LA Notes

Tape 4 Side 1

David mentions several people by name. These people are his partners or have connection with companies which have verified the material. Phelps Dodge for example.

Tape 4 side 2

Description of a superconductor generator which would take energy from the zero point or from the earth's magnetic field. Mentions again on tape 11 in response to question.

"You could make a donut out of this resonance coupled material and it feeds on the earth's magnetic field. The earth's magnetic field drives the superconductivity and you can put a Josephson junction in there and sixty times a second pump the energy out of the superconductor by tripping the Josephson junction and putting voltage into it."

Hudson talks about other companies which have seen the explosions and a lawsuit involving the explosions. GE and Johnson Mathey.

Hudson talks about the alumina which is found in Alzheimer's patients. Hudson thinks that this is monoatomic rhodium.

Same tape he talks about iron not being monoatomic but cobalt and copper being monoatomic. Speaks of all of the actinide group as monoatomic.

Describes why oxygenation treatments work.

Tape 5 side 1

Talks about the DC arc and why the materials weren't actually in the high spin state when they were read. They were pinned to the low spin state by the carbon carbonate from the carbon arc. This is why the could be read.

The alchemist from the audience talks about his history in alchemy. He asks a question about Joe Champion and his history of creating new elements.

"I have actually been working with a gentleman. . . . We learned that in the ayurvedic text (this was like 2500 BC) that in fact mercury could be converted to the white powder state. I hadn't done work with mercury. I have since made the mercury in the white powder state and I have heated it in air, like the ayurvedic text says and I have gotten yellow gold. I've done that. It's got some tremendous implications, of course. "

Hudson has made the white powder of mercury, heated it and gotten metallic gold.

Mentions that distilled water is not high purity water.

Mentions that metal fibers grow from quartz crystals.

Mentions that rhodium passes through the body and into the urine. The iridium does not pass through the body but seems to stay in the nervous system.

Tape 6 is the start of the second day and is the philosophical aspects.

Tape 6 Side 1

Quote from Schwaller DeLubicz book.

Tape 9 side 1

Hudson talks about different effects of rhodium and iridium. Rhodium affects the thymus iridium affects the pituitary is what he says I think. He claims that gold is the same as iridium and effects the pituitary.

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