances which have been called manna, shewbread, chi, prana, the Philosopher's Stone, shemanna and the Fountain of Youth. Some people who have been ingesting the ORMUS materials report amazing improvements in physical and psychic conditions. There is strong evidence that the ORMUS elements are nutritional minerals which are essential to all life. Many modern agricultural and food processing techniques appear to reduce the ORMUS elements in our food.

This is a picture of some walnuts with a tennis ball and a golf ball for size comparison.
The center walnut was grown in soil which was supplemented with ORMUS materials from sea water.
The walnut on the lower left is an ordinary walnut which was grown in the same place on a different tree from the same planting.
The walnut in the upper right is still in its outer covering. Note that it is slightly larger than the regulation tennis ball.

There are many amazing stories about the ORMUS materials and the people who have been researching them. These include stories about ectoplasm like phenomena, levitation, kundalini awakening, past lives and communication with the ORMUS materials themselves.

Our mission is to share ways in which these substances, which are freely available in nature, can be extracted and used to improve the human condition.