David Hudson's Dallas Workshop - Part Two


Okay we had a nice break and it's time to get back to the second half where David Hudson is going to go into the philosophical parts of his discussion. And before he does that, I wanted to tell you that we are going to plan a meeting, so that those of you who are asking about the Enterprise products with the Ace Mannan, we are going to have a meeting so that he can explain this to us. And I will contact you from your registration forms, and then the Eclectic Viewpoint will become a distributor for it, and then you can help us that way, that would give us extra funds. So we will become a distributor for that product and we'll get detailed explanations of it, about which products are the best and etcetera. David?

David Hudson:

Okay, Dr. McDaniels, you owe me one now. Okay, everybody here all right? Everybody back, settled down? I apologize to those of you who are bored with the first part of the presentation. I know that in most of the programs you attend you don't hear or see things quite that heavy as far as the science. But I really encourage you ladies to get a copy of that and take it to the man in your life. These men who say that they are nuts and bolts people. They want something they can taste, they want something they can feel, they want something they can look at. They don't want this, you know, feely, feely stuff that the women are always talking about. Well the women know this, it's amazing the women, the housewives who say, "Dave we just know it already. We don't need to see this, we know it". They've known it all along. It's the men that think with their mind, not their heart. It's the men that have to see this, so I apologize to the ladies who are bored with this, but it is the nuts and bolts, and it is the stuff that makes it science not philosophy, even though it becomes very philosophical very quickly. All right, now we're going to get into what most of the ladies do approve of, and that's the philosophical history. And you know, this is just investigations that I have done into the subject and some of the significant papers. I would like to just put these before you for your consideration, not try to prove or convince anything, just this is what I have found.

As you recall in the other presentation I told you that one of the first people I went to was the Rabbi in Phoenix and this Rabbi said, "Oh yes, we know of the white powder of gold, the Hebrews do, but to our knowledge no one's known how to make it since the destruction of the first temple". He said, "This is the magic". Well this was a new subject to me, you've got to understand I don't even attend church, I'm a real bad fellow and I don't have any philosophy I'm trying to present here. I'm not trying to win anyone over to any thinking. This is information that I think is historically significant and I give it to you in the context of history, not in the context of a particular religion, so I want to make that disclaimer up front. I think it's significant to know about and I think that our understanding of the Bible becomes much greater after we become aware of this. Okay, put the first slide up.

What is the Philosopher's Stone. What does it achieve? What are the attributes? Basically most of the information that was put out about the Middle Ages. This is a writing, "The Doctrine of Transcendental Magic" by Eliphis Levi, and I just, he gives it here in the Hebrew letters and so I am going to read these attributes to you. Okay, "Hereinafter follow the powers and privileges of him who hold in his right hand the clavicles of Solomon. These are the Keys of Solomon". Remember I told you these are a key, they're not the answer, don't get me wrong. This is not the answer, this is the way to the answer. And these are called The Keys to the Kingdom or The Keys of Solomon. And in his left hand the Branch of the Blossoming Almond which curiously enough in the Ark of the Covenant there was the Pot of the Manna and the Staff of Aaron. It blossomed. Okay? Coincidentally. Now I don't speak Hebrew and I'm probably not going to pronounce these letters right. This is the Hebrew alphabet and it begins with:

"Aleph". "He beholds God face to face without dying", okay, "and converses familiarly with the seven genie who are in command of the entire celestial army". In other words you communicate with the angels.

"Beth", " He is above all griefs and all fears".

"Gimel", "He reigns with all Heaven and is served by all Hell".

"Daleth", "He rules his own health and life and can influence equally those of others".

"He", "He can neither be surprised by misfortune nor overwhelmed by disasters nor can he be conquered by his enemies".

"Vau", "He knows the reason of the past, present and future".

"Zayin", "He possesses the secret of the resurrection of the dead and the Key of Immortality".

"Such are the seven chief privileges and those which next are these". Now do understand these are the seven most important.

"Cheth", "To find the Philosophical Stone".

"Teth", "To possess the universal medicine".

"Yod", "To know the laws of perpetual motion and prove the quadrature of the circle".

"Kaph", "To change into gold, not only all metals, but also the Earth itself and even the refuse of the Earth".

"Lamed", "To subdue the most ferocious animals and have power to pronounce those words which paralyze and charm serpents".

"Mem", "To have the Ars Nestoria which gives the Universal Science."

"Nun", "To speak learnedly on all subjects without preparation and without study".

These finally are the seven least powers of the Magus.

"Samekh", "To know at a glance the deep things of the souls of men and the mysteries of the hearts of women". Whoa!

"Ayin", "To force nature to make him free at his pleasure".

"Pe", "To foresee all future events which do not depend on a superior free will or on an indiscernible cause".

"Sadhe", "To give at once and to all the most efficacious consolations and the most wholesome counsel".

"Koph", "To triumph over adversities". "Resh", "To conquer love and hate".

"Shin", "To have the secret of wealth. To be always a master and never a slave. To enjoy even poverty and never become abject or miserable".


"Let us add to these three sepentaries that the wise man rules the elements, stills the tempest, and cures the diseased by his touch and raises the dead".

That's a pretty heavy order. But after you find this out you become very interested in it. If this is really what it's all about then, you know, let's find out if this really is so. Okay next slide.

(audience question) No I don't. I got it out of a New Age bookstore. It's "Transcendental Magic" by Eliphis Levi. [Published by Samuel Weiser, Publication date: June 1968, ISBN: 0877280797] It's a small but fairly thick blue book. It has the 6 pointed Star of David and "As above, so is below" and all of that on it. Anyway, most of you know about Zecharia Sitchin, some of his books are for sale out here. Zecharia Sitchin wrote an awful lot, he was involved in the translation of the cuneiform tablets that were found over in the Tigris-Euphrates Valley. His translations are excellent. Some of his conclusions I take issue with, that he extrapolates on math and he makes certain conjecture. What he does say is that, "The Gods came here to Earth. They lived here on the Earth. They came here to mine gold out of the sea waters." Now right there most of you don't know much about chemistry but if it's soluble in sea water and stays in sea water, it's elemental gold. Metallic gold salt in the sea water would precipitate and come out. Okay, so it has to be elemental gold. Okay, as the "oroide", the mono-atomic gold. They were not able to get enough gold so they begin to mine it in Africa so they could get more gold. What Sitchin says is obviously that gold was very important to them. They were not able to get enough gold so they went to Africa and began to mine it out of the ground. He says, "obviously they needed this for some important purpose such as a radiation shield around their planet". Well that's his conclusion. My conclusion is it was their food. It was the food of the Gods. That's why they needed the gold.

Now all of your cultures even in South America and middle America, the gold didn't belong to the Indian peoples, they said it belonged to the Gods. It was the Gods'. Gold was the Gods'. That's because it's the food of the Gods. Okay, in Sitchin's books, he says that the Gods created, they took DNA of an Earthly being, they combined it with their DNA and they came up with this being that they called the Adam Kadmon. The first man. That they kept him in an area called "Ed En". That eventually they learned how to make a female, and of course you know what happens when males and females get together. Well they began to have more children than they knew what to do with, they had more workers than the Gods needed so they begin to let some of these beings leave out of Eden. These beings were very unhappy, they weren't living very long. The Gods lived basically as immortals. They were only living for a few years and dying, and so the Gods picked a few of them, and this female God taught them how to make the Elixir of Life. How to make the Food of the Gods. These chosen people literally learned how to become sons of God and they took this knowledge to Egypt. Okay? That's how it happened in my opinion. That's Dave Hudson's version.

In his book, he has a couple of things in there that I wanted to draw attention to. First of all, this underlined section, "The term Ben and it's hieroglyphic depiction, which is the elongated pyramidal shape, in time indeed acquired the connotations of virility and reproduction, and could well have been the source of meaning for the male offspring that Ben has in Hebrew. In addition to virility and reproduction, the shrine also acquired the attributes of rejuvenation. This in turn gave rise to the legend of the Ben Bird which the Greeks who had visited Egypt called the Phoenix." Curiously enough I live in Phoenix. "As these legends had it, the Phoenix was an eagle with plumage partly red and partly golden. Once every 500 years, as it was about to die, it went to Heliopolis and in some manner rose again from the ashes of itself or of it's father. Heliopolis and it's healing waters remained venerated until early Christian times. Local traditions claimed that when Joseph and Mary escaped Egypt with the child Jesus they rested by the shrine's well". Okay? He is on the right track. He's talking about the right subject. He's identifying with all the right characteristics, but he still doesn't have this one little piece of the puzzle. Okay, next slide. (audience question) That is from "Stairway to Heaven" by Zecharia Sitchin, [Stairway to Heaven (Earth Chronicles, Book 2 by Zecharia Sitchin, Published by Avon Books Publication date: November 1, 1990, ISBN: 0380633396] and it talks in there about the old kingdom Pharaohs and High Priests that were sons of God that never died. That they, when it came their time that they literally traveled eastward across the Sinai until they came to the Island there of Bahrain where Dilman was, and they ascended by the Stairway to Heaven, or Jacob's Ladder if you are a Christian. And that in fact is the way they went to Heaven. They never died like we think of dying. And it's curious because they never found any remains of a Pharaoh of Old Kingdom Egypt. Anyway here's another reference, "Emil Bach", book on Genesis - Creation of the Patriarchs. Next slide. Anyway, that's just credit.

I'm just kind of taking you through the information as I found it and as I pursued it. This is basically Joseph and his brothers and Emil Bach was a German researcher, and it says, "What it eliminated from his blood he reabsorbs spiritually. When through his Egyptian initiates, Moses had completed and ended Israel's immersion in the world of the Mysteries, Joseph's spiritual return home was a total one. We shall see later that through Moses and the Sinai revelation a spiritual restoration of Ishmael also took place. The four centuries between Joseph and Moses, which the Bible passes over, as it does with the period of a thousand years between Noah and Abraham, were a time of outward absorption, assimilation and quiet, inward incorporation of Egypt by Israel". Okay, that's something we always talk, in the Bible, about the problems the Israelites were having with Egypt, but, in fact, they traveled willingly to Egypt, and they lived in Egypt and they learned and gained information in Egypt. He goes into the secrets of the Bread and the Wine and the atmosphere of Communion Breath through them. Well, the Communion Breath is that which issues from the mouth of the Creator, which is one of the symbols for it in Old Kingdom Egypt. Remember I told you yesterday it was called the Golden Tear from the Eye of Horus, that which issues from the mouth of the Creator, which the Christians call the Word of God, but in fact it's the Spittle. And then it's the Semen of the Father in Heaven.

And these three terminologies are what they called it in Old Kingdom Egypt. And the Bread and the Water, something different than the Bread and the Wine. And if all of you recall, the Bread and the Wine were shared with the twelve Apostles, but the Bread and the Water were shared on Mt. Herod with James, Peter and John. When Christ was transfigured before their eyes, a column of light came out the top of his head, okay? And then after that time, James, Peter and John could perform all the miracles that Christ had performed previously, and nobody could do what Christ did before that time. Okay, next slide.

This is from the same book, "The image of Bread and Wine vibrates in the background, the charge administration of Bread and Wine, but still Egypt was involved and it was running out of the Bread. It's spiritual revelation was dying away". It was in Egypt where the Hebrews got this information and knowledge. It's where this technical capability came from, and they went to Egypt to regain what had come from Noah to Egypt. That's why Abraham had to go back to Egypt. Anyway, "From the beginning Israel had rejected the Bread and the Spirit revelation now deplete in Egypt. Israel was now ready to acquire the secret of the Bread for itself. Melchizedek bestowed Bread and Wine on Abraham but without yet removing the veil of the mystery from the Sacrament of Sun." Right here. "And then the Bread and Wine secreted in the events flashed forth only in concealed form out of the Soul into the individual soul." You know, once again, you have to understand that the role of Egypt was extremely important to the Hebrew people, and you have to understand that the Egyptians were conquered and slaughtered at the end of Old Kingdom Egypt. And from the end of Old Kingdom Egypt, the Egyptians were no longer Egyptians, they were Arabs. And it was from that time that the Hebrews had problems with them and fought with them and were always getting, you know, prior to that they got along well with them. They were an extremely powerful country and they were friends. And a fact to remember it was actually, what was it Saul, that helped restore Egypt to the Egyptians and conquered the Amalekites, and turned it back over to the Egyptians. So the Hebrews were indeed fighting with the Egyptians but the Egyptians were really Arabs, and they're still fighting. They just don't get along at all. Okay, next slide.

"The legacy of ancient spirit activity was utterly depleted. The expulsion from Paradise was complete." Then they talked about "the great Egyptian conqueror, Thutmose III, forced the entire Near East under his dominion on Palestinian ground sealed the death of the ancient super-century world condition". I'll tell you this Emil Bach is a typical German researcher, he's very methodical, very systematic and an excellent source of information. And what he's telling you is in fact what the story actually was in my opinion. Anyway, this is the introduction to the subject, you can change the slide.

I began to dig into Egypt because in Egypt they were very careful recorders of information. The Egyptians were very methodical, very systematic and they recorded in stone, and so their recordings were very important, and they were kept for a long time. This is from The Book of the Dead, this is the oldest Book of the Dead, it's called "The Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani". It's by Budge, the curator of the British museum. This is in the Papyrus of Ani, and the only reason, this is just a few of the pages, but what I am wanting you to see is the "what" and "is it". This question is being asked, they're talking about the changes that are going to occur as the godlike being, the Pharaoh, ascends to heaven, and they keep repeating this question. Move it on over where we can read the other side. They're talking about taking the tchefa food of the Gods, which produces the tchefa food of the Gods, behind the shrine, "Oh yea Gods who are in the Presence", it was called the Bread of the Presence. "I shall come into existence among you", and then, what then is it? You know, "which comes forth from the phallus of Ra".

This is all symbolism, you got to not get into confusing the symbolism with what they're writing here. Their actual concept of the Creation was the "semen of the Father", who was Ra, the semen of God mixed with the blood, and they actually have him taking a knife and performing a circumcision on himself, and the blood and the semen mixed together. And that's how the world came into existence, how life began according to the Egyptians. And it is the semen of the Father in heaven and the material world, or the light and the material body. Anyway, I think we've got one more slide on it. And I ask you just get a copy of the "Book of the Dead and the Papyrus of Ani", and you'll see 40 pages of "what is it", "what is it", "what is it", "what is it". They make a few statements, they say so "what is it?", they make another group of statements, "what is it?", another group of statements, "what is it?" You know, they're talking about becoming triumphant, you know, over the evils, and ask the question, "What then is it?" The day of the fighting of Horus who is the sun of God, and they're throwing excrement in the face of Horus, and carrying off the testicles of Seth. Well the testicles are also associated with the Grail, you know, the wounding in the thigh is always the symbol, the testicles are the semen of the Father in heaven. We're from testicles, and so the wounding in the thigh is the losing of your testicles. It's the non-reproductive capability and that's why it's always associated, these phallic symbols, everybody tries to say it's associated with reproduction, and the male concept. It's not, it's associated with this. They were talking about the Eye of Horus, they ask, "What then is it?", the Right Eye of Ra. And curiously enough, I wanted to show you here, that the hair right here is actually the symbol, "who raises up the hair", this is the enlightening or opening of your eyes so you can see. And what they're referring to here is that Thoth raises up the hair there and "he bringeth it, the living, healthy and sound without defect of the eye". What he's talking about is opening the third eye, the lifting the eyelashes of the third eye, and you literally know all things, and see all things, and understand all things even though your two eyes here can't see it. Okay? Let's keep asking this question, "What then is it?" And, you know, it's just kind of strange coincidence, when you find they say two or three sentences, and then they ask the question, "What then is it?", they say another couple sentences and they ask the question, "What then is it?" And it's very understandable that the Hebrew people, when they left Egypt, they had been there for 5 and 6 generations, would call it by the very same name, the "What then is it?" And the word Ma-Na, if you look in the Travels of Josephus, he defines it in there as a question that literally translates to "What then is it?" The word Manna means, "What then is it?" The very same thing that the Egyptians were calling it in Old Kingdom Egypt, which was before the Bible. Okay? Coincidentally it's the same name. Okay, next slide.

And do keep in mind I didn't write this, somebody else wrote it, so.... This is from Schwaller De Lubicz, and he's, it's a book that he wrote called, "Sacred Science", [Sacred Science by R.A. Schwaller De Lubicz, Published by Inner Traditions Intl Ltd, Publication date: January 1989, ISBN: 0892812222]

thank-you. It's up there on the top. Schwaller De Lubicz did not have the material, but Schwaller De Lubicz had a tremendous insight because he was German, he did a tremendous amount of research about Old Kingdom Egypt, and I wanted to read some of this, "To set free the Divine Word, to deliver the Living Fire from it's terrestrial prison where it is incarnated and corpified. Such is the aim proposed by the spiritual revelations. Meth illustrates the initiation to this end. This aim is offered to mankind and in general if the means to it's attainment is knowledge as the world of causes, the key to all power for the human being. Understandably then, the absolute conditions for unlocking this door lie in purity, selflessness and the mastery of instincts. This explains the enigmatic character of these teachings. Our own day already manifested as a disaster of ignoring such moral preparation and yet only intellectual secrets are involved today, not the secret of Divine spirituality. Indeed the Divine Word of the beginning is all that we call spiritual, and as well as that caused it fall into the mortal. This is the cause of the work and the struggle indispensable to the attainment of final deliverance. This is the Pharonic Opus Magnum. It ends in the Christic revelation, which is founded on the human incarnation of the Divine, revealing the ultimate phase".

This is very profound writing, but it is exactly what was going on in Old Kingdom Egypt. Literally they had a Pharaoh who literally was a God. They had a Pharaoh who could read your mind. They had a Pharaoh who literally knew all right and all wrong without any judgment, without even hearing the facts, because he knew who you were when you were in his presence. And, you know, we think of having a king or a leader, but it's a mortal leader, and a mortal leader that only knows and has own self interest. In Old Kingdom Egypt, their Pharaoh was a God, and everyone believed it and everyone accepted that he knew, and it's not like anything we've ever known, I mean it's totally different. Anyway, next slide.

Now this next slide is also a sacred science, "Taking the gestation of the human fetus as an example, we can conclude that there are times for the phases of Genesis. There are three black months, four white months, making seven in a first viable being, and then two months more, making nine for completing the perfect gestation of the prefigured fruit". Now coincidentally these are exactly the sequences that the person goes through that takes this material. There are actually three months of nothing but the sound, then there are four months of dreams, revelations and learning, and there's actually the two months where he becomes the perfected being. This also agrees with the Chinese writings, the Secrets of the Golden Flower, where he talks about it being a 10 month process, but it's 10 lunar months. And it says the very same sequence of events will occur. Anyway, it goes into all the colors and all here which are the black, the white and the red. Now these are all the colors that were used in the pyramids, that were sacred, and also the colors that were used in all the Arabs flags and everything today. Okay, next slide.

I think this next slide is one that, just the picture says it all. It doesn't need any explanation. Once you understand this. The "Guardian of the Secret". Now pull it on over so they can see the picture. The King offers him the Anubis, the digestive system the White Bread, that is the white nourishment. The picture tells the whole story. See, the black Anubis represents the digestive system, and here he is, the King with the white powder offering it to the digestive system, and it's called the Opener of the Ways, the Keeper of the Secret. Now this is later, this is the 19th century. They still knew of this, but they couldn't make it. They didn't have the stuff anymore and so they were simply retelling the story over and over and over, but this is the story. I mean, this is it right here. The symbol, the digestive system and the King. This is whole story right here in a nutshell. They wrote so simply, it was all pictures, but the picture tells you the story. It wasn't words, it was the hieroglyphics, and there it is, and that's it. Coincidentally, doesn't that look like the Ark of the Covenant on the poles, and the Ark of the Covenant with the Cherubim on top. See the similarities in it? Okay, next slide.

Okay this is out of "Ages in Chaos" by Immanual Velikovsky. Ages in Chaos [Hardcover, List: $32.95, Published by Buccaneer Books, Publication date: June 1990, ISBN: 0899667279] Now this one you can't get new, you've got to find it in used bookstores. I think it was 1957 it was published. Anyway, Immanual Velikovsky was trying to do a correlation between the writings in Egypt and the Hebrew Bible, or the Hebrew Torah, because he was Jewish. And he was researching all of the recordings that were in Egypt trying to find where they agreed with the Biblical because the Bible doesn't date things very well. The Egyptians were very methodical record keepers, and they did date everything very specifically. And the shewbread was obviously not a flower but a silver or gold. In the Book of Exodus it is said that the shewbread was made by Bezaleel, who was a goldsmith. Bezaleel is the man who made the Ark of the Covenant, made the golden decorations for the tabernacle, and made, you know, he was a goldsmith, and yet he made the Bread of the Presence of God. But the shewbread wasn't called shewbread then. The shewbread was called the Bread of the Presence of God. Remember before he was talking about being in the Presence as the Bread of the Presence? Okay, anyway, we need the next slide.

He calls it the white bread, and it is called gold in this, he actually has the Temple of Karnak records here of the plunder that was taken to Egypt from the Temple of Solomon, and here it all is, and here is the depictions of it, okay, that's good. All I need to draw attention to is, see these little things that look like spiders right here? This is the hieroglyphic for gold. There, there, there, um, there, there, there, there, there (pointing to picture). All these first items are all gold. Okay? Then down here they got silver, and at the bottom they got copper, but the more important items are the golden items. Here's the tables, the golden tables, the golden vessels, anyway, the menorah, even the lion's heads are here someplace, yeah, here's a lion head. Anyway, if you read the Bible and you go through this list that is recorded at the Temple of Karnak, it's absolutely identical to what's recorded as being in the Temple of Solomon. Right here is the shewbread. Coincidentally it's the elongated pyramidal shape. It doesn't look like a loaf of bread does it? It's the symbol, the same symbol I just showed you, it's called the white nourishment, but here it's called white gold. And what Velikovsky said was they obviously meant silver, because they call it white gold. No, they meant white gold. They meant just what they said, it was white gold.

It was the Bread of the Presence of God that once a week the High Priests of Melchizedek were allowed to go behind the Veil of the Holy of Holies, and partake of the Bread of the Presence of God, and then more Bread was set out for the next week as the offering to the God's feet, or with the Ark of the Covenant. And they consumed this material on a weekly basis, and they literally, this was the era of the great Prophets when literally God dwelt with his people. And these High Priests could communicate with the animals, they could telepathically know all things, it was the era of the great Prophets in the Bible. Anyway, that's the stuff and there it is, black and white. Next slide.

I think that's the same thing, isn't it. Yeah, that's the same thing, got two copies of that. Okay, this is very interesting, this is the "Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered" by Eisenman and Wise, [The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered : The First Complete Translation and Interpretation of Key Documents Withheld for over 35 Years, by Robert H. Eisenman , Michael Wise, Published by Penguin USA (Paper), Publication date: November 1, 1993, ISBN: 0140232508] just came out a year a year and a half ago. This is causing all sorts of problems in the religious communities and the academia. These are the scriptures that were held back for so long, for 30 some years they couldn't translate them, they were too difficult, they had to be studied more. Well what it was is the Catholic Church told the people, and they basically were all Catholics, that you are to sit on anything that doesn't agree with the Pope's representations. And so all of the Catholic translators were just sitting on this information. Now they'll deny it, they'll "Oh no, oh no", but when Mrs. Bechtel smuggled this out of Israel and brought it over here on microfilm, she gave it to like 5 universities or something like that in the US, within a year and a half Eisenman and Wise had translated it. Okay, well everybody's furious because they translated it. Now this may not be exactly correct. There may be other ways of translating it, but this is basically correct. And what this is all about, these are all the ones that talk about the Essenes as being zealots. Now they were the people who'd not call any man Lord, and there's references to "'releasing the captives', 'making the blind see', 'raising up the downtrodden' and 'resurrecting the dead'. Resurrecting the dead? "The last allusion is not to be doubted" [DSSU p. 20]. It's very specific. Go on, move it on over.

They make references to the Messianic leader, the Nasis, [DSSU p. 21] and I tell you most of us see that word and we think of Hitler and the Nazis, you know unfortunately Hitler was really involved with the German researchers who were in the Tigris-Euphrates valley, and there's only one thing worse than not having any knowledge and that's having a little bit of knowledge and perverting it. And so his super race of these white people and the Nazis all originated from this research which was going on in the 30's over in the Tigris-Euphrates valley. Anyway, the "Imagery relating to radiance and light pervaded the heavenly abode". Next slide. And here's the Hebrew in case anyone else wants to translate it. He actually has photographs of the actual script, which I didn't make copies of, but it's in their book and so anybody can just see it and, you know, make your own translations. This should be more from the Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered. "In the early Dead Sea Scrolls it talked about"... ah, here "Noah is someone who knows the secret of all living things", "there were three books, these books must have been as having to do with some mystic or unknown knowledge of the age." It talks about heavenly or angelic mysteries. Also the mystery of existence was very important, it's what they call the mystery of existence. Well literally it's the life essence. What is the Light of Life? What is it? What is it, that makes us alive? The Essenes were very heavy into this. Chariots of Glory - Mystery of Existence text in chapter seven.

In most of the early Dead Sea Scrolls that were released, particularly the writings by Vermus, the Dead Sea Scrolls, most of the writings are very occupied with the Teacher of Righteousness, the Teacher of Righteousness. There has been a lot of conjecture who was the Teacher of Righteousness. Move it on over. No, that's not part of it. Is there any more of the Dead Sea Scrolls? (talking to projector operator) I thought I had another..... I got them mixed there. Yeah that one, come back to. Yeah this is it. "For he gave me the Knowledge of Wisdom and instructions to teach all the sons of Truth, the sons of Dawn, the sons of Light", this referred to. "To understand the era of Eternity and inquire into the past so as to know", presumably the hidden things. Ah, move it on over. "The idea of coming into light, the Sons of Light, to instruct them in baptismal procedures and including being purified by the Holy Spirit looking upon the Living Light". There's a whole bunch of information here. It's very good once you understand this. Go on, go to the next one. If you read in there, in the Dead Sea Scrolls, that they, in the copper scroll it says they had 26 tons of gold and 48 tons of silver. Okay? 26 tons of gold and 48 tons of silver. It's like they were making this stuff. They had no business, no way of making any money.

"'Perfection', the Holy Spirit, and more startling even than these, that this 'is the time of the perpetuation of the way in the wilderness'. This is specifically tied to exegesis, to the Maskil's 'preparation of the Way' by 'teaching of the Miraculous Mysteries'." [Eisenman and Wise, The Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered, p. 164] That's enough, we can change it. The one I'm looking for should be along here someplace. Yeah. In here we finally find out who the Teacher of Righteousness is. To "take 'vengeance' on the Wicked Priest for what he did to the [Righteous Teacher]" Teacher of Righteousness, "i.e. 'swallowed him' or 'destroyed him'". The high priest swallowed the Teacher of Righteousness. The Teacher of Righteousness can't be a person. The Teacher of Righteousness is the Light. The Teacher of Righteousness is the Holy Spirit. Remember what we said, there's only one sin you never can be forgiven for, and that's to sin against the Holy Spirit, the teacher of Righteousness. When you are filled with the Light, when you are filled with the Spirit and you know all things and you understand all things, and to sin then is unforgivable because you knew better. So when the high priest sinned it's an unforgivable sin. "How the Wicked Priest pursued" the teacher, "the Righteous Teacher, to 'swallow' or 'consume' him". Okay? I don't know how many of you are familiar with the early Dead Sea Scrolls writings, but they talk repeatedly and go on at length about this Teacher of Righteousness. All right, this is what . . . the Teacher of Righteousness is something you can swallow. Right there. Right there. This is a big piece of the puzzle. You can swallow the teacher of Righteousness. In other words, it's a material you could take in your body. It's the Bread of the Presence of God. It's the High Priesthood's food, that only the High Priests could have. Okay, next slide.

When you find out they had a metallurgical foundry, that they found in the center of Qumran. It's a metallurgical foundry. They had 26 tons of gold and 48 tons of silver. They believed they had angels living in their community. It says so in these Dead Sea Scrolls Uncovered. They believed they had angels living in their community. When you get to looking, you find, John the Baptist was an Essene, the disciples were Essenes, Mary was an Essene. This is from the "Forgotten Books of the Bible". Okay, you can get this in most of the New Age bookstores. It's scriptures that the Church Fathers did not think was appropriate to include when they wrote the Bible. Right here, this reference, "Mary continued to live in the Temple as a Dove educated there and received her food from the hand of an Angel." Mary was selected and Mary was raised in the Holy of Holies as a High Priest and fed by an Angel with a Dove, all alchemical symbols. She was giving the High Priesthood and raised in the Holy of Holies. Only the High Priests could go in the Holy of Holies and she was raised as a High Priest, and she was fed the white powder of gold. That's my opinion. Next slide.

When you understand that Mary, when she became filled with the Light, that the Essenes then chose Joseph to be her husband. When she became inseminated, when she became inseminated with this child. From the very first day of conception that child developed and grew in the Light. For nine months that child grew in the Light. That child, then on his birth, was born a son of God, not a son of man. He did not have to go through the 40 days of fasting and 30 days of taking this, and then go for 8 more months before he could be born again as a son of God. He, literally on his birth, was born a son of God. Okay? Now this is really going to upset some Christians, really going to upset them. But it's wrong, ignorance and stupidity, that they didn't have any knowledge of the High Priesthood. They did not know what a Melchizedek Priest was. They didn't understand what was meant by a Jew that was born a son of god. In the alchemical texts it's referred to, "Blessed be the man again of the Virgin". It's called the virgin birth, but it doesn't mean you re-enter the womb and come back out. It means you are, you go through this perfecting and become a new being. Okay? It's being born again as a new being. It's becoming filled with the Light or the Holy Ghost or the Spirit, totally perfecting every cell in your body, literally making you as you were meant to be in your prime. Then you are a true High Priest. Okay?

The Bible says, "There is no way to come unto the Presence of the Father unless ye come as a young child". And that isn't an allegory. It's literal. It means exactly what it says. "In the end times we are to be a nation of High Priests not an elect High Priesthood". This isn't to be for just a few people. It's to be for everyone who wants it and seeks it for the proper reason. You will literally take a substance into your body that over a nine month period can perfect and purify the body. All your DNA is corrected. You literally become as you were meant to be in your prime, 17 to 20 years of age. And you can live that way virtually forever. Now it isn't forever, it's about 800-1,000 years and what will happen is you'll reach a state where you become so perfect that you literally can ascend without dying. You literally can go anywhere that you think about, your Light body can travel to it, it can take your physical body with it, because the Light body is greater than the physical body. It exceeds the physical body, and it can move in space-time through the vacuum. They call it bio-location, they call it lots of things, and the Bible calls it the Rapture. But it's to come in the End Times.

Now what I want you to understand is this is science people, this is not philosophy. Some of this is philosophy but it's also history and it's history that fits with the science that we have now. And if you don't believe it, I'm sorry, because it's coming anyway. If you can't hear the hoof beat, you're not listening, because it's coming. All right, it's called "The Last Days", "the Types and Shadows" from the Bible and the Book of Mormon. It's by Avraham Gileadi. Avraham Gileadi studied the Rabbinical priesthood and became a Rabbi in Jerusalem, and then he converted to the Mormon Church. Here's credit for using the excerpts out of his book. Avraham Gileadi sent me this book, signed it, and has been following my work very closely, is very concerned that I am treating Aids patients. I told Avraham, "I don't judge people, you know, it isn't my... it's no concern to me how they got the Aids". Some people got it from blood transfusions. Some people got it from accidents. It's not for me to say "how did you get this?" It's a very serious disease, and you know I have to try helping them as I can.

I have concluded, now this is a study of the Book of Isaiah, this whole book. It's a study of the Book of Isaiah, because the prophet Joseph Smith told the Mormons that they should carefully study the Book of Isaiah, that he was a great prophet. And in reading that it makes reference to the Arm of the Lord, and he says, "I have concluded that the Arm of the Lord refers to a servant of the Lord who is a descendant of David, who precedes Jesus' s second coming".

The metaphorical pseudonyms such as the Lord's Hand, Ensign and Arm. "The term Arm I have found connotes the Lord's intervention in the affairs of humanity through the instrumentality of this servant. The Davidic Servant in effect accomplishes the same restoration of Israel and Judah that the prophet Joseph Smith attributes to a later day David. Israel and Judah's conversion and restoration Joseph predicted will occur in a Day of Power. According to the two Isaiah chapters a Servant of the Lord, who's at first hidden from the world, but whom the Lord reveals will gather and restore later day Israel. At that task righteous Gentiles will assist him". It says it's taken to the Israelites and they turn it down and so it's taken to the Gentiles and developed, which is why I'm here. "According to the two Isaiah chapters the Servant of the Lord, who is at first hidden from the world, but whom the Lord reveals will gather and restore later day Israel". "The Lord's making bare his arm in the sight of all nations therefore refers to the universally revealed mission that the Lord's Servant performs when the Gentiles assist him. Although we do not know the identity of this servant, we do know from scriptural patterns that such a servant will not announce himself but will be called to God as was David anciently through the prophet Samuel". Okay, next slide.

Avraham Gileadi can read Hebrew, he translates all of the Israeli, you know, Hebrew writings, the ancient texts, and he also then has access to more recent. "We find that the buried Lord's Arm revealing the Lord's Servant in the sight of all Nations has fundamental polarizing effects on all people of Earth, not the least on us. As soon as this polarization takes place the Lord brings on His cleansing judgment of the Earth". Okay, I don't think there's anything on the next here, so change it. You're welcome to buy the book and read the whole book, I'm just giving you some excerpts out of it that I think are significant. "As the Lord endowed Nefi with His powers the Lord will endow the Servant with His power. As Moses led Israel anciently so the Lord's Servant will lead the new Exodus out of Babylon and the new wanderings in the wilderness to the Promised Land". All right, the Promised Land is the new Jerusalem. Remember I told you, "The streets of the New Jerusalem will be paved with gold so pure as like unto transparent glass". The foundations will be made of gold like unto transparent glass. I don't think there's anything I need to bring to your attention on the other side so change it. Our analysis of the terms Great, Marvelous and Work also suggest the Lord's Work is prominently revelatory in nature and brings to light knowledge hidden up from the foundation of the world because of unbelief. This Great, Marvelous Knowledge appears in the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon and other books. Such knowledge will be revealed initially among the believing Gentiles and from these Gentiles it will go forth to the house of Israel. This additionally revelation contains the greater things or the more important truths in relation to them the Book of Mormon is called the Lesser Part. This new revelation includes a knowledge of the mysteries of God.." Remember I talked about the Essene, the mystery of existence? Okay. "The new revelation includes a knowledge of the mysteries of God, it comprises all things shown to have been in the past, things that were sealed up to come forth in their purity. They consist of wonders of eternity, the mysteries of the Kingdom of God from days of old and for ages to come. This Great, Marvelous Revelation nonetheless comes forth in a time of wickedness among the Lord's people. The new Revelations therefore convince the Gentiles among whom they come forth of the error of their ways. The Revelations show forth to all men the wickedness, abominations and follies of the Gentiles among who the Gospel has already gone forth. The Gentiles, when they become clean before the Lord and truly exercise faith in him and become sanctified, then is the time that the Lord will bring forth to them his Great and Marvelous Revelations. Of necessity the revealing of the Lord's work comes forth through as a point of seers of seers, and a large part of it involves the translation of ancient records. Although a man declares the Great and Marvelous Work to them they do not believe". There's many people who just do not hear this. You talk to them and they just do not hear it. next slide.

I swear you think you're speaking a foreign language. You know, they just cannot hear it. "The Lord endows his covenant people with Divine power to preserve them from their enemies. Moreover the Great and Marvelous Work by it's very nature comes forth by the gift and power of God. Such a spiritual condition comes as a blessing based on faithfulness, none can imitate it. These miracles include certain small means the Lord provides the confound the wise. They include healings." "As shown in the Nefi sequence the Great and Marvelous Work causes a final and universal polarization of the righteous and the wicked. In other words it sets completely at odds those who repent from those who harden their hearts. In that day all will discern clearly between the two. To the one, the Great and Marvelous Work comes like a Light releasing them from darkness and in the joy of the Lord, and to the other it spells damnation. The wicked therefore seek to destroy it". Move it over.

"The entire purpose of the Great and Marvelous Work therefore is to restore the Lord's ancient covenant people". The word "covenant" means "to eat bread with". "The ministry of salvation occurs when the Lord sets his hand the second time to restore his ancient covenant people from their lost and fallen state. The second time is the Lord's day of power." The term "Hand" like the term "Arm" in the Book of Isaiah serves as a metaphorical pseudonym of the Lord's Servant. "The Lord setting his Hand in other words denotes the Servant's mission of gathering the Lord's covenant people in the last days". Now you shouldn't understand this as "bringing together in a single room". You have all gathered here today, but the gathering together that will occur is the coming together in one heart and one mind. It isn't a physical coming together. It's learning to think as one people. Next slide.

"We usually associate the word restoration with the restoration of the Gospels through the prophet Joseph Smith. The scriptural definition of the term restoration is not identical with our usual concept of the coming forth of the Gospels. That distinction holds true particularly as the expression "Restoration of all things". We discover that the Restoration of all things is not only future but that it flows directly out of the Lord's Great and Marvelous Work. Isaiah who's prophecies exemplify restoration uses the word "restore", which the Hebrew", what, I can't see it, "S-L-V-W-B" or something. "....in a few instances. All such instances refer to physical restoration of the Promised Land from it's ruined cities of the tribes of Israel and of political authority. Nefi, in quoting from Isaiah, identifies the purpose of the Marvelous Work as the restoration of the Lord's people from their lost and fallen state. That restoration occurs when the Lord raises his hand for the second time. Such restorative events imply that the Gospel is on the Earth at the time they occur, though they are not identical with the actual restoration of the Gospel." I agree with him totally. You might like to know he's been excommunicated from the Mormon Church.

This is more of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which is out of sequence. Anyway, this is more of the talk about the mysticism, emphasis on the mysteries of God, the Cavalier of Knowledge, Goodness, Faithfulness, Glory of His Holy One, the use of the term "Fountain", the Eternal Fountain, the Fountain of the Living Waters, the Eternal Secret, the Obscure Secret, even the mystery of being or the mystery of existence. I think those are really revealing in their nature, you know, the mystery of existence, the mystery of being. You know, who are we, where does it come from, why are we alive? Go back to Danah Zohar's book and read it again and you find out that.... Yeah, this is more of Gilliadi's, "That restoration is both spiritual and physical. The prophet Joseph Smith, the keys and powers of the Priesthood, whenever I restore all things and make known unto you all things in due time. The confer of the Priesthood which will bring about the restoration of all things and a knowledge of all things in the due time of the Lord. The Lord says, 'For I am about to restore my things to the Earth pertaining to the priesthood'". Even Brigham Young, and I'm not reading now, Brigham Young, the second prophet of the Mormon Church, which they call themselves the Latter Day Saints, said, "At this time you grant the Melchizedek Priesthood at the same time you grant the Aaronic Priesthood and we know that is not as it should be. When we grant the Melchizedek Priesthood there is knowledge and understanding we should give and we do not have that knowledge at this time. We hope we are prepared to receive it when that knowledge is brought to us".

The knowledge is what comes with this material. It is the food of the High Priesthood. Reading again, "Israel gathers from among all nations when the time of the Gentiles are fulfilled". "Of Elias Jesus said that he must come and restore all things. Elias denotes an office, that of a forerunner of Jesus coming to the Earth. His mission like that of John the Revelator and others is to prophesies before nations, tongues and kings. The prophet Isaiah ascribes these preparatory tasks to the Lord's Servant of the last days. The Lord's Servant therefore is the Elias spoken of. The Lord will lead the Saints out of bondage by power with an outstretched arm. The Lord's latter day Servant will prophecy the people and kings". Okay?

Are there no more? There should be some more transparencies, yeah? More of the Dead Sea Scrolls? There should be a couple more there. What are they? What does the subject say? That I'd like it put up next. There's a lady by the name of Virginia Essene and she just sent me this book, and in this book on page 196, it's "The New Teachings for an Awakening Humanity", the 1994 edition. It says, "This deliberate DNA retardation not only caused the Earth's human separation from God and the Divine forces, but it prevented remembrance of your spiritual origins and your recollection other galactic human beings presently alive on nearby planets and star clusters, such as the brightest star in your sky, Sirius. This genetic interference and retardation buried the truth that all Earth humans were originally physical beings capable of telepathic communication, clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience, that is they could consciously see, hear, feel and transmit or receive various vibratory frequencies of the light and information which was your natural inheritance". Next page.

She gives three ways you can achieve this again. One, two, but I am most interested in the third one. The third one is teaching humans how to make Manna, be in an alchemical process spoken of in the Bible which transforms certain rare elements into health giving superconductive products. The greatest of all elements is gold because when it is transformed into a white powdery substance which is easily assimilated by the body it becomes a Light fuel for extended life, food for the Gods, beloveds, food for achieving the 12 helix full consciousness. We have already given you iridium and Rhodium". (audience laughs) That's what I said. I had to call her up. She sent me this book and said, "read this page", and so I read it and I had to call her up. She claims that she was given this information by Light beings, by Ascended Masters, she said that it was channeled to her. Ah, Virginia Essene, E-S-S-E-N-E, she's in California. [1:04:30]

(audience comments) Yea. It's kind of an addendum to an earlier book she wrote; kind of like an addition to it. Anyway she claims that she had spoken publicly about this rhodium and iridium before she heard my tape and before I gave my first presentation in Virginia Beach in the spring of last year. And I asked her if she could send me a copy of the tape just so I could confirm it; that she didn't copy this out of my tape. I still haven't gotten her tape, so. . . Anyway I have to show it to you. It is accurate. For what it's worth there it is. (question from audience) New teachings for an Awakening Humanity by Virginia Essene. It's a 1994 edition. It came out in, I think it was July or August of 1994. So, if she took it from my tape, she hurriedly got it into print. Although she publishes her own books so that is possible.

Anyway there is one more book that I really think is important. This is The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch by J. J. Hertach written in 1975 and first published in 1978. This is on page 486. Through a projection of Light coming from the recorder cell (or Merkabbah activity) ". Which he claims he was taken in the Merkabbah which is a UFO for those people . . . yea chariots of fire, whatever. "selected individuals can be reconnected with the Adam Kadmon image" (now the Adam Kadmon is the original Adam, the way were created before the fall) "through a resonance operating through hyperdimensional space. . . . Some individuals receive an additional high frequency resonance transmission operating in parallel phase with their normal resonance bonding." Now this is some individuals not all individuals. "This additional high frequency resonance operates as a subcarrier (through these individual biotransducers) to modulate paranormal energies. This explains how paranormal gifts can be received through the resonance of hyperdimensional space which, in turn, can change the molecular arrangement of material in conventional space."

"By adjusting the conventional resonance patterns there can be a molecular infall or biolocation and through hyperconjugation (no-bond resonance) the release of tremendous energy results in the changing of molecular structure (e.g. melting of structure, discorporation and reincorporation of form, etc.)."

". . . Moreover, as this high frequency resonance becomes aligned with the biotransducer system of the body, the seven chakras can be completely transfigured into the divine image."

Next slide.

That was page 486 and 487 of The Book of Knowledge: Keys of Enoch. Written in 1975, published in 1978. Now I hope that those of you who were awake when we went through the earlier part of our presentation cause here on page 497, "At this time, man can remove the orbital shells of 'electrons and positrons' as quantum (corpuscles) of light." Skipping on down, "it ultimately advances into the purer consciousness forms of spiritual evolution.

43 In essence, this is the unfoldment of Living Light with the Holy Spirit as it interpenetrates quantum mechanical evolutionary orders with new form and attaches a function of divine purpose to the meta-material structure of the universe as a Shekinah unfoldment.

44 The Holy Spirit regeneration changes extreme distortions of the. spherical symmetry, found in some nuclei of atomic and subatomic particles, to a perfected harmony with the consciousness programs of the Elohim."

Wow. Wow! When I read that I just, wow. I mean the physics community didn't know this in 1978. How does a professor of Hebrew receive this? Well he claims he was taken up in the Merkabbah and taught by Enoch. And Enoch was the alchemical teacher. Who should know this if it isn't Enoch.

Written in 1978, they published that book. It just blows my mind folks, just blows my mind. I mean it's not science I can't explain that. And when I told J. J. Hertach about it, and he heard about my work, he mentioned me about six times to the people when he was making his presentation in Sedonia about how important our work was. You know, he was given this information by a revelatory experience. It was implanted in him and he was told to write down and write the book. He doesn't know anything else. He did as he was instructed and he wrote the book and there it is. But that information is so specific. In 1975 they didn't know about electron positron pairs operating as light. They didn't know about electron orbital reconfigurations. They didn't know about changes in the symmetry of the nuclei. There it is.

Do you have any others? We've got about five minutes for questions. Does anybody have any significant questions that can't wait till Friday?

(Question - Are you going to be able to verify the twelve strand helix DNA at the end of this mans book?)

I can't do that. There are several people over in California who have contacted me that have the capability to do that. And what we want to do is to pick some people and literally take their blood samples, take tissue samples and monitor. . . Valerie Hunt who monitors the magnetic fields around the body has offered to do the monitoring on that. She does it with instrumentation. And we are literally going to monitor the nine month progression from beginning till end and see what really is changing in the body.

(Question - Have you started that yet?)

No I haven't started that yet. When we gave this man the rhodium and iridium we didn't know if anything was going to happen. I mean I didn't know any of this either. It's as this is happening and this high frequency sound. And I go back to page 486 and it talks about a high frequency sound. I say, by golly maybe this is what is supposed to happen. And then after three months the visions start; exactly three months. A month taking it, two more months then the visions start. Three months of black, four months of white. And the visions went for four months. And at seven months is when the man starts having these capabilities of seeing things that no science can explain. He understands things that I can't tell you how he does it. But it's the red stage. And at the end of the nine months supposedly he becomes a light being; he comes through the cosmic egg. I'm telling you about it. It's obvious that at nine months you are going to say "Dave, what's happened?" I'm setting myself up for a goody here. I don't know what's going to happen. But it does bother me that everything has happened exactly on schedule to this point. So it means you really begin to wonder; maybe this is really going to happen. (Question - When will you know?) In about three to four weeks we should have answers for you.

(Question - Are you familiar with the book The Bringers of the Dawn?)

It seems to me like I read it, but it's been some time ago I read some of it.

(In that book it talks about the twelve helixes in the DNA and how that early on we were separated from most of those helixes and that we'll be reconnected to those and that the gods are living off of fear. They want to keep us in fear so that they can live off of our fear. As opposed to the love. You had the love, love, love thing at the beginning of the program and so the love joins us all into the oneness but the fear keeps us in separation.)

That's what it's all about, love.

(Question - I forgot to ask one thing. Are you familiar with David Ashe's work, the British physicist who's kind of . . . As I'm watching and listening to everything you are putting together I'm running David Ashe's work and I'm wondering if you've heard of him?)


(He's written a book called Science of Ascension?)

Yes I've heard of that. I haven't heard of David Addis but I've heard of his book. I'm terrible. I pick up books and I don't look at the cover page, I don't look at the author, I just read the book.

(So you've read his book?)

Yes, I'm familiar with it. Yes.

(What did you think of what he put together?)

I thought it was interesting. It wasn't specific enough to help. That's the problem I have with things that aren't specific. That's why these particular references are really significant coming from me. Because these are channeled books and yet they are right on. Absolutely how do you explain this. And so, you know the Keys of Enoch is a book that I do recommend. I don't think there is enough in there that I can recommend it. Now I do have other information if people are interested in faster than light time travel and instantaneous communications through the vacuum and things like this. But you know we are supposed to wrap up by five which is pretty close here, and um, um . . . Anybody else here?

(Question - It's in the Bible, there's a reference to . . .a statement goes to the effect that "if thine eye be single thy body shall be filled with light." Can you identify that as some of the things you are talking about?)

Sure, when you raise the eyelashes; when you open your third eye; when you become filled with the light and you have the third eye opened; the single eye, then you know all things you become the immortal being. You become the high priest. That is what it is all about. In the end times we are to be a nation of high priests. So that is what it is all about. It's preparing us for what is to happen in the end times.

(Two things. One is a comment that Max Planck one day, who you talked about, said "we are light". I thought that was an interesting statement especially in the light of what has been said here tonight. The other question I had is can someone, without having a linear accelerator, put something into a high spin state?)

Sure. What I've presented here today is that these elements exist naturally, in nature, in the high spin state. And that's the point, you don't need a linear accelerator. They are there but they are invisible to analytical instrumentation but they are there. And so in drinking carrot juice you are getting rhodium in the high spin state. When you take the aloe vera jell from certain companies it is good, from others there is nothing. So you have to know which companies you are doing business with. But yea, there are many, many, many natural sources of the high spin elements. That's what the presentation's about. Ok. Yes sir?

(Question - Yesterday you said that the gentleman on the test run had nine months of . . . .)

Eight and a half months.

(Eight and a half months. Did he see in the future as far as events that are coming and things like that; did he have any messages for anybody here in Dallas?)

(Audience laughter.)

Ah, no the gentleman . . . . he really has become disturbed. He lived in north Phoenix and he really . . . . when you are in this state in the fast to begin with, your senses become really keen. You can smell everything. You can taste everything. You can hear everything. You know, everything is just amplified dramatically. And he had to leave and go to New Mexico because he was just going crazy with all the energy that was feeding into him there in the valley. He has recently moved out of the north valley and he has gone up north to an area called New River, which is north of Phoenix. Trying to get away from all of this nervous energy. And so um, he really, really takes this very seriously. I mean its very profoundly changed his life and he is withdrawing away from most people. Trying not to involve with other people because he just sees things that bother him and he walks away from it. He doesn't like to talk about it. When I pump him about it he will share with me but . . . Initially he was talking a lot but now he's becoming quite withdrawn. And he's totally healthy, no illnesses and his brain functions fine. Everything's normal. But he just has this empathetic capability. He just interreacts with people and he just tries to get away from too many people. It just inundates him with feelings and emotions and all. So basically that's it. He doesn't have anything to say to the people in Dallas.

(Question - Has he changed his diet as far as what he eats on a regular basis or anything?)

Nothing that he's communicated to me. I mean, we didn't know this sound was going to continue. We assumed it was going to die out as soon as he went back to eating normally. So the very fact that it continued the test was still on; it didn't end. And you know it's still ongoing. It's still continuing to take place. So um, all I can tell you is it will be what it is meant to be. And what ever that is, is what it is going to be and we aren't going to do anything about it. Ok.

(Question - As you ended the first half today you said that we had to put on the Meissner field, and is there a way to do that other than to drink the manna? Are you gonna teach us how or are we supposed to find this for ourselves?)

Well, there are certainly other ways to achieve it. There are certain foods, there are certain herbal drinks, there are certain ways to develop what you have in your body through meditation and through introspection. There are Tibetan monks who have achieved this state, I believe. There are Sufi masters who achieve this state. But most of this requires thirty forty or fifty years of total commitment and dedication and regimen to go through. What I'm talking about is a very short method to achieve the same state. I told you before that there is a Taoist high priest who came to Phoenix and he said "Dave I know that these orgasms are supposed to be possible. I know that. I've never had one and I've been in caves, I have meditated, I have fasted, I have done all these things and have never had the orgasms but I know they are possible because they are in our sacred texts." And he said "this man is having six and seven a day and has had no philosophical training at all." He said, "however he is doing this I have to understand it; I have to come to know it. And so, he has the material. He's up in Portland and he has the material. And he's going to take it now and because I felt comfortable with his training and why he wanted to take it and all, I gave it to him.

Um, you know, I have to keep a scientific hat on. You must understand that. This has to go to the world as science, even though we know better. When you understand what this is, then you have to think about how do I protect it and how does it go to the world. I believe in what I am doing is the right thing; that I should go to people this way; no expensive public advertising. Certain people come; certain people don't. The ones that come are the ones that are meant to hear about it.

I can tell you within two years it will be available and it will be available to anyone who wants it. The cost will be . . . Whatever you have is sufficient. So no one can say they can't afford it. If you have no money you will get it for free. If you're prepared and ready for it's yours.

My concern is it is not reversible. And so, I want people to really think about this. Women can understand this. You know, you don't become pregnant and then decide you don't want to be pregnant. And so, once this is in your body it's going. And I don't know how to end it; I don't know how to turn it off. So I don't want people saying "but Dave I don't understand this." I want to be comfortable that they understand what they are committing to when they do this. And if I'm totally comfortable with that then we fix them up with it.

(Question - I want to thank you for your energy that you have shared with us. I wish you would address, just briefly, since we had in Texas a government sponsored superconducting super-collider. Were they on the right track, the wrong track or on an unnecessary track?)

Um, believe it or not it has nothing to do with this at all. All they were after with the superconducting super-collider is you do understand that they put electricity into wires and around the wire produces a magnetic field. They make these big coils and they literally pulse this current around and around and around and these magnetic fields accelerate the charged particles. All that the superconductors do is they can flow more current through this conductor than they could through the wire and so they can make bigger fields and put more energy behind the charged particle. But the work that they were studying was the charged particle, not the superconducting field. And so really, I have superconductors, they have superconductors but their work had nothing to do with my work.

(Question - There was a reference in one of the texts up there to the lotus flower. Do you know anything about the concentrations of rhodium and iridium in the lotus flower?)

No I don't.

(Because that was an important food source for some Indians.)

Yea, there's all sorts of things that have come out of this over the centuries. But I really think that it goes back to a basic understanding. Uh, what color is the lotus flower?


Yea, you see I think that's what it's all about. It's the white substance that the lotus flower was a symbolic depiction of the purity of the white substance. Uh, depending on what culture you're from is what symbol they use to describe it. But I do believe this knowledge has been gone for about three to four thousand years. I do know about St. Germain and I knew about all of this but I don't believe anyone has known how to make it. I think people have had it. I think the Templars got it when they were over in Ethiopia. I think they got some of it out of the Ark of the Covenant. I think that's how they became very wealthy. I think that some of them used it. There were people who could do this right about this time but after it was used up that was it, there was no more because no one knew how to make it. I think that's just a symbol you were talking about; a white pure material.

Yes mam.

(Question - I think you've answered the question to some degree in your remarks to the other lady. But um, I'm one of the people who's been studying for twenty some years alchemy and sacred science and throughout that literature are warnings about how dangerous this can be and even though the white powder didn't exist so I'm just interested about your thoughts about implications or your theories about implications and the selection criteria?)

Well I think that the literature I've presented here in the presentation said it very clearly. It is the dividing sword; it is the revealing sword. And what it is, is total salvation for some and it's revealing of the bad people. And there are people in this world that do not want to give up the power and control they have over you right now. And, basically, what we are creating is a way to totally exit the system. (laughter and applause) And, you know, if ten or fifteen of you do it who cares. But if thousands start doing it they're gonna care. And all they can do is try to control it themselves. Which is the reason it was taken away before, because it was abused when it was here before. When you understand that you can project your thoughts into other people's minds. You can literally persuade someone to do what they don't want to do. And, you know, in the wrong hands that can be immensely powerful. To know what the lottery numbers are before the lottery, to be able to see things before they happen; to understand what's going to happen. You know, if you use this selfishly it is having all the capabilities of Christ, but using it selfishly, that's the anti-Christ. You know, I believe that the Christ is within all of us. But I believe that the anti-Christ is also within all of us. And I think it is acknowledging the anti-Christ, and overcoming the anti-Christ in ourselves is what this is all about. And I have to become comfortable with people; that they have addressed this; that they have acknowledged it, they are being realistic, they understand it and then they are prepared to do this. Because if they haven't addressed this in their lives; if they are just this very naïve, very sweet person but they've never addressed this aspect the problem you worry about is when they get this power do they change. And this doesn't perfect the way you think. It perfects your body, it perfects your capabilities mentally but it doesn't change your mental state. Now if you really think it on through, it's hard to maintain the wrong mental state when everyone knows your thoughts, but there are some people who, in fact, won't care. I mean there are murderers and there are rapists and there are bad people who just will say I am bad, I know I'm bad, I don't care who knows it, I'm still gonna be bad. But at least we all know who they are, ok. It is, it is . . . There's no more gray; everything is either black or white. No more gray; all the gray disappears. And it's called the dividing sword. Yes sir?

(Question - Ok, I'm confused about a couple of points. One of which we touched on last nights was on commitments between individuals. And I was saying can't you take her with you? And I was sort of wondering, um, what you're offering out here is the chance for society to transform, literally, in mass. And I guess I've sorta had thoughts about what are the implications as far as families with small children and that sort of thing; I mean, don't we all want to go?)

Uh, there's a transition period that's difficult. Because there are little children that are here now that are not of an age to make the decision for themselves and so they need to be given time to grow up and make the decision for themselves. But you will see that as people go to this state then as children are born they are born into this state and their whole nature changes. They become like Christ from birth. And so, this I think is the eventual destiny. Getting to that point there is this transition period that, of course, is a problem. And I think that all of us need to understand, if you have people who depend on you and need you in this material world, you have to reconcile the commitments you've made to these people. And make them aware of what you want to do and make sure that they are comfortable with this; with you going on without them. If you have small children and they need you right now then you need to stay with them until they are older . . .

(I don't)

But that is a situation. And I think that's it. I don't think death is the finality. I think you get to come back again and again until you get it right. I think this is the way to quit coming back. I think this is the way to literally ascend on and take your body with you. You don't really, then, come back again. This is an option that you will have. Now there will be some people who so love their fellow man that they will choose stay here on earth even though they can ascend. And these people will be called the true latter day saints. And they will literally walk this earth like angels and they will cure by laying on of hands, they will resurrect the dead. You know, Christ said greater things than I have done you will do also. It's what's supposed to happen. This isn't something that isn't appropriate; this is supposed to be this way.

(Um, another point that you just made . . . you kind of answered one of my questions . . . that it perfects your state of mind. I also got the impression that it would somehow perfect your soul and right the wrongs. Um, with that kind of knowledge; that kind of um, you know, wisdom that you wouldn't choose the wrong things.)

I would think that most people would straighten their lives out. That it would just come about naturally with this progression. But not all people. And when you read the Bible, the Bible talks about the anti-Christ. And I so believe, I do believe that, like it or not, there are some people who are just truly evil, bad people. And you know, I don't understand it and I'm sure you don't understand it, but they are this way. And some of these people are going to change. And I think they are going to have to die and they are going to have to come back again till they get it right. Fortunately we've got a thousand years here to work on it. So they can keep on working on it till they get it right. The Bible doesn't talk about these being great times, these end times. There's a lot of confrontations, a lot of battles, a lot of fighting over this. Because it's something they want to control and posses; they don't want us to have. My greatest protection is to give it to you. Put the word out. Let everybody know about this stuff. Tell you everything. That's the greatest protection I can have.

(Ok, one last thing I wanted to say is you teased us a couple of times saying that you would perhaps cover some ground after we had turned the lights and cameras and stuff off. I want to make sure that happens, ok?)

If we have time.

(Thank you very much.)

Ok. Yes sir.

(Question - You kept mentioning harmonics with elements. And I was wondering where I could get a harmonic table of elements? With the arrangement in a harmonic.)

Uh, harmonics. I'm talking about a resonance energy, resonance transfer. There actually is a table of vibrational frequencies that you could see what resonates with what things.

(Where would I be able to get that?)

I can get you one. It actually came from the um, um . . . over in California, what do they call themselves? The um, Rosicrucian, the Rosicrucian Society. They have a table.

(And it's got the elements arranged in such a way?)

Yea and the resonance frequencies that they all vibrate at.

(Thank you.)

(Question - I wondering if you could provide the numbers on your patent?)

Now it's not granted here in the U.S.

(Question - Why not?)

Any patent involving superconductivity has to be approved by the Department of Defense before it can be issued. And they . . . You gotta understand the legality of the way it works. When I applied I told them I was going to apply world wide and they said fine. I didn't call it a superconductor. I described the Meissner field, I described flux flow, I showed the levitation, I did all these things and I only mentioned superconductivity in the closing paragraphs of my patent. I said it has udders, it gives milk, it has baby calves but I never called it a cow. (Laughter) Apparently the reviewer, when we notified him about three weeks before the end of our year, and somebody picked up the patent and read it again and said oh bologna this is superconductivity. Well the law says it has to go to the Department of Defense for approval before I can file world wide because it is strategically important. So it was sent to the Department of Defense. They refused to let me file world wide. I complained because by law I was supposed to have a six month appeal period. I said I must protect my date. The cold fusion people have come out with their information. Somebody's going to figure this out eventually and so they allowed me to file world wide over the objection of the Department of Defense. All right, it gets heavier though. The Department of Defense signed the ex head of physics from Princeton University, um, what's his name, it's not coming to mind now. Anyway they hire him, he flies out of Virginia, what do you call it, the CIA headquarters, Langley, he flies out of Langley and he's been authorized to take money out of Swiss bank accounts and put it into technologies that benefit the military. Cause Congress didn't approve the star wars budget that was proposed and so what they do is just circumvent it and get them funded anyway by him investing in their companies. Anyway the Department of Defense wanted this technology and I wouldn't give them what they wanted so they refused to let me go to patent pending here in the U.S. They told me that if I would give them an affidavit from a credible laboratory totally independent of me that indeed the white powder of gold exists. And they chose gold for some reason. I went to Argonne National Laboratories, got a fellow by the name of Mike McNallen who is an MIT metallurgical chemist who previously worked at Argonne National Labs to actually buy gold, make it into the white powder and sign affidavits for me. And then they said "we've changed our mind. Now you have to take the white powder of gold back to gold or we are not going to let you go to patent pending." At that point I said "look, you told me I could go to patent pending. This is a materials patent; it is not a procedural patent. I've proved to you that white powder of gold exists. I've showed you how to make applesauce out of the apple, now you want me to take applesauce back to an apple." And I said "I do know how to do it but you don't need that for me to go to patent pending on this." And uh, it was at that time, basically in 1991, 92 and uh, uh, my attorney said they can never issue a patent to anyone else who would apply to you, because you have applied for it and been turned down. And after $540,000 in 1993 I dropped the patent pursuit. No one can ever be granted a patent on this that would ever apply to me. I was issued in about twelve countries worldwide and I dropped those patent pursuits. I don't believe that it's right for anyone to own this technology. I'm here giving it to you. You know that's what I have to do. You know I literally spent $540,000 cash on the patenting process and I turned it down and walked away from it, because once you get the patent then you've got to pursue the patent. You've got to have the money to sue people and go after them and all you're doing is just providing all the information for somebody to steal it from you. And so, when you understand how complex this is. I spent years and years and years, everyday in the laboratory myself. There's an awful lot of technique involved in this, an awful lot. When you realize that if you don't believe this will happen it won't happen. You have to know it's is going to happen for it to happen. When you understand that these materials are superconductors; they literally interreact with your thoughts. And if you believe it it happens every time. And if you question it you never see it. And there are some built in safeguards in this whole thing that are just not our normal thinking. And so, even though every piece of the puzzle is in my patent no one can do it unless I teach them how to do it. And so it's like the analogy I give you is a book playing the concert piano. I can give you a book on it, you can read the book but that doesn't mean you are going to play that piano. You still got to sit down and practice. It's the only way you're going to learn to play the piano. And the only way you're going to learn to do this chemistry is you gotta work at it. And it takes years. And so, I welcome Bell Labs into competition with me. They have a lot of work to do. Um, the reference numbers I have [for the patent] is 2180-CIP-fdl [this number differs from the numbers on the UK Patent Application]. The revision was in four of 1989. That's the latest copy. Here's the patent if you are interested in seeing it.

(I would like to yeah.)

Ok, any other specific questions? Ok if not, that concludes the taped portion of the presentation. If we can have all the tapes turned off. (applause)

End of tape.

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